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Trinity Lutheran Church

Grant Township, Ida County, Iowa

Baptisms 1907 - 1921

Please Note: You will see an occasional "?" appearing as an entry. It was not possible to determine what the pastor had written for that entry.

In other cases an entry followed by a "?" indicates the entry was somewhat legible but is still questionable.

The questionable entries have been transcribed and then reviewed by a second individual. They were transcribed from the original record book of the Trinity Lutheran Church. It was not possible to photocopy the pages for transcription and it is no longer available for proofreading by the transcribers, therefore no changes can be made to the information presented on these pages.

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceBaptism DateBaptism PlaceFatherMotherGodparents or SponsorsPastor
Hilda Auguste Therese12/22/1906Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/13/1907house of parentEmil AbbeEmma geb. BubkeHeinrich Bubke, L. Abbe , Frau Auguste Abbe "
Arthur Heinrich12/30/1906Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 01/27/1907in the churchHeinrich SchroederDorothea JaehdeH.C. Schroeder & frau, H. Jaehde "
Ida Caroline01/17/1907Ida Co. IA. 02/22/1907house of parentCarl BarthelAnna SchoebelCarl Schoebel, Frau J. Hobert "
Shirley Valentine02/14/1907Schleswig, IA. 03/10/1907house of parentWalter H. SchultzLillie HollanderAugust Schultz & frau, Hans Schmidt & frau "
Herbert Julius Hans10/24/1906Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 03/17/1907in the churchWilhelm ElseHenrietta KochFrau P. Koch, Julius Else, Hans Harder "
Hattie Marie Pauline?/22/1907Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 03/17/1907in the churchEdward FundermannMarie HauschildHattie Marth, Marie Carsten, Peter Boysen "
Anna G. Christine01/27/1907Soldier Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 03/31/1907in the churchJohann JohannsenLouise BackhausFrau P. Johannsen, Otto Backhaus, Christine Dahms "
Theodor Christian Wilhelm02/02/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/14/1907in the churchHeinrich HamannAnna JanssenChristian Janssen, W. Werneburg, frau E. Rehmke "
Raymond Wilhelm August12/04/1906Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/14/1907in the churchHeinrich AndersonJohanna PetersenWilhelm Buenz, August Paulsen, Anna Andersen "
Helene Dorothea?/20/1906?06/23/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. Wilhelm SchauPauline Tomr?Johann Groth, Heinrich Groth, Olga Groth "
Karolina Louise02/13/1907?06/23/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. Wilhelm SchauPauline Tomr?Titus Schau, Johann Groth, Minnie Schau "
La Roy Claus Johann10/31/1906Ida Co. IA. 06/23/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. Heinrich GrothOlga HargensClaus Hargens & frau, Johann Groth "
Johann Jochim12/27/1906Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 06/23/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. Willie PutzierTine? GrothJohann Groth & frau, Louise Strade "
Friedrich Christian06/15/1902Pocohantas Co. IA. 06/23/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. Friedrich MagnussenAnna Christiansenparents "
Amalie Margaretha02/14/1904Pocohantas Co. IA. 06/23/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. Friedrich MagnussenAnna Christiansenparents "
Anna Christine03/27/1906Pocohantas Co. IA. 06/23/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. Friedrich MagnussenAnna Christiansenparents "
Edward Johannes03/18/1907Corwin Twp. Ida Co. IA. 08/04/1907in the churchEmil SchneiderMarie KnudsenHans Knudsen Jr. Frank H. Knudsen, Edward Schneider "
Ida Caroline Christine06/28/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 09/01/1907in the churchWilhelm SchiernbeckMargaretha WolferLine Abbe, Christian Schiernbeck, Amanda Schiernbeck "
Oscar Ferdinand Heinrich08/28/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co.IA. 09/15/1907in the churchHans HarderMeta JohannsenFerdinand Johannsen, Heinrich Hein, Dora Johannsen "
Marie Magdalena07/23/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 09/22/1907in the churchMartin HansenBertha BreeAnton Carstensen, Anna Abbe, Hulda Ernst "
Edna Emma Auguste08/27/1907Schleswig, IA. 09/22/1907house of parentHugo WiegandAdeheide SchultzAug. Wiegand, Aug. Schultz Sr., Frau C. Streck "
Hilda Margaretha Sophie04/01/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 09/29/1907in the churchHeinrich HanssenMarie GroverO. Janssen, C. Friedricksen, H. Wittmaack "
Carl Friedrich07/21/1907Ida Grove, IA. 09/29/1907in the churchFriedrich A. DamerowCharlotte WerneburgWilhelm Werneburg, Marie Fundermann "
Clifford Carl08/19/1907Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 10/12/1907in the churchCarl JessenClara SchroederHulda Ernst, Heinrich Schroeder Jr. "
Alwin Paul08/12/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 08/13/1907?Heinrich SemmannMathilde WerneburgPaul Koch & frau "
Louise Gertrude08/05/1907Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 11/10/1907house of parentDaniel GruenwaldDorothea HansenRudolf Bartels & frau, Frau Theodor Gruenwald "
Henrietta Ida Magdalena10/09/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 11/23/1907house of parentEdward KuehlPauline JohannsenCarl Johannsen, Magdalena Kuehl "
Carl Wilhelm12/01/1907Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/26/1908Schleswig, IA. Carl ReinkingEmma HenrichsenWilhelm Reinking, Rose Henrichsen "
Edna Albertine Dorothea10/31/1907Schleswig, IA. 02/15/1908house of parentAsmus HollanderElenora NissenAndreas Hollander & frau, Dora Rickers "
Frau Elenora Hollander, geb. Nissen04/04/1885Osmond, NE. 02/23/1908in the churchNis NissenLouise geb. Davids? "
John10/23/1886Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 03/01/1908in the churchErnst JorsFriedericke ?? "
Louise Johanna01/08/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 03/08/1908in the churchEdward elseEmma JohannsenFrau G. Else, Hans Johannsen & frau "
Orval Wilhelm Gustav02/18/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 03/12/1908in the churchEdward SpahnBertha geb. AbbeFrau J. Abbe, Juergan Spahn, W. Abbe "
Louis Albert Edmund12/22/1907Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 04/12/1908?Julius HobertCaroline FaupelLouis Hobert & frau, Albert Faupel "
Arnold Hans Mathies11/24/1907Corwin Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/03/1908in the churchHans IversenCatherine KnudsenMathias Knudsen, Hans Iverson & frau "
Clara Marie Juliana03/08/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/10/1808in the churchJohn AbbeHertha MarthTheodor Abbe, Frau H. Marth, Clara Marth "
Selma Corothea Amanda10/03/1907Otter Creek Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 06/26/1908PfarrhouseJohannes SchiernbeckEmma HamannRichard Ehler & frau, Frau Amanda Andersen "
Leona Laura Louise04/06/1907Otter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 06/26/1908PfarrhouseWilhelm MoellerWilhelmine HamannRobert Reincke, Laura Reincke, Louise Monsees "
Laverne Anna Magdalena04/27/1908Otter Creek Cr. Co. IA. 06/26/1908PfarrhouseWilhelm MoellerWilhelmine HamannHeinrich Moeller, Anna Rustock, Magdalena Wittenberg "
Selma Friedericke Ernestine08/15/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 09/06/1908in the churchPaul KochMarie RiessenC. Semmenn, Frau O. Janssen, Ernestine Werneburg "
Dorothy Marie08/21/1908Corwin Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/04/1908in the churchEmil SchneiderMarie KnudsenHans Iversen & frau "
Mabel Anna Gesine09/10/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/18/1908in the churchHeinrich WittmaackEtta JanssenFrau Chr. Janssen, August Wittmaack, Anna Petersen "
Jesse Karl09/05/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 11/15/1908in the churchAugust ReinkingJohanna PetersenCarl Reinking & frau? Heinrich Lohse "
Hilda Sophie08/21/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 11/29/1908house of parentCarl BarthelAnna SchoebelFritz Ehlers & Frau Sophie Barthel "
Hermann Albert Ernst08/22/1908?09/20/1908in the church Soldier Twp. Heinrich MundtMartha MoltmannAlbert Marten, Hermann & Erma Moltmann "
Peter Emil11/20/1908Soldier Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 12/26/1908house of parentJohn JohannsenLouise BackhausPeter Johannsen Sr., Emil Backhaus, Mathilde Johannsen "
Else Minna Mathilde12/13/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/03/1909house of parentJulius EhlerEmilie KruegerFrau G. Abbe, Frau B. Streck Jr. , Fritz Ehlers "
Helen May02/14/1906Logan Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/19/1909?Johann SchumannEmma JensenClara Schumann & frau, Alwine Jensen "
Carrie Esther12/22/1907Logan Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/19/1909?Johann SchumannEmma JensenClara Schumann & frau, Alwine Jensen "
Florence Gesine Alwine10/28/1908Corwin Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/24/1909in the churchHeinrich HamannAnna JanssenHeinrich Wittmaack, Gesine Janssen, Alwine Rehmke "
Hellmuth Erich.12/28/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 02/12/1909house of parentHeinrich SemmannMathilde WerneburgHeinrich Rehse, Frau Charlotte Damerow "
Andreas Nicolai12/16/1908Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 02/21/1909in the churchMartin JansenBertha BreeJohn Jors, Dora Rehse, Paul Rehse "
Walter Wilhelm Gustav01/03/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 02/21/1909in the churchBernhard Streck Jr.Line geb AbbeWillie Streck, Gustav Abbe & Frau Auguste Abbe "
August Friedrich04/08/1908Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 03/14/1909in the churchWilhelm HesseMathilde EngelkeFritz Kollbaum, Anna & Dora Trinkelbach "
Gretchen Kathryn02/06/1909Schleswig, IA. 03/14/1909house of parentH.W. SchmidtDora JuergensenFrau J. Juergensen, Wilhelm Baak, Francis Schmidt "
Lillie Johanna10/30/1908Corwin Twp. Ida Co. IA. 03/21/1909Georg Rusch's, Grant Twp. Heinrich AndersenJohanna PetersenFrau Johanna Paulsen, Lizzie Petersen, Ges. Rusch "
Frank Volkert Hans02/07/1909?03/28/1909in the churchHeinrich HeinDora JohannsenVolkert Johannsen & frau, Hans Harder "
Marie Therese Christine08/30/1908?03/28/1909in the churchFriedrich KollbaumRosa TrinkelbachMarie Mesken, Therese Trinkelbach, Christoph Trinkelbach "
Lorene Minna Anna11/30/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/04/1909house of parentWilhelm ElseHenrietta KochEdward Else, &frau, Frau J. Else "
Georg Riessen07/11/1886Otter Creek Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 04/09/1909in the churchMatthaus RiessenMinna Petersen? "
Johnn Friedrich04/06/1909Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 04/15/1909house of parentHans KnudsenAnna KollbaumFritz Kollbaum, Rosa Kollbaum, Gustav Ott "
Walter Friedrich August03/17/1909Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/09/1909in the churchChrist. RowwowErnestine KueckenChristian Hansohn &frau, Aug. Wittemaack "
Emma Anna Marie02/12/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/09/1909house of parentEdward SchumannAnna SchwierFritz Schwier, Emilie Schumann "
Pauline Clara11/02/1908Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/09/1909Ed Schumann houseErnst AndersenPauline KochEdward Schumann, Clara Schumann "
Heinrich Albert Otto03/11/1909Crawford Co. IA. 05/16/1909in the churchCarl JessenClara SchroederOtto Schug &frau, Albert Ernst "
Mamie Minna03/24/1909Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 07/11/1909Schleswig, IA. Karl KurschEmma MeisnerFranz Keller &frau, Meta Boysen "
Anna Edna Ernestine07/15/1909Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA. 08/01/1909house of parentEdward StolleyBertha RossowJohan Carstens, Frau Anna Hansen, Chr. Rossow "
Martin Rudolph Georg06/15/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 08/01/1909house of parentFriedrich StreckM. Alwine Heuermann?Minna Standemaier, Rudolph Reincke, Georg Streck "
Ella Katherine?/13/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 08/01/1909church in Ida Grove IAHeinrich KollbaumAnna ScheelFr. Kollbaum &frau, Frau H. Knudsen "
Reinhard Jens Juergen03/08/1909Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 08/08/1909house of parentEdward RiessenMaggie ClausenJuergen Riessen, Jens Clausen, Anna Clausen "
Edna Dorothea08/11/1909Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA. 09/26/1909house of parentHans MarthJuliane RedlinFritz Ehlers, Dorothea Hinrichsen "
Hilda Lucie Henrietta07/26/1909Battle Creek, IA. 10/17/1909in the churchCarl MoltmannLaura StockflethH. Moltmann, Heinrich Stockfleth, Tine Petersen "
Harvey Heinrich08/26/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/17/1909in the churchWilhelm ReinkingHulda SchroederHeinrich Ernst &frau "
Raymond Carl Wilhelm08/23/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/17/1909in the churchHeinrich ErnstMinna ZabelCarl Jessen &frau, Wilhelm Reinking "
Florence Bertha Margaretha08/23/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/17/1909in the churchHeinrich ErnstMinna ZabelBertha Wedemeyer, Margaretha Gebers, Arthur Wedemeyer "
Florence Catherine Jeanette09/22/1909Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 10/27/1909house of parentAugust PaulsenHenrietta SchwenCatharine Paulsen, Anna Schwen, Peter Paulsen "
Raymond Juergen09/15/1909Lawton, Woodbury Co. IA. 12/26/1909Schleswig, IA. John SpahnIda BurkFrau C. Burk, Juergen Spahn "
Erwin Theodor Karl11/16/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/01/1910in the churchOtto SchugAlma ZabelTheodor Ernst, Karl Jessen "
Helen Emma Wilhemine12/11/1909Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 01/16/1910in the churchPaul KochMarie RiessenEmma Goehring, Frau N. Else, Georg Riessen "
Erwin Paul Friedrich02/17/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 03/09/1910in the churchJohn JoersDora RehseErwin Rehse, Frau John Rehse "
Irene Dorothea Anna02/10/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/03/1910in the churchJohn AbbeHertha MarthTheodor Abbe, Anna Abbe "
Heinrich Wilhelm09/29/1908Woodbury Co. Ia. 04/03/1910in the churchFerdinand KoepkeAnna geb. KoepkeJuergen Schau, Emilie Schau "
Albert Bendix Christian08/10/1909Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/03/1910in the churchTitus SchauWilhelmine PeiperChristian Koepke, Catharine Koepke "
Harry Alfred John01/15/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/03/1910O. Backhaus house, Cr. Co. IA. Wilhelm BackhausEmilie SchumannClara Schumann, Alfred Backhaus, John Johannsen "
Harvey August Gustav01/26/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/01/1910in the churchFriedrich BurkAdele MarthAugust Zabel, Gustav Abbe, Frau C. Burk "
Helen Louise Christine04/19/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/22/1910in the churchLukas KraemerMaggie ZiehmFrau Christine Ziehm, Frau W. Abbe, Heinrich Ziehm "
Hans Asmus04/23/1910Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/29/1910in the churchHans HarderMeta JohannsenHans Johannsen, Hans Kuehl "
Raymond Wilhelm Friedrich05/26/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 06/10/1910in the churchGustav AbbeEmma MarthWilhelm Abbe, Fritz Ehlers, Frau H. Marth "
Johanna Louise Hermine Friedericke05/18/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 06/10/1910in the churchJulius HobertCaroline FaupelFrau Johanna Hobert, Frau J. Koch, Richard Hobert, H. Weifenbach "
Alma Henrietta Riessen07/16/1882Otter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 07/24/1910PfarrhouseMatthias RiessenMinna Petersen? "
Edith Dorinda? Riessen10/16/1884Otter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 07/24/1910PfarrhouseMatthias RiessenMinna Petersen? "
Heinrich Friedrich Riessen08/19/1883Otter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 07/24/1910PfarrhouseMatthias RiessenMinna Petersen? "
Lowell Albert07/25/1910Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 09/04/1910in the churchHeinrich Schroeder Jr. Dorothea JaehdeThomas Jaehde, Frau Bertha Jaehde, Albert Ernst "
Esther Dorothea Caroline07/30/1910Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA. 09/04/1910in the churchEdward SpahnBertha AbbeFrau Line Streck, Dorothea Spahn, John Spahn "
Anna Julie Emma07/05/1910Otter Creek Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 09/25/1910in the churchWilhelm HesseMathilde EngelkeAugust Pruel, H. Marth, G. Abbe "
Hilda Dora Wilhelmine08/25/1910Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 09/25/1910in the churchFritz KollbaumRosa TrenkelbachW. Haesse &frau, Dora Trenkelbach "
Elwin Edmund Friedrich07/06/1910Schleswig, IA. 09/27/1910house of parentFriedrich SpahnIda SchwarzFriedrich Schwarz &frau, Friedericke &Lillie Spahn "
Helen Louise Johanna08/10/1910Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/02/1910in the churchKarl JohannsenAlwine ElseHans Johannsen &frau, Gottlieb Else &frau "
Sophie Meta09/18/1910Soldier Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 10/23/1910in the churchHeinrich HeinDora JohannsenFrau Sophie Johannsen, Thomas Petersen, Meta Harder "
Phyllis Lorraine10/19/1910Schleswig, IA. 11/20/1910house of parentMagnus HollanderErmma BaackW. Baack &frau, Maria Schmidt "
Gladys Christine10/22/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA 11/25/1910house of parentJohn JanssenMargaretha JessenCh. Janssen &frau, Frau M. Jessen "
Bertha Maria10/24/1910Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 12/25/1910house of parentJacob SchauMeta BerndtPeter Schau, Juergen Schau, Emilie Schau "
Garnet Agnes Louise11/29/1910Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 12/30/1910house of parentGottlieb ElseAgnes BendixenJulius Else, Ella geb. Bendixen "
Laverne Minna Pauline01/12/1911Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 03/05/1911in the churchPaul RehseHulda ErnstF. Rehse &frau, H. Ernst "
Viola Elfriede Helene12/29/1910Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 03/12/1911in the churchAugust PaulsenHenrietta SchwernAdolf Hansen &frau, Helene Ernst "
Hertha Emilie Etta03/15/1911Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/13/1911house of parentJohannes WittmaackAnna RahnJoachim Rahn &frau, Heinrich Wittmaack "
Loretta Dorothea Catharine02/16/1911Garfield Twp. Ida Co. IA. 04/23/1911in the churchEdward RiessenMaggie ClausenDaniel Gruenwald, Katie Clausen "
Dorette Alma Johanna03/31/1911Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/07/1911in the churchPaul KochMarie RiessenJohn Schagt &frau, Alma Riessen "
Vernette Luise Juliane02/01/1911Hayes Twp. Ida Co. IA. 05/21/1911in the churchEmil HargensClara MarthClaus Hargens, H. Marth, Louise Marth "
Caecilie Albertine Louise06/03/1911Schleswig, IA. 06/08/1911house of parentHeinrich KlotzMinna HollanderAndreas Hollander &frau, Louise Klotz "
Hattie Christine Marie03/31/1908Soldier Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 07/07/1911Schleswig, IA. Heinrich JaehdeMalinda HollanderEbbe Hollander &frau, Marie Schmidt "
Sylvia Lilian Marie03/07/1911Hanover Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 07/07/1911Schleswig, IA. Heinrich JaehdeMalinda HollanderAndreas Hollander &frau, Marie Bielenberg "
Ella Margretha03/16/1911Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 07/13/1911house of parentAlbert KuschEmma MeisnerJulius Finnen, Otto Kusch, Margaretha Kusch, Julius Wulf "
Walter John August03/25/1911Morgan Twp. Cr. Co. IA. 07/30/1911in the churchJohn PetersenAmanda BurkJohn Spahn &frau, August Zabel "
Carl Christian Johannes06/24/1911Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 08/13/1911in the churchHeinrich WittmaackEtta JanssenJohannes Wittmaack, Christ. Janssen, Anna Hamann "
Clarence Emil Wilhelm07/18/1911Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 09/03/1911in the churchEmil AbbeEmma BubkeG. Abbe, Emil Bubke, Willie Krueger "
Walter Oscar07/27/1911Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/04/1911in the churchJulius HobertCaroline FaupelFrau W. Else, Oscar Hobert "
Emerson Carl07/27/1911Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/04/1911in the churchWilhelm WeifenbachMathilde RohrbeckC. Schoebel &frau "
Edwin Russell05/19/1911Chicago, IL. 10/04/1911in the churchHeinrich WeifenbachMargaretha Young?Line Hobert, Willie Petersen "
Howard Peter09/06/1911Grant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 10/08/1911in the churchLukas KraemerMaggie ZiehmPeter Ziehm, Frau P. Koch "
Herbert Wilhelm Ludwig11/27/1911?01/21/1912in the churchFriedrich StreckMalvine Henermann?Lina Streck, ? Streck, Ludwig ReinckeH. Schwenk
Edna Marie Ida10/09/1911?01/21/1912Schleswig, IA. Friedrich SpahnIda SchwarzJohn Spahn, Katharina Tauk, Marie Schwarz "
Esther Hulda Auguste03/03/1912?04/07/1912in the churchJohn JoersDora RehseHulda Rehse, Richard Rehse "
Garnett Katharina Dorothea01/10/1910?05/19/1912in the churchRudolf ErnstHelene PaulsenChrist. &Doroth. Ernst, Peter Paulsen, Katharina Paulsen "
Raymond Arthur08/11/1911?06/12/1912house of parentErnst AndresenPauline KochDora Ehlers, Ernestine Werneburg "
Leonard Gustav Heinrich04/26/1912?06/19/1912in the churchJohn F. AbbeHertha MarthGustav Abbe, Delia Burk, Heinrich Marth "
Eldo Otto05/28/1912?06/30/1912Schleswig, IA. Henry KlotzMinnie HollanderOtto Hollander, Andreas Hollander, Laura Hollander "
Helen Margareta05/01/1912?06/28/1912Ida Grove, IA. Hans KnudsenAnna KollbaumHans Knudsen, Louise Macentum? "
Florence Sophia Emma02/12/1912?07/14/1912in the churchCarl StenderAnna AldagCarl Stender, Sophia Aldag, Emma Stender "
Walter Ernst05/07/1912?08/04/1912in the churchRichard FuesterMaria BurkMartha Wiegand, Ernst Burk, Fritz Burk "
Robert Wilhelm Ludwig06/03/1912?08/04/1912in the churchChas. JohannsenAlwine ElseLouis Johannsen, Emma Johannsen, Wm. Else "
George Virgil08/27/1912?10/13/1912in the churchGustav ElseMinnie RiessenEmil Else, Ernst Burk, Bertha Burk "
Ida Minnie Margareta08/22/1912?10/13/1912Schleswig, IA. Julius FinnernMargareta KuschAlbert Kusch, Ernst Kusch, Hermine Keller "
Philip Monroe09/14/1912?10/13/1912Schleswig, IA. Magnus HollanderEmma BaakJulius Christiansen, Arlo Schmidt, Clara Webbing "
Georg Emil 10/25/1883?12/21/1912house of parentHans MillerDorothy geb. Miller? "
Harry Hans01/22/1886?12/21/1912house of parentHans MillerDorothy geb. Miller? "
Edna Dorothy05/24/1889?12/21/1912house of parentHans MillerDorothy geb. Miller? "
Walter Carl04/29/1895?12/21/1912house of parentHans MillerDorothy geb. Miller? "
Leonard Hans Peter08/29/1912?12/22/1912Grossmutter houseHeinrich HansenDorothea MillerLouise Hansen, Peter Hansen, Doris Miller "
Silva Dorothea Friederike11/22/1912?12/22/1912Grossmutter houseHermann JanssenMinnie MillerDoris Miller, Friederike Janssen, Ommo Janssen "
Fritz Heinrich Hans06/25/1912?12/29/1912in the churchFritz KollbaumRosa TrinkelbachHeinrich Kollbaum, Anna Kollbaum, Hans Knudsen "
Louise Margareta Friederike10/14/1912?12/29/1912in the churchHeinrich WeifenbachMargaret YoungCarl Schobel, Friederike Schobel "
Lester Johann11/11/1912?01/05/1913in the churchLucas KramerMargareta ZiehmJohann Ullrich, Louise Kramer "
Harry Otto11/03/1912?01/05/1913in the churchAlbert FaupelAmalie WelleJulius Hobert, Lena Hobert "
Emil Paul Martin12/20/1912?02/16/1913?Otto ThulEmma Mampel?Paul Koch, Martin Saile, Anna Abbe "
Edward Willie Ernt Otto02/16/1913?03/16/1913Schleswig, IA. Franz KellerHermine KuschWilhelmine Stegemann, Ernst Kusch, Ida Kusch "
Meinhard Ferdinand August02/28/1913?03/21/1913?Jens EdsenLaura ZabelAugust Zabel, Emma Zabel, Ernst Burk "
Hilda Anna Ottilie02/20/1913?03/30/1913Schleswig, IA. Gustav ReimersEmma RehmkeOttilie Reimers, Anna Rehmke, Albert Reimers "
Albrecht Julius Heinrich02/20/1913?04/06/1913?Paul KochMary RiessenHeinrich Riessen, Julius Gehring, Ella Else "
Louise Alwine Maria01/26/1913?04/06/1913?Julius HobertCaroline FaupelAlbert Faupel, Maria Neubauer "
Leorra Johanna02/09/1913?04/20/1913?Daniel GrunwaldDorothea HansenJulius Jacobsen, Edward Riessen, Margareta Riessen, Kath. Detlefs "
Esther Johanna Henrietta05/01/1913?05/17/1913?Hermann B. SchulzMarie MacentunWm. Macentun, H. Macentun, Louise Macentun "
Gertrud Maria Anna03/17/1913?05/18/1913?Carl BackhausClara SchumannMarie &Bernhard Schumann, Marie Backhaus "
Alva Johanna07/25/1913?08/17/1913?Heinrich MacentunLouise MonseesJohanna Standenmaier, Herm. Schulz, Henry Macentun "
Alma Rose Louise06/03/1913?08/31/1913?Wilhelm HesseMathilde EngelkenAlma Trenkelbach, Robert Hesse, Louise Aldag "
Elmer Johann Heinrich06/07/1913?08/31/1913?Friedrick burkAdele MarthJohn Abbe, Heinrich Aldag, Emma Zabel "
Lorraine Marion08/03/1913?08/31/1913?Heinrich KlotzMinnie HollanderAndr. Hollander, Laura Hollander, Gustav Hollander "
Theodor Arthur10/16/1913?11/16/1913?Gustav P. HollanderHenrietta EbertIda Ebert, Thom. Hollander, Theodor Hollander "
Carmel Irena Friederike07/16/1913?12/07/1913Schleswig, IA. Theodor BurkHilda BendixenFriederika Burk, Josephine Bendixen, Wm. Bendixen "
Dorinda Wilhelmina Pauline10/03/1913?12/28/1913Schleswig, IA. John C. SchagtIda RiessenWilhelmine Schagt, Paul Koch "
Viola Lillian Ida Emma10/15/1913?01/25/1914Schleswig, IA. John HillLena HannemannLillian Schulz, Ida Spahn, Emma Hollander, Wm. Hill "
Heinrich Wilhelm10/18/1913?02/01/1914Schleswig, IA. Friedrich LinkeMinnie AldagMarie Linke, Hein. Aldag, Theodor Aldag "
Raymond Hermann Johannes12/31/1913?02/15/1914?Friedrich KollbaumRosa TrinkelbachAnna Knudsen, Herm. Mildenstein, John Cohrt "
Erwin Willie11/23/1913?02/22/1914Schleswig, IA. Thorwald ChristensenDora LinkeWm Linke, Carl Linke, Marie Linke "
Theodor Heinrich Bernhard01/27/1914?03/08/1914?Friedrich StreckMalwine Hermann?Heinrich Streck, Bernhard Streck, Minnie Streck "
Clarence Theodor12/03/1913?04/19/1914?Peter NielsenMarie CohrtJohn, Anna, John Cohrt "
Vernette Sophie Agnes01/04/1914?04/26/1914?Wm. GrellElla AldagAgnes Grell, Sophie Aldag, Heinrich Aldag "
Edna Juliana Sophia01/26/1914?05/03/1914?Heinrich AldagLizzie MarthHans Marth, Sophie Aldag, Julia Marth "
Helmuth Johann Gustav02/28/1914?05/17/1914?Otto ThulEmma Werenscke?Julie Else, John Abbe, Gustav Abbe "
Ethel Edna Hannah03/02/1914?05/24/1914?Hermann JanssenMinnie MillerEdna Miller, George Miller, Hannah Janssen "
Earl Harry Friedrich04/17/1914?05/24/1914?Heinrich HanssenDoretta MillerAnna Miller, Harry Miller, Fritz Becker "
Arthur Streck05/31/1914?05/31/1914?Bernhard StreckLena AbbeBernh. Streck, Auguste Abbe, P. Brauer, "
Walter Albert06/12/1914?07/26/1914?Albert FaupelAmalie WerleJulius Hobert, Carolina Hobert "
Willie Johann Albert03/19/1914?08/09/1914?Herm. FeddersenLina JanssenJohn Janssen, Albert Feddersen, Magdalena Feddersen "
Edgar Louis Heinrich08/29/1914?09/13/1914?Louis ZobelAnna SchwenkLouis Zoberl, Anna Zobel, Anna Schwenk "
Florence Martha Emma08/10/1914?09/20/1914?Emil HargensClara MarthMartha Hargens, Emma Abbe, Hein. Aldag "
Roland Albert Harvey09/13/1914?10/18/1914?Paul KochMary RiessenAlbert Riessen, Dora Riessen, Harvey Else "
Leslie William11/17/1914?01/06/1915?Hermann SchiernbeckSusie HansohnDora Carstens, Wm. Carstens, Wm. Hansohn "
Alice Emma Louise12/06/1914?01/24/1915?John AbbeHertha MarthHarry Miller, Emma Abbe, Lizzie Aldag "
Harly Christof Wilhelm12/23/1914?02/22/1915?Hermann MildensteinAnna TrinkelbachChrist. Trinkelbach, Wm. Hesse, Elsie Trinkelbach "
Larinda Juliane Frieda11/01/1914?04/18/1915?Heinrich MarthMalinda FriedrichsenJuliane Marth, Frieda Friedrichsen, H. Aldag "
Otto Heinrich Bernhard02/25/1915?05/09/1915?Carl BackhausClara SchumannOtto Schumann, Heinrich Backhaus, Emilie Backhaus "
Enid Julia Anna03/07/1915?05/16/1915?Alfred BackhausLouise PaulsenNicolaus Paulsen, Julia Paulsen, Louise Johannsen "
Elvira Elise Dalia02/21/1915?05/23/1915?Jens EdsenLaura ZabelMaria Ketelsen, Fritz Burk, Dalia Burk "
Rufina Elsie Helena04/14/1915?06/06/1915?Christ. Keurming?Auguste AkelbeinEmil Abbe, Minnie Abbe, Anna Zabel "
Lucille Ella Caroline07/25/1915?08/15/1915?Emil ElseJulia FriedrichsenEdward Else, Ella Else, Caroline Knudsen "
Irene Annie03/25/1915?08/29/1915?Peter NielsenMarie CohrtEmma Cohrt, Hermann Cohrt, Dora Cohrt "
Dorothea Maria08/16/1915?10/03/1915?Harry MillerAnna AbbeDorothea Miller, Theodor Abbe "
Ernie Heinrich Fritz08/16/1915?10/17/1915?Willie GrellElla AldagHenry Aldag, Henry Aldag Jr., Anna Stender "
Harvey Friedrich07/07/1915?10/24/1915?Friedrich LinkeMinnie AldagCarl Stender, Anna Stender, Wm. Linke "
Garnet Lorraine Victoria10/09/1915?10/28/1915?Heinrich BrockmannRosina ThiedeGustav Stier, Ella Theide, Maria Thiede "
Thekla Dora Emma09/12/1915?11/14/1915?Wilhelm HesseMathilde EngelkeDora Jors, Emma Thul, John Cohrt, Hermann Mildenstein "
Helen Margaret Minnie11/21/1915?12/12/1915?Albert ErnstMarie SchwenkHeinrich Ernst, Anna Schwenk, Minnie Ernst "
Ruth Auguste Martha12/29/1915?01/09/1916?Louis ZobelAnna SchwenkAlbert Ernst, Martha Schwenk, August Rahn "
Isabell Rose Hertha11/25/1915?01/23/1916?Charles ChristiansenEmma ZabelTheodor Ernst, Hertha Ernst "
Theodor Albert Heinrich12/29/1915?02/20/1916?Heinrich AldagLizzie MarthTheodor Aldag, Albert Marth, Emma Abbe "
Ida B. Streck07/23/1895?05/12/1916?Albert LampeElla Lampe? "
Edwin Alfred06/02/1916?07/09/1916?Alfred BackhausLouise PaulsenFranz Wiedemann, Ella Wiedemann, Richard Backhaus "
Margareta Emma Katharine06/11/1916?07/30/1916?Friedrich StreckMalwine Heuermann?Emma Streck, Tine Iversen "
Luverna Anna Therese03/30/1916?08/20/1916?Hermann MildensteinAnna TrinkelbachNiklas Mildenstein, Anna Trinkelbach "
Irene Alma Helen05/03/1915?09/03/1916?Fritz KollbaumRosa TrinkelbachAlma Mundt, Herbert Mundt, Elise Trinkelbach "
Orville Earl Friedrich08/15/1916?09/17/1916?Emil HargensClara MarthEarl Hargens, Fritz Burk, Delia Burk "
Clarence Carl Leonard08/03/1916?09/24/1916?George StreckIda LampeI. Streck, Alice Streck, Bernhard Streck "
Bernice Annie07/08/1916?11/19/1916?Hermann JanssenMinnie MillerHarry Miller, Anna Miller, Anna Friedrichsen "
Theodor Heinrich Hans12/11/1916?01/21/1917?Johann AbbeHertha MarthHans Marth, Heinrich Aldag, Lizzie Aldag "
Evelyn Emma Hertha10/05/1916?01/21/1917?Heinrich MarthMalinda FriedrichsenGustav Abbe, Emma Abbe, Hertha Abbe "
Luverna Dorothy01/20/1917?03/04/1917?Edward ElseEmma JohannsenChas. Johannsen, Alwine Johannsen, Julia Else "
Rudi Alfred Heinrich02/08/1917?03/18/1917?Paul KochMarie RiessenElla Riessen, Geo. Riessen, Alfred Else "
Lucille Minna Dora03/20/1917?05/06/1917?Carl BackhausClara SchumannHeinrich Schumann, Minnie Schumann, Dora Backhaus "
Edgar Otto Johann01/11/1917?05/13/1917?Jens EdsenLaura ZabelOtto Schug, Albert Ernst, Alma Schug "
Mabel Sophia Marie05/15/1917?08/19/1917?Friedrich LinkeMinnie AldagHeinrich Aldag, Sophie Aldag, Minnie Linke "
Elmer Theodor Louis09/03/1917?09/23/1917?Albert ErnstMarie SchwenkLisbeth Schwenk, Theodor Ernst, Louis Zobel "
Rosella Golda06/24/1917?11/29/1917??Linda ChristiansenHeinrich Ernst, Emma Christiansen "
Walter Friedrich11/25/1917?01/06/1918?Heinrich AldagLizzie MarthFriedrich Linke, Heinrich Aldag, Hertha Abbe "
Luoerna? Evelyn Ruth11/24/1917?01/20/1918?Christ. Keneming?Auguste AckelbeinPaul Koch, Anna Schwenk, Minnie Ernst "
Lydia Margaret02/08/1918?02/17/1918?Louis ZobelAnna SchwenkChrist. Keneming, Marie Ernst, Lydia Schwenk "
Velda Hertha Martha03/09/1918?03/31/1918?Otto SchugAlma ZabelMartha Schwenk, Hertha Ernst, Albert Ernst "
Elsie Frieda Elisabeth10/22/1917?03/31/1918?Wm. HesseMathilde EngelkeJohn Jors, Herbert Mundt, Elisabeth Trinkelbach, Frieda Huckfeld "
Eleonora Friederike Amalia06/07/1918?06/30/1918?Martin KnudsenGreta PetersenFritz Petersen, Ella Petersen, Caroline Knudsen, Amalia Knudsen "
Emil Henry06/02/1918?08/04/1918?Emil HargensClara MarthEdward Marth, Heinrich Marth, Hattie Abbe "
Viola Maria03/03/1918?08/25/1918?Wm. NeubauerElla HesseCarl Neubauer, Marie Neubauer, Anna Ernst "
Ralph Wilhelm Conrad05/06/1918?09/06/1918?Theodor BurkHilda BendixenAdele Burk, Fritz Burk, Emil Bendixen, John Wiedemann "
Elvira Auguste09/22/1918?10/20/1918?Harry MillerAnna AbbeJohann Abbe, Auguste Abbe "
Marjory Etta Louisa01/21/1919?02/23/1919?Paul KochMary RiessenChrist. Keneming, Etta Janssen, Louise Else "
Christian Ludwig Otto02/23/1919?04/06/1919?Christ. KenemingAuguste AckelbeinHilda Ackelbein, Louis Zobel, Otto Bohlmann "
Louis Willie05/03/1919?06/08/1919?Henry AldagLizzie MarthWm. Grell, Fritz Burk, Delia Burk "
Vernon John Henry05/31/1919?07/06/1919?Theodor ErnstHilda JuergensenHeinrich Ernst, Minnie Ernst, John Juergensen "
Esther Emma Malinda05/17/1919?07/06/1919?Johann AbbeHertha MarthEmil Abbe, Emma Abbe, Malinda Marth "
Walther Theodor Paul11/07/1919?11/16/1919?Louis ZobelAnna SchwenkHeinrich Ernst, Paul Koch, Concordia Schwenk "
Hilda Malwine10/17/1919?11/30/1919?Fritz StreckMalwina HaumannKatharina Reincke, Ida Streck "
Elsie Laura10/22/1919?12/28/1919?Chas. ChristiansenEmma ZabelJens Edsen, Laura Edsen "
Edwin Robert04/09/1920?05/16/1920?Wm. NeubauerElla HesseMr. &Mrs. August Hesse, Robert Hesse "
Esther Margaret04/09/1920?05/16/1920?Wm. NeubauerElla HesseMr. &Mrs. Ferdinand Neubauer, Marie Neubauer "
Irene Emilie Mathilde02/10/1920?06/20/1920?John EhlerLillian JohannsenPeter M. Johannsen, Mathilde Johannsen, Dora Ehler "
Bernice Minnie Julia08/02/1920?08/29/1920?Harvey ElseHertha ErnstCy. Ernst, Minnie Ernst, Julia Else "
Fern Clara Emilie08/21/1920?10/03/1920?Carl BackhausClara SchumannEmilie Backhaus, Wm. Backhaus, Clara Backhaus "
Erwin Raymond Martin11/27/1920?11/27/1920?Christ. KenemingAuguste AckelbeinMalinda Koch, Erwin Rehse, Richard Rehse "
Lester Louis Erwin11/09/1920?12/05/1920?Paul KochMary RiessenHertha Else, Louis Zobel, Erwin Rehse "
Evelyn Anna01/02/1921?01/05/1921?Herman JensenMartha SchwenkTheodor Jensen, Hanna Jensen, Anna Schwenk "
Gilbert Carl11/04/1920?01/09/1921?Friedrich LinkeMinnie AldagLizzie Aldag, Peter Christiensen, Carl Linke "
Sylvia Louise02/13/1921?02/16/1921?Hugo EhlerLydia SchwenkRichard Ehler, Dorothea Ehler, Anna Schwenk, Louise Sass, Emil Sass "
John Bernhard Ernst02/28/1921?03/27/1920?John JorsDora RehsePaul Rehse, Johanna Rehse, Erwin Rehse "
Wilbert Walter04/19/1920?05/08/1921?Albert ErnstMarie SchwenkVictoria Schwenk, Walter Ernst "
Elaine Adele Elsie02/07/1921?05/15/1921?John A. EhlerLillian JohannsenJulius Ehler, Louise Johannsen, Adele Johannsen "
Mildred Mag. 05/18/1921?06/12/1921?Edward StolleyBertha RossowChristian Rossow, Ernestine Rossow, Franz Wiegel "
Clarence Carl04/17/1921?06/12/1921?Wm. NeubauerElla HesseAuguste Neubauer, Albert Neubauer, Barney Riessen "
Leslie Carl John07/05/1921?08/14/1921?Wm. GrellElla AldagMinnie Linke, Carl Grell, John Rabe "
Harold Emil08/12/1921?09/11/1921?Alfred EngelkingAlna PautschJacobine Engelking, Emil Pautsch "
Virgil Christian08/27/1921?09/25/1921?Christ. PetersenChristine JanssenAnna Hamann, Christian Janssen, Alfred Janssen "
Clarence Milroy08/16/1921?09/25/1921?Emil HargensClara MarthHans Hinrichsen, Dora Hinrichsen, Albert Abbe "
Verona Loraine09/15/1921?10/09/1921?Walter SchugElisabeth SchwenkOtto Schug, Alma Schug, Anna Schwenk "
Reindina Maria06/16/1921?11/20/1921?Hugo HeinLeona StrohbeenPaul Koch, Maria Koch "

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