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1930 Federal Census, Union Township

Crawford County, Iowa

Microfilm Series , Roll 650, Census Page 102

Page 8

Department of Commerce-Bureau of the Census, Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule, State of Iowa, Crawford County, Union Twp., Enumber District No. 24-30, Supervisor's District No. 5, Enumerated by me on April 14, 1930, Alvin W. Michaelson, Enumerator

51    TECHNormaDaughter   XFW8/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
52  8384WINGROVEPaul H.HeadR RYesMW33M27NoYesIowaIowaGermany   YesFarmerGeneral FarmEYes No 78
53    WINGROVEJosie PWife   XFW25M20NoYesIowaUnited StatesIowa   YesNone       
54    WINGROVERobert J.Son   XMW4 9/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
55    WINGROVEJay L Son   XMW2 4/12S N IowaIowaIowa    None       
56    WINGROVEElton E.Brother   XMW39S No IAIowaIowa    LaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
57  8485ABERHARDTJohnHeadO  YesMW25S NYesSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandGerman1907UnYesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes No 79
58    ABERHARDTAnna L.Mother   XFW58Wd24NYesSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandGerman1907UnYesNone       
59    ABERHARDTMartha E.Sister   XFW23S NoYesIowaSwitzerlandSwitzerland   YesNone       
60    LAUBSCHERDonald A.Nephew   XMW5S Yes IowaSwitzerlandSwitzerland    None       
61    ABERHARDTNickUncle   XMW63S NoYSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandGerman1907UnYNone    No  
62  8586IGOUJesseHeadR  YesMW41M22NYesNebraskaUnited StatesUnited States   YesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes No 80
63    IGOUElsieWife   XFW41M22NoYesIowaGermanyGermany   YesNone       
64    IGOURosa K.Daughter   XFW16S YesYesIowaNebraskaIowa   YesNone       
65    IGOULeona M.Daughter   XFW14S YesYIowaNebraskaIowa   YNone       
66  8687COLEMANLloyd C.HeadR RYesMW22M20NoYesIowaIowaIowa   YesFarmerGeneral FarmEYes No 81
67    COLEMANSarah S.Wife   XFW22M19NoYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
68    COLEMANLloydine S.Daughter   XFW2 1/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
69    HOOVERDavid OEmployee   XMW24S NoYesMissouriIllinoisMissouri   YLaborerGeneral Farm WYes No  
70  8788MCHENRYMargaret J.HeadO RYesFW71Wd27NYesCanada EngCanada EngNorthern IrelandEnglish1901NaYesNone       
71    MORRISONEarl RSon-in-law   XMW41M21NYKansasOhioOhio   YFarmerGeneral FarmOYes No 82
72    MORRISONRuth M.Daughter   XFW46M25NYIowaCanadian EngCanadian Eng   YNone       
73    MORRISONRaymond M.Grandson   XMW19S NoYesIowaKansasIowa   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
74    MORRISONMargery RGranddaughter   XFW6S YesYesIowaKansasIowa    None       
75    MORRISONMarian V.Granddaughter   XFW4 4/12S No IowaKansasIowa    None       
76  8889ROGERSWalter RHeadO RYesMW44S NYesIowaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania   YesFarmerGeneral FarmEYes No 83
77    BRASELCharles LEmployee   XMW34M29NoYesIowaIllinoisIllinois   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes YesWW 
78    BRASELClara M.Servant   XFW23M18NYesIowaEnglandIowa   YesNone       
79    BRASELPalmyra LBoarder   XFW2 8/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
80  8990POITEVIN?aleyHeadO RYesMW50M25NYIowaBelguimIowa   YFarmerGeneral FarmEYes No 84
81    POITEVINEmma MWife   XFW49M24NoYIowaOhioIowa   YNone       
82    POITEVINHoward BSon   XMW22S NYIowaIowaIowa   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
83    POITEVINLois E.Daughter   XFW19S YesYIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
84    POITEVINFrances D.Daughter   XFW16S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
85    POITEVINGrace H.Daughter   XFW15S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
86    POITEVINFerne W.Daughter   XFW9S Yes IAIowaIowa    None       
87    POITEVINMildred ADaughter   XFW6S Yes IAIowaIowa    None       
88    HUBLERFred W.Employee   XMW53S NoYesIowaIowaIowa   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
89  9091THOMSA?Merton AHeadR  YesMW39M28NoYesIAWisconsinMasachusetts   YesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes YesWW85
90    THOMSA?Martha MWife   XFW36M25NoYesIAFranceSwitzerland   YesNone       
91    THOMSA?John WSon   XMW9S Yes IowaIowaIowa    None       
92    THOMSA?James ESon   XMW7S Yes IowaIowaIowa    None       
93    THOMSA?Robert JSon   XMW6S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
94    THOMSA?Ruth YDaughter   XFW4S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
95    THOMSA?Richard HSon   XMW2 3/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
96  9192CHRISTENSENCarl LHeadR  YesMW66M39NoYesNorwayNorwayNorwayNorweigen1892PaYesFarmerGeneral FarmEYes No 86
97    CHRISTENSENLizzie W.Wife   XFW51M23NoYesNorwayNorwayNorwayNorweigen1902NaYesNone       
98    CHRISTENSENAlexander CSon   XMW27S NoYesIowaNorwayNorway   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
99    CHRISTENSENMartinSon   XMW19S NoYIowaNorwayNorway   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes    
100    CHRISTENSENEddieSon   XMW19S NoYIowaNorwayNorway   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes    

Transcribed by Melba Winans McDowell
Blue Folder Page 9 of Union Township 1930 Census

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