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1930 Federal Census, Union Township

Crawford County, Iowa

Microfilm Series , Roll 650, Census Page 99

Page 2

Department of Commerce-Bureau of the Census, Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule State of Iowa, Crawford County, Union Twp., Enumber District No. 24-30, Supervisor's District No. 5, Enumerated by me on April 2, 1930, Alvin W. Michaelson, Enumerator

51  1515BROWNWilliam F.HeadR RYMW68M27NYIAIndianaIndiana   YFarmerGeneral FarmENo N 14
52    BROWNMattie A.Wife   XFW63M23NYCanadian EngVermontVermont   YNone       
53    BROWNElsie V?Daughter   XFW23S NYIAIACanadian Eng   YNone       
54   16BROWNGeorge W.HeadR  YesMW34M31NYIAIACanadian Eng   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
55    BROWNMarieWife   XFW20M17NYIAPennsylvaniaPennsylvania   YesNone       
56    BROWNDonald G.Son   XMW1 4/12S N IAIAIA    None       
57    BROWNWalter E.Son   XMW1/12S N IowaIowaIowa    None       
58  1617BROCKSENPeter D.HeadR RYesMW36M23NYesGermanyGermanyGermanyGerman1902NaYesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes No 15
59    BROCKSENElizabeth E.Wife   XFW35M22NYesDenmarkDenmarkGermanyDanish1912NaYesNone       
60    BROCKSENArnold G.Son   XMW13S YesYesIowaGermanyDenmark   YesNone       
61  1718ALEXANDERHaroldHeadR RYesMW40M19NYIowaPennsylvaniaCalifornia   YFarmerGeneral FarmEYes N 16
62    ALEXANDERNorrine E.Wife   XFW42M21NYIowaOhioMissouri   YNone       
63    ALEXANDERGeorgeSon   XMW19S YYIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
64    ALEXANDERLois L.Daughter   XFW17S YYIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
65    ALEXANDERMargaret M.Daughter   XFW12S YYIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
66    CARPENTERMurry S.Employee   XMW45S NYesIowaOhioUnited States   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
67  1819MILLERAlbert C.HeadR  YesMW44M29NYesIowaPennsylvaniaGermany   YesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes No 17
68    MILLERFlorence A.Wife   XFW35M21NoYesIAIowaIowa   YesNone       
69    MILLERRoscoe A.Son   XMW13S YesYIAIowaIowa   YLarborerGeneral Farm W     
70    MILLERIone A.Daughter   XFW12S YYIAIowaIowa   YNone       
71    MILLERLeone L.Daughter   XFW12S YYIAIowaIA   YNone       
72    MILLERVera M.Daughter   XFW7S YYIAIowaIowa   YNone       
73    MILLERJay L.Son   XMW6S YYIowaIowaIowa    None       
74    MILLERMary L.Daughter   XFW4S N IowaIowaIowa    None       
75    MILLERLuella J.Daughter   XFW3S N IAIAIA    None       
76    MILLERSolomon A.Son   XMW2S N IAIowaIA    None       
77  1920IGOUGeorge J.HeadO RYesMW69M21NoYesIAOhioIndiana   YesFarmerGeneral FarmONo No 18
78    IGOUSusie L.Wife   XfW40M21NYIAPennsylvaniaGermany   YNone       
79    IGOUAlbert F.Son   XMW20S NYesIowaIowaIowa   YLaborerGeneral FarmW     
80    IGOUWilliam G.Son   XMW16S YYIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
81    IGOULawrence H.Son   XMW12S YesYIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
82    COBURNJohn W.Son-in-law   XMW23M22NYIowaUnited StatesIowa   YLaborerGeneral FarmW  No  
83    COBURNGarnet E.Daughter   XFW17M16NYIAIAIA   YNone       
84  2021SPRINGFritzHeadR  YesMW49S NYSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandGerman1907NaYFarmerGeneral FarmEYes No 19
85    RUFENACHTLloydEmployee   XMW35Wd NYS. DakotaUnited StatesUnited States   YLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
86  2122AHARTJ. LeoHeadO RYesMW36M29NYIAGermanyGermany   YFarmerGeneral FarmOYes YesWW20
87    AHARTAnna M.Wife   XFW35M27NYIAWisconsinIowa   YNone       
88    AHARTJ. Leo Jr.Son   XMW6S Yes IowaIowaIowa    None       
89    AHARTThomas E.Son   XMW5S N IAIAIA    None       
90    AHARTMary C.Daughter   XFW3 5/12S N IAIowaIA    None       
91    AHARTJoan F.Daughter   XFW2 7/12S N IowaIowaIowa    None       
92    AHARTJames C.Son   XMW5/12S N IAIowaIA    None       
93  2223AHARTThomasHeadO RYesMW66M21NYesGermanyGermanyGermanyGerman1868NaYFarmerGeneral FarmONo No 21
94    AHARTAnnaWife   XFW66M21NYesGermanyGermanyGermanyGerman1885NaYesNone       
95    AHARTJ. TheodoreSon   XMW27S NYIAGermanyGermany   YLaborerGeneral FarmWNo N  
96    AHARTBernard R.Son   XMW23S NYIAGermanyGermany   YLaborerGeneral FarmW  No  
97  2324TARKINGTONVernieHeadR RYesMW46M31NYesIAIndianaIllinois   YesFarmerGeneral FarmEYes No 22
98    TARKIINGTONDora B.Wife   XFW36M22NoYesIAGermanyIA   YesNone       
99    TARKINGTONDean V.Son   XMW11S YesYIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
100    COBURNJesseEmployee   XFW17S NYIowaIowaIowa   YLaborerGeneral FarmW     

Transcribed by Melba Winans McDowell
Blue Folder Page 3 of Union Township 1930 Census

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