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1930 Federal Census, Milford Twp., Deloit Town

Crawford County, Iowa

Microfilm Series , Roll 650, Page 2

Department of Commerce-Bureau of the Census, Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule
State of Iowa, Crawford County, Milford Twp.,Enumeration District No. 24-15, Supervisor's District No. 5, Enumerated by me on April 5, 1930, Lelia L. Childress, Enumerator

51    WineyFloraWife-H   NoFW60M19NYesIAILIA   YesNone       
52    WineyCarlyle BSon   XMW17S YesYesIAIAIA   YesNone        
53 14 14CampbellSabin?HeadR15 NoMW29M25NoYIowaIowaIowa   YesLaborerGen.FarmWYes No  
54    CampbellBerthaWife-H   XFW25M21NYW.VirginiaW.VirginiaW.Virginia   YNone       
55    CampbellCharles L.Son   XMW1S N IAIAW.Virginia    None       
56    CampbellLeona M.Daughter   XFWunreadableS No IAIowaW.Virginia    None       
57 15 15HuskeyWilliamHeadO2800RNoMW40M26NYIACzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia   YesManagerImp.storeWYes No 7
58    HuskeyDaisyWife-H   XFW42M28noYesIAIowaIllinois   YesNone       
59    HuskeyHaroldSon   XMW14S YesYesIAIAIA   YesNone       
60    HuskeyMearlSon   XMW 5S No IAIAIA    None       
61 16 16GsellLouie FHeadO  YesMW55M24NoYesGermanyGermanyGermanyGerman1891AlYesNone   No 2 
62    GsellMinnieWife-H   XFW53M22NYesGermanyGermanyGermanyGerman1883AlYesNone       
63    GsellIdaDaughter   XFW27S NYIAGermanyGermany   YesNone       
64 17 17BrogdenJuliaHeadO1370 NoFW72WD NoYesIAPenn.USA   YesNone       
65 18 18CoseClarence JHeadR  NoMW70M21NoYesIllnoisEnglandUSA   YesMail MessengerDeplroeli? P.O.WYes No  
66    CoseCora SWife-H   XFW70M21NoYIAArkansasVermont   YesAsst. ManagerDeplroeli? P.O.WYes    
67    JohnsonMargaretLodger   XFW10S YesYIAIAIA   YesNone      Nnbsp;
68    AndersenAndyBoarder   XMW52M24NoYesIAIowaIndiana   YesAgentI.C.R.R.WYes No  
69 19 19KettererJoseph BHeadR20RNoMW40M30NoYesIAPennsylvaniaIndiana   YesAgentN.W.W.RRWYes YesWW 
70    KettererMyrtleWife-H   XFW29M22NoYesIowaIllinoisIowa   YesNone       
71 20 20KislingJohn AHeadR22.50 NoMW54M32NoYesIowaOhioIowa   YesLaborerGen.FarmWY No  
72    KislingMyrtle JWife-H   XFW42M18NoYesNebraskaIowaIowa   YesNone       
73    KislingLucille IDaughter   XFW22S NoYesIowaIowaIowa   YesHouseworkGen.houseWYes    
74    KislingOrvall ESon   XMW17S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
75    KislingRalph WSon   XMW15S YesYIAIowaIowa   YNone       
76    KislingL MarlinSon   XMW11S YesYIAIAIowa   YNone       
77    KislingRuth EDaughter   XFW9S Yes IAIAIA    None       
78    KislingDortha MDaughter   XFW7S Yes IAIAIA    None       
79    KislingOlive BDaughter   XFW4S No IAIAIA    None       
80    KislingJoyce YDaughter   XFW2S No IAIAIA    None       
81 21 21GallandLaura AHeadO900 NoFW62WD17NoYesIAGermanyIowa   YesNone       
82 22 22WooleyBenjamin FHeadO600 NoMW66WD NoYesIAOhioIndiana   YesLaborerGeneral WorkWYes No  
83 23 23MorseMary AHeadO  NoFW77WD NoYesIllinoisOhioOhio   Yes(unreadable)Gen.farmOYes   3
84    LaugheryJulietSister   XFW74WD NoYesIllinoisOhioOhio   Yes(unreadable)Court HouseWYes    
85 24 24McKimBert EHead-HO RYesMW60M25NoYesIowaPennsylvaniaVermont   YesPostmasterDeloit P.O.WYes No 8
86    McKimMary AWife-H   XFW54M19NoYesNebraskaGermanyIllinois   YesNone       
87    McKimRalph JSon   XMW31WD NoYesIllinoisIowaNebraska   YesContractorCement workWYes No  
88    McKimLyman ASon   XMW15S YesYesIowaIowaNebraska   YesNone       
89    McKimJunior BSon   XMW10S YesYesIowaIowaNebraska   YesNone       
90    McKimAlbert BGrandson   XMW4S ,No NebraskaIllinoisIowa    None       
91    McKimAbbieSister   XFW66S NoYesIowaPennsylvaniaVermont   YesNone       
92 25 25TaylorJohn BHeadO1000 NoMW55M21NoYesIowaEnglandScotland   YesTrucktrans ????WYes No  
93    TaylorStella IWife-H   XFW53M18NoYesIowaIllinoisYork State   YesNone       
94 26 26BeamanBenjaminHeadO900 NoMW81WD NoYesIllinoisConnecticutKentucky   YesNone       
95 27 27MasonAndrew JHeadO1500 NoMW65M27NoYesIowaIowaTenessee   YesLaborerGen.workWYes No  
96    MasonFlorenceWife-H   XFW60M22NoYesTenesseeTenesseeTenessee   YesNone       
97 28 28SlechtaAdoph BHeadO3000RNoMW41M22NoYesIowaCzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia   YesProprietorGarageOYes No  
98    SlechtaJessie CWife-H   XFW39M20NoYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
99    SlechtaLowell ASon   XMW16S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
100    SlechtaJ HaroldSon   XMW13S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       

Transcribed by Melba Winans McDowell
Blue Folder Page 3 of Deloit 1930 Census

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