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1930 Federal Census, Paradise Twp., Arion Town

Crawford County, Iowa

Microfilm Series , Roll 650, Page 4

Department of Commerce-Bureau of the Census, Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule
State of Iowa, Crawford County, Paradise, Enumber District No. 24-23, Supervisor's District No. 5, Enumerated by me on April 16, 1930, Alvin W. Michaelsen, Enumerator

51Main Str   FRENCHMary C.Daughter   XFW21S NYesMissouriIndianaPennsylvania   YesTeacherPublic SchoolWY    
52Main Str. 1313RATLIFFEGeorge D.HeadO$1500RNoMW27M21NYesUnited StatesUnited StatesUnited States   YesLaborerRailroadWYes No  
53    RATLIFFEIole? Wife   XFW20M15NYesMissouriMissouriMissouri   YesNone       
54    RATLIFFEBetty I. Daughter   XFW4 5/12S N IAUnited StatesMissouri   YNone       
55Third Str 1414PEFFERVirgilHeadO$1000RNoMW36M26NYIAIllinoisIA   YCarpenterHighway bridgesWYes YesWW 
56    PEFFERAnna L. Wife   XFW31M17NYIAIAIA   YNone       
57    PEFFERVirgil A. Son   XMW13S NYesSouth DakotaIAIA   YesNone       
58    PEFFERPhyllis MDaughter   XFW8S Y IowaIowaIowa ;   None        
59    PEFFERGertrude LDaughter   XFW5S N IowaIowaIowa    None       
60Third Str 1515BUTLERJames W.HeadO$300 NoMW53M21NYesIowaIowaIllinois   YesDecoratorGeneral PaintingWYes No  
61    BUTLERAnnaWife   XFW50M18NYIANorth IrelandNorth Ireland   YNone       
62Third Str 1616PEFFERAlbert MHeadOUn NoMW71M24NYIllinoisNew YorkOhio   YesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes No 3
63    PEFFERAugustaWife   XFW65M19NYIAGermanyGermany   YNone       
64Third Str 1717EDWARDSWallaceHeadR$8 NoMW58M19NoYMichiganCanadaMichigan   YLaborerWell diggerWYes No  
65    EDWARDSRose A.Wife   XFW57M18NYIOWAIndianaIndiana   YNone       
66    EDWARDSDorothy L    XFW18S NYIAMichiganIowa   YServantHotelWYes    
67    EDWARDSDonald LSon   XMW18S NYIAMichiganIowa   YLaborerGeneral FarmWYes    
68Third Str 1818SMITHJohn RHeadRUnk  MW72Wd NYIAGermanyGermany   YesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes No 4
69Western Ave. 1919CHAMBERLINLoren THeadR$10 NoMW46M24NYIowaIllinoisMissouri   YesLaborerCommonWYes No  
70    CHAMBERLINPearl EWife   XFW41M18NYNebraskaIowaIowa   YNone       
71    CHAMBERLINAvery NSon   XMW21S NYesIAIowaNebraska   YesDealerLivestockOYes No  
72    CHAMBERLINAnna ADaughter   XFW20S NYesIowaIowaNebraska   YesTeacherPublic SchoolWYes    
73    CHAMBERLINAncil ESon   XMW18S YYesIowaIowaNebraska   YesNone       
74    CHAMBERLINAlvin D Son   XMW15S YesYesIAIowaNebraska   YesNone       
75    CHAMBERLINAlta MDaughter   XFW13S YesYIowaIowaNebraska   YesNone       
76Western Ave. 2020BROWNRoss AHeadO$650 NoMW28M25NYesIAIowaVermont   YesLaborerRailroadWYes No  
77    BROWNMae R.Wife   XFW21M18NYesIAUnited StatesIowa   YesNone       
78    BROWNViolet ADaughter   XFW2 11/12S N IAIowaIowa    None       
791st Str 2121STEPHENSONLillian E.HeadO$1000RNoFW64Wd NYesIllinoisUnited StatesUnited States   YNone       
80    STEPHENSONRuss W.Son   XMW44S NYIAEnglandIllinois   YNone       
81    STEPHENSONHelen MDaughter   XFW34S NYesIAEnglandIllinois   YesNone       
823rd Str 2222DAVISGeorge AHeadO$500RNoMW57M21NYesIAIndianaIndiana   YesLaborerRailroadWYes No  
83    DAVISAnnie LWife   XFW56M20NYesIowaNorwayNorway   YesNone       
84    DAVISKenneth FSon   XMW20S NYesS.DakotaIowaIowa   YesNone       
85    DAVISLucille LGrand-Daughter   XFW9S YesYIAIowaIowa    None       
86Main Str 2323REESERLloyd OHeadR$10 NoMW27M21NoYesIAIllinoisIllinois   YesLaborerRailroadWYes No  
87    REESEREthel MWife   XFW21M16NYesIAUnited StatesUnited States   YesNone       
88    REESERBetty NDaughter   XFW5S NYesIAIowaIowa    None       
89    REESERGlenn OSon   XMW3 10/12S NYesIAIAIA    None       
90   24SWANSONCarl OHeadR15 NoMW38M28NoYesIowaSweedenSweeden   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes YesWW 
91    SWANSONRuby AWife   XFW28M18NYIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
92Main Str 2425BRKIRHElyHeadUnUn NMW45S NYSerbiaSerbiaSerbiaSerbian1911AbYesLaborerRailroadWYes No  
93Main Str 2526TASICHMilanHeadR$3 NMW40S NoYesSerbiaSerbiaSerbiaSerbian1912AbYesLaborerRailroadWYes No  
94Milwaukee Str. 2627MAYBERRYVirgil A.HeadO$1200 NoMW30M21NoYesIowaEnglandIowa   YesBarberGeneral ShopOYes No  
95    MAYBERRYTreasaWife   XFW24M18NoYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
96    MAYBERRYVirgil Jr.Son   XMW6S Y IowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
97    MAYBERRYEdna JDaughter   XFW5S Y IowaIowaIowa    None       
98    MAYBERRYBonnie BDaughter   XFW4 4/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
99    MAYBERRYDean MSon   XMW2S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
1003rd Str 2728CORNELIUSGeorge WHeadR$12RNoMW51M19NoYesPennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania   YesLaborerRailroadWYes No  

Transcribed by Melba Winans McDowell
Blue Folder Page 5 of Arion 1930 Census

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