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St. Johannis, St. Petri Lutheran Cemetery List

As of 1986 it is called Washington Township Cemetery. It is located one mile north and 1/3 mile east from the intersection of highways E59 and 141

Last Name First Name Born Died Inscription
or Note
Arnold Karl Robert 12/25/1879 11/1892 Son of J M and A M Arnold
Bauer Fredericka 1853 1937  
Bauer Karoline C 8/1890 3m Dau of R and F Bauer
Bauer Robert 1858 1893  
Boeck W ? ?  
Boeck Mina 6/29/1893 1m 22d  
Boeck Selma M C 9/15/1893 5m 27d  
Boger Carl Ferdinand 7/8/1857 7/8/1857  
Boger Louise 1874 1953 Mother
Dieber Jacob 7/28/1866 3/10/1899  
Dieber Katherine 10/8/1871 10/8/1871 nee Greder
Didier Henry 1865 1926 Father
Didier Margaret 1866 1950 Mother
Fielweber Albert 12/30/1895 1/8/1896  
Greder Jacob 4/7/1837 2/26/16 small stone Father
Greder Katherine 5/6/1844 7/24/21 small stone Mother
Greder Marie 1893 1896 Dau of Mr Mrs Jacob Greder
Hamann Elvina Maria inf inf Dove on stone
Hoffert Mathilda Emma 9/24/1855 1/19/1890  
Jedele ? ? ? Our Darling Baby son of C and F Greder
Jess Herman D T 11/1897 8/28/1898  
Jess Hulda 8/4/1894 1y, 1m,12d Dau of H and M Jess
Jochimsen Marie 4/10/1873 11/1896  
Koch Albert 5/1876 4/1892  
Lorenzen Ludwig 6/21/1876 9/1890  
Luning Anna ? 7/22/1892 Dau of J H and A Luning
Niewoenher Emile 1868 1950  
Niewoenher Rev Henry 1850 1935  
Niewoenher Emil H 1899 1981 same stone as Dorcas
Niewoenher Dorcas 1905 1981 same stone as Emil
Rath Elsie D 6/1862 9/22/1899 wife of Johann Rath
Rath Ema L 12/1894 5/2/1895 Child of Johann and E D Rath
Rose Annie M inf 6/?? Dau of J and C
Rose Christine 12/2/1863 12/2/1895  
Suhr Christina M 1931 12/17/1889  

This list was taken from Buck Grove Centennial history book and was submitted by Nancy Stepanek Rosburg, P O Box 29 Charter Oak, Ia. 51439.

This cemetery list has been brought to date on Oct. 5, 1999, by Mr and Mrs Norm Prince, who we wish to thank for their efforts .

Most people in the are refer to the site as the Washington Township, so perhaps that may be the primary label.

Washington Township Cemetery (St. Johannis, St. Petri Lutheran) is located 1/3 mile east of the intersection of Highway 59 and Ave T in the NE 1/4, NW 1/4, Section 12, Township 82 North, Range 39 West, Washington Township.

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