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St. Rose Cemetery List

Denison, Crawford County, Iowa

Located on Sixth Avenue North, 2200 Block

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Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Row Space Notes
PerrienGerald L. 1938194991
PerrienCelesta Leona1911197492
PerrienPrice LeRoy1915196892
FineranPaul J.1916198194
HolzfasterFannie F.1886196695
HolzfasterHenry H.1882195995
HolzfasterHenry Dale (Whitey)1916198696WWII
SwansonIrene1911198597parents of Richard, Eugene, Darrell, Darlene,
SwansonHerbert1909195997Jerry, Judith, Patricia, Gail, Corrine
SwansonEugene1933199298married 3/2/1985
SwansonPatrick H.03/29/197199child of Carol and Jerry
SwansonJerome L.04/19/196699child of Carol and Jerry
SwansonSarah Lynn01/01/198099child of Carol and Jerry
BrodersenRichard Jr.02/11/1964910infant of Richard and Judy
BrodersenInfant11/15/1964910infant of Richard and Judy
BrodersenJo Maria09/14/1965910infant of Richard and Judy
ChristiansenLaDonna M.08/19/195908/20/1959911
ChristiansenOrville L.19221988912WWII, USAF, parent of Marita, Pat, Ted, Becky,Kay, Teresa, Debbie, LaDonna, Kelli, Kristi, Beth
LingleJeff19621989913son of Allen & Marita, brother of Bryan, Jodi, Pennie
ChristiansenTed J.19491989914father of Tony, Jon, Natalie, Juli. We miss you now, our hearts are sore, as time goes by we miss you more, your loving smile, your gentle face, no one can fill your vacant place.
DrydenMargaret K.19031982918
DrydenJohn H.19001977918
HeffernanAustin F.10/25/190004/03/1966919
RemmesVera M.19221996920
RemmesJohn W.19051985920
WilsonPam S.1957921grandaughter
WilsonMildred C.19041984922
WilsonCharles E.18951981922
WilsonJames E.19431958923son
HansenRegina Ann08/03/195702/24/19588 1/223daughter
SieversLeigh H. (Corky)19471957924
LymanLeslie A.19061980925father
LymanIrene M.19051993926mother
LymanRichard Lee19351955927son
ChampionJohn P.1872194881
QualheimInfant08/22/195782daughter of Howard and Phyllis
BallRobert D. (Bob)1921200083Tec 4 US Army WWII
RemmesHenry J.03/01/189409/28/195384PFC Co. L 87 Infantry WWI
SiemerRaymond1916200085parent of Allen, Bill, Roger, Jack, Mike
LymanJay Robert09/03/195701/01/195886son of Robert and Nelda
MathiesRolla S. 1884195587
MathiesLaura C.1899199287
BlackmanJerome A.1910197388WWII
BlackmanMary H.1924200188
MurphyDaniel E.1876194489father
MurphyMary A.1885196789mother
ChampionMathew J.190219047-R1
RiceDonald F.192019457-R2700th BM SQ445th BM Grp
RiceVernon P.191819627-R3
Rice Lillian188919667-R4wife
RiceLeonard L.193419927-R5son of Myron and Lillian
RiceMyron Paul189219827-R6husband
KirkAllen Andrew01/02/190701/28/19497-R7Iowa SC3 USNR WWII
BeckGlenn W.190619497-R8
SchimerowskiMargaret Beck191219827-R9
ButlerKenneth J.193019497-R10
ButlerM. Marqurietta189519537-R11
ButlerHarry Olesco10/13/189412/20/19757-R12Pvt US Army WWI
CraneRobert D.193519547-R13son
CraneKathryn J.189819597-R14Am. Legion Aux.
CraneHoward Sherman06/26/189306/08/19647-R15Indiana Pvt 339 Co. MTC WWI
SchiltzVincent G.191619787-R16WWII
SchiltzRichard H.190319627-R17
SchiltzJohn W.186519537-R18
BartlettFloyd A.191219527-R19
DrydenOrval (Orb)191119817-R20
DrydenBernice (Bub)191319987-R20
RemmesHenry J.189419537-R21
RemmesEmma M.191019757-R21
RemmesJ. Herman188519597-R22
RemmesMargaret1884No Date7-R22
SiemerBilly Ray194019717-R23father of Doug, Debra, Anthony, Scot, John
SiemerM. Gertrude05/14/188708/02/19837-R24
MahaneyAlesha Ann03/02/198212/25/19827-R27daughter of Vince & Glenda "Her life was a reflection of Gods Great Love For Us"
FienholdOscar F.1883193571parents of Irene, Eva, Frederick
FienholdGenevieve E.1882196371
MeadeVincent P.1897196473
MeadeJoe A.11/20/189502/20/194874Wagoner 41 Engrs WWI
McCulloughClara Mae1903195877
McCulloughLeo A.1904197777
McCulloughMargaret Jean1933196678
CostelloBernadine Watje1911193379
CostelloEdward W.03/16/190208/04/1951710Iowa Pvt 1452 QM Co. Aviation WWII
WatjeMargaret L.18841978711
WatjeCharles Edward09/12/191204/21/19757121 SG US Army WWII
SchurkeFrances K.19162003713
SchurkeLester A.19111959713
BestMildred M.03/14/191501/27/1989715
ConwayMichael J.18711951716
ConwayMargaret E.18731941717
RollinsTheresa V.18701948720
RollinsWilliam C.18701938721
PearsonElmer E.08/01/191906/26/1951722Tec 4 367 AAA SLT BN CAC WWII
AllstotMax19221945723buried at sea, USN WWII
AllstotIla19241988723parent of Max, Karen, Jackie
EnrightGeorge G.18931961724WWI
PilcherNorris Alfred19161992727USA WWII 149th CM ENGR ETO
BaberJohn F.19151936728
WhitcombPauline C.18991932729mother
WhitcombBridget T.18691933729grandmother
GaryMary T.19081990730R.N. mother of Jack, Bruce, Tom, Jim
KellyJames E.19161930731
KellyJoseph W.19111927732
GaryJohn F. II19331996733father of John III, David, Daniel
KellyJohn E.18681932734father
ReetzMary C.19121934736his daughter
HinnersJoseph (Joe)06/11/196201/12/2003737father of Amber and Ashly

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