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Charles Lindberg

Charles Lindberg owns an excellent farm of one hundred and twenty acres in Stockholm township, where he was engaged in general farming and stockraising for a long period, but for the past fourteen years has lived retired.

He is of Scandinavian extraction, his birth occurring in Sweden on the 1st of January, 1835. His parents, John and Mary (Larson) Lindberg, spent their entire lives in the land of their nativity and there they are laid to rest.

Charles Lindberg remained a citizen of the old country until he had passed the thirty-fourth anniversary of his birth, having emigrated to the United States in the year 1869. The period was sufficiently long, however, for him to feel convinced that his chances of acquiring the means or giving his children the opportunities he desired were far greater in America, with its great tracts of unimproved and uncultivated land, than in his native country. Upon his arrival here he made his way westward to Crawford county, Iowa, where he bought forty acres of land, breaking the prairie of his new farm with a team of oxen. He possessed all the characteristics which distinguish his countrymen and make them such desirable pioneers, and by means of his persistent endeavor, thrift and industry added to his original holding from time to time until he now owns one hundred and twenty acres of valuable land.

Before leaving Sweden, in June, 1864, Mr. Lindberg was united in marriage to Miss Annie Larson, a daughter of Lars and Annie Carlson. Her parents and brothers and sisters all passed away in their native land, and she died May 9, 1911. Eight children were born unto Mr. and Mrs. Lindberg, but only four are now living, Annie, Christina, Alfred and Augusta having passed away. Those surviving are: Alfreda, the wife of Gus Clausen, of Nebraska; Willie, who is living in Crawford county, and besides his own, has charge of the home farm; Annie, who became the wife of Otto Larson, of this county; and Christina, the wife of Peter Miller, of Woodbury county, Iowa. The family are communicants of the Baptist church.

Ever since naturalization conferred upon him the right of franchise, Mr. Lindberg has given his support to the candidates and measures of the republican party. He has never sought public honors or the emoluments of office, but meets the requirements of citizenship by being at the polls on election day and casting his ballot for the men chosen by his party for the various offices in his township and county. He is one of the leading men in his community as well as one of the successful and substantial agriculturists.

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa. Vol. II. Chicago: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1911.