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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With S

Name SAGGAN, John
Residence Denison
Occupation Saloon Proprietor
Birth 1 May 1867, Holstein, Germany
Father H. H. Saggan, b. Germany; d. 1910, Crawford Co.; Emigrated to US in 1872
Mother Christina Saggan, b. Germany; d. 1907, Crawford Co.; Emigrated to US in 1872.
Siblings Mary (m. Paul Rosburg, Plymouth County, IA); Martin (Denison)
Spouse JEPSEN, Ella
Marriage February 1892
Children Henry P., Saggan Hugo, Martin, Edward and Harry
Spouse Parents Peter and Anna Jepsen. See biography of Peter Frederick Jepsen where daughter Ella is named as Elsabao
Affiliations: Democratic Party, Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Name: SANDBERG, William J.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: cashier at the Kiron State Bank
Born: 9 May, 1869, Otter Creek Twp., Crawford Co.
Father: John J. Sandberg, b. 25 Sept. 1831, Sweden; m. Sweden; d. 15 March, 1906, Crawford Co.; emigrated in June 1868
Mother: Bengta, b. 21 Dec.,1832, Sweden
Name SANDERS, Gust
Residence Kiron
Occupation carpenter
Birth 17 May 1868 Sweden. Emigrated in 1887 to Chicago.
Parents John and Lena Oleson
Siblings Axel (d.)
Spouse ANDERSON, Emma; b. Sweden
Marriage in 1905
Children Elnora (b. 26 Feb. 1907, d. 23 May 1910), Lucile (b. 30 May 1910)
Spouse Parents Gustave Anderson and Lisa
Name: SANDSTROM, Emil Nels
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer; president Farmers Lumber & Coal Co.; secretary of Kiron Telephone Co.; former store clerk; former asst postmaster in Kiron
Birth: 24 August 1880, Stockholm Twp.
Father: S. N. Sandstrom, b. Sweden. SEE his biography
Mother: Mary Oleson, b. Sweden
Spouse: LUNDELL, Mabel Delphine (eldest of twelve)
Marriage: 04 Mar. 1903
Children: Wesley (d. 20 Dec 1905, age 16 months); Alice Loraine (b. 14 Jan 1906); Marvin Maynard (b. 06 Jan 1908)
Spouse Parents: P. G. Lundell and Amanda Berg
Spouse Siblings: Edna (Des Moines); Abbie (Sac Co. with parents); Edith, George, Martin, Elizabeth, Edmund, Mildred, Harold, Constance, and Bayard, all at home.
Religion: Lutheran
Residence: Stockholm twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 19 April 1845, Sweden; emigrated 1869
Father: Nels Nelson, Sweden
Mother: Elna Swanson, Sweden
Spouse: OLSON, Mary
Marriage: 6 Nov. 1872
Children: 11 born; 5 died as infants; Albert (d.), George (d.), Otto (d.); Martin, Alice, Nels (SEE his biography as Emil Nels Sandstrom)
Spouse Parents: Ole Matson (d. Sweden) and Celia Anderson (d. Sweden)
Religion: Lutheran
Note: The biographies in a single article featured George W. Saunders, the founder of the Crawford Co. Saunders family, and his son Roscoe C. Saunders who lived in Manilla, IA, at the time of the publication, as well as the grandfathers of Roscoe C. Saunders. The biographical information is given below for these four individuals.
Name: SAUNDERS, unnamed paternal grandfather of Roscoe C. Saunders
Residence: Native of England, emigrated to US, settled in Westmoreland, NY
Occupation: Fisherman in England, worked in smelting plant in NY
Death: age 56
Spouse: unnamed, d. age 90
Children: Herbert, William, Alfred, Henry, George W., Fanny
Name: WALKER, Thomas E., maternal grandfather of Roscoe C. Saunders
Residence: Westmoreland, NY
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: England, emigrated to US in 1835
Death: 1898, age 80
Spouse 1: unnamed. Died many years before husband's death
Children: Mary, Hannah, Hattie, Sarah, Aaron C.
Spouse 2: unnamed
Children: Thomas A., Robert, Fletcher
Name: SAUNDERS, George W., father of Roscoe C. Saunders
Residence: Hayes Twp. and Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: Abt. 1840, emigrated to US at age 14 with father.
Death: 1896, age 56, Manilla, IA
Father: unnamed. SEE above about father
Mother: unnamed Walker. SEE above about her Thomas Walker
Siblings: Herbert, William, Alfred, Henry, Fanny
Spouse: unnamed, d. 1905
Marriage: Westmoreland, NY
Children: Charles G. (Council Bluffs, IA), Martha E. (m. John Swanson; Garfield, Washington), Henry A. (Wenatchee, Washington), David P. (Deer Lodge, Montana), Jennie P. (widow of Gazaway Farver; Des Moines, IA), Frank J. (d. July 1893 in Council Bluffs, IA, railroad accident), Herbert C. (Prosser, Washington), Roscoe C. (Manilla, IA: SEE his biography below)
Name: SAUNDERS, Roscoe C.
Residence: Manilla
Occupation: Postmaster
Birth: Nishnabotny Twp.
Father: George W. Saunders. SEE his biography above.
Mother: unnamed Walker
Siblings: SEE children listed in biography of George W. Saunders
Marriage: 21 Oct. 1903
Spouse Parents: John Breckenridge, b. Knox Co., Ohio; m. 1878 in Benton Co., IA. His father living at age 90. Unnamed mother a native of Kentucky.
Spouse Siblings: Claude L., Nellie (m. George R. Hird), Ray, Fred, Ida, Bessie, Clemma, all living in Manilla
Name: SCAGGS, William Howe
Residence: Denison
Occupation: carpenter contractor
Birth: 19 March 1841 (Newcastle Co. DE)
Death: 30 May 1907
Father: Thomas Scaggs (DE)
Mother: Emelina Roberts (DE)
Siblings: 8, 5 living
Spouse: ALLISON, Josephine (b. October, 1852, Orange twp., Clinton Co. Ia)
Marriage: Clinton Co., IA
Children: Birdie M (m. Richard R. Robinson, Milford twp); four others (d.)
Spouse Parents: A. S. Allison (b.VA, d. March, 1910, age 88 1/2) Rosanna Betz (b.OH, d. 1895)
Spouse Siblings: 7; 3 living
Name: SCHELDORF, John D.
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 24 March 1872, Clinton Co., IA
Father: Detlef Scheldorf, b. Germany; d. Sept 1909, Crawford Co.; emigrated to US 1871
Mother: Margaret Suhr, b. Germany; d. 1880; emigrated to US 1871
Siblings: Hannah (m. Theodore Thompson; Clinton Co., IA), 4 others (d.)
Spouse: OHDE, Emma M.; b. 10 Nov 1880, Hayes Twp.
Marriage: 1900
Children: Marvel W. (b. 15 Feb 1902), Viola M. (b. 30 May 1903), Ranald D. (b. 17 Mar 1905), Rufert George (b. 15 Jan 1907), Wilbur John (b. 20 Feb 1909)
Spouse Parents: George Ohde (b. Germany) and Anna Everhardt (b. Germany), both living in Manning, IA.
Spouse Siblings: seven
Name SCHELM, Carl
Residence Hanover twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth Germany. Emigrated in 1867 to Jackson Co., Iowa
Death 4 April 1907
Spouse 1 SUTROW, Minnie; d. 1885
Marriage in 1874
Children Minnie (m. Herman Baak), Dretta (m. Fred Hermsmayer Brown Co., NE), William, Albert
Spouse 2 FEHMERLING, Frieda; b. 23 January 1860 Germany. Widow of Mr. Kayser.
Marriage abt. 1886
Children Gustav (b. 27 Oct. 1888, d. age 1), George W. (b. 6 Nov. 1890)
Stepchildren Children of Spouse 2 from previous marriage to Mr. Kayser: Carl (d.), Elizabeth (d.)
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Pastor, St. Boniface Catholic Church; Graduated Grand Seminary, Montreal, Canada and ordained to priesthood there on 19 Dec 1903.
Birth: 9 Feb 1874, Rhein Province, Germany; Emigrated to US (Carroll Co., IA) 28 Apr 1892
Parents: b. Germany
Residence: Hanover Township
Occupation: Farmer, stock raising
Birth: 29 July 1859, Jackson Co., IA
Father: Frederick Schmadeke (b. Hanover, Germany; m. Iowa; d. March 1893); Emigrated to US as child; Farmer.
Mother: Sophia Storm (b. Mecklenburg, Germany; d. August 1894); Emigrated to US as child.
Siblings: Mary (d. age 2), Annie (m. Edward Hachmeister; DuPage, IL), Henry (twin; Crawford Co.), William (twin; Jackson Co., IA), Infant (d.).
Spouse 1: KUKKUCK, Ida (b. 28 June 1867, Jackson Co., IA; d. 1 Feb 1901)
Marriage: 13 Mar 1885
Children: Annie (b. 20 Jan 1886; m. Ever Nielsen; MT), Dora (b. 13 Sep 1887; m. Andrew Lorenzen; Olive, CA), Freda (b. 19 Dec 1890 Hanover Twp., IA), Frederick (b. 26 Jan 1893; student; Denison), Ida (b. 9 Apr 1895; Hanover Twp., IA), Laura (b. 8 May 1898), August (b. 11 Oct 1900).
Spouse 2: LANGE, Wilhelmina (b. 8 Oct 1866, Clinton Co., IA)
Marriage: 8 Jun. 1904
Children: Edna (b. 11 Aug 1905), Leona (b. 21 Mar 1907), Arma (b. 18 Feb 1910).
Spouse 2 Parents: Gahart Lange (b. Germany; Clinton Co., IA, age 77) and Marie Voss (b. Germany; Clinton Co., IA, age 75)
Spouse 2 Siblings: Henry (d.), John (Sac Co., IA), Mary (m. Louis Schmidt; Crawford Co.), William (Sac Co., IA), Annie (m. John Moore; Clinton Co., IA), Otto (Clinton Co., IA).
Church Affiliation: German Lutheran Church
Name: SCHNEIDER, George
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 29 Aug 1871, Stephenson Co., ILL
Father: Ernest Schneider (Atlanta, GA), b. Germany
Mother: Johanna Kab, b. Germany; d. 1883
Siblings: Ernest (Neb.), Lillie (Oconto, Neb.), Barbara (Oconto, Neb.), Susie (Oconto, Neb.), John (Boyer Twp.), Lawrence (Moorehead, IA), Anna (Deadwood, S. Dak.), Louise (Boyer Twp.), Pearl, Lizzie (d. twin of Pearl), 3 others (d.)
Spouse: HANDKE, Bertha
Marriage: 1894
Children: Walter Edward, Bertha, Edward William, Esther Emma
Name SCHNOOR, Christian
Residence Morgan twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 16 Oct. 1856 Germany. Emigrated abt. 1870.
Father Jurgen Schnoor b. Germany. Emigrated in 1874 to Davenport, Ia.
Mother Doris Bermaster, b. and d. Germany
Siblings Henry (d), Christina (m. Hans Schmidt), John
Name: SCHNOOR, John
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Head of Salomon Furniture Company
Birth: 22 April 1869, Holstein Germany. Emigrated US in 1883.
Father: Nicholas Schnoor (b. Germany, d. age 48, Germany); Sailor
Mother: Anna Asmus (b. Germany, d. 1 Jan 1911, Denison). Emigrated to US in 1883.
Siblings: Marie (d.); Minnie (d., m. Herman Rush); Caroline (widow of Claus J. Salomon, Denison); Jacob (Amherst, NE); Emma (d. age 9)
Paternal Grandfather: Claus Schnoor, sailor. Children: Hans, Jacob, Nicholas, and several daughters.
Maternal Grandfather: Hans Asmus, baker (d. Germany about 56 years old). Children: Henry, Hans, John, Elsabe, Antje, and Anna.
Spouse: KUNZ, Augusta, b. Appenrade, Schleswig, Germany
Marriage: 27 Dec. 1889
Children: Amanda, Edna, Hilda and Esther.
Spouse Parents: Andreas Kunz (d.,Emigrated to US in 1880; settled Denison 1883) and Augusta Lorenzen (Emigrated to US in 1880, settled Denison 1883)
Spouse Siblings: Andrew, Amalia, Nicolina, Marie, Augusta, Brigita (d.), son (d.).
Affiliations: German Methodist Church; Democratic, Member City Council 2 years in IL; A.F. & A.M. Sylvan Lodge, No. 507; Eastern Star, Denison Lodge, No. 626, I.O.O.F.; The Encampment The Rebekahs and The Modern Woodmen of America.
Name: SCHOENFELD, FritzBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 Apr 1860, Germany, emigrated to US 1889
Father: P. H. Schoenfeld, b. Germany, age 89, living in Germany
Mother: Anna K. Arps, b. Germany, d. 15 Jun 1906
Siblings: Heinrich and Caroline, both living in Germany
Spouse: GEIMER, Cecelia; b. 1859, Germany; widow of George Stroback (m. 14 Apr 1884; d. 2 years later) and Joseph Prokosch (m. Nov 1887; d. 1889)
Marriage: 24 Sept., 1890
Children: Bertha (b. 6 July 1894), Emma (b. 24 Jan 1896), Alma (b. 25 Dec 1897), Herbert (b. 10 March 1899), Arthur (b. 16 Apr 1901), Fritz (b. 3 June 1905), 4 others (d.)
Step Children 1: Children of George Stroback: Mary (d.), George (d.)
Step Children 2: Children of Joseph Prokosch: Joseph, Henry (d.)
Spouse Parents: Michael Geimer (d. 1885) and Therese Pfister (d. 1910), spent entire lives in Germany
Spouse Siblings: Agatha (Wisc.), Anna (Germany), Stephan (d. Germany), Sebastian (Oregon), Paulina (Germany), Constantine (Germany), Bernhard (d.)
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 25 Feb 1874, Clinton Co., IA
Father: Henry Schoenjahn, b. Germany
Mother: Pauline, b. Germany, d. 1908
Spouse: DOSHE, Henrietta, b. Clinton Co., IA
Marriage: 1899
Children: Perry W., Grace M., Glen L., Carrie P.
Spouse Parents: Henry Doshe (b. Germany) and Caroline Lamp (b. Germany)
Residence: West Side twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 18 March, 1872, Germany
Father: Conrad Schoessler, emigrated 1885, Crawford Co., d. 6 June 1905
Mother: Dora Simon
Siblings: 8
Spouse: BORNHOFT, Anna (b. Germany, 21 April, 1881)
Children: Walter H (b. 7 July 1901); Hattie A. (b. 28 July, 1903); Arthur C. (b. 24 Nov. 1904); Leonard (b. 16 May 1906)
Spouse Parents: John Bornhoft and Bertha
Name: SCHOMBERG, Ludwig
Residence: West Side
Occupation: 1/3 Owner of lumberyard (previously carpenter, drayage)
Birth: 12 Jan 1865, Germany (emigrated to US 1888)
Father: Henry Schomberg (b. Germany; resides West Side, IA; age 88 )
Mother: Elizabeth (b. Germany; d. 1888)
Siblings: Christ; Elizabeth (d.)
Spouse: LUCKHARDT, Maria (b. 1873, Germany)
Marriage: 1892
Children: Frederick J.; Hilda A.; Carl C.; Henry E.; Ludwig W. Jr.; Alice L.
Spouse Parents: Johann Luckhardt (b. Germany; d.) and Unnamed mother (b. Germany; resides Crawford Co.)
Name SCHREIBER, Gustav
Note:SEE biography of his brother Karl August Schreiber
Residence Soldier twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 11 Feb. 1871 Germany
Father Ferdinand Schreiber; d. 1901, Crawford Co.; Emigrated with family on 22 Feb. 1888 to Chicago.
Mother Louisa Strohfeldt; d. abt. 1897 Miwaukee, Wisconsin
Siblings Augusta (m. Herman Semlor, Chicago), Carl, William (d.)
Spouse KROLL, Emma; b. 10 Dec. 1878 Chicago
Marriage 16 Sept. 1897
Children Walter (b. 2 Oct. 1898), George (b. 31 May 1900), Edwin (b. 18 Nov. 1902), Meta (b. 15 Oct. 1904), Mahala (b. 27 Oct. 1906), Otto (b. 16 Sept. 1908), Gustav (b. 4 Dec. 1910)
Spouse Parents Gustav Kroll (b. Germany; m. Chicago; d. 30 March 1910) and Augusta Scheeve (b. Germany; d. 24 Dec. 1907)
Spouse Siblings William (Woodbury Co., IA), Gustav, Emil, George, and Clara all in Crawford Co.
Name: SCHREIBER, Karl August
Note:SEE biography of his brother Gustav Schreiber
Residence: Charter Oak, Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 17 June 1860, Germany
Father: Ferdinand Schreiber, b. Germany; d. Oct 1903, Crawford Co., age 80; emigrated to US 1888
Mother: Louisa Strohfeld, b. Germany; d. June 1896, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Siblings: Augusta (m. Herman Semlor; Chicago), Herman (d.), Gustav (Crawford Co.), Fred W. (d.), Amelia A. (d.), William (d.), Ferdinand (d.), one other (d. infant)
Spouse 1: DUMKE, Augusta, b. Germany; d. April 1901
Marriage: 1887
Children: Martha (b. 29 March 1889; lives in Chicago), Clara (b. 2 Mar 1894), Carl (b. 9 July 1900)
Spouse 2: LIPSKY, Emma, b. Nov 1869. Widow of Frank Goermer (d. 1902)
Marriage: 11 July 1905
Children: Herman (b. 11 May 1906), Adolph (b. 17 Mar 1908), Marie M. (b. 7 June 1910)
Stepchildren: children of Frank Goerner: Fritz (b. 13 Nov 1894; Chicago), Gertrude (b. 28 April 1896), Alma (b. 8 April 1898), Ida (b. 20 Nov 1899), Martha (b. 3 Oct 1902)
Spouse 2 Parents: Frederick Lipsky and Wilhelmina, both d. Germany
Spouse 2 Siblings: Adolph (Germany), Fred (Crawford Co.), Max (Crawford Co.), 4 others (d. Germany)
Name: SCHROEDER; Henry C.
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Retired farmer
Birth: 15 Oct 1854, Germany, emigrated to US abt age 16
Father: Emanuel Schroeder, d. 4 March 1889, Crawford Co.; emigrated to US 1870
Mother: Ann M. Muder, d. 1 March 1907, Crawford Co.
Siblings: Anna E. (d.), 2 others (d. infants)
Spouse: BRIETANG, Minna. Widow of Mr. Zabel.
Marriage: 27 Jan 1882
Children: Annie (d. age 5), Hulda (m. William Reinking; Ida Co., IA), Clara (m. Carl Jessen; Crawford Co.), Henry H. (Crawford Co.)
Spouse Parents: Sigismund Brietang and Augusta Weckwerth
Name: SCHROEDER, Jurgen
Residence: Schleswig, IA
Occupation: Merchant (Previously Farmer). Also Postmaster Schelswig, IA for 4 yrs; Hohenzollern, IA for 8 yrs.
Born 26 May 1851 Fehmarn Island, Puttgarten, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Emigrated to US 7 Jul 1868.
Father: Jurgen Schroeder
Mother: Gertrude Bliesman
Siblings: Dorothea (m. Charles Tamn; Germany); Mathias (deceased); Nichols (deceased)
Spouse 1: CARSTENS, Wilhelmine (of Davenport) d. 13 Dec 1873;
Children: Matilda (m. H. J. Seymour; Soldier, IA); W. H. (Schleswig, IA); Maggie (m. Herman Jahle, Schleswig, IA); Herman (Washington)
Spouse 2: LORENSEN, Johanna
Marriage: Hohenzollern, Crawford Co., IA. The town no longer exists, but was located 1 mile west of current town of Schleswig. See the Histories category of the Database on this web site for more on the history of Hohenzollern and Jurgen Schroeder's involvement in the town.
Children: Olga; Walter, Freda; Eddie
Spouse 3: FRAHM, Tina (Denison)
Marriage: 8 Aug 1900
Children: Raymond
Name: SCHULTZ, W. H., M.D
Residence: Schleswig, IA
Occupation: Physician; M.D. 1900, Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL
Birth: 16 June 1877, Crawford Co.
Father: August Schultz
Mother: Hattie Fink
Siblings: Herman F. (Hanover Twp., IA), Emma (m. August Rasch; Fort Dodge, IA), Eda (m. Edward Ebert; Hanover Twp., IA), Otto (Charter Oak, IA), Fred (Hanover Twp., IA), Carl (Hanover Twp., IA), Louis (Morgan Twp., IA), Matilda (m. William Nemitz; Ricketts, IA), August (Schleswig, IA), Adelheid (m. Hugo Wiegand; Bronson, IA), Minnie (m. William Martin; Manning, IA), Ernest (Hanover Twp., IA), Infant (d.).
Spouse: HOLLANDER, Lillian
Marriage: 2 Jun. 1905
Children: Shirley Valentine (male, age 4)
Spouse Parents: Asmus Hollander (d.) and Minnie Henricks
Spouse Siblings: Roma (m. Paul Jepsen; Schleswig, IA), Magnus (Schleswig, IA).
Spouse Stepfather: Hans Schmidt
Spouse Half Siblings: Arlo, Loretta, Earnest, Cryremus, Jeannette, all of Schleswig, IA
Church Affiliation: Lutheran
Name: SCHUMANN, John
Residence: Hayes Twp
Occupation: farmer
Born: 12 May, 1869 Scott Co., Ia
Father: Nicholas Schumann, d. 1893, emigrated in 1858 or 1859, before his marriage, located in Scott Co, Ia
Mother: Johanna Peekenschneider
Siblings: Catherine (m. Fred Schrum, Audubon Co, IA); Frederick ( Manning, IA); Elizabeth (m. John Reimers, Carroll Co, IA); Caroline (m. Herman Fankon, Manning, IA); Adelia (m. John Martins); Rosa (m. John Johanson, Nebraska); Amelia (m. William Coberg, Denison); Henry (at home); Charles (Manning); Clara and August ( both at home)
Spouse: EWOLDT, Amelia
Marriage: 1890
Children: Elsie, Laura, Lewis, Elizabeth, Leroy, Edwin, all at home
Name: SCHWARZ, Henry
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 15 Sept 1862, Germany
Father: Christian Schwartz, b. Germany; d. age 73; emigrated to US 1873
Mother: Dorothea, b. Germany; d. age 72
Siblings: Christian (Chicago), John (Illinois), Charles and Fritz in Crawford Co., Caroline (d. age 3, Germany)
Spouse: HENKLE, Amelia, b. 20 Feb 1863, Germany
Marriage: 1885
Children: Alma (m. Louis Koeppen; Crawford Co.), Carrie, Walter E., Emma, Elsie, Henry
Spouse Parents: John Henkle and Caroline Wendt, emigrated to US abt 1859
Spouse Siblings: Emma (m. J. B. Crissman; Arkansas), Herman (Arkansas), Augusta (d.), Emil (d. age 44)
Name: SCIFORD, Clint
Residence: Soldier Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 19 Oct 1886, Soldier Twp., IA
Father: George Sciford (b. PA; m. Muscatine, IA); To Crawford Co. 1874; Retired farmer. (Arion, IA).
Mother: Theresa Bowers (b. PA)
Siblings: Charley (Crawford Co.), Emma (m. Fred Blunk; Crawford Co.), George (Crawford Co.), Benjamin (Boyd Co., NE), Ella (m. Wallace Sommers; MN), Sherman (d.).
Spouse: MOORE, Anna (b. 23 Sept. 1880, St. Louis, MO); Widow.
Marriage: 27 Apr. 1908
Stepchildren: Earl (b. 5 Feb 1907)
Spouse Parents: Charles Moore (b. Cincinnati, OH; m. St. Louis, MO; d. 1895) and Josephine Trefts (b. St. Louis, MO; d. abt 1905).
Spouse Siblings: Nettie (m. William Jasen; Chicago, IL), William (St. Louis, MO), Charley (St. Louis, MO), John (St. Louis, MO), Minnie (m. Elmer Page; Denver, CO), Joseph (Los Angeles, CA).
Name: SCOTT, James
Note:SEE biography of P. J. Hallowell who married Matilda, a sister of James Scott
Residence: Paradise Twp
Occupation: Agriculturist
Birth: 28 Apr, 1858, near Ottawa Canada
Father: William Scott (b. Canada; d.1899). Spouse1: Emily Davis (b. Canada)
Mother: Mary Ann Garland (b. Canada; d. 1895)
Siblings: Barbara Ann (St. Anthony ID); William Garland (Lexington ID); Matilda (m. P. J. Hallowell, Paradise twp.); Ellen Sophia (St. Anthony ID); Jonathan Albert (Dow City IA); Henry Griffith (Paradise twp.)
Half Siblings: Children of Emily Davis: Mary Jane (m. A. P. Hardy, Mitchell SD); John (d.); Sarah (m. Edgar Palmer, Lexington OR)
Paternal Grandfather: John Scott (b. Ireland)
Maternal Grandfather: William Garland (b. Ireland)
Spouse: HALLOWELL, Mary Amelia. SEE biography of her brother Peter J. Hallowell.
Marriage: 27 Dec. 1882
Children: Mary Ellen; Anna Laura; Thomas Garland; Rosella Beatrice; James Hallowell, one other (d. infancy)
Spouse Parents: Joseph Hallowell (b. NY; d, Crawford Co. 1880) and Marcia Adams (b. OH; d. 1897, Crawford Co.)
Spouse Siblings: George (d.); Ophelia (d.); John (Crawford Co.); Peter J. (Crawford Co.)
Religion: Episcopalian
Note: John Scott emigrated to Canada in 1822 and William Garland emigrated to Canada in 1815. William Scott emigrated to Union Twp IA in Dec 1869. Joseph and Marcia Adams Hallowell located in Crawford Co. in 1867
Name: SCRIVER, William John
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Manager, Stewart Lumber Co.
Birth: 2 Nov 1849, Lacolle, St. Johns Co., Quebec, Canada. Emigrated to US (Wausau, WI) August 1872, to Crawford Co. 1884
Father: Edwin Scriver (b. Canada; d. 1881, Lacolle, Quebec age 57); farmer, merchant.
Mother: Susan Quest (b. England; d. 1893, age 73)
Siblings: Frederick (Seattle, WA), Ernest Albert (Merrill, WI), Victoria Alice (m. Charles S. Gilbert, Wausau, WI), Herbert Edwin (d.), and a brother and sister who died young.
Paternal Grandparents: William Scriver (b. Poughkeepsie, NY; d. Canada, age 93. Blacksmith, farmer.) and Ann Pearson (d. age 60+). Children: Edwin, Edward, and Mary Ann (m. W. R. Van Vliet; Stevensville, MT)
Paternal Great Grandfather: William Scriver (b. Holland)
Maternal Grandfather: (b. England; d. Canada). Children: Susan, John, Robert, Harriet, Ann.
Spouse: FORCE, Hannah I. (b. Lacolle, Quebec; d. 9 May 1906, age 52)
Marriage: 5 Feb. 1884
Children: Marion Force, Stewart Alexander, Clara Ethelwyn.
Spouse Parents: Alonzo Force and Caroline Van Vliet (both b. Canada)
Spouse Siblings: Emma, Edgar, Amelia, Fred, William, Edward Albert
Spouse Paternal Grandfather: (b. France). Children: Alonzo, Timothy, Hiram, Elizabeth Fosburg
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Traver Van Vliet (b. NY); ran a foundry in Lacolle. Children: Caroline, William, George, Mary, Charles, Alice, Sarah
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Name: SEILS, August
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 16 Sep 1844 Germany; emigrated to Chicago, later to Crawford.
Spouse: BERENDT, Anna, b. 20 Oct 1854 Germany
Marriage: Nov 1875 in Chicago.
Children: Louisa (b. 7 Jun 1878, living at home); Edward (b. 17 Sep 1880; manages family farm); John (b. 17 Jun 1882; carpenter; SD); Carl (b. 08 Jun 1885) and Theodore (b. 30 Sep 1890) both at home.
Spouse Parents: John Berendt (b. Germany; d. Jan 1891 Crawford Co.; emigrated to Chicago) and Louisa Shuppman (b. and d. Germany).
Spouse Siblings: Carl (Germany); Edward (Chicago); Robert (d. leaving a family).
Church Affiliation: Lutheran
Name: SHARP, Brinten
Residence: Union Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 11 Aug 1855, Center Co., PA. Moved to Kane Co., IL, to Davison Co., SD, to Crawford Co. bef 1907.
Father: Elijah Sharp (b. PA; d. 1899); Iron mill forgeman
Mother: Delilah Canada (b. PA; d. abt 1861)
Siblings: William (Milton, Lycoming Co., PA), Jeanette, 2 others (d.)
Spouse: STOVER, Anna (b. PA)
Marriage: Abt. 1876
Children: Milford (Dow City, IA), Amanda (m. Charles Vassar; Parker, SD), Ira (Ute, IA), Elmer (Rapid City, SD), Ida (m. William Sterrett; Dow City, IA), Mabel (m. Allen Haymouth; Dow City, IA); The following in Union Twp., IA: Floyd, Meryl and Vivian.
Church Affiliation: Presbyterian
Note:SEE biography of his father Henry Shirtcliff
Residence: Willow twp
Occupation: farmer, stock raising
Birth: 12 April 1856, near Lynnville, Morgan Co. IL
Father: Henry Shirtcliff
Spouse: CADY, Hattie A.
Marriage: 1880
Children: Frances Almira (b. 1881, m. B. F. Coleman, Paradise twp. Children: Alice, Percy, Frederick Roy); Frederick Samuel (b. 1894)
Note:SEE biography of his son Fred Shirtcliff
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Retired, Farming, Livestock business
Birth: 6 Sept 1830, Yorkshire, England
Father: Edward Shirtcliff, b. England,;d. 1840, age 36; emigrated to US abt 1832
Mother: Hannah Makin, b. England; d. abt 1875, age 73
Siblings: Frederick Edward (Kilbourne, ILL), Catharine (d., m. Fred Smithson), Alfred (d.)
Paternal Grandfather: Edward Shirtcliff, b. England. Children: Edward, Sarah, Jane
Maternal Grandparents: Richard Makin and Catharine Greenwood. Children: Isabella, Elizabeth, Hannah, Harriet, Ann, Rebecca, a son (d. child)
Spouse: COLLEY, Frances, b. 1827 Yorkshire, England; d. 1906
Marriage: 5 Dec 1851
Children: Minnie, Alice, John, Charles, Katie, Edward (m. Rose Nixon; Children: Alfred, Henry; Alberta Co., Canada), Fred (m. Hattie Cady. Children: Frankie, Fred; Willow Twp.), Fannie (d., m. Rol Riley), Edith(m. John Ainsworth [see his Biography]; Denison)
Name: SIBBERT, Bernhardt J.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Manager and stockholder of J. B. Romans Company; manager, Opera House
Birth: 13 June 1869, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Father: Henry Sibbert (b. Abt.1836 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; d. 1908), teacher in Germany
Mother: Elsie Harson (b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; d. Abt. 1880).
Siblings: Anton (employed by German government); Ernest F. (Denison); Johannas H. (Denison); Mary (m. Herman Luth, Germany); Helena (widow of E. Hansen, Germany)
Paternal Grandparents: Berhardt Sibbert (farmer) and Unnamed spouse, both b. Germany and d. Germany.
Maternal Grandfather: Henry Harson, an agriculturist. Children: Harold, Johannas, Elizabeth, Mary, Elsie
Spouse: GROUNAU, Amanda (b. Clinton Co. IA)
Marriage: 5 June, 1895
Children: Carl
Spouse Parents: Carl Gronau (b. Germany) and Mary Heiden (b. Germany)
Religion: Methodist
Note: Bernhardt Sibbert emigrated to Denison IA, US in 1885
Name: SIMMERMAN, Miller
Residence: Nishnabotny twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 22 Oct 1852 (Birmingham, Guernsey Co. OH)
Father: Francis Simmerman (m. 1843, b. PA; d. 16 Dec 1881, Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas Co. OH
Mother: Eleanor Miller (b. 15 April 1820; d. 1 Jan 1909)
Siblings: David (Dakota); Jacob (d.); Layton (OH); Leander (SD); Osborn (d.); Jenkins(ID); Barnette (d.); Willis (OH); Francis (d.)
Spouse: KNOWLES, Mary (b. Guernsey Co. OH)
Marriage: 1883
Children: Lucy, Francis, Walter (at home)
Spouse Parents: John Knowles (b. Ohio, d. Gentry Co., Missouri), Maria George (b. Ohio, living in Blanchard, IA)
Spouse Siblings: Homer M. (d); Maggie (m. Samuel Downer, Blanchard, IA); Ella (m. William Hold, Blanchard, IA)
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Name: SIMS, Jacob
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Lawyer, Council Bluffs and Denison; high school principal in Oconto WI, Milwaukee; editor Christian Statesman; owner Citizen weekly paper in Minneapolis MN
Birth: 30 Nov 1850, Dodgeville WI
Father: James Sims (b. Abt.1823, Cornwall, England; d. 1909 Council Bluffs, IA), Methodist minister in WI
Mother: Ann Harris (b. Abt. 1825 Cornwall, England; d. 12 Oct 1910).
Siblings: Mary A. (widow, m. W. E. Bainbridge, Council Bluffs IA); Susan (m. F. D. Hamilton, Minneapolis MN); Jennie (Council Bluffs); Sadie (d.); Cora (m. George Bell, Monfort WI); May (Council Bluffs, IA); Lena (m. J. M. Sylvester, Washington D. C); 2 others (d. in childhood)
Paternal Grandfather: Unnamed (b. Cornwall, England, d. England), tin miner. Children: James, John, William, Thomas
Maternal Grandfather: Unnamed (b. England, d, England), tin miner. Children: Ann, Elizabeth, John, William, Samuel, Mark, Joseph, Jacob
Spouse: SQUIRE, Anna H. (b. Rockford IL)
Marriage: 11 Jan. 1887
Children: James D., Mariana, Katharine, Marjorie, John Alan
Spouse Parents: Daniel Squire and Mary Keeling
Religion: Reared as Methodist, now Presbyterian
Note: James Sims emigrated to US in 1845 and came to IA in 1890. Simsbury CT founded by & named in honor of family member.
Name: SLATER, Solomon W.
Residence: East Boyer Township
Occupation: Farmer; various local public offices
Birth: 15 Sept. 1838, Ulster Co., NY; To Crawford Co. at age 16
Death: 1 Mar 1906, Crawford Co.
Father: James Slater (b. Ulster Co., NY; d. 11 Jul 1879, age 72, Crawford Co.) farmer
Mother: (unknown) d. 1850
Siblings: James (d.), Maria (d.), Anna (d.)
Paternal Grandfather: Walter Slater (Holland descent); Emigrated to NYC
Spouse 1: WINANS, Sarah (b. Bureau Co., IL; d. 20 Feb 1865, Crawford Co.)
Marriage: He at age 27
Children: Henry (m. Mary McWilliams; farmer; E. Boyer Twp.; Children: Helen)
Spouse 1 Parents: Clarke Winans (d. 24 Sep 1885, IA) and Catherine Chivley (d. 3 Apr 1898, IA)
Spouse 2: WINANS, Mary (b. Bureau Co., IL;) Sister of Spouse 1
Marriage: abt. 1868
Children: George (m. Lillian Hulce; farmer; E. Boyer Twp.; Children: Mary), Katie (m. Arthur Barrow; Manilla; Children: Hazel, Harry, Charles), Grace (m. E. E. Griffin; Oldham, SD; Children: Florence), Frank (widower; m. Lillian Northam; Children: Carl Franklin, Harold Lawrence)
Spouse 2 Parents: Same as Spouse 1
Spouses' Siblings Henry (d.), Elizabeth (m. Eli Olney; Odebolt, IA), George (Deloit), Josiah (d.), Julia (m. Taylor Pierce; Omaha, NE), Clarke (Odebolt, IA)
Name: SLECHTA, Albert
Residence: Milford Twp.
Occupation: Farmer and stock breeder of Percheron horses
Birth: 27 March 1876, Bohemia
Father: Albert Slechta, d. age 77, probably home place in Milford Twp.; emigrated to US 1881 with the family
Mother: Mary Vonnestic, living with son Albert
Siblings: Mary (d.), Frank (Crawford Co.; SEE his biography), Joseph (home place), Charles (at home), Lucy (d.)
Name: SLECHTA, Frank
Residence: Milford Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 11 Jan 1872 in Bohemia
Father: Albert Schlecta (b. Bohemia; emigrated to Crawford 1881)
Mother: Mary Vonnestic (b. Bohemia; mother of seven)
Siblings: Joseph and Charles (both at home); Albert (SEE his biography)
Spouse: RESLER, Mary
Marriage: 15 Apr. 1902
Children: Lily Helen (age 8); Grace Rose (age 6); William Frank (age 1)
Spouse Parents: Frank Resler and Rose Cofel (mother of nine, seven living)
Spouse Siblings: (All in Johnson Co.) Frank ; Annie (m. Louis Hirdlicka); Joseph; Louis; Edward; Emma.
Church Affiliation: Catholic
Name: SLEGEL, Frank
Note:See biography of Wilbur Hawley who married Anna, the sister of Frank Slegel
Residence: Vail, IA
Occupation: retired farmer
Birth: 23 Nov 1874, Jackson Co. Wisconsin
Father: Carl Slegel (b. Bohemia, emigrated 1867 to Wisconsin, then to Crawford Co.)
Mother: Barbara Kocum (b. Bohemia)
Siblings: Louis (at home); Anna (m. Wilbur Hawley, Crawford Co.); Mamie (m. William Maynard, Crawford Co.); Carrie (m. Floyd Chapman, Crawford Co)
Spouse: KASTL, Mary A. (b. 10 Oct 1880, NE)
Marriage: 1903
Spouse Parents: Joseph Kastl (d. 1890) and Mary Kunes. Both b. Bohemia, emigrated 1873 to NE
Spouse Siblings: 12
Religion: Catholic
Name: SMITH, Benjamin
Residence: Denison Township
Occupation: Dairy Farmer
Birth: 20 July 1863, Peekskill, New York
Father: Benjamin Smith, b. N.Y.migrated to Iowa 1887
Mother: Catherine Ellis, b. N.Y.migrated to Iowa 1887
Siblings: Ida (m. Gilbert Lancaster, Garrison, N.Y.); Byron (Golden, CO); Lois (m. Albert Cooper, Portland OR): Annie (m. Richard Hunter, Abilene, KS); Adelia (Abilene, KS); Franklin (Joplin, MO); Susan (m. Alexander Wilson, Abilene, KS); Phoebe (d. infancy); Charles (OK)
Spouse: LORENZEN, Annie
Marriage: 25 March, 1888, Harlan, IA
Children: Alma (m. Thomas Meade, Portland OR); Clarence Walter (Portland, OR), Harold, Ralph and Ruby (at home).
Spouse Parents: Fred Lorenzen and Anna Johnson, b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Spouse Siblings: Peter (Pottawattamie County, IA); Ella (m. Henry Gertz, Luverne, Rock County, MN); Henry (d. infancy); Herman (Shelby County, IA); George (Shelby County, IA); Edward (Shelby County, IA); Laura (m. Earnest Bachman, Pottawattamie County, IA); Earnest (d.); Rudolph (d.); Mollie (Pottawattamie County, IA).
Affiliations: Methodist Episcopal Church; Modern Woodmen of America; Democrat.
Name: SMITH, F. J.Blue FolderFamily Photos
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 4 Jan 1856, Iowa City, IA
Father: Lawrence L. Smith, b. Germany, d.
Mother: Elisabeth Graber, b. Germany. Second marriage to Michael Smith (brother of Lawerence L. Smith)
Step Siblings: Children of Michael Smith and Elisabeth Graber: George (Plainview, Neb.), Mary (m. Jacob Fackalman; Willow Twp., Monona Co., IA), Peter (Plainview, Neb.), Rose (m. John Hannigan; Boyer Twp.), Anna (m. Chester Hunter; Willow Twp.), John (Monona Co., IA)
Spouse 1: LEWIS, Tillie, b. Chicago, d.
Marriage: 1879
Children: Arch Lawrence, George Edward (Chicago), Leonard Lewis (m. Florence Wickwire; Willow Twp.)
Spouse 1 Parents: Thomas Lewis (b. France) and Anna (b. Ireland)
Spouse 2: HUFFORD, Eva C., b. Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1905
Children: Myrtle E.
Spouse 2 Parents: Adam Hufford (b. Penn.) and Lucia Lepper (b. Clinton Co., IA)
Name: SMITH, George B.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Bookstore owner
Birth: 24 May 1884, Harrison Co, IA
Father: Harrison Smith, b. Vermont; living in Woodbine, IA
Mother: Sarah Hammond, b. Ohio, living in Woodbine, IA
Siblings: Orton (Pisgah, IA), Carrie (m. George H. Peyton; Pisgah, IA), Edna (m. O.L. Peyton; Pisgah, IA), John (d.), Edith (m. Eugene Peyton; Creighton, Neb.)
Paternal Grandfather: Mr. Smith. Children: Mary, George, John, Harrison
Maternal Grandfather: John Hammond, b. Ohio
Spouse: CATER, Edna, b. Carson, IA
Marriage: 17 Jan 1909
Children: Wilhelmina M. (b. 25 Jan 1911)
Spouse Parents: Edward Cater (b. ILL), Mary Belknap (b. ILL; d. Pottawattamie Co., IA)
Spouse Siblings: Roy, Claude
Name: SMITH, R. Benson
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 16 May 1873, Canada
Father: Thomas Smith, b. Canada; d. 1894; buried Denison; emigrated to US 1875
Mother: Jane Graham, b. Canada; d. 1910
Siblings: Sarah (m. Howard Cole; Denison), Deborah (m. H. W. Logsdon), John W. (Oakland, Calif.), Anna E. (d. 1907 Denison, m. W. E. Cole), Melissa (d., m. Theodore McCramer)
Spouse 1: MORRIS, Lily E., b. Crawford Co.; d. 1900
Children: Ethel
Spouse 2: SHERMAN, Sarah, b. Carroll Co., IA
Marriage: 1907
Children: Hope (b. 26 Dec 1910), Robert and Mabel (d. twins)
Name: SMYTH, Samuel B.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison (previously Ireland; St. Charles, IL; Pontiac, IL)
Occupation: Retired (was farmer-1.5 miles E. of Denison-400 acres. Also 300 acres in Stutsman Co. ND)
Birth: 29 July 1829, White Abbey, County Antrim, Ireland
Father: Samuel Smyth (b. Scotland. d. Ireland)
Mother: Jane Baxter (b. Scotland. d. 1865, age 80, Livingston Co. IL)
Siblings: Jane (m. Mr. Blair. d. Ireland); Mary (m. Thomas Luney); James (d. 4 July 1903, age 81)
Spouse: ROLLINS, Martha (d. 1890)
Marriage: 1864
Spouse Siblings: James (East Boyer Twp)
Name: SPECHT, Emil
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: farmer
Born: 8 Sept. 1861, Germany
Father: Johann Specht (lived entire life in Germany)
Mother: Henrietta Quiram (lived entire life in Germany)
Siblings: Gustave (farmer in Germany); Wilhelmina (d.); William (farmer in Germany); Augusta (d.); Frederick (stationary engineer in Chicago, IL); Ludwig (d.)
Spouse: BENNINGSDORF, Caroline; b. 6 July 1864, Germany; d. 1908
Marriage: 11 Feb. 1890
Children: Emil A. (b. 11 Dec. 1890); Annie A. ( b.22 April 1894); Ida C. ( b. 10 April 1896); Emma E. (21 Dec. 1897); Meta ( b. 9 Oct. 1901); George W. (b. 9 Jan. 1905)
Spouse Siblings: Louisa ( Howard Co, IA); Minnie (Crawford Co.); Fritz ( California); William (Crawford Co.)
Note: Emil Specht came to America in 1882, stayed in Chicago, IL with his uncle for one year. Caroline Benningsdorf came to America with two of her sisters in 1883, and her father emigrated in 1907, the mother having died in Germany.
Name: SPRECHER, George
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Freight clerk, Chicago & Northwestern depot, ass't postmaster
Birth: 31 Aug, 1877, Denison
Father: Cyrus Sprecher, (b. abt. 1832, Chambersburg, PA; d. Denison, 27 Mar 1906), merchant
Mother: Belle Deffenbaugh, (b. Strawsburg, PA)
Spouse: BAER, Grace (b. Point of Rocks, MD)
Marriage: 15 June 1902
Spouse Parents: Lewis M. Baer, (b. MD; d. Denison, 1910) and Laura Fulton (b. MD)
Spouse Siblings: William
Religion: George, Presbyterian; Grace, Methodist
Note: Cyrus Sprecher came to Denison in 1872 to settle estate of brother Samuel who died in railroad accident
Name: STALEY, Otto J.
Residence: Charter Oak, Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 30 Aug 1852, Iowa City, IA
Father: Arthur Staley, b. Bavaria, Germany; m. Ohio; d. 24 Dec 1909 Solon, IA; buried Solon, IA, age 53; emigrated to US (Zanesville, OH) 1849
Mother: Clara Ray, b. Germany; d. 1887 Solon, IA
Siblings: Frances (m. John Meyers; Missouri), Clem (Johnson Co., IA), Eugene (Washington state), Freda (Chicago), Mary (Solon, IA), Phillip (Solon, IA)
Spouse: HOFER, Amelia, b. Johnson Co., IA
Marriage: 1882
Children: Agnes (m. Albert Pithan, Willow Twp.), Charles (Willow Twp.), Mark (Herrick, S. Dak.), William (Hanover Twp.), Frank, Clara; [triplets Luke, Leonard, and Leo]; Asa, Edith, Paul, Verna, Florence
Spouse Parents: Jacob Hofer and Elizabeth Meyers, b. born Germany
NOTE: Correction to above data found in church records by a descendant: The father's name was Anton Stehle, b. in Bittelbronn, Hohenzollern, Germany. The Stehle name was later Anglicized to Stahle or Staley in the US. The mother's maiden name was Theckla Reich, which was Anglicized to Clara Ray and she was also born in Bittelbronn. The father of Amelia Hofer, Jacob Hofer was born in Fehren, Switzerland.
Name: STAMP, Henry
Residence: Soldier twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 20 March 1877, Clinton Co. IA
Father: Hans Stamp, b. Germany; m. Germany; d. 17 May 1910, Berne, IA; emigrated 1868, Clinton Co. IA; Dallas Co. IA; Crawford
Mother: Anna Klinck, b. Germany
Siblings: Mary (m. John Mordhorst, Denison); Mamie (m. Hans Jacobs, Bonhomme Co. SD) and Peter, Henry, Hans, Anna, Otto (all d.)
Spouse: JOHANNSEN, Maggie (b. Germany, 2 Nov 1874)
Marriage: 29 May, 1901
Children: Ila A. M. (b. 31 May 1902); Adele Marie (b. 2 July 1904); George Henry (b. 13 March 1906); Helma C. (29 Sept. 1908); Esther Margaret (b. 12 March 1911)
Spouse Parents: Hans Johannsen and Margaret Klinck, m. Germany; emigrated 1888; Clinton Co. IA; Crawford
Spouse Siblings: Jurgen (SD); Mary (d.); Catherine (m. Hans Boyens, Goodrich twp); Christina (m. William Penker, Crawford); Claus (family homestead); 2 others (d. infants)
Religion: German Lutheran
Name: STEGEMANN, Otto H.
Residence: section 29 Otter Creek Twp, Crawford Co.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 12 August 1859 Germany
Father: Edward Stegemann. Emigrated with family in 1870 to Muscatine co, Iowa.
Mother: Caroline Rohdy
Siblings: Augusta (m. John Doerfler), William, Minnie, Ernest, Otillie (m. John Reimers), Albertine (m. A. P. Hollander - SEE his biography), Gus D. (North Platte, Nebraska), Albert.
Spouse: MEYER, Minnie
Marriage: 14 October 1889
Children: Martha, Marcus
Spouse Parents: Adolph Meyer and Catherine Voglepohl
Spouse Siblings: August, William, Dora (m. Henry Nedermyer), Adolph, Henry (d.), Edward
Name: STEPHENS, George W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Newspaperman
Birth: 18 Mar 1846, Holidays Cove, WV
Father: John Stephens (b. PA, wagon maker, farmer; came to Nevada, IA 1857; d. 1864 age 57 yrs.; Presbyterian)
Mother: Elizabeth Lytle (b. PA; d. 1866, age 57 yrs.; mother of twelve children, seven living).
Paternal Grandparents: David Stephens (b. PA; farmer; served in War of 1812; d. age 69 yrs.) and Nancy Kennedy (d. 77 yrs of age; mother of nine children)
Paternal Great Grandparents: Isaac Stephens (of Beaver Co. PA) and Rachel Johnson
Maternal Grandparents: Henry Lytle (b. Washington Co. PA; served in War of 1812; d. age 88 yrs.) and Eleanor Boyd (d. age 85 yrs.; mother of nine children)
Spouse: BURK, Eliza S. (b. Greensburg, IN)
Marriage: 16 Oct 1870
Children: Blanche; Edna Belle; Charles L.
Spouse Parents: B.W. Burk and Mary A. Blackmore (both b. KY)
Name: STRAHN, Nels Olsen
Residence: Stockholm Township
Occupation: Farmer, stock-raising
Birth: 25 Mar 1837, Sweden; Emigrated to US (Crawford Co.) 1869.
Death: 11 Jan. 1883
Parents: Ogle and Bool Fogel (both b. and d. Sweden)
Spouse: PIERSON, Nellie [SEE below for her second spouse]
Marriage: January, 1874
Children: William (SD), Harry (Sac Co., IA), Oscar (Kiron, IA), Olaf (Kiron, IA), Lillie (m. R. W. Amos; Wichita, KS), Nathan (SD).
Name: PIERSON, Nellie
Spouse 2 of Nellie Pierson: m. 16 Feb 1888 to P. A. Johnson (b. Sweden). Emigrated to US (Omaha, NE) 1880; to Crawford Co. abt. 1887.
Children: Elizabeth (d.), Joseph (d.), Enoch (Kiron, IA).
Spouse 2 Parents: John August Nelson and Greta (daughter of Olaf)
Church Affiliation: Baptist
Name: STURGES, Harry Herbert
Residence: Charter Oak (arrived June 1901 from S. Dak.)
Occupation: Proprietor and Publisher, Charter Oak Times newspaper
Birth: 8 Feb 1863, near La Valle, Sauk Co., Wisc.
Father: Horatio A. Sturges, b. 27 March 1827, near Dunkirk, New York; m. Ohio; d. 1895, Gary, S. Dak
Mother: Catherine Williams, b. 13 Oct 1831, near Ashtabula, Ohio; d. 1896, probably Gary, S. Dak.
Spouse: CHRISTY, Etta L. of Vermillion, S. Dak.
Marriage: 26 June 1889
Children: Ethel C., Carl C. (b. 13 Feb 1892), Halbert M. (b. Oct 1893)
Spouse Parents: Thomas Christy (b. Ohio, age 72 in Hot Springs, S. Dak.) and Mary Elizabeth Dunton (b. New York state)
Name: SUCKSTORF, HenryBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Morgan Twp
Occupation: farmer
Born: 22 August, 1884
Father: George Suckstorf, b. Germany, d. 1896. 1st wife unknown Groth (d.1882)
Mother: Lena Groth, b. Germany, m. 1884 in America
Step Siblings: (mother was unknown Groth) Emma (d. age 12)
Siblings: Maggie and John (both at home)
Spouse: STOCKFLETH, Sophia, b. 4 March, 1886, Germany
Marriage: 5 Feb., 1908
Children: Harry (b. 14 August, 1909)
Spouse Parents: Henry Stockfleth and Henrietta Lorensen; both b. Germany and emigrated 1903
Spouse Siblings: Freda (m. Hans Jess, Denison); Anna (m. Carl Borgen,Germany); Henry (Crawford Co); Minnie (m. Barney Clausen, Washington); Amanda (m. Adolph Jochims, Crawford Co); Laura (m. Carl Moltman); Anthony (d.); Julia (d.); Anthony II (at home);
Note: Lena Groth was the sister of George Suckstorf's first wife. Lena (Groth) Suckstorf is remarried and lives in Morgan Twp.
Name: SUTTON, Mark C.
Residence: Manilla
Occupation: Druggist; former U. S. Guard at Paris Exhibition; in charge of collections for Deering Harvester Co. then traveling salesman; passed pharmacy exam 1907; also owns property in Tripp Co., SD and Lutsen, MN.
Born: 17 Dec 1876, La Harpe, IL; raised in Shenandoah, IA; graduated Tabor College 1899.
Father: Dr. Robert Sutton (b. England; lived in PA and VA; member of Congregational Church).
Mother: Ellen Chandler (b. IL).
Siblings: Jesse B; Robert Reay; and Ward H.
Paternal Grandparents: Robert H. Sutton (b. Durham, England; a Methodist minister; emigrated to U.S. 1849; lived PA, VA, Chicago, and WI; d. Waynesboro, PA age eighty yrs) and Martha Reay, mother of four: Robert, Mary, Bessie, and Jennie).
Maternal Grandparents: Jesse Chandler (b. PA of English descent) and Miss Wright, mother of eleven children: Elizabeth, George, John, Morris, Jane, Mary Ann, Ellen, Jonathan J., Vade, Rue, and Benson F.
Spouse: WOODFORD, Stella (b. Shenandoah, IA).
Marriage: 9 Aug. 1905
Children: Edwin R.
Spouse Parents: Edwin R. Woodford (b. IL)
Church Affiliation: Congregational Church; wife member of Baptist Church
Name: SWANSON, N. P.
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Landowner; buys, sells, ships livestock
Birth: 27 Sept 1865, Sweden
Father: Nels Swanson, b. Sweden, emigrated to US 1871
Mother: Tora, b. Sweden
Siblings: Matilda (m. N. E. Larson; see his biography), Celia (m. Adolph Linberg; Omaha, Neb.), Samuel (Woodbury Co., IA), 4 others (d.)
Spouse: OLSON, Mary, b. Sweden
Marriage: 1887
Children: Emma E. (m. Oscar Larson; Sioux City, IA), Mabel, Roy, Edna, Judith, Elmer, Leslie, Evelyn, Teddie M.
Spouse Parents: Peter Olson (d.) and Anna (d.)
Name: SWARTZ, George P.
Residence: Boyer
Occupation: Retired? farmer
Birth: 24 May 1859, Clinton Co., IA
Father: Henry P. Swartz, b. Penn; d. Ida Grove, IA, age 75
Mother: Eliza Koch, b. Penn; d. Cedar Co., IA, age 50
Siblings: Ella (m. E. P. Keith; Ida Grove, IA), George P., William L. (Tipton, IA), Arthur L. (Westbrook, Minn.), Burdette V. (South Dak.)
Spouse 1: NASH, Anna, d.1887, Clarence, Cedar Co., IA
Marriage: Fall 1883, Tipton, IA
Children: Catherine E. (m. Cliff Lawrence; Houston, Texas), Angie Irene (m. George Maynard; Crawford Co.), one other (d.)
Spouse 1 Parents: William Nash and Mary Gates of Cedar Co., IA
Spouse 2: ERICKSON, Lydia
Marriage: 30 Jan 1901
Spouse 2 Parents: John A. Erickson and Martha

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