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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With O, P and R

Name: O'HARA, John D.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Post Office clerk
Birth: 23 May 1888, Peru, Indiana
Father: Michael O'Hara, b. Ireland
Mother: Nora Kelly, b. Indiana, d. 1890
Name: O'SHEA, John
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Railroad, farmer
Birth: Abt. 25 Dec 1840, County Cork, Ireland; Emigrated to US (NYC) 1864; to Cedar Rapids, IA abt. 1865; to Johnson Co., IA abt. 1869; to Shelby Co., IA abt. 1872; to Crawford Co. 1907.
Father: Timothy O'Shea (b. Ireland; d. abt 1847, Ire.)
Mother: Julia Newman (b. Ireland; d. 1892); Emigrated to US (IA) aft 1865, to Dunlap, IA 1876.
Siblings: Ann (d.), John, Abigail (Dunlap, IA), Jane (Grand Island, NE).
Spouse: CASTELLOO, Mary (b. Canada)
Children: The following all of Denison: Timothy (b. 1 Feb, age 33), Julia (age 31), John Thomas (age 29), Matthew Michael (age 27), Agnes (age 25), William Henry (age 23), Patrick Oliver (age 21), Peter Charles (age 18)
Spouse Parents: Thomas Castelloo (b. County Tyrone, Ire.; d. Clinton Co., IA) and Ann Kilroo (b. County Tyrone, Ire.; d. Shelby Co., IA). Emigrated to Canada in early 1850's.
Spouse Siblings: Anne (d.), Matthew (d.), John (d.), Kate (Mapleton, IA), Michael (d.), Thomas (Sioux City, IA).
Church Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Name: OSTERLUND, Lewis L.
Residence: Milford Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, stock-raiser
Birth: 9 Aug 1851, Stockholm Sweden. Emigrated to IL in 1872
Father: August Osterlund (b. Sweden, d. Sweden), farmer
Mother: Christina C. (b. Sweden, d. Sweden)
Spouse: OLSON, Nellie (b. Clinton IA)
Marriage: Aug 1876
Children: Laura (m. Robert Hawley, Crawford Co.); Rose, (widow, m. Charles Maynard ); Charles (b. 2 Dec 1880, NV); Olga (m. Patrick Gallagher); Arthur (b. 15 June 1885, Cottonwood SD); Lewis Jr. (b. 16 Aug 1888, SD); and the following at home: Roy (b. 4 Apr 1890); Myrtle; Walter (b. 18 June 1894); Lily; and Carrie
Spouse Parents: Nels Olson (b. Sweden, d. 1906 SD) and Hannah (b. Sweden)
Religion: Lutheran
Note: Lewis Osterlund came to Crawford Co. abt.1879. Nels and Hannah Olson came to SD in 1873
Name: OTTO, H. W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Denison Tea & Coffee Store
Birth: 23 May 1880, Bremen, Germany; Emigrated to US (Crawford Co.) with parents 1885.
Father: C. Otto (b. Germany; Denison)
Mother: Christina Goetlieb (b. Germany; d.)
Siblings: Henry, Wilhelmina, Christ, Freda, and nine deceased
Spouse: FINNERN, Marie (b. 1880, Germany)
Children: Walter, Herman, Flora, Harriett
Spouse Parents: Christian Finnern (b. Germany; Crawford Co.) and Unnamed mother (b. Germany; Crawford Co.)
Spouse Siblings: (nine)
Religion: Lutheran
Name: OTTO, Herman H.
Residence: Denison (emigrated from Germany at age 6)
Occupation: Farmer (160 acres plus 80 leased acres)
Birth: 20 Sep 1866, Germany
Father: Henry Otto (b. Germany, resides Denison) and Louisa Winterfeldt (b. Germany, d. 1906). Emigrated to US in 1872 and to Crawford Co in 1883
Siblings: Henry (Goodrich Twp); Anna (m. Fred Lenz, resides Monona Co. IA)
Spouse: HOLTMAN, Mary (b. Crawford Co.; d. 1910)
Marriage: 1891
Children: Selma; Fred; Hattie; Marie (all reside at father's farm)
Name: PATTERSON, Isaac
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 Sept 1837, Pittsburg, PA; Civil War Veteran
Father: Thomas M. Patterson, b. Ireland; d. abt. 1865, Scott Co., IA
Mother: Margaret Large, d. 1896, Crawford Co., age 92
Siblings: five (all d.)
Spouse 1: SHEPLER, Sarah J., b. Pittsburg, PA; d. 1876
Marriage: 1868
Children: Josephine (d.), Samuel L. (d. 1893)
Spouse 2: HAIGHT, Maud, b. Woodbury Co., IA
Marriage: Feb. 1911
Spouse 2 Parents: George Haight (b. Illinois, living in Colorado) and Margaret (b. Iowa, d.)
Name: PAUL, R. W.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Boyer Twp;(from Clinton Co at age 21)
Occupation: Farmer (560 acres). Also school board member.
Birth: 15 Sep 1865; Clinton Co. IA
Father: Darius Paul b. New York state; emigrated to Clinton Co. as adult; Baptist Minister; d. 1895, Clinton Co.
Mother: Charlotte Cady b. New York state; d. about 1894, Clinton Co.
Siblings: Fanny (m. Light Demming, Silverwood, MI); Minnie (m. Lisle Cudney, Central City, NE); Emma (m. Kilmer Barker, Plainview, TX); Charlotte (m. Art Reynor, Central City, NE); Julia (m. Clarence Barr, Dewitt, IA); Anna (m. John Clark, Dewitt)
Spouse: DAVIS, Almary ( Crawford Co.)
Marriage: 1889
Children: Darius H.; Vera M.; Viola V.
Name PAUTSCH, Emil
Note:SEE biography of his father Ferdinand Pautsch
Residence Hanover twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 29 Nov. 1869 Germany
Father Ferdinand Pautsch, d. 1896, Crawford Co.; Emigrated in 1870 to Chicago.
Mother Wilhelmina Nass
Siblings 4 (d. in infancy), Theresa (m. Louis Green; Charter Oak, IA), Robert (Luverne, MN), George (d), Ida (Hanover Twp.), Emma (m. Otto Heabner; Hanover Twp.), Carl, Bernard
Spouse LILL, Anna, b. 8 Feb. 1874 Chicago
Marriage in 1894
Children Adelheid (b. 8 Oct. 1895), Ferdinand (b. 2 Feb. 1897), August (b. 19 July 1899), Elna (b. 3 March 1900), Ernest (b. 28 Feb. 1903), Alfred (b. 5 April 1908), Laura (d.), Martin (d.)
Spouse Parents August Lill and Theresa Reetz
Spouse siblings 2 (d. infancy), John (Sioux City), Laura (m. R. Weed; Charter Oak Twp.), Minnie (m. George Pautsch; Luverne, MN), Theresa (Charter Oak), August (Charter Oak Twp.)
Name: PAUTSCH, Ferdinand
Note:SEE biography of his son Emil Pautsch
Residence: Hanover twp
Occupation: farmer, deceased
Birth: 5 May 1838, German, emigrated 1870
Death: 12 May, 1896
Spouse: NASS, Wilhelmina (b. 19 Jan 1844)
Marriage: 1 May, 1865, Germany
Children: Theresa (m. Louis Green); Emil (b. 29 Nov 1869; Crawford); Robert (b. Feb 1872; MN); George (b. 23 Jan 1875, d. 22 April 1911); Ida (Hanover twp); Emma (m. Otto Haebner, Crawford Co); Charley (b. 10 Aug 1882, at home); Bernhard (17 Aug 1884, at home;) 4 others (d. infants)
Spouse Parents: William Nass (b. Germany; d. 1900; emigrated 1870) and Frederica Schultz (b. Germany, d. Sept 1896 )
Spouse Siblings: Carl (Chicago); Gustave (d.); Augusta (m.; residence in Oakland, IL); Bertha (d.)
Religion: German Lutheran
Name: PAYNE, Cheals W.
Residence: Crawford Co. since 1877
Occupation: Land speculator and partnership owner of 53,000 acres in Crawford Co., Sioux City vicinity, Nebraska, and Colorado. President of Valley Bank in West Side.
Birth: 11 Aug 1846, Lincolnshire, England; emigrated to US 1870 with brother George
Father: George Payne, b. Lincolnshire, England
Mother: Eliza Cheals, b. Lincolnshire, England
Siblings: Caroline (d.), John R. (England), George (returned to England 1884), Lucy Hannah (England)
Spouse: DANNATT, Mary A., b. Clinton Co., IA
Marriage: 18 Feb 1885
Children: Ethel M. (b. 15 Dec 1886, d. 28 May 1887), Arthur C. (b. 19 Mar 1896)
Spouse Parents: John S. Dannatt (b. England, d. Clinton Co., IA) and Emily Evison (b. England, living in Clinton Co., IA)
Name: PEARSON, Thomas E.
Residence: Denison IA
Occupation: In dray & transfer business
Birth: 07 Aug 1860, Kendall Co IL
Father: Thomas P. Pearson, b. 1823 England, m. 1847, d. 1902 Elmwood IL. Came from England to Utica NY.
Mother: Sarah M. Seely, b. 1829 NY. In 1911, lived in Canton IL.
Siblings: Millicent S. (d.), F. M. (Carney OK), Ida M. (m.. Frank Richards, Kane Co IL), Iola B. (m. George Ainsworth, Canton IL)
Spouse: HASKIN, Eva Adelle (b. 17 Sept 1859, Dane Co WI); taught school for 7 yrs before marriage. Was Pres. Of Women's Christian Temperance Union, 17th District of IA.
Children: Townsend A. (b. 18 March 1886), Laura Ida (b. 30 Nov 1889), Margaret (b. 17 April 1898).
Spouse Parents: John W. Haskins [sic] (from NY; d. 1901, Richland Co WI), and Orrel M. Watterman (from Holland MA; d. 1910, Crawford Co IA).
Spouse Siblings: 6 living, 1 deceased (all unnamed)
Note: Republican. Baptist
Name: PETERS, Claus J.
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Retired farmer; former German soldier
Birth: 02 Sep 1836 Germany; (emigrated 1864 to IA; to Crawford Co. 1866)
Father: Frank Peters, b. and d. Germany
Mother: b. and d. Germany
Siblings: Paul, Henry, Peter, Catrina, Beepke
Spouse 1: LAUMAN, Lizzie; d. 1880
Children: Henry (Crawford Co.), William (Crawford Co.), 3 others (d.)
Spouse 2: SCHROEDER, Emma
Marriage: 04 Mar. 1881
Children: Minnie (m. Rudolph Kolls, SD); Bertha (m. J. Stott, MT); Hugo (MT); Anna (m. Thomas Hollander, Otter Creek); Ella, Julius, Amil, and Herbert (all at home); Ella (the youngest, d.)
Spouse 2 Parents: Henry Schroeder and Margaretta Kipple
Spouse 2 Siblings: Andrews (d.); Julius (Otter Creek Twp); Doris (d.); Emma (m. C. J. Peters); Marea (d.), Bertha (d.); Johannes (Montana)
Church Affiliation: Lutheran
Name: PETERS, William
Residence: Charter Oak twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 28 Aug. 1882, Crawford Co.
Father: William Peters (b. Germany; d. 1901; emigrated 1880, Crawford)
Mother: Annie Wendeke (b. Germany; d. 1906)
Siblings: Mary, Emma, Elizabeth, Annie, Fred, Rosa, Martha, 1 other (d. infant)
Spouse: BAHNSEN, Rosa( b. 22 April 1887, Crawford)
Marriage: 20 Sept. 1905
Children: Dalie (b. 8 May 1906), Edna M. (b. 26 April 1908), Sadie Leona (b. 26 Feb 1910)
Spouse Parents: Christ Bahnsen (b. Germany, emigrated 1883) and Uldricke Jensen (b. Germany)
Spouse Siblings: Julia (d.); Annie, Peter, Emma, John, Minnie, Amanda, Christopher; 3 others (d. infants)
Name PETERSEN, Jacob C.
Residence Crawford Co.
Occupation farmer
Birth 7 Feb. 1842 Germany. Emigrated in 1869 to Davenport, IA.
Father Fred Petersen; d. age 89, Crawford Co. Emigrated in 1884.
Mother Anna Keellsen; d. Germany
Siblings Annie (d., m. Hans Brotherson), Lizzie (m. K. Fredricksen), Ferdinand (d. Germany), Doris (d., m. Adolph Berger), Gusta (m. Peter Petersen), Friedericka G. (d., m. Thomas Petersen)
Spouse HOLST, Annie
Marriage 2 Dec. 1872
Children Agnes (m. E. Wolhman), Christina (m. Carl Bell), Maggie (m. E. Bielenberg), Annie (m. Morris Dellifsen), Fred, Hannah (m. August Rienking), one infant (d.)
Spouse Parents John F. Holst and Christina Lassen
Spouse Siblings Maggie (m. John Haas, Mapleton), John F., Christina (m. John Witt), Marie (d., m. John Oeser [d.])
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, stockraising
Birth: 24 Mar 1876, Schleswig, Germany
Father: John Petersen,(b. Schleswig, Germany; d. 1890, Irvin, IA; Emigrated to US 1885).
Mother: Mary Thompson (b. Schleswig, Germany)
Siblings: John (Denison); Thomas (Buck Grove); Dudlief (Buck Grove); Lena (m. Bennett Trueper, near Buck Grove IA); Ira (Dakota); Dora and Johannah, both deceased
Spouse: TRUEPER, Augusta (b. Oldenburg, Germany)
Marriage: 1901
Children: Arnold; Alma; Eldon (b. 5 Aug 1906, d. 3 Jan 1911, buried at Lutheran cemetery)
Spouse Parents: William Trueper (d. in Germany) and Louisa Eisenhauer.
Spouse Stepfather: Louisa Eisenhauer's 2nd spouse: Carl Remen , Denison.
Spouse Siblings: William (Denison); Bernhardt (Buck Grove).
Spouse Step Siblings: Children of Carl Remen and Louisa Eisenhauer: Anne; Carl; Louis (SD); Gertrude (at home)
Religion: Lutheran
Note: John Petersen emigrated to Irvin IA in spring, 1885 and Mary Petersen and children arrived in the fall, 1885. Mary Petersen resides in Buck Grove IA.
Name: PETT, John Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Assessor, township trustee, farmer, carpenter, dry goods store apprentice in England
Birth: 27 Sept 1824, Eddington, Warwickshire, England
Father: William Pett (b. Seven Oaks, County Kent, England; d. 1838, England), nurseryman
Mother: Hannah Gascoyne (b Warwick; d. Feb., 1865)
Siblings: Thomas (contractor in England), 3 others (d.)
Spouse: INGRAHAM, Mary Anne (b. Oxfordshire, England; d. 11 July 1892, Crawford Co.; buried Galland Grove, Shelby Co., IA)
Marriage: 1846 Birmingham, England
Children: 11 children, 10 survive: Mary Anne (m. Fred M Shaw, Osborn Co., KS); William (Shelby Co. IA); Oliver J. (at home); John M. (Union Twp.); Jane (d.); Samuel R. and Fanny L at home; Ellen N. (m. David P. Young, Johnson county, MO); George A., (Dunlap IA); Fred A. (at home); Serena (m. George H. Young, Houghton, SD)
Religion: Latter Day Saints
Note: John Pett came to New Orleans in May 2,1851 and to Union twp in 1864. Mary Ann (Ingraham) Pett buried in Galland Grove, Shelby Co. IA.
Name: PFARR, John F.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Merchant (Pfarr, Gevert & Hunt), general store clerk
Birth: 12 Dec 1866, Pomeroy OH
Father: Philip Pfarr (b. Germany.), farmer.
Mother: Elizabeth Hoepfner (b. Meigs Co. OH)
Siblings: Jacob (Cedar Co. IA); Mary (m. Paul Stahl, Okanogan Co. WA); Kate (m. W. W. Stobart, Meigs Co. OH); Lucy (m. George Gaul, Cedar Co. IA); Philip L. (Okanogan Co. WA); Minnie (m. Henry Kautz, Meigs Co. OH)
Paternal Grandfather: Unnamed Pfarr (d. Germany). Farmer. Children: Philip, Elizabeth, Catharine
Paternal Grandmother: Unnamed. Spouse 2: John George Pfarr, brother of 1st husband. Children: Peter, George. Came to Meigs Co. OH.
Maternal Grandparents: Peter Hoepfner (b. Germany) and Catherine Brown
Spouse: SHATTUCK, Jessie H. (b. Francestown, NH)
Marriage: 10 Oct. 1898
Children: Dorothy; Sarah Elizabeth
Spouse Parents: John L. Shattuck (b. Abt. 1835; d. 1903 at age 68) and Sarah Hartney
Spouse Siblings: Anna Belle; John Alfred; Berenice
Note: Philip Pfarr came to Meigs Co. OH at age 28 yrs. Peter Hoepfner moved to Meigs Co. OH. John Pfarr arrived in Denison in 1890.
Name: PIERCE, Everett W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: bank bookkeeper
Birth: 10 Dec. 1853, Sterling, Illinois
Father: Ezekiel Pierce, b. New York; d. 1907 Morrison, Illinois. Moved to Sterling in 1845.
Mother: Hannah Mills, b. New Jersey; age 78
Paternal Grandfather: Perry Pierce. Soldier in war of 1812. First marriage 2 children: Ezekiel and Mary. Children by second marriage: Lucy, Gordon, Elvira, David, Diana.
Maternal Grandfather: Stacy Mills, b. New Jersey. English Quaker. Father to Peter, Elizabeth, and Hannah.
Siblings: William H. (Butte, Montana), Anna L. (widow, m. Anson Baker; Morrison, Illinois), twins Fred(d.) and Frank (Spokane, Wash.), Mary (d.), Clarence (Fulton, Illinois), Carrie (d.), 2 others (d. in childhood).
Spouse: GIBSON, Lydia, b. Huron Co., Ontario, Canada
Marriage: 17 July 1878
Children: Faith E. (d. 26 March 1904, m. William Rhodenbaugh), Foster H. (m. Annie M. Reynolds)
Spouse Parents: Samuel Gibson (b. Canada; d. 1909) and Margaret Shillington (b. Ireland; d. 1878)
Spouse Siblings Robert H., Margaret (m. Frank McHenry)
Name: PLIMPTON, Robert P.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Homeopathic physician
Birth: 13 Jul 1871, Denison
Father: Edward S. Plimpton (b. Abt. 1838 MA). Spouse 2: Lucy Tucker in 1910
Mother: Salina J. Bond (b Abt. 1831, MA; d. March 1909)
Siblings: Caroline (m. Rev E. T. Fegtly, Des Moines IA); Edward Jr. (Salida CA); Lilian, (m. Rev. H. S. Black, Portland OR); William (Glenwood IA); George (died in infancy); Elfreda (m. A. H. Fisher, Long Beach CA)
Paternal Grandfather: Silas W. Plimpton (d. 87 yrs.) Married 3 times. Children of 1st marriage: Maria (m. Mr. Peabody); Edward S.; Albert; Silas Jr.
Paternal Grandfather: Albert Bond (b. MA; d. Abt.age 70 yrs), mason
Spouse: WALKER, Etta F. (b. Bloomington IL)
Marriage: 10 Dec. 1902
Spouse Parents: Henry C. Walker (b. PA) and Sophia Darrow (b. PA)
Spouse Paternal Grandparents: John Wallace Walker and Mary (House) Foster (New Milford PA). Children: Catherine, Henry C., Byron F., Harriet, Emma, William, Ella.
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: Austin Darrow and Sarah Evans
Spouse Great Grandparents: Gurdon Darrow (b. in Groton CT) and Sally Mosley.
Spouse 2nd Great Grandparents: Nathan Darrow & Anna Perkins. Nathan Darrow fought in Revolutionary War
Religion: Baptist
Note: Edward Plimpton educated in Providence RI; came to Denison IA in 1857, and moved to Salida CO in 1900. Henry and Sophia Walker came to Bloomington IL, moved to Atlantic IA in 1880, and now live in Boulder CO.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 13 Sept.1856 Glasgow, Scotland. Emigrated abt. 1870 to Kane Co. Illinois.
Father: John Pollock of Ayrshire, Scotland Stayed in Scotland.
Mother: Ellen Cook of Ayrshire, Scotland; d. Chicago. Emigrated in 1880 to Chicago.
Siblings: John, James, Joseph, Jessie, and Ellen, (all in Chicago). Adam (San Antonio, Texas), 1 child (d)
Spouse: DUFF Anna, b. Kane co, Illinois. Scotch descent
Marriage: 1877
Children: Hattie (d), Mabel (m. Edward Granger), Nellie (Boise City, Idaho), Joseph C. (Dixon Co., Nebraska), John (Bloomfield, Nebraska), Ernest
Name: POWELL, G. C.
Residence: Denison twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 4 Jan 1874, Herefordshire Co., England
Father: Frederick Powell (d. Abt. 1874 England)
Mother: Elizabeth Powis (emigrated to Denison, d. 1886)
Siblings: Rose (m. Charles A. Reed, Long Beach, CA, contractor/builder)
Spouse: BRYAN, Lulu, Paradise twp
Marriage: 1901
Children: Charles, Vernon, Clarence, Robert
Religion: Baptist
Name: PRUTER, William H.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 22 Aug 1873, Iowa
Father: William F. Pruter (Clinton Co., IA, to Crawford Co. to Davenport, IA, since 1902), b. Holstein, Germany, m. Germany, emigrated to US 1869
Mother: Helena Rohr (Davenport, IA), b. Holstein, Germany
Siblings: Frank (Hayes Twp.), Charles (Iowa Twp.), John (Washington state)
Spouse: MOELLER, Clara; b. Davenport, IA
Marriage: 1895
Children: Clarence, Leslie
Spouse Parents: Peter Moeller (West Side, IA)
Name: RABE, Gustav
Residence: Morgan Twp.
Occupation: Grain Farmer and Stock Feeder, Crawford Co.; Morgan Co. IA; Monona Co. IA; Knox Co. NE. Also Sharholder & VP, German Savings Bank of Ricketts, IA
Birth: 1 Jun 1850, Vor, Pommern, Germany (emigrated to US 1869)
Father: Johann Rabe, b. Germany; emigrated to US in 1882
Mother: Mary (d. 1857)
Siblings: Frederick (SD) and 3 others (d.)
Spouse: FISCHER, Frederica (b. 2 May 1859, Germany)
Marriage: 1875
Children: Gustave J. (b. 1 Dec 1876); Martha (b. 3 Aug 1878, m.Fred Gierstorf); Louisa (b. 2 Oct 1880, m. Henry Mueller); John B. (b. 3 Mar 1882); Caroline (b. 18 Oct 1883); William (b. 11 July 1885); Bertha (b. 11 Oct 1886); Anna (b. 19 Aug 1888); Emma (b. 29 Jan 1890); Albert (b. 11 May 1891); Bernhard (b. 21 Jan 1893); Freda (b. 24 Dec 1894); Matilda (b. 28 Apr 1896); Walter (twin, b. 18 Feb 1898); Paulina (twin, b. 18 Feb 1898); Gertrude (b. 24 Sept 1901); Henry (b. 7 Dec 1903); Theodore (b. 26 Nov 1905); Sophia (d. in infancy)
Spouse Parents: Johan Fischer (d. 1873, probably Chicago) and Sophia (both b. Germany, emnigrated to US 1869
Spouse Siblings: John (Hanover Twp, Crawford Co.)
Name: RAE, Thomas
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, Union and Paradise Twp. (previosly Pepperell Mills at Biddeford, Maine)
Birth: Kettle's Bridge, Kings Kettle, Fifeshire, Scotland. Emigrated from Scotland 2 Apr 1863 to Portland, Maine. To Crawford Co. 1867.
Father: Thomas Rae, b. Scotland, m. Scotland, hand loom weaver
Mother: Janet Buck, b. Scotland
Siblings: George
Spouse: ALLEN, Jeanie, b. Scotland
Marriage: 10 April 1865, Maine
Children: Mary (d.), Thomas, Nettie (m. John Branhall; Des Moines, IA), Willie (d., twin of Nettie), Allen (Chicago, ILL), James (Iowa City, IA)
Name: RANNIGER, Ferdinand Frederick
Residence: Denison twp.
Occupation: dairyman
Birth: 2 Dec. 1879 Clinton Co., Ia.
Father: Frederick Ranniger
Mother: Augusta Grage
Siblings: Anna (m. W. H. Rule), Child (d. as infant)
Spouse: SMITH, Merle Merab
Marriage: 4 April 1906
Children: Clifford Earl (b. 10 May 1907), Howard (14 July 1910).
Spouse Parents: M.N. Smith (lives in Wautoma, Wisconsin) and Loretta G. Higley (b. abt 1819; d. 1907, Denison)
Spouse Siblings: Bird V. (d), Vinnie (d), May V. (m. A. G. Bagge), Hope ( d., m. Professor G.N. Knight, Salina, Kansas), Iva H., Glen H. (d),
Name: RATH, John H.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Washington Township
Occupation: Mason, farmer, school board director, township trustee
Birth: 24 Jul 1864, near Kiel, Germany; Emigrated to Davenport, IA
Father: Fred Rath (d. Germany)
Mother: Katrina Burk (d. abt. 1887, Davenport, IA); Emigrated to US 1886
Siblings: Christ (farmer; Cedar Co., NE), August (farmer; Nishnabotny), Dora (m. Charles Bundy; Los Angeles, CA), Charles (farmer; Washington Twp.), William (Minor Co., SD)
Spouse 1: SCHROEDER, Eliza (b. Germany; d. 1899, IA)
Children: Henry, Otto, Rudolph, Freda, Elsie (all Washington Twp.); Carl (Los Angeles, CA)
Spouse 2: JURGENSEN, Katie
Marriage: 1901
Children: Clara, Herbert, Robert (all Washington Twp.)
Note: Lutheran
Name: REETZ, Franz
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Owner of hotel and feed barn; formerly farmer; also had liquor business; worked in mill in Chicago.
Birth: 14 Oct 1848 Germany; emigrated to Chicago 1872
Father: Ferdinand Reetz (b. Germany; d. Germany, age 47)
Mother: Caroline Melvert (b. Germany; emigrated to Chicago 1869; d. Crawford Co. 1893; mother of ten children).
Siblings: Bertha (widow of Albert Grube); August (farmer, Milford, IL); Julius (d.), Laura (d.), Minnie (d.), Hulda (d.), and Therese (d.).
Spouse: SCHWINKE, Hermina (b. 16 Nov 1845 Germany)
Marriage: 25 Nov 1871
Children: Ottelie (b. 11 Mar 1879; m. William Lenz, Crawford Co.); Emma (b. 03 Feb 1881; m. William Martins, of Charter Oak); Matilda (b. 05 Feb 1885; m. Louis Reissen, of Crawford Co.); John (b. 06 Aug 1889; married; merchant, Crawford Co.); Ida B. (b. 27 Jun 1889; at home); Bertha (d.), Hermina (d.), August (d.), Minnie (d.), and Frank (d.).
Spouse Parents: Gottlieb Schwinke (b. Germany; emigrated to Chicago, then Crawford Co.; d. 1890) and Frederica Tepke (b. Germany; d. 30 Jan 1891; mother of nine, two living).
Spouse Siblings: August (Chicago).
Church Affiliation: German Lutheran
Name: REINKING, Henry
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 19 Feb 1838 Germany. Emigrated 1856 to Chicago; 1862 joined 105th IL Vol Inf; 1867 to Cedar Co; 1872 to Crawford Co.
Father: Ernest Reinking (b. and d. Germany).
Mother: Louisa Meyer (b. and d. Germany).
Siblings: Dedrich (d.), William (d.), Charles (d.); Ferdinand (Chicago, IL); Louis (Wheaton, IL); Fritz (Cedar Co.); Ernest (d.), Minna (d.), Lena (d.), Louisa (d.); Sophie (m. Joe Pnactretz, Cedar Co.).
Spouse: MEYER, Louisa of Cedar Co., IA
Marriage: 04 Oct. 1867
Children: Fritz, Charles, August, and William (all at home); Louis (d.), Lena (d.)
Spouse Parents: Frederick Meyer and Caroline Seiling
Spouse Siblings: Henry (KS); Fred (Woodbury Co.); Louis (Dakota); William (MN); Caroline (m. Charles Reinking, Woodbury Co.); Emma (d.); Minnie (m. John Peterson)
Church Affiliation: Lutheran
Name: RICHARDSON, Charles Henry
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 7 March 1872, Clinton Co., IA
Father: James Richardson, emigrated from England, living in Carroll Co., IA
Mother: Elizabeth Lee, emigrated from England, living in Carroll Co., IA
Siblings: Ida (m. Thomas Dixon; Crawford Co.), John (Crawford Co.), Clara (m. Lester Fortsen; Crawford Co.), Ada (m. Emil Novotne; Crawford Co.), Gertrude (m. George Braske; Denison), Nellie (m. John Clauson; Carroll Co., IA), Maud (m. Gus Anderson; (Carroll Co., IA), James (Carroll Co., IA), Etta (d.), Frank (d.), one other (d. infancy)
Spouse: MILLER, Carrie
Marriage: 20 Sept. 1901
Children: Clifford Lee, b. 30 June 1904
Spouse Parents: Jonathan Miller (b. Penn.) and Ella Thomas (b. Jackson Co., IA)
Spouse Siblings: Grace (m. N. W. Inghram; Crawford Co.), Horace (Milford Twp.)
Name RICHARDSON, John LeeBlue Folder Photo
Residence Denison
Occupation farmer and state oil inspector
Birth 6 Sept. 1837 Cassadaga, Stockton twp., Chautauqua Co., New York
Father Nathan Richardson, b. Cooperstown, Otsego Co., New York; d. 1870 Linn Co., IA. Spouse 2: Mrs. Morton
Mother Asenath Johnson, d. Chautauqua Co., New York
Siblings Nancy (d., m. James W Barber, Ohio), Reuben (d.), Jane (d., m. Samuel Whiting, Ohio [ d. civil war]), Martha (d., m. H. B. McKean),
Half Siblings Children by Mrs. Morton: Sarah (widow, m. Leander Batchelder, S. Dakota), Abia (widow, m. David Cargill ), Julia (m. P.A. Yates)
Paternal Grandparents Hill Richardson (b. Mass.) and Sallie Lee. Children: Ammia, Nathan, William, Areuna, John, Freeman, Louisa, Cynthia
Spouse McARTHUR, Mary
Marriage 14 Oct. 1868
Spouse Parents James McArthur
Name: RIGGLEMAN, Jacob Lincoln
Residence: Stockhold Twp.
Occupation: Stock-raising, farming
Born: 29, March, 1862, Pendleton Co., West Virginia
Father: Jacob Riggleman; d. 1905
Mother: Julia Borror; d. 1865
Siblings: Martha (Indiana); Mary Ellen (m. William Tomlinson, Ilinois); Emily,(d., m. John Ours, West Virginia); George David (d.); Ann rebecca (m. Levi Reel); Benjamin (d.); Henry (West Virginia); John (West Virginia); Mahala (m. Issac Judy, West Virginia).
Spouse: NEWCOM, Anna Beatrice: b. 21 Nov, 1869
Marriage: Christmas, 1893
Children: John Randolph (b. 29 March 1895), Jesse Austin (b. 10 Jan, 1898); Leslie Earl (b. 4 March,1899); Newcom Dale (b. 5 August, 1901); Ruby Margretta (b. 24 April, 1903)
Spouse Father: John D. Newcom
Spouse Mother: Sarah Ann Dobson
Spouse Siblings: James Eli (d. age 5)
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Thomas Dobson
Notes: Sarah Ann Dobson, was first white girl born in Crawford Co. Anna Beatrice Newcom, was the first white girl born in Stockholm Twp.
Name: ROBINSON, Joseph Clarence, DDS
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Dentist
Birth: 18 August 1873, Milford Twp
Father: John C. Robinson, of Canada; b. abt 1842; came from Canada to US abt 1868; d. 1898
Mother: Allie J. Snodgrass, of WV; lives in Los Angeles
Siblings: William (LA, CA); John R. (Milford Twp); Richard (of Milford Twp; twin of Joseph C. Robinson)
Paternal Grandparents: Of England. Came to Canada; farmed there. Their children: Henry, John C., Joseph, Richard, & Mary Ann
Maternal Grandparents: Rev. J. W. Snodgrass (of WV; pioneer preacher) & Mary Dudley. They came to Boone Co abt 1866. Their children: Allie J., Asby, & twins Mary & Mattie.
Spouse: GLOE, Emilie, of Clinton IA
Marriage: 01 June 1899
Children: Maxine Gloe Josephine
Name: ROHWER, Theo
Residence: Ida Grove (inferred in biography but not explicitly stated).
Occupation: Cashier (since 1899), Baxter Reed & Co., Bankers. Previously store clerk
Birth: 10 Dec 1868
Father: Henry Rohwer, Davenport (b. Germany; Emigrated to Davenport in 1858. Worked as shoemaker, miner in NV)
Mother: Catherine Barofsky (b. Germany; d. 1885 )
Siblings: Julius (Ida Grove, IA); Gustav (Moline, IL); Henry (Seattle, WA); Amanda (m. Fred Fick, Ida Grove); George (d. 1900); Clara (d. as infant); Anna ( d. as infant)
Spouse: BRECHWALD, Catherina
Marriage: Ida Grove, IA
Children: Julius; John; Theresa; Helen; Roland; Emmett; Alice.
Spouse Parents: Andrew Brechwald & Barbara Schmidt
Spouse Siblings: Mary (d. 1888, m. Charles Seaman); Agnes (m. John Schmidt, Clinton Co.); John (Carroll Co.); Ferd A. (Ida Grove); Barbara (m. William Murphy, Ida Grove); Elizabeth (m. Robert Mien, KS); Jacob (Canada); Theresa (m. Frank Hart, NE).
Name: ROLLINS, JamesBlue Folder Photo
Residence: East Boyer Twp (Previously IL, Denison)
Occupation: Farmer and Stockman (363 Acres), real estate investor (previously Private-Artillery w/extensive combat, Union Army 1862-1865)
Birth: 13 Jul 1834, near Belfast, Ireland (Emigrated to US 1854)
Father: William Rollins (b. Ireland, d. Ireland)
Mother: Jane White (b. Ireland, d. Ireland)
Siblings: William G.; Martha, John; Robert (all deceased)
Spouse: COLEMAN, Emma (b. Cleveland, OH)
Marriage: 7 Oct 1869
Children: William C.(m. Theresa Nyers; Child: Lucille; Denison); Lucille (d. infant); Frank S. (Denison); Jennie; John (m. Susie McCutcheon; Children: Leslie, Irene; Denison); Lizzie (m. William Robertson; Child: James; Des Moines); James A. (widower; m. Kate Davis; Children: Ruby, Ruth); Robert E.; one other (d. infancy);
Spouse Parents: Spencer Coleman (b. OH, d. 1895) and Elizabeth Crocker (b. Germany, d. when Emma was 2 years of age)
Spouse Half Siblings: Sarah (m. William Carnes); Arthur (d.); Nettie (m. Alvin Coliss Senter). Mother of all 3 was Melinda Carnes (d. 1897), the second spouse of Spencer Coleman
Name: ROMANS, John B.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Businessman
Birth: 6 Sept 1842, Harrison Co. OH
Death: 7 Dec. 1910
Father: Elisha Romans (d. Mar 1858), farmer
Mother: Elizabeth (d. 27 Feb 1889, Charter Oak)
Siblings: Catherine (m. George F. Goudie, Miller SD); Ann (m. E.F. Councilman. Seney, IA); Hannah (m. Charles B. Eaton, Manchester, IA); Lewis (Denison); Robert A. (Aberdeen SD); Eva (d.)
Spouse 1: LAUB, Mary (d. 9 July 1900)
Marriage: Abt. 1868, Crawford Co.
Children: Harry (d.); Lucia Maude; Ione (m. Lane H. Goodman, Sioux City, IA); Junia (m. M. J. McAhren, Denison)
Spouse 1 Father: Hon. H. C. Laub
Spouse 2: MASON, Christine (b. Boston MA). Widow of Benjamin Snyder (b. Dutchess Co. NY; m. 1870, Janesville, WI; d. Sept 1889. Buried in Creston IA).
Marriage: 29 Dec. 1901
Stepchildren: Children of Benjamin Snyder: Albert (Creston IA); Harry (Creston IA)
Spouse 2 Parents: C. C. Mason (b. Leeds, England; d. Racine WI 1864), Methodist Episcopal minister, and Anna Whittaker, (b. Leeds, England; d. Racine WI, abt. 1869)
Spouse 2 Siblings: 5 (d.)
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Name: RUDD, A. H.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Proprietor and Editor of The Enterprise (Dow City)
Birth: 18 Nov. 1856, Union Township
Father: John R. Rudd, b. PA (migrated to IA 1850's)
Mother: Serelda Jordan, b. Keokuk, IA
Siblings: Hiram (d.); Alvin (Minister, L.D.S. Church, Wilberton, OK); John (painter and decorator, Dow City); Mary (m. Clair Butterworth, Dow City); D. M. (Orlanda, FL); Ellen (m. J. D. Antrim, Redfield, IA); Emma (d., m. J. R. Griffin); S. E. (linotype operator, Norfolk, NE); Fannie (m. John A. Hearst, farmer, Union Township); the eldest (d. infancy)
Maternal Grandparents: William Jordan and Mary
Spouse: DOBSON, May (Crawford County)
Marriage: 1887
Children: H. R. (electrical engineer, No. Yakima, WA); Vinnie (at home); Sunshine (student); Gladys (at home).
Affiliations: Democratic Party, Priest at Church of the Latter Day Saints, Superintendent of the Sunday School, Past Township Clerk and Assessor, City Treasurer and County Supervisor.
Name: RULE, T. J
Residence: Paradise Twp.
Occupation: Agriculturist
Birth: 14 Feb 1860, Spring Rock Twp, Clinton Co. IA
Father: George Rule (b. Scotland)
Mother: Ellen Lucretia Columbus (b. Canada).
Siblings: William (Rutland IA); Agnes (m. E. V. Goddard, Dow City IA); John (St. Anthony ID); George (Lake View IA); Ellen Mary (Dow City IA); A. L. (Red Oak IA); Lincoln (Boone IA); Anna (d.)
Spouse: DAVIE, Minnie
Marriage: 20 Dec. 1892
Children: Herbert; Robert; Vera (d.); Warren; Jesse; Margaret; Thomas
Note: George Rule emigrated to Canada at age 12 - 15 yrs, then to Coldwater MI and to Dow City in 1876
Name: RUNGE, Rev. Charles
Residence: Hanover Township
Occupation: Pastor, St. Paul's German Lutheran Church
Birth: 1859, Pommern, Germany; Emigrated to US with parents 1862
Father: Frederick (b. Germany; farmer; age 77, Shawano Co., WI)
Mother: Frederica Beitz (b. Germany; age 75, Shawano Co., WI)
Siblings: John (m. unknown; Shawano Co., WI), Franklin (Underhill, WI), Fred (Underhill, WI), Anna (m. Robert Rose; Bonduel, WI), Ida (d. age 18; bur. Sioux City, IA)
Spouse: DICKE, Paulina (b. Therese, Dodge Co., WI)
Marriage: 12 Oct 1883
Children: William (d.), Clara (d.), Johannes (Chicago, IL), Barney (Charter Oak, IA), Lydia (Chicago, IL), Martin (Ricketts), Esther (Hanover Twp.), Alfred (Hanover Twp.), Paula (Hanover Twp.)
Spouse Parents: Rev. P. Dicke (b. Germany; age 89, Cecil, WI) and Catrina Betzler (b. Germany; age 78, Cecil, WI)
Spouse Siblings: Caroline (d.), Henry (Underhill, WI), Mary (m. John Krieger; Waterloo, IA), Frederick (d.), Herman (d.), Hermine (m. Rev. H. Daib; Merrill, WI), William (Merrill, WI), Anna (m. Gustave Roth; Hanover Twp.), Charles (Cecil, WI), Julia (m. Paul Fiene; Charter Oak), Johannes (MN), Clara (m. Emil Petermann; Advance, WI)
Name RUSCH, Christian H.
Residence Morgan twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 19 January 1880 Crawford Co.
Father Claus Rusch; b. Germany
Mother Bertha Jansen; b. America
Siblings Henry, Elizabeth (m. John Claussen), Julia (m. Paul Kleppen, NE), Katie, Ella, Maggie, Metha, John, Herman
Spouse CLAUSSEN, Minnie; b. 24 June 1882 Clinton, IA.
Marriage 27 Feb. 1906
Children Harvey (b. 23 March 1911)
Spouse Parents Henry Claussen and Katie Witton. Emigrated abt. 1880.
Spouse Siblings John, Dora (m. William Meyers), Anna, Peter, Herman (NE), Bertha

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