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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With K and L

Name: KAHL, William F.
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 4 Aug 1875, Germany; came to US 11 March 1890
Father: Christ Kahl, b. 15 May 1846; m. Germany; emigrated to US 1891; living in Crawford Co.
Mother: Christina Koch; b. 15 Oct 1845; m. Germany; emigrated to US 1891; living in Crawford Co.
Siblings: August (Crawford Co.), Elizabeth (d.), Annie (m. John McCeaghan; Harrison Co., IA), Bertha (m. Fred Kahl; Crawford Co.), Minnie (m. William Watje; Calif.), Dora (m. Henry Mundt; Crawford Co.), Guste (m. William Warren; Crawford Co.), Sophia (d. Germany)
Spouse: SCHNEIDER, Dora; b. 28 Jan 1883, Germany; came to US 15 Mar 1896 with parents
Marriage: 14 Dec. 1900
Children: Walter C. (b. 12 Sept 1901), Albert William (b. 7 Sept 1903; d. 21 Dec 1903)
Spouse Parents: father age 65, mother abt. age 69, living in Crawford Co.
Spouse Siblings: William H. (Crawford Co.), Mary (m. August Lochmiller; Crawford Co.), Maggie (m. Fred Mundt; Calif.), John C. (Langford, N. Dak.), Catharina (m. Herman Finn; Crawford Co.)
Name: KAHLER, Waldo Emerson
Residence: Crawford Co
Occupation: Lawyer; previously a teacher.
Birth: 13 July 1880, Traer, Tama Co IA
Father: Marcus Kahler, b. 12 July 1843, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; d. 01 March 1905, Buckingham, IA; Carpenter. Lt of artillery in German army. Came from Germany to Reinbeck IA 1868. Bookkeeper, bank cashier, & worker in lumber business in Traer IA. .
Mother: Lena Kuehnle, b. Dubuque IA
Siblings: Hugo Victor (physician, Reinbeck IA); Elsie M. (teacher in Reinbeck IA); Gertrude (teacher in Tama Co IA); Herbert B. (in school), Zenaide (at home); 2 deceased
Paternal Grandparents: Mr. Kahler; forester in Germany. Children: Marcus, Carl, Sophia, & Julia.
Maternal Grandparents: Mr. Kuehnle m. Mary Von Eschen. Children: Carl F., Lena, & Amanda.
Spouse: STEVENSON, Margaret Edna, of Traer IA.
Marriage: 30 Oct 1907
Spouse Parents: Hugh W. Stevenson (b. Scotland; now of Traer IA) and Elizabeth Preston (b. England; now of Traer IA.)
Spouse Siblings: Marione, Nelle, and Hugh Raymond
Note: Presbyterian
Residence: Union Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 20 November 1862, Shelby Co,.IA
Father: Wilson Keairnes, b. Virginia
Mother: Sarah Parks, b. Virginia; d. 1906; buried in Dunlap cemetery
Siblings: Elizabeth (m. A. Beedle; Harrison Co., IA), Julia (Dunlap), William (Shelby Co., IA), Sarah (widow of George B. Runnels; Shelby Co., IA), Harry (S. Dak.), M. W. (Grove Twp., Shelby Co., IA), Edward (Dakotas), Jeannette (m. S. H. Buchter; Plymouth Co., IA), Mary (m. Thomas Woren; Chicago, ILL), Martha (m. William Hammer; Harrison Co., IA), four others (d)
Spouse: CROSS, Viola S., b. Shelby Co.
Marriage: 1891
Children: John W., Mary H., Ward, Lloyd V., Ruby L., William V. (d. 2 May 1911), Sarah S., Elsie, Mabel
Name: KEPFORD, John F. Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Washington Township
Occupation: Farmer and Cattleman
Birth: 12 Dec 1855, Washington Township, Johnson County, IA (moved to Crawford County in 1884).
Father: Jacob Kepford (b. Lancaster County, PA; m. PA; d. Union Township 1899) Civil War Veteran
Mother: Martha Shue (b. Lancaster County, PA)
Siblings: Sarah (d); Hattie (d.); Mary (m. Antone Bast, Washington Twp); Martha (m. Thomas Tranter, Johnson Co., IA); Ellen (m. James Tranter, Washington Twp); Jacob(farmer, Washington Twp); Joseph (Union Twp); Phila (m. Frank Jones, Schleswig), two others (d. infants)
Spouse: TILLETT, Harriett Ellen (b. Belmont County, OH)
Marriage: 3 March, 1886
Children: Martha Eura. They also raised E. H. Polzien in their home.
Spouse Parents: Henry E. Tillett (b. Virginia, d. 1887. Migrated to Iowa 1858) and Mary Brewer (b. Ohio, d. 1891)
Spouse Siblings: Etheline E. (Buck Grove); Anna Elizabeth (d.); John Wesley (Denver, CO), Mary Caroline (d.); Margaret L. (m. John A. Horton, Sacramento, CA); Henry A. (Redfield, SD); Ethelbert W. (d.); Eutes C. (Goodwin, SD); Newton B. (d.); Edward (d.); Bertha (d.); infant (d.)
Affiliations: Methodist Episcopal Church, Republican party, past school director
Name: KETELSEN, John H.
Residence: Charter Oak Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: June 1884, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Came from Hamburg to Clinton Co IA 1891.
Father: Peter Ketelsen, of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Farmer, sawmill employee. Peter & Anna live in Charter Oak Twp. German Lutheran Church. Democrat.
Mother: Anna Wamser, of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Siblings: Margaret (m. Hans Dirks, Jackson Co IA), Dora (m. Fred Kuhlmann; SEE his biography), Mary, Peter, Clara, and Albert. [Last 4 live at home.]
Spouse: SCHROEDER, Tina, of Washington Twp
Marriage: 3 April 1907
Children: Laura
Spouse Parents: Charles Schroeder (d.) and Margaret Ohl, both from Germany. Margaret lives in Buck Grove IA.
Spouse Siblings: Albert (farmer, Buck Grove), Fred (near Buck Grove), William (farmer, Washington Twp), & 1 deceased sibling
Note: German Lutheran. Democrat
Name: KIEPE, Henry
Residence: Hanover Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 14 Mar 1861, Germany; Emigrated to US (Clinton Co., IA) 1883, to Monona Co., IA, abt 1886, to Crawford Co. 1901.
Father: William Kiepe (b. Germany; d. Germany, age 35)
Mother: Sophia Boenieng (b. Germany; d. Germany, age 54).
Siblings: Herman, Charley, both in Germany.
Spouse: QUITMEIER, Sophia (b. 12 Sep 1865, Germany). Emigrated to US (Monona Co., IA) with mother and stepfather 1888.
Marriage: 14 Nov. 1886
Children: Mary (b. 25 Oct 1888; m. Henry Fredricks). The following all of Hanover Twp.: Herman (b. 30 Apr 1887; m. unknown), Charley (b. 6 Apr 1890), Fred (b. 3 Oct 1891), Annie (b. 11 Jan 1896), Arthur (b. 30 Aug 1902).
Spouse Parents: Father unnamed (d. Germany) and mother unnamed (d. 1908)
Spouse Siblings: Henry (d. Germany)
Spouse Stepfather: Unnamed (age 66)
Spouse Step Siblings: Frederick (Monona Co., IA), Mary (m. Jorgen Cook; Charter Oak Twp.), Charley (Charter Oak Twp.).
Religion: Lutheran
Name: KLINKER, Peter J.
Residence: Not stated, possibly Denison by inference (emigrated to US in 1882)
Occupation: County Attorney
Birth: 9 Jan 1877, Wester Ohrsted, Germany
Father: Hans H. Klinker (b. Germany; d. 1881)
Mother: Anna M. Michealsen (b. Germany; emigrated to US 1882, resides Denison). Spouse 2: Nicolaus Schroeder (d.)
Siblings: Hans H.; Margaret (widow of Philip Lochmiller); one other (d.)
Half Siblings: Child of Nicolaus Schroeder: Lavina M.
Name: KNAUL, Rudolph
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Drug store clerk
Birth: 24 Feb 1850, Berlin, Germany
Father: Adolph Knaul, (b, Brandenburg, Germany) tanner, merchant in Berlin. Spouse 2: Unnamed. Spouse 3: (Unnamed) Horst
Mother: Mary Woltke, (b. Wittenberg, Germany, d. 1856) Died from cholera
Siblings: 3 unnamed siblings died in 1856 from cholera
Half Siblings: From father's 2nd marriage: Gertie (m. George Rumsey); Anna (m. George Naeve, Denison); Lena (m. J. C. Mastie, Chardon OH). From father's 3rd marriage: Otto; Bertha (m. Dr. H. C. Simpson, Denison)
Paternal Grandfather: Tanner in Germany and died from effects of an accident. Children: Rudolph, Robert, Johanna, Adolph
Maternal Grandfather: John Woltke, (d. Germany), watchmaker & jeweler
Spouse: AU, Maggie (b. New York City, 28 July 1854)
Marriage: 24 July 1876, Clinton IA
Children: Mamie (m. M. E. Lies; Child: Margaret; Waterville WA); Alys (at home)
Spouse Parents: Julius Au (b. Hanover, Germany, d. Lyons IA) and Maggie (b. Bavaria, d. Lyons IA)
Spouse Siblings: Charles, William, George, Emma, one brother died in infancy
Note: Adolph & Rudolph Knaul emigrated to Chicago in1868, then Clinton IA. Julius Au was a harness & trunk maker.
Name: KOCH, Jurgen
Residence: Charter Oak twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 23 Dec 1865, Denmark
Father: Heinrich Koch (b. Germany)
Mother: Anna M. Jensen (b. Denmark)
Siblings: Louisa (d.); Johan (Denmark), Christina (Denmark); Marie (m. Agner Larsen, NY); Laura (m. Lauritz Jensen, NY); Louisa (Denmark); Wilhelm (d.); Carl (Denmark); 2 others (d. infants)
Spouse: THIES, Maria (b. 12 July 1875, Germany)
Marriage: 7 Feb. 1892
Children: Anna (b. 5 Aug 1892); Elsie (b. 25 May 1894); Laura (b. 20 March 1896); Martha (b. 10 April 1898); Marie (b. 25 May 1900); Esther (b. 30 March 1903); Edgar (b. 8 Sept. 1905)
Spouse Parents: Heinrich Thies (b. Germany; emigrated 1888) and Marie Quietmeier (b. Germany; d. 1908)
Spouse Siblings: Sophia (m. Henry Kiepe, Crawford); Fritz (Monona Co.); Carl (Charter Oak twp); Henrich (d); Wilhelmina(d. infant); Dorothy (d. infant)
Religion: German Lutheran
Name: KOCK, John
Residence: Jackson Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, stock-raiser
Birth: 20 Jan 1857, Germany; emigrated 1881 to Carroll Co. IA;
Father: Claus Kock (b. Germany, lives in WY)
Mother: Sophie Dean (b. Germany, d. Arcadia, IA, age 61 yrs.)
Siblings: Henry (joined German navy, killed in collision at sea); William (Texas); Herman (Elk Point, SD); Sophie (m. W.C. Bolty of Wyoming).
Spouse: WITT, Mary
Marriage: 23 Feb 1883
Children: Henry and William (both farmers, Crawford Co.); George, John, Rudolph, Mary, and Caroline (all at home).
Spouse Parents: Reimer Witt and Caroline Holedorf; both d. in Germany.
Church: Presbyterian
Name: KOENEKAMP, Hermann
Residence: Denison (Previously Cook Co., IL; Goodrich, Hanover, & Morgan Twp's, IA; Dow Co. IA; Faulk Co. SD; Kansas)
Occupation: Farmer (Previously blacksmith, soldier in Franco-Prussian War 1869-1872)
Birth: 21 Mar 1849, Oldenburg, Germany; emigrated to US in about Sep 1872
Father: Farmer-name not given (d. about 1853, Germany)
Mother: Catherina Doris (d. 1893, age 83)
Spouse: MEYER, Eliza (b. 14 Mar 1853, Oldenburg, Germany)
Marriage: 6 Oct 1872, Oldenburg, Germany
Children: Emma (m. Wilhelm Plahn; Children: Lena, Herman, Anna, Henry, Amelia, Wilhelm, Hilda and Hattie, twins, and Emma; Pierce, NE); Ida (d. age 9 mos); Mary (m. Jacob Mehman, Denison Twp); Lena (m. Hans Blom; Child: Julius; SD); Christ, (WA); Herman (WA); Bertha (m. Joseph R. Best; Children: Louisa, Homer); Bernhardt (Raymond, WA); Johan (Los Angeles, CA); Hans (Los Angeles, CA); Louisa.
Spouse Parents: Christ Meyer (d. 1895, Germany, age more than 70) and Margaret Choringer (d. 1863, Germany, age 45)
Spouse Siblings: Helena; Wilhelm; Christian; Henry; Johanna
Name: KOESTER, Gus
Residence: Iowa twp
Occupation: farming, stock raising
Birth: 6 Feb 1871, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Father: Jergen Koester, b. Schleswig-Holstein; emigrated 1881, Aspinwall, IA
Mother: Mary Kohl, b. Schleswig-Holstein; emigrated 1882
Siblings: Fred (Vail); Henry (SD); John (SD); Conrad (SD); George (Manning, IA); Maggie (m. Hans Voss, CA)
Spouse: CARSTENSEN, Mary
Marriage: 1 Dec. 1897
Children: Louis, Ida, Herman, Hilda, Julius
Religion: Lutheran
Name: KOLLS, Charles
Residence: Hanover twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 1 Jan 1875, Clinton, IA
Father: Rudolph Kolls, b. Germany; m. Germany; d. 28 Nov 1908, Denison; sawmill, farming, emigrated 1860's
Mother: Elizabeth b. Germany; d. 17 May, 1893, Denison
Siblings: Elizabeth (m. John Brown, Denison); Annie(m. Julius Jensen, SD); Henry(Crawford Co.); Edward(Crawford Co.); Rudolph (SD); Anna(d.); Margaret (d.); Charley, (d.)
Spouse: BLUNK, Anna (b. Germany, 22 April 1880)
Marriage: 29 Dec. 1897
Children: Malinda (b. 30 July 1898); Hattie (b. 6 Sept. 1900); Bennie (b. 6 May 1906); Carl (b. 16 Nov 1907)
Spouse Parents: John Blunk, Anna Moeller; emigrated 1882
Spouse Siblings: Minnie (m. Herman Berk, Crawford Co.); Charley (Crawford Co.); John (d. age 25); Dora(m. Max Quandt, Crawford Co.); Mary (m. John Vogt, Crawford Co.); Emma, Huldah, Willie (at home); Elizabeth (d.); George, (d
Name: KOLLS, Henry C.
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 11 Feb 1873, Clinton, IA
Father: Rudolph Kolls, b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; m. Germany; d. 29 Nov 1908, Denison; emigrated to US 1879
Mother: Elna Eliza Neilson, b. Sweden; d. 1895, Crawford Co.
Siblings: Louisa (m. R. H. Brown; Denison), Carl (d.), Maggie (d.), Anna (m. Julius Jensen; S. Dak.), Carl (Hanover Twp.), Adolph (Paradise Twp.), Rudolph (S. Dak.), child (d. infant)
Spouse: CHRISTENSEN, Christina Amelia
Marriage: 1894
Children: Ella Louisa, Fred Carl, Henry Adolph, Leona Amelia
Spouse Father: M. F. Christensen (Denison)
Name: KRAEMER, Andrew
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer; stock-raiser
Birth: 29 Aug 1874 Clinton Co. IA
Father: John Kraemer (b. May 1836 Germany; m. 12 Feb 1872 Clinton Co). Emigrated to Chicago 1866, to Clinton Co. IA 1877
Blue Folder Photo
Mother: Anna Miller (b. 13 Nov 1839 Germany)
Siblings: Julia (widow, b. 24 Jul 1876, m. Henry Kohles and now at home); Katherine (b. 15 May 1879 now at home), one other (d. infant)
Paternal Grandparents: Andrew Kraemer (b. Germany; d. age 81) and Magdalena (b. Germany; d. age 73). Children: John, Bernard (d.), Nicholas (d.)
Maternal Grandparents: Antony Miller (b. Germany; d. Germany age 40) and Anna Casper (b. Germany; d. Germany, age 48) Children: Anna; Nicholas (NE); Nicholas (d.); Margaret (d).
Spouse: MITCHELL, Jenny I. (b. Dunlap, IA); college educated, teacher.
Marriage: 24 Jul 1906 Dunlap, IA
Children: Jane Katherine (b. 17 Jun 1907); Anna Lucile (b. 17 Jul 1908); and John James (b. 06 Aug 1909, d. 17 Apr 1910)
Spouse Parents: James Mitchell and Jane McGill (both b. County Antrim, IRE)
Spouse Siblings: Daniel and James (both of Omaha, NE); John (Seattle); Mary (widow of Ira L. Tripp, Omaha); Elizabeth (m. Nicholas Miller, Crawford Co.); Charley (Omaha); Maggie (d., m. John Coakley); Arthur (d.); Edward (d.); Robert (d.).
Church Affiliation: Catholic
Name: KRAL, John H.
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 20 July 1864, Iowa City, IA
Father: Joseph Kral, b. Bohemia; d. 16 May 1900, Crawford Co.; emigrated to US 1861
Mother: Theresa Slechta, b. Bohemia, age 88 in Crawford Co., emigrated to US 1861
Spouse: FIALA, Frances B., b. 2 April 1866, Bohemia
Marriage: 5 Jan 1886
Children: Rose (b. 7 Oct 1886), Leon L. (b. 15 Jan 1889), Milo George (b. 3 Jan 1891), Mary T. (1 June 1893), Adaline (b. 23 Jan 1896), Lydia Josephine (b. 5 June 1898), Joseph Edward (b. 25 July 1900), Edwin Victor (b. 23 Feb 1905)
Spouse Parents: Joseph Fiala (b. Bohemia; d. 17 Dec 1898, Webster Co., IA) and Mary Haskovec (b. Bohemia; d. 4 Aug 1897, Webster Co., IA); immigrated into New York City 1 Jan 1867
Name KROHNKE, Claus J.
Note:See Biography of his brother Henry Krohnke
Residence Schleswig
Occupation Retired farmer, stock raiser; worked in quarry; served as school trustee, justice of the peace, secretary of school board
Birth 09 Nov 1843 Germany; emigrated to U.S. 1869 with brother Henry
Father Hans Krohnke
Mother Annie Bergman
Siblings Jurgen and Henry (Schleswig); Maggie (m. John Petersen, Aberdeen SD); and Sophia (d.).
Spouse HEECH, Mary
Marriage 27 Oct 1870, Cedar Co. IA
Children: Adam (Linn Co); Julius (Crawford Co); Edward (at home); Annie (m. John Harman, Crawford Co.); Bertha (m. Herman Peterson, Otter Creek Twp); Embria (m. August Kastner, Otter Creek Twp) and two died young.
Spouse Parents Stephen Heech and Annie Martins
Spouse Siblings Peter (eldest, d.); Claus (Crawford Co); Catherine (m. Andrew Tiel, IA).
Church Affiliation: Lutheran
Name: KROHNKE, Henry
Note:See Biography of his brother Claus J. Krohnke
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 26 Feb. 1851 Germany. Emigrated in 1869 to Davenport, Ia.
Father: Hans Krohnke, d. Germany
Mother: Annie Bergman, d. Germany
Siblings: Claus, Jurgen, Maggie (m. John Petersen Aberdeen, S.Dakota), Sophia (d.)
Spouse: SUCKSTORF, Annie
Marriage: 2 November 1876
Children: Augusta (m.William Bumann; Bloomfield, Nebraska), John (SEE his biography as John H. Krohnke), Mattie (m. William Bielenberg), Amelia.
Spouse Parents Henry Suckstorf and Maggie Krueger
Spouse Siblings Henry, Dora (m. Adolph Rickers), August, John, Annie, Nicholas (d.), George (d.), and 2 others (d.)
Name KROHNKE, Hugo
Residence Morgan twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 26 Feb. 1874 Cedar Co. IA
Father Jurgen Krohnke. Emigrated with family abt. 1864 to Davenport, IA.
Mother Dora Hamann
Siblings Herman (NE), George (Ricketts, IA), Emma (m. E.L. Dieckmann; Sioux City)
Spouse RICKERS, Emma of Otter Creek Twp.
Marriage 23 May 1906
Spouse Parents Adolph Rickers and Dora Suckstorf
Spouse Siblings Henry, George
Name: KROHNKE, John H
Residence: Schleswig, IA
Occupation: Farmer; owned butcher shop; worked in saloon business
Birth: 13 April 1879, Morgan Twp
Father: Henry Krohnke, b. Germany; m. IA (SEE his biography)
Mother: Annie Suckstorf, b. Germany
Siblings: Gustie (m. William Bumann, of Bloomfield, NE); Mattie (m. William Bielenberg, Morgan Twp); Amelia (lives at home)
Spouse: WITT, Christina, of Otter Creek Twp
Marriage: 25 Feb 1902
Children: Vernie, b. abt 1904
Spouse Parents: Fritz Witt (b. Germany; lives in Schleswig IA) & Johanna Ohl (b. Germany); m. in IA
Spouse Siblings: Emma (d.; m. Amos Hollander, Nebraska); Louis (lives on homestead); Amanda (m. William Schmidt, of Schleswig IA); Benjamin (Schleswig IA); Ella (m. Paul Wilson, of Schleswig IA).
Note: German Lutheran
Name: KROLL, Louie
Residence: Mapleton
Occupation: Farmer and Stock Raiser
Birth: 05 July 1880, Germany
Father: William Kroll, d. 04 Nov 1910
Mother: Amelia Brockman, still living
Siblings: 13 only 10 survive: Gustav (Monona Co. IA); William; Herman (Monona Co. IA); Ernest; Henry; Paul; John (all of Crawford); Annie ( m. John Fischer; Monona Co. IA); Elizabeth and Emma (at home).
Spouse: BUENGER, Freda
Marriage: 9 Feb 1901
Spouse Parents: Frederick Buenger and Wilhelmina Wittecopf
Name: KUEHL, Adolph
Residence: Crawford Co
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 Nov 1855, Germany; came from Germany to Davenport IA 1870 with parents
Father: Claus Kuehl, b. Germany; came from Germany to Davenport IA 1870; d. 1896.
Mother: Abel Horst, b. Germany
Siblings: Hans (retired; Battle Creek IA), Henry (d. age 20 yr); Kate (m. Henry Lamp, a jeweler in Davenport).
Spouse: OTTO, Dora, b. 15 March 1857, Davenport IA
Marriage: Feb 1880
Children: Julia (m. Arnold Jacobsen, Mitchell SD); Freda (m. Claus Johansen, Soldier Twp); Louis (d. age 10 yr); Ida (d. age 8 yr); Gustave (d. age 7 yr); Walter (lives at home); Edward (lives at home).
Spouse Parents: Claus H. Otto, of Germany; came to US 1847; carpenter; d. 18 July 1890. Julia Vogt; came to US 1847; d. 1875.
Spouse Siblings: Magdalena (d.); John (d.): Henry (farmer in Soldier Twp); Charles (Boone IA); Norah (m. Charles Fraser, Moline IL); Herman (Dewitt IA); one died in infancy
Note: German Lutheran. Republican
Name: KUEHNLE, Carl F.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Banker
Birth: 7 April 1861, Dubuque, IA
Father: Charles F. Kuehnle (b. Heidelberg, Baden, Germany)
Mother: Mary Von Eschen (b. Chur, Switzerland)
Spouse: LAUB, Lillian (Denison)
Marriage: Oct 1889
Children: Lydia Belle (age 18), Carl Frederick (age 14)
Name: KUHL, Heinrich Edmund
Residence: Iowa twp
Occupation: farming, stock raising
Birth: 14 Feb. 1878
Father: Marcus Kuhl
Mother: Anna Kuhl
Siblings: Ludwig (d.), Ernest (d.), Carl (d.); Ida Augusta(at home); Emma Matilda (m. J. W. Anthony); Carl (at home)
Spouse: JAHN, Carolina
Marriage: 23 March, 1904
Children: Elsie, Herbert, Melvina
Religion: Lutheran
Name: KUHL, Marcus
Residence: Iowa Twp.
Birth: 2 Aug 1845, Suderau, Krempe, Schleswig-Holstein
Father: Peter Kuhl
Mother: Augusta Bremer
Siblings: Cecelia (Germany); Jochim (Benton Co. IA); Anna (d.); Henry, (Manning, IA); John (Germany); one other (d. infant)
Spouse: KUHL, Anna (d. 1 June 1908)
Marriage: 1874
Children: Henry Edmond (Iowa twp); Ida August (at home); Emma Matilda (m. J. W. Anthony, farmer); Carl H. (at home); Ludwig (d.), Ernest (d.), Carl (d.)
Religion: Lutheran
Name KUHLMAN, Henry
Residence Hanover twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 30 May 1850 Germany. Emigrated 6 April 1873.
Father Frederick Kuhlman
Spouse Marie Keuthan
Siblings Marie (m. William Ahrens, Germany), Louisa (m. Henry Hase, Germany), George, 6 children (d.)
Spouse MARTIN, Hetten; b. 29 Sept. 1852 Germany
Marriage 7 May 1878
Children 2 children (d in infancy), Alwena (b. 1881, m. Carl Teas; Charter Oak Twp.), Dora (b.1882, m. Herman Keipe; Hanover Twp.), Elizabeth (b. 1884), Henry (b. 1886), Herman (b. 1890), Gustave (b. 1893), George (b. 1895), Marie (b. 1897), Emma (d.), Lena (d.)
Spouse Parents Michael Martin (d. Iowa) and Julia (d. Germany)
Spouse Siblings Gusta (m. William Ockelbine, Kansas), Paulina (m. Herman Minda), Gustave (Charter Oak, IA), Albert (Mapleton, IA), Hetten (m. Henry Kuhlman), Amelia (d.), Frederick (d.), Emil (d.)
Name: KUHLMANN, Fred
Residence: Charter Oak twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 6 Dec 1881, Charter Oak twp
Father: George Kuhlmann (b. Germany, emigrated 1876, Jackson Co., IA,); Crawford
Mother: Sophia Bogheman (b. Germany)
Siblings: Martha (m. August Krogel, Willow twp); William F (Charter Oak twp); Paul, Ferdinand (at home)
Spouse: KETELSEN, Dora (b. Germany)
Marriage: 1910
Spouse Parents: Peter Ketelsen, Anna Wamser (emigrated Clinton Co. IA; 1906); Crawford
Spouse Siblings: Margaret (m. Hans Dirks, Jackson, Co. IA); John (Charter Oak); Mary, Peter, Clara, Albert (at home)
Religion: Lutheran
Name: KULLBERG, John A.
Residence: Deceased
Birth: 06 May 1855, Kalmarlan, Sweden; (Emigrated to Sac Co. IA 1880, to Crawford 1882)
Death: 17 Aug 1910.
Father: Andrew Kullberg (Sweden)
Siblings: Carrie (m. Alfred Thorngren, Sioux City, IA); Louisa (m. Nels Larson, Sweden); Christina (m. Alfred Norman, PA); Emma (m. Swan Benson, Odebolt, IA); Selma (m. Alfred Anderson, Sweden); Charles (Sioux City, IA); Andrew P.E. (Lakeview, IA); and two deceased.
Spouse: FREEMAN, Christina (of Harcourt, IA).
Marriage: 05 Feb 1885
Children: Carl A.; John E.; Ernest M.; Alice A.; Annie S.; (all at home) and five deceased.
Spouse Parents: Samuel Freeman and Ann Johnson
Name: LAFRENTZ, Nicolaus
Occupation: Retired landowner, farmer, trustee, assessor, justice of the peace, school director
Birth: 17 May 1835, Germany. Emigrated to US (Scott Co. IA) in 1857 and came to Crawford Co. in 1869.
Death: 11 Feb 1911
Father: Jacob Lafrentz, (b. Germany, d. Germany)
Mother: Anna; (b. Germany, d. Germany)
Siblings: Anna, (widow, m. Henry Freese, Crawford Co., IA); Hans (Denison); 2 siblings deceased
Spouse 1: FULTON, Amanda (b. Ohio, d. 1880)
Marriage: 1860
Children: Jacob (MT); Henry (Crawford Co.); James (Salt Lake City); Anna (m. Ingwert Hollander, Crawford Co.); Daniel (MT); Etta (m. William Dixon, MT).
Spouse 2: MOLLER, Dora (b. Germany)
Marriage: 1881
Children: Christ, John Albert, Max, and Sarah
Religion: Lutheran
Name: LAHNDORF, Fred J. Sr.
Residence: Hayes twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 5 Aug 1854, Holstein, Germany
Father: Frederick J. Lahndorf, b. Germany, emigrated 1866 to Davenport, IA, then to Crawford Co.
Mother: Catherine Brehmer (b. Germany)
Siblings: John (d.); Amelia (m. Charles Hanneman, Dunlap, IA)
Spouse: JETTER, Cecelia (b. Davenport, IA)
Marriage: 13 Sept. 1882
Children: Fred J. Jr.; Emma (m. Ora Pipper, Manilla, IA); Edward; Helen K (d., m. R. C. Bradshaw); Henry J.; Minnie, Clara, Ferdinand (all at home); William (d. infant)
Religion: Lutheran
Name: LALLY, Patrick E. C.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Lawyer, clerk in Ireland
Birth: 8 June, 1856, County Mayo, Ireland. Emigrated to US in 1874.
Father: Peter Lally, (b. Ireland, d. Denison, age 79 years), farmer. Emigrated & came to Denison in 1881.
Mother: Nancy Corcoran (b. Abt.1816, Ireland, d. 1876, Ireland)
Siblings: John (d. Chicago); Sarah (m. Henry O'Neill, County Mayo, Ireland); Michael (Manchester, England); Frank (d. New York City, NY); Mary (died in infancy)
Paternal Grandparents: John Lally (b. Ireland, d. Ireland, farmer) and Mary Hester (b.Ireland, d. Ireland). Children: Peter, Thaddeus, John, Patrick, Thomas, Frank, Mary, Ellen, Kitty. All but Peter, Thaddeus & Thomas came to US.
Maternal Grandfather: Farmer in Ireland
Spouse: HUGHES, Kittie
Marriage: 1 Sept 1880
Children: Margaret (m. Clem M. Mahan; Children: Catherine Claudine, Addis Clement; Kansas City MO); Thomas A. E. (Spokane WA); Frank H., Genevieve A. (m. Dr. P. J. Brannon; Children: Joseph Lally, Robert King; Denison); Beatrice; Blanid Marie and Inez Clare attending Dubuque College; the following at home: Rachel; Mary Alexes; O'Connell Lincoln; Patricia Katherine.
Spouse Parents: Frank Hughes and Margaret (McGrath) Mungon. Living in Green Co. IA
Religion: Catholic
Note: John Lally, brother of Peter Lally, killed by a rebel sympathizer in Covington KY at the outbreak of the Civil War
Name: LAMP, Harry
Residence: Aspinwall
Occupation: Manager, Pride Poultry Co.
Birth: 13 Jan 1884, Crawford Co.
Father: Ferdinand Lamp, b. Germany; m. Germany;emigrated to US age 16; now age 52
Mother: Dora Simon, b. Germany; emigrated to US age 2; now age 45
Siblings: Paulina (m. Ed Georgius; Crawford Co.), Anna (m. Louis Goettsch; Davenport, IA), Bertha (m. Elvin Wick; Harlan, IA), Elsie, William, Minnie, Edwin, Julia, Otto
Spouse: WIESE, Amanda, b. Crawford Co.
Marriage: 19 Dec 1906
Children: Wayne (d. age 1 yr.), Josephine (b. 8 Oct 1909), Lloyd (b. 24 Dec 1910)
Spouse Parents: Carl Wiese, (b. Germany) and Dora Schutt (b. Germany), m. USA
Spouse Siblings: Charley (Clarinda, IA), Fred (West Side, IA), Maggie (m. Herman Martin; West Side, IA), Albert (Denison), Frank (West Side, IA), 2 others (d.)
Name: LANGER, Edward
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 June 1887, Denison Twp.
Father: August Langer, b. Germany; m. Crawford Co.; emigrated to US abt 1870
Mother: Jennie Weiland, b. Germany
Siblings: Kate (d., m. William Piper; South Dak.), Mary, George (Lincoln Co., Idaho), Lizzie (m. T. R. Beers; Vale, Ore.); Minnie (m. Sam Bichler; Fullerton, N. Dak.), August (d.), Frances (Idaho), Anna, Alice
Name: LARSON, Andrew
Residence: Otter Creek Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Note: Also see biographies of brothers Frank F. Larson and C. A. Larson
Birth: 19 Aug 1849, Sweden, emigrated to US 1867
Father: John Larson, b. Sweden, d. 1882, emigrated to US 1867
Mother: Mary Anderson, b. Sweden, d. Penn.
Spouse: FALK, Amanda, b. Chicago, d. 22 Aug 1906, buried in Kiron
Marriage: 1888
Children: Hollis L. (b. 10 Oct 1889), Ive E. (b. 22 June 1892), Elvin E. (b. 7 Aug 1894), Ruby I. (b. 9 Jan 1897), Orange H. (b. 19 Feb 1899)
Spouse Parents: Erick Falk (d., from Sweden, emigrated to US) and mother (living in Minn.)
Name: LARSON, C. A.
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Note: Also see biographies of brothers Andrew Larson and Frank F. Larson
Birth: 10 Dec 1854, Sweden
Father: John Larson
Mother: Mary
Spouse: ERICKSON, Ereka, b. 22 Oct 1861, Sweden
Marriage: 20 Mar 1882
Children: infant (d.), Lillie E. (b. 22 Feb 1883, m. Rufus Morgan; Crawford Co.), Alma B. (b. 15 Jan 1885). Also, Alfred O. (b. 9 Dec 1886), Julia J. (b. 7 June 1888), Etta I. (b. 15 Feb 1890), Eldred R. (b. 16 Mar 1892), Alvin L. (b. 18 Feb 1895, d. 8 Mar 1895), Russell A. (b. 25 April 1897), Edna F. (b. 14 April, 1898), Earlin L. (b. 28 June 1900), Lafe Theodore (b. 7 July 1902) all in Crawford Co.
Spouse Parents: Herman Erickson (d. 6 Nov 1896) and Julia (d. 18 April 1888), both b. Sweden, emigrated to US 1862
Name: LARSON, Frank F.
Residence: Otter Creek Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Note: Also see biographies of brothers Andrew Larson and C. A. Larson
Birth: 22 Nov 1862, Sweden
Father: John Larson
Mother: Mary Anderson
Spouse: MEYERS, Anna, b. 7 March 1873, Sweden, emigrated to US abt 1890
Marriage: March 1896
Children: Rudolph, Edith, Erma, Ray C.
Spouse Parents: Charles Meyers and Martha Falk (d. 1887), both b. Sweden
Name: LARSON, N. E.
Residence: Otter Creek Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 11 Dec 1865, Sweden
Father: Lars Larson, b Sweden, d. 1868
Mother: Mary, b. Sweden, d. 3 March 1905, emigrated to US 1877 w. children
Siblings: Anna (m. Robert Anderson; Kiron, IA), J. G. (Crawford Co.)
Spouse: SWANSON, Matilda, b. Sweden [See biography of N. P. Swanson]
Marriage: Sept. 1888
Children: Hazel C. (b. 2 Aug 1889; m. Enoch Miller; Sac Co., IA), Mae Anna Maria (b. 26 April 1891), Ruth E. (b. 2 Dec 1892), Julia H. (b. 11 Oct 1894), Abbie E. (b. 28 Jan 1897), Raymond N. (b. 4 Dec 1899), Esther Matilda (b. 16 Nov 1902)
Spouse Parents: Nels Swanson [See biography of N. P. Swanson] and Tora Nelson
Name LARSON, Nels P.
Residence Otter Creek twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 22 Feb. 1852 Sweden. Emigrated in 1868 to New York.
Father John Larson
Mother Mary
Spouse YOUNG, Christina b. Sweden
Marriage 1 January 1886
Children Mildred, Elwood L., Louise (d.)
Spouse Parents A. P. Young (d)
Name: LARSON, Otto J
Residence: Crawford
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 24 May 1880, Sweden
Father: Carl J. Larson (b. Sweden; d. 18 April 1908; emigrated 1882)
Mother: Lottie Varnie (b. Sweden)
Siblings: Minnie (m. Gust J. Larson, Otter Creek); Charles (SD); Mary (m. John Hedstrom, Sac Co); John(SD); Clara (d., m. John Engberg, Kiron,); Erick (Ida Co.); Alfred (Kiron); 1 other (d. infant)
Spouse: LINDBERG, Anna
Marriage: 18 Dec. 1902
Children: Howard, Cora, Edgar, Fay, Bernice, 1 other (d.)
Spouse Parents: Carl Lindberg and Annie
Religion: Baptist
Name: LAUB, Henry C.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: General store owner, builder, county surveyor, superintendent of schools, county sheriff, farm hand, shoemaker, teacher
Birth: 8 Apr 1824, Little York, PA
Death: deceased, date unknown
Father: William Laub, (b. Reading PA, d. Gettysburg PA at 65 yrs.) county treasurer
Mother: Catharine Snyder, (b. Lancaster PA, d. Denison, age 76)
Siblings: Louisa, Catharine, William B., Julia, Mary, John, Charles, George
Spouse 1: BAER, Lydia (b. Abt. 1824, Frederick Co. MD, d. 1896)
Marriage: 7 Feb 1848, Frederick MD
Children: Alice (m. James Ainsworth; Child: Claude; Denison); Mary (m. J. B. Romans; Children: Dolly, Ione, Junia, Harry); William (m. Edna Goodspeed; Children: William, Hazel, Harold; Denison); Catherine (m. Thomas Perkins, Seattle WA); Eli (m. Grace Gilmore; Sioux City IA); Anna Elizabeth, (widow, m. George Bartholomew; Child: Belle; Elizabeth is moving to Evanston IL); Belle (d.); Lilly (m. Carl F. Kuehnle; Children: Lydia Belle, Carl F.; Denison)
Spouse 1 Parents: Jacob Baer and Matilda
Spouse 2: SNOUFFER, Mary E
Marriage: 11 Jan 1898
Children: Henry Clay
Spouse 2 Parents: Henry Snouffer and Sarah Baer
Religion: Methodist
Note: Henry came to Muscatine IA in Nov 1851 and to Mason's Grove in 1855. At one time, Henry owned 32 general stores. Brother of William Laub was soldier in War of 1812
Name: LAUB, William H.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Livery Business, Mayor of Denison
Birth: 24 June 1855, Benton County, IA
Father: Henry C. Laub. See his biography.
Mother: Lydia Baer
Spouse: GOODSPEED, Edna (b. Burlington, VT)
Marriage: 6 December, 1883
Children: William Austin (father's assistant); Edna Hazel (music teacher), Harold (student)
Affiliations: Republican Party
Name: LEHFELDT, Rudolph C. H. (Carl Henry) Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Retired sheep farmer, state senator
Birth: 28 Dec 1840, Curan by Lubeck, Germany
Father: John Lehfeldt, (b. Abt. 1785, Holstein, Germany, d. 1846), distiller
Mother: Mary Stehn, (b. Abt.1792, Holstein, Germany, d. 1844)
Siblings: Henry (deceased); Wilhelm, (Holstein, Germany); Fritz, (Denison, IA); Louis (deceased in Germany); Herman (Germany); Emma (m. Carl Hansen, Los Angeles CA); Anna (d., m. Herman Braun)
Paternal Grandparents: Joachim Lehfeldt (b. Germany, farmer) and Helena Schroeder (b. Germany) Children: John, Henry, Anna
Maternal Grandfather: John Stehn, (b. Germany, d. Germany), a sheep man
Spouse 1: WITT, Mary (d. 1873)
Marriage: 2 Nov 1864
Children: Ludwig (Billings MT. Children: Clara, Hilda, Rudolph, Herbert); Herman (m. Otilla Nerdenenberg. Children: Hedwig, Martha, Victor, Otilla, Herta); Olga (m. John Schroeder. Billings MT. Children: Amanda, Walter, Herman); Alvina (m. Rudolph Molt, Billings MT. Children: Emma, Bertha, Alma)
Spouse 2: SCHROEDER, Mary
Marriage: 1880
Children: William (m. Edna Marie Eicker, Billings MT)
Spouse 3: LEPTIEN, Sophia (b. Marengo IA)
Marriage: 5 Jan 1894
Children: Hertha, Eldor, Martha, Erma, Carl
Spouse 3 Parents: Detleff Leption (b. Holstein, Germany) and Helena Braach (b. Holstein, Germany). Parents now living in Redlands CA
Spouse 3 Siblings: Fred; Louis; Mary; Charlotte
Religion: Lutheran
Note: Rudolph Lehfeldt came to Denison in 1870
Name: LEHMAN, Oscar
Residence: Charter Oak (previously MO and WY)
Occupation: Farmer, stock-raiser
Birth: Aug 1861, Leipsic, Germany
Father: Albert E. Lehman (b. Germany, d. Germany 1892).
Mother: Augusta Borsdorf (b. Germany, d. Germany 1897)
Siblings: Hans (emigrated to U.S.); three siblings in Germany.
Marriage: 1891
Children: Edward (b. 23 Feb 1892; bank employee).
Name: LEITZEN, MatthiasBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Willow twp
Occupation: farming
Birth: 12 Dec 1859, Germany
Father: John Leitzen (b. Germany; emigrated 1883; d. abt. 1885, Galena, IL)
Mother: Mary Smith (b. Germany; d. Germany)
Siblings: John (Jo Daviess Co, IL); Gertrude (m. Mr. Schones; Red River Valley, MN); Maggie (m. Mr. Hennin; Red River Valley, MN); Julia (m. Mr. Saskin; Charter Oak); Kate (Canada); Anna (m. Mr. Thurman; Norman, CA)
Spouse: ALDRICH, Anna (b. Clinton Co. IA; d. 18 Dec 1908)
Marriage: 1885
Children: John A (stock raiser); Eva (m. E. H. Sauber; Boyd Co. NE); Bert, Ollie, Alice, and Martha (all at home); Arthur, (d.)
Religion: Catholic
Name: LESHER, B. F.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Owner ice business; former carpenter; former owner grocery and confectionery store
Born: 03 Aug 1854, Cumberland Co., PA
Father: David Lesher (b. PA; d. 1889, age 72)
Mother: Eliza Strickler (b. PA: living in Odebolt, age 84)
Siblings: Jeremiah (Odebolt, IA); Christian (d. PA, age 11); Alice (m. David Cramer of OH); Ida (m. Elsworth Lesher of KS); Mary (m. James Lebel of Odebolt, IA); and Naomi (m. Charles Starr of Canada)
Church Affiliation: Baptist
Name: LILL, August F.
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: farmer
Born: 8 May, 1883 Charter Oak Twp.
Father: August Lill; b. Germany; d. 24 August, 1902; married in America; emigrated at age 21
Mother: Theresa Reetz; b. Germany; d. 13 July, 1899; emigrated at age 16
Siblings: John (Sioux City, IA); Anna (m. Emil Pautsch, Crawford Co.); Laura (m. Rolly Weed, Crawford Co); Minnie (m. George Pautsch, Laverne, MN.); Theresa (Crawford Co.); Max (d. infancy); Selma (d. infancy)
Spouse: TEUT, Josie; b. 21 Jan.,1887, Solider Twp.
Marriage: 24 Feb, 1910
Spouse Father: Peter Teut (b. Germany) and Sophia Boysen (b.Germany), married in Clinton Co, Ia
Spouse Siblings: Mary (m. Christ Jensen, Crawford Co); Alvena (m. John Eggen, Crawford Co); Herman; Annie (m. John Else, Ida Co.); Otto, Eliza, Estella, Albert, and Erwin (all at home); Ella and Agnes (both of whom died in early childhood)
Name: LILL, William M.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Section 9, Soldier twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 November 1847 Germany, emigrated to U.S. 1868, 8 years in Chicago
Death 11 March 1911 Crawford Co.
Father: August Lill, d. 4 January 1894. Emigrated to U.S. 1870. Second spouse: m. Germany, Minnie Toorick (d. 1908)
Mother: Cardine Prauske, d. abt. 1855
Siblings: One child (d., Germany); Ernestine (widow, m. John Merring; Chicago), Henrietta (widow, m. Charles Denhard; Chicago), William H., August (d.), Caroline (m. Fredd Topp; Chicago)
Spouse: WAGE Henrietta, b. 9 May 1852 Germany
Marriage: 21 Dec 1873, Crawford co.
Children: Emma (m. Albert Bartels), John, William, Otto (SEE next line), Fred, 4 others (d.)
 Otto: m. 25 Oct 1905 to Clara Clausen (b. 10 May 1881, Crawford Co.). Children: Walter (b. 3 July 1906), Sadie (b. 31 Aug 1908), Edna (b. 15 July 1910)
Spouse Parents: Adam Wage and Julia
Spouse Siblings: Rose (widow, m. Carl Miller; Detroit, Michigan )
Name: LIND, IngemarBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Otter twp.
Occupation: Landowner, Otter Creek twp, Crawford Co., Sac Co. IA
Birth: 10 June 1849, Sweden
Father: Nils I. Lind, (b. Sweden, d. Jan 1905, Crawford Co.).Blue Folder Photo
Mother: Ingri M., (b. Sweden, d. Aug 1900, Crawford Co.)
Spouse: THUMSTROM, Brita (b. Sweden)
Marriage: Oct 1881
Children: Hannah (b. 20 Feb 1886, m. Alfred Danielson, Sac Co. IA); Nels (b. 13 Feb 1884, Kiron IA); Charles (b. 9 July 1885, living at home); Mary M. (b. 30 Sept 1886., d. 6 Aug 1888); Lydia (b. 19 Feb 1888, m. S. W. Lundstrom, Crawford Co.); Mary M. (b. 1 Dec 1889, living at home); George (b. 28 Jan 1893, living at home); John (b. 23 Jan 1895, living at home); Esther (b. 23 Feb 1897, living at home)
Spouse Parents: Carl P. Thumstrom, (b. Sweden, d. 23 Aug 1903, Crawford Co.) and Brita K. (b. Sweden, d. 26 Mar 1909, Crawford Co..)
Religion: Lutheran
Note: Nils and Ingri Lind came to U. S. in 1857, settling in Chicago and in Crawford Co. in 1874.
Name: LINDBERG, Charles
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1 Jan 1835, Sweden, emigrated to US 1869
Father: John Lindberg, b. Sweden, d. Sweden
Mother: Mary Larson, b. Sweden, d. Sweden
Spouse: LARSON, Annie, d. 9 May 1911
Marriage: June 1864, Sweden
Children: Alfreda (m. Gus Clausen; Neb.), Willie (Crawford Co.), Annie (m. Otto Larson; Crawford Co.), Christina (m. Peter Miller; Woodbury Co., IA), Annie (d.), Christina (d.), Alfred (d.), Augusta (d.)
Spouse Parents: Lars and Annie Carlson, both b. Sweden, both d. Sweden
Name: LINMAN, August
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: farmer
Born: 6 Oct., 1858, Sweden
Father: Carl Linman; b. Sweden; d. 1901; emigrated in 1869
Mother: Margaret Johnson; b. Sweden; d. 1901; emigrated in 1869
Siblings: Clara (m. August Lindgren, Ida Co, IA); Matilda; Victor (Ida Co, IA), 2 others (d.)
Spouse: BURKMAN, Tilda; b. Sweden
Marriage: 13 March, 1884
Children: Virgil (b. 7 Mar.,1885, at home); Russel A. (b. 7 June, 1887); Adella C. (b. 7 April, 1889); Myrtle V.(b. 26 Nov.,1891, Sioux Falls, SD); Osher T. and Elden E. (twins, b. 21 Sept. 1894)
Spouse Father: Ola Burkman (b. Sweden; d. 21 April, 1910; emigrated in 1876) and Johanna Christian (b. Sweden)
Spouse Siblings: four children in family
Name: LOCHMILLER, Gustave H.
Residence: East Boyer Twp; (Previously Denison; Washington Twp)
Occupation: Farming since 1901; 240 Acres (Previously store clerk)
Birth: 22 Feb 1867, Family farm on section 3, East Boyer Twp, Crawford Co.
Father: Phillip Lochmiller, b. Germany, m. Germany, Farmed in East Byer Twp; Now resides in Denison
Mother: Carolina Nehoof, b. Germany; m. Germany; Now resides in Denison
Siblings: Antonia (m. W.E. Johnson, Los Angeles, CA); Clementina (m. E.E. Ransom, Denison); Phillip (d.); George (Garrison, ND); Frank (d.); Infant (d.) Rudolph (Denison)
Spouse: BLACKMAN, Alice, (Denison Twp)
Marriage: 26 May 1895
Children: Phillip (d.); Gustave H. Jr., Alice; Abbie;
Spouse Parents: Jerome Blackman (b. New York state; d. 1909, Crawford Co.) and Celia Harper (Denison)
Spouse Siblings: Frances (m. John Duff, Denison Twp.), William (Paradise Twp.), Edward (Denison), Guy (Denison), John (Denison Twp.), Claud (Dow City), Anna (m. Floyd Smith; Washington, IA), Fred (Denison), Carl
Name: LOGSDON, H. W.
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 24 July 1865, near Newton, Jasper Co., IA
Father: Rev. B. F. Logsdon, b. Munfordville, Kentucky. Father of B. F. emigrated from Ireland.
Mother: C. J., b. Kentucky
Siblings: F. G. (Ira, IA), Charles (Rhodes, IA), Lulu (m. W. F. Sissel; Durant, IA), Maud (m. Iddo Kinsel; Tama, IA), 4 others (d.)
Spouse: SMITH, Deborah
Marriage: 1887
Children: Gertrude (m. Frank J. Glassburner; Union Twp.), Birl W., Fred H., Bertha J., Herman Leslie, Clarence Russell, Stanley Smith
Spouse Parents: T. R. B. Smith (d. 24 June 1890) and Jane Graham (d. 1910), both b. in Canada
Spouse Siblings: Sarah Jane (Denison), R. B. (Union Twp.), John (Oakland, Calif.), Deborah
Name: LOWNES, Robert W.
Residence: Denison, retired; Civil War veteran
Occupation: agriculture
Birth: 23 Feb 1843, Chester Co. PA
Father: Isaac C. Lownes, PA; d. March 1870, age 60
Mother: Ann Elizabeth Williamson, PA; d. NJ
Siblings: Margaret (m. George Traver, Omaha, NE); Elizabeth (m. Gabriel Pribble, Louisville, NE)
Spouse: CURE, Josephine
Marriage: 26 May 1870
Children: William M. (Woodbine, IA); Gertie Elizabeth (m. Louis Peters, Charter Oak); Isaac Albert (Vardel, NE); Josie May (m. B. E. Weed, Charter Oak); Arthur D. (Charter Oak); Robert L. (Florida); Ernest B. (Charter Oak); Ella (m. Alvin Jacobensen, Arion); Alice (at home)
Spouse Parents: M. W. Cure and Elizabeth Davis
Spouse Siblings: Catherine (m. Clayton Atwood, TX); Mary Ann (m. W. M. Sullivan, KY); Sarah E. (m. Robert Saunders, KY); Adelia (m. Jesse Powers, Iowa); Martha Jane (m. August Werner, Iowa); Josephine; Lucy (Omaha, NE); Alice V. (m. Representative P. H. Boland, Omaha, NE); Amanda (m. Miles Mark, IL)
Religion: Band of Holiness
Name: LUETH, F.W.
Residence: Nishnabotny twp.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 19 January 1844 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Emmigrated March 1869 to Clinton Co., Ia.
Father: Frederick Lueth Emmigrated in 1881.
Mother: Dorathea Doss d. 1881 Germany
Siblings: Henry (Neb.), Deitlief (Germany), Dorothea (d), Anna (Germany), Maggie (Germany)
Spouse: WENSEL, Augusta, b. Germany
Marriage: in 1875
Children: William, Emma, Emmiel, Richard, Delilah (m. William Haynes), Hulda, John

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