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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With C and D

Name: CARPENTER, Harry A.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Agent, American Express Company, carpenter
Birth: 25 Oct 1878, Denison
Father: Alonzo Carpenter, (b. New York, d. 1874) bookkeeper, Denison lumber. Came to Crawford Co. in 1875
Mother: Elizabeth Watterman, b. Wisconsin. 2nd husband: Harrison Crippen (d.)
Spouse 1: BRYAN, Maude , d. September, 1902
Marriage: 1902
Spouse 1 Parents: D. F. Bryan and Rachel, both living in Crawford Co.
Spouse 2: BARBER, Myrtle, b. Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1907
Spouse 2 Parents: Warren C. Barber (d.) and Frances Watkins
Name: CAREY, John T.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: County Supervisor, Crawford
Birth: 18 June 1863, Cedar Co. IA
Father: John Carey, b. Co. Clare, Ireland; m. Ireland; d. 1889. Milford Twp., age 65; emigrated 1848
Mother: Margaret Mead, b. Co. Clare, Ireland; d. 1890, age 66
Siblings: Mary (d.); Patrick (So. Omaha, NE); Michael (d.); Ella (m. Joseph Grose, Wisner, NE); Bridget (m. Michael Leahy, Hartington, NE); Margaret (m. Mark Keane, Norfolk, NE); Anna (d. age 18)
Spouse: GREEK, Marietta, b. 13 Nov 1856, Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1 July, 1890
Children: John Gail; Lucina Margaret; William (d.)
Spouse Parents: Sylvanus B. Greek (b. Cattaraugus Co. NY, 25 Dec. 1826) and Lucina Goodrich (b. Cortland Co. NY, 25 Sept 1836)
Spouse Siblings: Cyrus, Seba, William, Sylvan
Spouse Paternal Grandfather: Nathan Greek
Religion: Catholic
Name: CASWELL, Grant Leroy
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Editor, Denison Bulletin and other IA newspapers
Birth: 18 July 1869, Boone Co., IA
Father: Lebeus Addison Caswell, (b. Maine, d. IA 1908, age 78)
Mother: Louisa Loomis, (b. Erie PA, d. 1900, abt. age 65)
Siblings: Lulu (m. Lorenzo F. Chapin, Pasadena CA); Carl F. (Coon Rapids); Fannie (m. P. Scanlan, Chicago); Ned W. (San Francisco CA); Norval (Coon Rapids); Judd J.
Paternal Grandfather: (b. Maine); farmer & inventor. Children: David, Lebeus, Mary, Mrs. Frances Oakes
Maternal Grandfather: (d. at 60 yrs), Methodist minister. Children: Mrs. Emma Ward, William, Mrs. Louis Caswell and others unnamed
Spouse: CLARK, Eva, b. Grinnell IA
Marriage: 6 May 1891
Children: Carl Clark; Flora B.; Paul H.; Donald Leroy
Spouse Parents: James W. Clark and Jane Gast.
Note: Caswell family came to America prior to the Revolutionary war. Paternal grandfather of Grant Leroy Caswell invented the first corn planter in the U. S. James W. Clark was mayor of Ashton IA.
Name: CHRISTENSON, C.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: retired farmer in Crawford and Ida Co.; emigrated to US 1865
Birth: 15 Oct 1841, Sweden
Father: K. Christenson, entire life in Sweden
Mother: Christina Benson, entire life in Sweden
Siblings: Johanna (m. Olaf Bjorkman, Stockholm Twp.) and 7 others in Sweden
Spouse: ANDERSON, Margaret, d. 10 May 1896
Marriage: 1 Nov., 1871
Children: Edward (Woodbury Co., IA), Leonard (Ida Grove, IA), May (m. Frank Ward; Emporia, Kan.), Mayme (m. Joe Hammerstron; Ida Co., IA), Virgil (Minneapolis, Minn.), Alice (home), Arthur George (Ida Co., IA)
Spouse Parents: Andrew Anderson and Christina
Residence: Hanover Twp. & Paradise Twp.
Occupation: farming
Born: 1 April, 1855, Brecklum, Germany; emigrated in 1898
Father: Ludwig Christiansen; d. two days after arriving in New York in 1907
Mother: Elisabeth Jensen; d. Germany
Siblings: Briggita (d. in Germany, age 18)
Spouse: PAULSEN, Catharina C.; b. Brecklum, Germany
Marriage: 10 Nov., 1878
Children: Ludwig C. (b. 15 Jan. 1880); Peter E. ( b. 11 April, 1881); Carl E. (b. 1 Oct., 1882); Emelie C. (b. 1 Nov. 1884); Herman C. ( b. 11 June, 1886); Ida (b. 1 Oct. 1887, d.); Christina (b. 14 Nov., 1888); Paul C. (b. 4 Dec., 1890); Annie B. (b. 14 Oct., 1893); Johannes C. (b. 7 March, 1895); Mac C. (b. 17 Feb.,1897); Rosie A. (b. 17 Jan, 1902)
Spouse Father: Paul Paulsen and Catharina Kettelsen
Spouse Siblings: Anna,( Germany); Henry,(d.); Christena, (Davenport, Ia); Catharina C. (m. Hans C. Christiansen); Johannes Paulsen,(half-brother, Hamburg, Germany)
Name: CHRISTIANSEN, Julius H. A.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 27 Aug 1882, Crawford Co.
Father: Anthony W. A. Christiansen, b. Germany; m. Crawford Co.
Mother: Wilhelmina Prien, b. Brazil, South America; d. 15 Nov 1910
Siblings: Caroline L. (m. William Myers; Crawford Co.), Marie (m. William Evers; Green River, Wyo.), and Albert, Bernhard, Ludwig, Johann, Henry, and Otto, all living in S. Dak. with father, 2 others (d.)
Spouse: BAAK, Hulda, b. 25 Sept 1885, Crawford Co.
Marriage: 18 Oct 1905
Children: William A. E. (b. 8 July 1906)
Spouse Parents: William Baak (Schleswig, IA) and Caroline Koch (d. 5 May 1903), both b. in Germany.
Spouse Siblings: Emma (m. Magnus Hollander; Crawford Co.), 3 others (d.)
Name: CLAUSON, Alfred J.
NOTE: See Biography of his brother William Clauson and note inconsistencies in information given in the biographies.
Residence: Stockholm twp
Occupation: farmer, public official
Birth: 29 Oct 1865, Sweden
Father: C. F. Clauson, m. Sweden; emigrated to US 1868
Mother: Helen Pearsen (d. April, 1892)
Siblings: John A (Stockholm); William (Crawford); Edward (Kiron); Ida (m. Ed Anderson, Crawford); O. E. (Crawford)
Paternal Grandparents: Claus Clauson and Anna. Children: C. F., Swan A. (Sweden), Charlotte (m. N. P. Ericksen, SD)
Maternal Grandparents: John Pearsen and Sarah
Spouse: ANDERSON, Lottie, b. Sweden 1866
Marriage: 1893
Children: Edith, Ethel, Ruth, Lillie, Myrtle
Name: CLAUSON, Edward E.
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Furniture Merchant and Undertaking (Clauson Brothers). Also Postmaster
Birth: 8 Feb 1871, Crawford Co.
Father: C. F. Clauson (b. about 1841, Sweden. Emigrated to US 1865. Resides Stockholm Twp.)
Mother: Katherine Johnson (b. Sweden, d. about 1890. Emigrated to US 1865)
Siblings: Alfred J.; William C.; Otto E.; Eda C. (m. Edward Anderson) all of Crawford Co. Also nine deceased siblings
Spouse: LUNDBERG, Anna (b. Sac Co. IA)
Marriage: Feb 1901
Children: Raymond B.; Bernice O.; Newell F.; Ralph C.
Spouse Parents: Axtel Lundberg and Matilda (both b. Sweden. Both reside in Sac Co. IA)
Spouse Siblings: Eight, no names provided
Name: CLAUSON, Otto E.
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: furniture, undertaking, and real estate businesses
Birth: 9 August 1876, Stockholm twp
Father: C. F. Clauson
Mother: Kathrine Johnson
Siblings: SEE biography of Edward E. Clauson
Spouse 1: LUNDBERG, Emma, b. Sweden; d. 1904
Marriage: 1901
Children: Leslie Myron, Eveline (d.), Emma (d.)
Spouse 1 Parents: John Lundberg and Anna (d. 1910 Sac Co., Ia.)
Spouse 2: LILLIEHOLM, Alfena, b. Rockford, Ill.
Marriage: 1905
Spouse 2 Father: A. F. Lillieholm
Name: CLAUSON, William
NOTE: See Biography of his brother Alfred J. Clauson and note inconsistencies in information given in the biographies.
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 14 Jul 1869, Crawford, IA
Father: C. F. Clauson (b. Sweden; d. age 70 yrs; emigrated 1868 to IA)
Mother: Catharina (b. Sweden; d. 10 Apr 1892, Crawford, IA; mother of 14 children)
Siblings: Alfred J. (Crawford Co.); Edward E. (Kiron); Otto E. (Crawford Co.); Eda C. (m. Edward Anderson, Crawford Co.) and nine deceased.
Spouse: NASLUND, Annie
Marriage: 19 Jan 1895
Children: Clarence; Edward (d.); Myrtle (d.); Eldon; and Mabel
Spouse Parents: John Naslund and Sarah M. Hanson
Spouse Siblings: Peter (of Crawford Co.)
Note: Baptist
Name: COCHRAN, Enoch T.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Real estate and insurance
Birth: 29 June 1855, Crawford Co., Penn.
Father: John M. Cochran, b. Penn.; d. Denison, age 75
Mother: Lucinda Gillaspey, b. Penn., d. 1878, age 67
Siblings: Robert G. (Los Angeles), William (Denison), Murray J. (Tonopah, Nev.), Wesley (d.), Charles J. (Phoenix, AZ), daughter (d. infant)
Paternal Grandparents: Robert Cochran (b. Mercer Co., Penn.) and Mary Moore (d. age 80). Children John M., William, Lavina (m. Peter France)
Maternal Grandfather: Robert Gillaspey, d. 1818, abt age 92, Crawford Co., Penn.; Children: Lucinda, Mary, Margaret, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jane, Joseph
Spouse 1: MARSHALL, Clara L., b. NY state, d. 1888
Marriage: 28 Dec 1881
Children: Clyde M. (m. Theresa Balsky; Children: Robert Enoch, Howard Marshall; Omaha, Neb.)
Spouse 1 Parents: William Marshall (d.) and Julia Chapen (d.)
Spouse 1 Siblings: William H., Ella, Fred, Frank, Lewis, Clara L.
Spouse 2: DEUEL, Ida M., b. NY state
Children: Sylvia Alice, Robert Lyman
Spouse 2 Parents: Benjamin Deuel and Sylvia. Benjamin's second marriage.
Spouse 2 Siblings: Alice. Half sister Alethis from first marriage of Benjamin Deuel
Name: COMSTOCK, Frank E.
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 Oct 1880, Iowa
Father: John W. Comstock, came to Crawford Co. 1881
Mother: Ella Keller
Siblings: Charles (Montana), Nellie (m. Patrick Hassett; Denison Twp.), May, Dowie, David, Mabel
Spouse: HASSETT, Hannah
Marriage: 24 April, 1906
Children: Francis Lee, b. 4 Feb 1907
Spouse Parents: Jerry Hassett and Bridget O'Donovan, both born in Ireland and living in Denison
Spouse Siblings: Mary (m. Michael McMann; Denison), Con (East Boyer Twp.), Bridget (m. Francis McSurley; Nishnabotny Twp.), Tom (East Boyer Twp.), Patrick (Denison Twp.), Maggie (m. Patrick Lane; Vail, IA), John (East Boyer Twp.), Nellie (m. James Bowman; Washington Twp.), Kate (Denison), Lizzie (m. Clarence O'Mara; Washington Twp.)
Name: CONNER, James PerryBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Lawyer, Judge, Congressman (Iowa District 10)
Birth: 27 Jan 1851, Morristown (now Parker), Randolph Co., Ind.
Father: Dr. William L. Conner, b. N. Carolina; d. 1854, Morristown, Ind., age 33
Mother: Maria A. Stiffler, b. Penn.; d. age 57, Spring Creek Township, Black Hawk Co.. Second spouse: Carey Bradfield
Siblings: Martha (m. W. R. Bradfield; La Porte City, IA), Calvin (d. age 26), one other (d. infant)
Step Siblings: Children of Carey Bradfield: Elsworth Bradfield (Minn.) and 2 others (d.)
Spouse: COWDREY, Allie M.
Marriage: 12 Oct 1875
Children: Raymond
Name: CONWAY, M. J.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 03 Jul 1871, Chicago, IL
Father: John F. Conway (Lumberman; b. Ireland; m. Chicago; d. Ireland 1876; immigrated 1855 to Chicago)
Mother: Lucy Kane (b. Ireland; d. 09 Jul 1906) Spouse 2: Thomas Griffin (d. Feb. 1904), Crawford Co.
Siblings: Thomas (d.); Mary Ellen (d.).
Spouse : FITZPATRICK, Margaret Ellen
Marriage: 1901
Children: Mary (b. 1907)
Spouse Parents: Frank Fitzpatrick and Anne Griffin (both b. County Clare, Ireland)
Spouse Siblings: Elizabeth; Thomas; Anne; Nicholas; Mary; Gertrude; Jane; Lucy; Leona; one d. in infancy.
Church Affiliation: Catholic
Name: CONYNE, Alfred M.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 1866, Denison twp
Death: 1911
Father: Alfred B. Conyne, Watertown, NY; m. St.Joseph, MO; d. Aug 1871. Deed to farmstead signed by Franklin Pierce in 1855
Mother: Cordelia Martin (b. Lexington, KY; d. 7 July 1908). 2nd husband: William Cochran (PA); 1 child, John (d. age 6)
Siblings: Silas (Chicago); Ada (b. 1868, d. 1873)
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Name: COOK, A. H.
Residence: Paradise Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 May 1872, Jackson, Co., IA
Father: Henry Cook, b. Germany; emigrated to US 1872. Last seen in Cedar Rapids, IA, talking to 3 other men and was not seen again.
Mother: Mary, b. Germany; d. 1902, Charter Oak, IA. Her second marriage.
Siblings: Mary (d.), Anna (d.), Louisa (m. John Thielman, Charter Oak, IA)
Step Siblings: Children of Mary (his mother) from first marriage: Fred (Wyoming, IA), Henry (Mapleton, IA), William (Wyoming, IA)
Spouse: GREEN, Ellen A.
Marriage: 8 Nov 1893
Children: Oliver Arthur (b. 19 July 1899)
Spouse Parents: Ezra Green (d. 20 Aug 1880, Crawford Co.) and Emily Clarke (Rolfe, IA)
Spouse Siblings: Frank (Dow City, IA), Fred (d.), Elsworth (Plover, IA), Charles (Rolfe, IA), Bessie (d.), Arthur (d.), Jessie (d.), Earl (Rockwell City, IA), Raymond (Rolfe, IA)
Name: COOK, John
Residence: Denison IA
Occupation: Farmer, Crawford Co
Birth: 08 March 1854, Jackson Co IA
Father: William Cook, of Somersetshire, England. Worked on Mississippi steamboat; also chopped cord wood. Farmer in Crawford Co. Died 1891 (age 70), Crawford Co
Mother: Elizabeth Cox, of Somersetshire, England
Siblings: Elizabeth (d., m. Thomas Taplin), Sarah (d., m. Thomas Bartlett), Mary (m. John Nelson, of Dundurn, Canada), Matthew (d.), Ellen (m. S. F. Squires, Kansas City MO)
Maternal Grandfather:William Cox, native of England, shoemaker
Spouse: Unnamed
Children: William (farmer, of Milford Twp, IA)
Note: Democrat
Name: COOK, W. H.
Residence: Willow twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 Oct 1874, Genoa, DeKalb Co., IL
Father: Archibald Cook, b. Tioga Co., Penn.; m. De Kalb Co., Ill; Civil War Vet.
Mother: Sarah Perkins Shirtcliff; b. Canada
Siblings: Harry (d.); George B.(International Harvester, traveling salesman); Mary (Omaha, NE); Roy (Willow Twp.); Jessie, (Dunlap, teacher); Leslie (d.)
Spouse : REMDE, Ola
Marriage: 1897
Children: Zeta, Galen, Ethel, Carl, Dorothy, Merlyn (all Willow Twp.)
Spouse Parents: Carl Remde (b. Germany; m. Germany) and Caroline (b. Germany; d.)
Spouse Siblings: Edward (Boyer twp); William (d.); Oscar (Willow twp); Victor (merchant, Dunlap); Otto (d.)
Name COON, Louis M. (M. D.)
Residence Denison
Occupation Physician
Birth 20 August 1863 near Madison, Wisconsin
Father William W. Coon; b. Ohio; d. 1909, Arion, IA, age 74. Spouse 1: Lucinda M. Warren, m. in Albion, Wisc.
Mother Mary E. McHenry; b. Allegany Co., New York; d. 20 May 1910, age 74
Paternal Grandparents Paul M. Coon (b. Oberlin, Ohio; d. Arion, IA; He sold 80 acres for the site of Oberlin college.) and Thirza Cole . Children: William W., Paul, Matilda (m. John Oliver; Winsfield Kansas)
Siblings Helen (d. age 16), Jessie (d. age 23; m. William Schouten; child Helen)
Spouse CLARK, Ella; b. Ann Arbor, Mich.
Marriage 1 January 1889
Spouse parents Joseph Clark (b. NY) and Eliza (b. NY)
Children William Louis
Name: COPPS, Michael
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Owner of Livery
Birth: 20 Jan 1873, Canada
Father: Patrick Copps
Mother: Ann Dolan d. 1895.
Siblings: Mary ( m. Thomas Fairweathers, MA); Edward, (Sioux City); Martha (m. Anthony Carroll, Maxbass, ND); Daniel, (Burke, SD); Anna ( m. Antoine Topf, Dallas, SD); B. Ellen ( m. Peter Smith, Plainview, NE); Sarah, (Sioux City); Patrick, (Spencer, NE); John, (Charter Oak); Elizabeth, (KS); Thomas, (Spencer, NE).
Spouse : HOPPER, Nellie, b. 1877, Chicago.
Marriage: April 1900
Children: Marie Inez, b. 09 Sep 1904; Helen Clara, b. 05 Apr 1908
Spouse Parents: Thomas Hopper ( d. 1906) and Margaret (d. 1902. )
Spouse Siblings: Margaret (widow of Lawrence Winans, Charter Oak); Thomas, (SD); Elizabeth, (Charter Oak); John P., (Sloan, IA); one deceased.
Church Affiliation: Catholic
Name: CORNWELL, Loren
Residence: Denison; in winter, CA
Occupation: President, Crawford County State Bank, farmer, merchandiser, flour mill owner, Crawford Co. treasurer
Birth: 10 Feb 1838, Fulton Co., NY
Father: Timothy Cornwell, (b Abt. 1791, CT, d. 1871, NY). Tanner, Fulton Co., NY
Mother: Elizabeth Kenyon, (b Abt. 1794, RI., d 1877)
Siblings: Ashbel. 3 others: Richard, Sarah, and Lucy died in childhood
Paternal Grandparents: Ashbel Cornwell, (b. CT) and Elizabeth Gaylord. He a farmer and a Revolutionary War soldier at battle of Bunker Hill. 6 children: Enoch, Ashbel, Titus, Timothy, a daughter & another child who died in infancy
Maternal Grandparents: Barnabas Kenyon (b. RI and (Unknown) Clark. He a farmer in RI. Children: Elizabeth, Asa, Randall, Susan
Spouse: DENNIS, Lydia J. (b. Fulton Co., NY)
Marriage: 24 Nov 1881
Spouse Parents: Eli Dennis (b. RI) and Mary Ann Kennedy
Spouse Siblings: Martha A, (d., m. Zalmon Gilbert); Mary (m. Herbert Drake, Gloversville NY)
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: Robert Kennedy (b. NY) & Jane Palmerton.
Spouse Paternal Grandparents: Joseph D. Dennis (b. RI) & Lydia Hart
Spouse Paternal Great Grandfather: Thomas Dennis, a soldier in Revolutionary War
Religion: Congregational
Name: CRANDALL, Eugene
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 24 July 1883, Panama, Shelby Co.
Father: George Crandall (b. 9 Sept 1843, Hancock Co., IL; m. 12 Dec. 1874; d. 1905, Dow City, IA; Pvt. Civil War)
Mother: Jennett Martin (b. Whiteside Co. IL)
Siblings: Maud, Lulu, Ada (all d.)
Paternal Grandparents: Benjamin Crandall and Rebecca Lemons; seven children
Maternal Grandparents: James Martin and Alvira Spencer, both b. NY
Spouse: WIGGENS, Winnie L., Dow City
Marriage: 6 May, 1908
Children: George Alvin, Evelyn Gertrude
Spouse Parents: Milton G. Wiggins (b. 6 Oct 1843 Nashville, OH; m. 23 March 1871, Denison; Civil War Vet.) and Sarah E. Hayes (b. 8 July 1851, Des Moines Co.)
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Name: CREWDSON, Archie B.; DVM
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Veterinarian, IA State College
Birth: 10 June, 1884, IA
Father: G. W. Crewdson (b. Kentucky, m. Iowa)
Mother: Barbara A. Watts (b. Indiana)
Siblings: Guy (Lincoln, NE, Harnessmaker); Lennie(m. E. A. Rosenberger, farmer, Woodbine); Clay (farmer, Monona Co.); Ray (Woodbine, feed store); Vergie (d. infant); Essie (at home); (Bessie, twin of Essie, d. infant); Ira (at home)
Name: CRIPPEN, Elizabeth L.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Denison property owner
Birth: 27 Oct 1843, Racine Co., WI
Father: Rufus Waterman, b. MA, d. WI
Mother: Hannah M. Webber, b. MA, d. WI
Spouse 1: CARPENTER, Alonzo, b. NY, d. 1885, Denison. lumber company bookkeeper
Marriage: 1878 or before in Wisc.
Children: Harry A Carpenter
Spouse 2: CRIPPEN, Harrison, b. NY, d. 1897. landowner, Crawford Co.
Religion: Baptist
Name: CRISWELL, Orville M.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Bank cashier
Birth: 02 Feb 1851, Blair Co. PA
Father: Benjamin Criswell, farmer, b. PA, d. 1905 age 85
Mother: Catharine Edelblute, b. PA, d. 1884 age 65
Siblings: Orlando B. (of Scott Co. IA) Asbury S. (of Charter Oak, IA)
Paternal Grandparents: Robert Criswell, b. PA, m. Mary Ann McElvain, b. PA . Had 8 children: Benjamin; John; Robert; Elizabeth;Mary Ann; Margaret; Thomas; William
Spouse : HART, Flora Belle, b. Ripley Co. IN
Marriage: 19 Mar 1873
Spouse Parents: Hiram Hart, b. OH, d. 04 Jul 1886 age 78, m. Mary J. McGuire, b. IN d. 17 May 1902, age 76.
Spouse Siblings: Abram R.; James W.; Cloe M. (m. John W. Smith;) Charles R.; Frances M. (d.); John S.; Mary J.( m. George H. Hollandsworth.)
Spouse Paternal Grandparents: William Hart and Annabel Piatt
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: James McGuire and Susan Fleck
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Name: CRONIN, P. H.
Residence: Boyer Twp
Occupation: Farmer. Raises grain, horses, & cattle.
Birth: 29 January 1871, Warren Co NY
Father: Philip Cronin, of Ireland; was brick mason in London; m. in England
Mother: Julia Hartnett, of Ireland; d. 1896.
Siblings: Timothy (Willow Twp); D. J. (druggist, Platte Center, NE); Mary (m. William Shannahan, Ute IA).
Note: Catholic. Democrat
Name: CUE, Marion A
Residence: Willow Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 15 Sept 1872, Willow Twp, Crawford Co
Father: Joseph Cue, b. 16 June 1834, Wiltshire, England; came from England to US at age 18. Fought for the Union in Civil War (Company C, 65th IL Volunteer Inf); was taken prisoner at Harpers Ferry. Later was a farmer. Retired in 1903. Lives in Wichita, KS
Mother: Susan Arrowsmith, of English parentage; native of NY state; d. 18 May 1901
Siblings: Frank E. (d.); Alfred M. (Nebraska); Eliza (d.); Arthur (d.); Oscar (d.); Augusta (m. William Nutter, farmer of Willow Twp); Bessie; Ralph (lives at home).
Paternal Grandparents: William Cue, farmer in England.
Spouse : McDOLE, Dora, of Crawford Co
Marriage: 12 Feb 1896
Children: Lester G., b. abt 1897
Spouse Parents: G. H. McDole (b. Paulding Co OH; lives in Dunlap IA) and Susanna Catherine Bodenbender (b. Paulding Co OH; d. Sept 1909); married in OH.
Spouse Siblings: John Francis (Mapleton IA); G. H. Jr. (Spokane WA); and Rosa L. (d. in infancy).
Note: Republican
Name: CUMMINGS, Henry James
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Sheriff; formerly engaged in farming, lumbering, rafting, steamboating, railroading, operating first dray line in Charter Oak, working as store clerk, and serving as deputy sheriff.
Birth: 11 Nov 1856 Clinton Co. IA
Father: Henry James Cummings (b. County Tipperary, Ireland; served in English army; married in Lowell, MA; d. 1858 Clinton Co. IA, age 32; Catholic)
Mother: Elizabeth Perrey (b. Paisley, Scotland; d. 1894 Clinton Co. IA, age 63; Presbyterian).
Siblings: One brother (died young).
Maternal Grandfather: Malcolm Perrey ( dyer by trade in Paisley, Scotland; d. age 76; children: Alexander; Robert; Malcolm; Matthew; Elizabeth; and Mary).
Spouse : FARRELL, Lizzie M. born Kankakee, IL; d. 03 Sep 1908; Catholic.
Marriage: 14 December 1887
Children: Daniel (d. age 2 1/2 years); Rhea; Andrew; Eileen; and Peter.
Spouse Parents: Daniel Farrell (b. Ireland; d. Kankakee, IL; d. Dunlap, IA) and Margaret Moore (b. Ireland; d. Omaha, NE).
Spouse Siblings: Peter J.; Daniel J.; Anna; Andrew; and Mary.
Name: DARLING, Albro E.
Residence: Ells, Crawford
Occupation: farmer, stock-raising
Birth: 21 Sept 1848 (VT)
Father: Robert Darling (VT, d. Deloit)
Mother: Johanna Fletcher (VT, d. Deloit)
Spouse: LONG, Rosana
Marriage: 22 May 1872
Children: Robert (Deloit); Susan, George, Emily (all d.); Harry (at home); Daisy (m. S. M. Louden; Castana); Annie (m. Andrew Schwanz, Crawford); Ida (m. Charles Dean, Crawford); Jessie (m. Julius Schramm, Odebolt); Edward, Myrtle, Thomas, Earl (at home); one other (d. infant)
Spouse Parents: David H. Long, Anglia Thompson (IL)
Name: DARLING, Edwin (M. D.)Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Physician, drug store clerk
Birth: 18 Mar 1838, Franklin Co. VT
Father: Benjamin Franklin Darling, farmer (b. VT, d. Jackson Co. IA)
Mother: Cynthia Blake, (b. VT, d. Jackson Co. IA)
Siblings: Emily (d.); Viola (m. George Leslie, OK); Jeanette (m. George L. Wright, Denver CO); Edson (d.)
Spouse: STEVENS, Adaline (b. 19 Nov 1848, Ohio)
Marriage: 1867
Spouse Parents: John Stevens & Mary Jane (b. Abt.1823, d. Denison, 7 Apr 1911)
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Notes: Benjamin Franklin Darling came to Jackson Co. IA in 1848. Edwin Darling joined Union army, 9th Iowa Infantry in 1861. He participated in battles of Pea Ridge, Arkansas Post, Vicksburg, Lookout Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia, and "went with Sherman to the sea."
Name: DAVIE, W. A.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer, State Legislator, Pres. of lumber company in Dunlap, operates Farmers Insurance in Kiron
Birth: 13 Oct 1855, near Pontiac, Livingston Co., ILL
Father: John Turner Davie, b. 23 Dec 1823, Devonshire, England; d. 3 Dec 1883, probably in Harrison Co., IA
Mother: Hannah Hoskins, b. New Jersey. Previous marriage to John Rogers.
Siblings: Isabel (m. John W. Coon; Paradise Twp.), Emma (m. Amos Hunt; Canada), Ella (d. 26 Mar 1876), Ida (m. Livy Hunt; Harrison Twp.), Nettie (d.), Frank (d. 15 Jan 1906), Minnie (m. T. J. Rule; Paradise Twp.)
Step Siblings: Child of John Rogers: Ellen (d., m. Frank Roberts; Dunlap, IA)
Spouse 1: FULLERTON, Mary Elizabeth, b. Ohio, d. 29 April 1904
Marriage: 29 Oct 1876
Children: Edith (m. John Hunt; Harrison Co.), Maude (m. Omer Musgrove; Harrison Co.), Ray (Crawford Co.), Harry (Crawford Co.), Maybelle (m. Fred Cook; Union Twp.)
Spouse 2: Mrs. Florence (Painter) Griffith
Name: DE PREE, John James
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Pastor, First Presbyterian Church since 1907
Birth: 29 Feb 1876, Spring Lake MI
Father: Rev. James De Pree, b. Netherlands. Pastor Dutch Reformed Church
Mother: Johanna Bolks, b. Netherlands
Siblings: Lena (m. G. Boeyink, Sioux Center IA); Dr Seine de Pree ( Sioux Center); Gertrude (m. Henry Evenhuis, North Yakima WA); Neal (Sioux Center); Albert (North Yakima WA)
Paternal Grandparents: John De Pree, (b Netherlands, d. age 81 yrs.), carpenter, and Unnamed spouse (d. age 75 years). 7 children who lived to maturity: Dena, Peter, Dirk, Lena, James, John, Jane
Maternal Grandparents: Rev. Seine Bolks, (b. Netherlands, d. Orange City IA) and Gertude Brower, (b. Netherlands, d. age 67 yrs.) Children: Johanna, Albert, Garrett, Simon
Spouse: BOER, Marie K., b. Albany NY
Marriage: 9 Sept 1903
Children: Donald; Wilbur Henry
Spouse Parents: Rev. H. K. Boer (b. Netherlands) and Mary Kroon (b. MI), both living in Grand Rapids
Spouse Siblings: Jeanette, Antoinette, Charlotte
Note: John De Pree emigrated 1847 to Zeeland MI. Rev Seine Bolks emigrated to Holland MI area in 1849. 2 sons and 6 grandsons and granddaughters of John De Pree were ministers and missionaries.
Name: DERNER, H. H.
Residence: Iowa Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 18 Oct 1866, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; emigrated to US abt 1881
Spouse: STEIN, Augusta
Marriage: 1887
Children: Lillie (m. George Boock, S. Dak.), Laura (Clinton, IA), Herman, Louisa, John, Selma, Malinda, Nettie, Hazel
Name: DEWEY, Edward
Residence: Westside
Occupation: retired farmer
Birth: 11 November 1826, Deerfield, Oneida Co., New York
Father: Zelolas Dewey, d. NY
Mother: Mehitable Roberts, d. NY
Siblings: Albert (d.), Leander (d.), Truman (d. 1911 Buffalo, New York), Maria (d., m. James O'Brien; New York), Mary (d., m. James Rawley; Chicago), Charles (d.)
Spouse 1: COFFIN, Roxanna, b. Herkimer Co., New York
Marriage: 4 March 1847
Children: Maurice, Clifford, Roxanna (d.)
Spouse 2: SMITH, Mary
Marriage: March 1859
Children: Eugene (S. Dakota), Harriet (m. Frank Wagner), Lily (m. James Roxborough), Georgia (m. Herman Mum; Bellingham, Wash)
Spouse 2 Siblings Henry, Caleb (d.), Adeline (m. Henry Transue)
Name: DIETER, Jesse T
Residence: Jackson Twp
Occupation: Farming, raising stock
Birth: 21 Dec 1886, Jackson Twp
Father: John A. Dieter, b. Ohio. Farmer in Jackson & Westside Twps.
Mother: Tillie C. Pound
Siblings: Grace (Omaha NE), George, Raymond, Leonard, Edward, Lloyd, Ada May, Earl, James (d. in infancy).
Spouse: McCALPIN, May
Marriage: 26 May 1909
Children: Catherine (b. 13 Sept 1910)
Spouse Parents: William McCalpin (St. Louis MO), & Catherine White (St. Louis MO)
Spouse Siblings: William, Helen, Robert, Ruth, George, Joseph, Francis, & 4 others deceased.
Notes: Catholic. Republican
Name: DIETZ, JohnBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Willow twp
Occupation: farmer, retired
Birth: 15 April 1849 (Milwaukee, WI)
Father: Casper Dietz (b. Germany)
Mother: Margaret Sherm (b. Germany)
Siblings: Anna (m. Fred Eggers, Denison); Josephine (St. Louis, MO); Matilda (Chicago); Margaret (Chicago); Frank (d.); Peter (Dakota)
Spouse 1: MUNSON, M. A. (d. 1893)
Marriage: 1877
Children: Phina, Inas, Emma, Nellie (all d.); Arthur (Willow twp; m. Lizzie Bartell. Children: George, Lester, Mabel)
Spouse 2: HARE, Dora (d. 1908)
Marriage: 1899
Religion: Catholic
Name: DOBSON, John
Residence: Deloit
Occupation: Hotel Operator
Birth: 21 Dec 1834 Tazewell Co, IL
Father: Benjamin Dobson, b. 05 Nov.1799 NJ, d. 17 Nov 1876, m. 01 Jan 1818
Mother: Keziah Wolf, b. 29 Dec 1802 NJ, d. 17 Feb 1863
Siblings: Katherine; Nancy; Elizabeth; Michael; Margaret; Benjamin Jr.; John; Joseph; William; Elihu;and Thomas ( b. 08 Feb 1819 Hanover, Butler Co., OH; d. 28 Jul 1878 Deloit; m. 29 Oct 1843 Sarah Taylor b. 24 Aug 1823. Served as first superintendent of schools for Crawford Co., recorder of deeds, and member of board of supervisors. One child: Mrs. Ellen Horr of Deloit.)
Paternal Grandparents: Thomas Dobson, b. 27 Aug 1757 Elsdon, Northumberland, England, d. 30 Oct 1828, m. 1798 to Catherine Riggius (b. 18 May 1781, Morris River, Cumberland Co., NJ)
Paternal Great-Grandparents: Roger Dobson b. 1683, England, d. 1767, m. 1756 Elizabeth Rutherford, b. 27 Aug 1725, England.
Spouse : WINANS, Lucy Jane, b. 22 May 1836, Warren, Trumbull Co., OH
Marriage: 18 Feb 1855
Children: Merinda (m. Jesse Mason); Julia Ann; Mary Jane (twin of Julia Ann, d. 27 Feb 1890) ; Clinton M. (b. 9 Jan 1859); Franklin C. (b. 4 May 1862); Julian Elihu and Junius Elias (twins, b. 9 Apr 1864); Cora (m. Graham Wanless); Edith C.; two deceased
Church Affiliation: Latter Day Saints
Name: DOIDGE, Henry W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 25 Jul 1872, Napanee, Canada; to Crawford Co. 1873.
Father: William Doidge (b. 24 Jun 1840, Devonshire, Eng.); To Crawford Co. 1873; (Denison, IA). Spouse 1: Mary Farley, m. 1864. Child, William (deputy sheriff; Leavenworth, KS).
Mother: Anne Ramsey (m. 1870). Second spouse of William Doidge.
Siblings: Maggie M. (widow of N. J. Anderson; Arion, IA), Jane (m. Thomas Carson; Armstrong, SD), Bertha A. (d.), John R. (Sioux City, IA), Milton R. (Arion, IA), Percival M. (Arion, IA), Robert A. (Glenellen, IA).
Paternal Grandparents: John Doidge (of England; Emigrated to Canada 1842; Farmer) and Mary Hall.
Paternal Great Grandparents: John Doidge (d. drowned in English Channel; Soldier, English army) and Mary Ford (sister of Daniel Ford of East India Co.) Second marriage of John Doidge: Susanna Churchill of Devonshire, Eng.)
Spouse : MITCHELL, Ida May (b. Boone, IA)
Marriage: 6 Jan. 1905
Children: Genevieve Ellen, Worth Edward, Ruby Ernestine
Spouse Parents: Henry Mitchell and Jennie Van Hausen, (both b. PA; living in British Columbia).
Church Affiliation: Congregational Church
Name: DOLK, Charles A.
Residence: Kiron, IA
Occupation: machinist and plumber
Born: 26 August, 1873, Kiron, IA
Father: Andrew Dolk, emigrated from Scandinavia
Mother: Hulda Frodig
Siblings: Lilly (d.); unknown (d. infancy); Seth A. (North Dakota)
Spouse: JOHNSON, Matilda L.
Marriage: 2 March, 1896
Children: Sidney Raymond (age 8 )
Spouse Parents: Erick Johnson and Anna Palm
Spouse Siblings: John A.( Kiron, IA); Charles E. (Kiron, IA); M. A. Johnson (Kiron, IA);
Name: DORALE, Henry E.
Residence: Soldier twp
Occupation: farmer, stock-feeder
Birth: 3 Jan 1870, Jackson Co., IA
Father: George A. Dorale (b. Germany; m. Iowa; d. 1884)
Mother: Mary Dove (b. Germany)
Siblings: Clara (m. John Quade, Crawford); Fred (SD); Louis (WY); Mary (m. John Maack)
Spouse: MAACK, Annie (b. Crawford Co, 28 Feb. 1877)
Marriage: 29 May 1895
Children: Emma (b. 6 May 1896); Elsie (b. 17 Nov 1897); Fred (b. 11 June 1899); Lulu (b. 26 Feb 1901); Albert (b 15 May 1903); Richard (b. 5 Dec 1905); Paula (d. infant)
Spouse Parents: Ernest Maack (b. Germany, d. Dec 1895), Mary Sachau (b. Germany, m. Germany, emigrated 1870, Rock Island, IL, Hanover twp
Spouse Siblings: Henry (Hanover twp); August (Hanover twp); Emma (m. Fred Dorale); John (Hanover Twp.); Matilda (m. Andrew Namany, SD); Marie (Hanover twp), Christ (d.), Bernhard (d.), one other (d. infant)
Religion: Lutheran
Name: DORFLER, John A.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 24 May 1870, Muscatine Co., IA
Father: John Dorfler - SEE John B. Dorfler Biography following
Mother: Augusta Stegemann
Spouse: MEYER, Edith B., b. 21 July 1876, Denison
Marriage: 2 June 1895
Children: Frank W. (b. 11 Feb 1897), John A. (b. 18 Mar 1909), one other (d. infant)
Spouse Parents: August Meyer (b. Germany, m. Germany, age 76, emigrated to US 1864) and Henrietta Harder (b. Germany, age 75) living in Lake View, IA.
Spouse Siblings: Minnie (m. William Heller; Lake View, IA), Arthur (Guthrie Center, IA), Frantz (Auburn, IA), William (Crawford Co.), 9 others (d.)
Name: DORFLER, John B.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 Nov 1835, Germany
Death: 5 Oct 1898
Father: Adam Dorfler, b Germany, emigrated to US 1845
Mother: Barbara, b. Germany
Siblings: Adam (d. Germany), Elizabeth (widow of Christ Will; Muscatine, IA), Margarete (m. John Heubner; Muscatine, IA), George (d. Civil War), Kate (m. Peter Hisshmann, both d.), Katrina (m. George Hunt; Muscatine, IA), Anna (m. George Shafer, both d.)
Spouse: STEGEMANN, Augusta, b. 31 Oct 1846, Germany
Marriage: 12 Nov 1868
Children: John (b. 24 May 1871 -- see his biography for conflicting year), Anna (b. 19 Feb. 1872), George (b. 6 Jan 1874), Frank (b. 2 Dec 1876), William (b. 24 Nov 1879), Elizabeth (b. 8 Sept 1882)
Spouse Parents: Edward Stegemann (d. 1 May 1898, Denison) and Caroline Rohdy (d. 27 Mar 1905), emigrated to US 1868
Spouse Siblings: William, Minnie, Earnest, Otto H., and Albert all in Crawford Co.; Otille (widow of John Reimers; Crawford Co.), Albertina (m. Andrew P. Hollander; Crawford Co.), Gustave D. (North Platte, Neb.), Annie (d. child), Herman (d. child)
Name: DOW, S. A.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Mayor, Dow City
Birth: 12 Mar 1856, Dow City
Father: S. E. Dow, b. NH 1821; m. 28 Oct 1846; d. 3 Oct 1907. Postmaster, Dowville Blue Folder Photo
Mother: Chloe Anne Smith, b. 1825 Verona NY; d. 30 Nov 1907
Siblings: Alma (deceased); William (Dow City); 3 died in infancy
Spouse: DAVIS, Candice E. , b. Maryville MO
Marriage: 1883
Children: Golda Alma; Chloe Anne
Religion: Baptist
Note: S. E. Dow came to came to Crawford Co. in 1855
Name: DOWNS, Frank H. Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Union twp
Occupation: Farmer, stock-raiser, livery business
Birth: 5 June 1867, Gloucester Co. NJ
Father: Edward J. Downs, (b. 7 May 1834, NJ; m. 20 Nov 1856), farmer and charcoal burner
Mother: Lucinda Graham
Siblings: Hudson (Arion IA); Maria Jane (m. Charles Gaines, Menard Co. IL); John F. (North Platte NE); Elmer Ellsworth (Dawson Co. NE); Franklin H.; Sarah Elizabeth (m. Morris McHenry Jr., Dow City); Ed J. Jr. (Overton NE), Lucinda (m. Isaac Howorth, Goodrich twp); Emma (m. Ed. R. Green, Overton NE)
Paternal Grandparents: Thomas Downs (d.) and Maria Jane (b. Ireland; now living in Denison)
Spouse : ACKER, Nellie (b. Ogle Co. IL) Widow of Harry Wall (b. IN; m. 7 Dec 1887, Hand Co. SD)
Marriage: 8 Apr 1898
Children: Nathaniel Acker; Frank Jr.; Eliza Early, all living at home.
Stepchild: Daughter of Harry Wall: Eva May Wall (m. Neil Graham, Everett WA)
Spouse Parents: John Acker, (b. 5 Apr 1835, Ogle Co. IL) and Nellie Harrington (b. 10 Oct 1839, Otsego Co. NY). Presently residents of Everett WA
Spouse Siblings: Tessora V. (m. George Dulitz, WA); Alice May (m. Homer Brown, Oregon); 2 others deceased
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Note: John Acker was a member of Union Army Sturgas Rifles company that was sent out as General McClellan's bodyguard. He also joined Company M, 17th IL Cavalry. Nellie (Harrington) Acker's grandfather was a private in Continental army.
Name: DUFF, John N.
Residence: Denison Twp (previously Kane Co. IL; Paradise Twp, Crawford Co; Washington Twp, Crawford Co.)
Occupation: Farmer and stockraiser (120 acres)
Birth: 17 Dec 1860, Kane Co. IL
Father: John Duff (b. Scottish Highlands; d. 1892; emigrated to US in 1840)
Mother: Sarah Grey (b. NY; d. Kane Co. IL)
Siblings: Anna Eliza (m. W. C. Pollock); Robert (d. age 8); Ellen; Harriet (m. John H. Hall); Lillie Jane (m. Lewis Lenze)
Spouse: BLACKMAN, Frances Elizabeth (b. Kane Co. IL)
Marriage: 13 Dec 1886
Children: Rosa Ella (d. 1909, age 18); John N. Jr. (age 13); William Edward (d.)
Spouse Parents: Jerome Blackman (d.) and Celia Harper (Denison)
Name: DUGAN, C. M.
Residence: Westside twp.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 1 April 1859 Michigan
Father: Martin Dugan, b. Ireland; d. 25 May 1899, Crawford Co. Emigrated to Michigan
Mother: Mary Ryan, b. Ireland; d. 18 March 1904, Crawford Co.
Siblings: 7 living children, 1 (d.)
Spouse: KELLY, Anna, b. 25 November 1871, Peoria, Illinois
Marriage: in 1892
Children: Mabel, Martin, Nellie, Edward, Carl M., Lucile
Spouse Parents: M. Kelly (b. Ireland) and Mary Conway (b. Massachusetts; d. 1 August 1882, Illinois)
Name: DUNBAR, John R.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Insurance and Real Estate
Birth: 9 November 1842, Swanton, Franklin County, VT
Death: 9 August 1898
Father: Almon C. Dunbar (d. age 70), b. VT
Mother: Fannie Crawford (d.), b. VT
Siblings: George B. (d.), Almon C. (d.), Elisha B. (W. Danville, VT), Sidney (Richford, VT), Sarah (m. Stephen Jones), Alice (m. George Jones)
Spouse: PHELPS, Mercy M., b. 7 February 1846, Stanbridge, Quebec, Canada
Marriage: 8 December, 1861
Children: Emma Eliza (d. age 17 mo.), Ella Eunice (d. age 3), Ada Julia (d. age 11), and Lena Phelps (d. age 9)
Spouse Parents: Elnathan Phelps (d. age 60; Revolutionary soldier) and Phoebe Blakely, both b. CT
Spouse Siblings: Eliza, John B., Zaccheus Lock, Zaccheus Aylmer, William E., Albert T., Anna J., Mercy M.
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Zaccheus Blakely (Farmer, CT)
Affiliations: Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge, Republican Party, Cavalryman in the Civil War
Name: DUNHAM, Cornelius Sr.
Note: He is the pioneer settler of Crawford Co. in 1849 along with Franklin Prentiss. His biography did not appear in the book, but extensive biographical data given in the biographies of his son Z. T. Dunham and his grandsons S. C. and P. C. Dunham warranted a separate entry for him on these pages, combining the information from the other 3 biographies.
Residence: The original white settler of Crawford Co. in 1849 along with Franklin Prentiss. He last settled in what is now Boyer Twp. on what was the family homestead in 1911.
Occupation: Farmer and stockraiser
Birth: Martha's Vineyard, MA.
Father: b. England, fisherman off Cape Cod
Siblings: nine siblings
Spouse 1: unnamed
Children: John A., Louisa, Sophronia, Cornelius Jr., (all d. as of 1911)
Spouse 2: SCOTT, Margaret, widow of Samuel Miller
Children: Margaret (m. J. N. Obanion, Boyer Twp.), Martha (Dunlap, IA), Samuel (Braydontown, Florida), Jasper (d. infant), Z. T., Flora
Stepchildren: Children of Samuel Miller: James, Elisabeth, Mary Jane, George, one other (d. infant)
Name: DUNHAM, P. C.
Residence: Boyer Twp. probably
Occupation: Farmer in Boyer and Union Twp.
Birth: 16 Feb 1865, Boyer Twp.
Father: Cornelius Dunham Jr., b. Sangamon Co., ILL; m. 22 Feb 1858, Crawford Co; d. 1894, Boyer Twp.; buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Dunlap, IA; moved to Crawford Co. 3 Mar 1832 with his father.
Mother: Maria McKenzie, b. 18 Jan 1839, Birmingham, England; d. 14 Jan 1905; buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Dunlap, IA; emigrated to US abt 1851
Paternal Grandfather: Cornelius Dunham Sr. See his biography.
Siblings: Charles D. (b. 7 Jan 1859; Boyer Twp.), Sophronia Isabel (b. 5 Oct 1860, m. S. H. Johnston; Carroll Co.), Mary Elnora (b. 20 Sept 1862, d. 16 Nov 1888), Samuel Alexander (b. 30 Jan 1868, d. 12 Feb 1903)
Spouse: HOFF, Ella M., b. Indiana
Marriage: 5 Sept 1885
Name: DUNHAM, S. C.
Residence: East Boyer Township
Occupation: Farmer, Inventor
Birth: 26 May 1851, Clinton County, IA
Father: John A. Dunham (b. Fulton County, IL; m. 1848, Jackson Co., IA; d. 1854, Dunham's Grove, Crawford Co.)
Mother: Celinda H. Richardson (d. 27 May 1897). Second marriage: Tracy Chapman, 1856.
Siblings: Alice (d.), Mrs. Elsie Brink (NE)
Step Siblings: Children of Tracy Chapman and Celinda Richardson: Lois (d.), Mrs. Phoebe Mason (Vail, IA), Mrs. Hulda Martin (Omaha, NE), Harlow H. (East Boyer Twp.), Delia (d.), Mrs. Salinda North (Milford Twp.), Rhoda (Vail, IA), Tracy (East Boyer Twp.), one other (d. infancy)
Spouse: MILLER, Mary J.
Marriage: abt, 1874
Children: Kate (m. Rolla Christy, Dunlap, IA), John A. (Los Angeles, CA), Lois (m. John Rowe, Missouri Valley, IA), Gussie (m. Ed Christy, Dunlap, IA), Edith (m. Neal Crampton, Hayes Township), Bessie (d.), Tracy (Oroville, CA), Fanny (m. Henry Sowder, Chadron, NE), Jessie and Jennie, twins.
Paternal Grandfather: Cornelius Dunham Sr. See his biography.
Affiliations: Republican Party
Name: DUNHAM, Z. T.
Residence: Pioneer Stock Farm, Crawford Co..
Occupation: Farmer, Cattle Breeder
Born: 17 Dec, 1849 Maquoketa, Jackson Co., Ia
Father: Cornelius Dunham, Sr.; b. Martha's Vineyard, Ma; d. 1865; 1st wife unknown
Mother: Margaret Scott, widow of Samuel Miller
Siblings: Margaret, (m. J.N. Obanion, Boyer twp.); Martha (Dunlap, Ia); Samuel (Braydentown, Florida); Jasper (d. infancy)
Step Siblings: (father Cornelius Dunham Sr, Mother, unknown) John A. ; Louisa ; Sophronia ; Cornelius Jr.; all who are now deceased
Step Siblings : (father, Samuel Miller) James, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, George, and one that died in infancy
Paternal Grandfather: b. England; was a fisherman off the coast of Cape Cod.
Spouse: LANE, Emma; b. Illonois
Marriage: 1871
Children: Artz L. (Boyer Twp); Clifford S. (Boulder, Co); Carrie Widney (Morrison, Illinois); R.W.; C.A. (Boyer Twp); Jennie Margaret ( Cedar Falls, Iowa); Frederick (d.)

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