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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With A and B

Name: ABBOTT, Thomas E.
Residence: Jackson Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: Nov, 1851, Lincolnshire, England, emigrated to US 1871
Father: Thomas Abbott, d. England, age 68
Mother: Ann Clement, d. England. Her brother Thomas B. Clement in Crawford Co.
Spouse 1: WICKWARE, Ambrosia , d. before 1 Dec. 1899
Marriage: Feb. 1879, Clinton Co., Iowa
Children: Anna A., James Edward, Robert D., Pearl May (d. age 17), Fay (age 11)
Spouse 2: VOSS, Mary
Marriage: 1 Dec., 1899
Name: AHART, Thomas
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 Dec. 1863 near Lake Constance, Germany
Father: Joseph Ahart. Emigrated to US 1866
Mother: Elizabeth Wieland
Spouse: HONZ, Anna, b. 7 July 1863, Baden, Germany. Emigrated to US 1886
Marriage: 20 Dec 1866, Denison
Children: George William, Mary Regina, Joseph Leo, Linford, Dorothy, John Theodore, Bernard Raymond, Kate (d. age 2), son (d. infant)
Name: AINSWORTH, John L.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Teacher
Birth: 5 Aug 1861, Lomira, Dodge Co., Wisconsin
Father: Michael Ainsworth, b. NY state; d. 1901 age 84
Mother: Mary Rice, b. Alsace, France; d. 1905 age 77
Paternal Grandfather: Joseph Ainsworth, b. NY state; d. Wisconsin
Maternal Grandfather: Joseph Rice, b. Alsace, France
Siblings: Joseph O.(d.), Edwin M.(d.), Charlotte (m. E. O. Thien of Denison), Ancil D.(Ute, IA), George E(Canton, ILL)., Adella (m. J. C. Phillips, Virgil, S. Dak.)
Spouse: SHIRTCLIFF, Edith.
Marriage: 2 Apr. 1890
Spouse Parents: Henry Shirtcliff and Frances Colley. [See biography of Henry Shirtcliff]
Name: ALFRED, Levi S.
Residence: Manilla
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 14 June 1857, Westport, Conn.
Father: Lewis Alfred, b. Conn., d. Manilla, IA, age 81
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Scribner, b. Conn., d. 24 March 1873 age 43
Siblings: Ira B.
Spouse: BROWN, Eleanor, b. Butler Co., Penn., d. 14 Apr. 1909 age 55.
Marriage: 21 Feb. 1885
Children: Mary Eleanor, William L., Harriet A., Robert L., Paul M., Ira A.
Spouse Parents: William Brown and Harriet Norrison, both b. Penn.
Spouse Siblings: John, Mary, Emma, William, George, Clara, Ann, Harriet
Name: AMSTEIN, Rev. Adolph
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Pastor, German Lutheran Church
Birth: b. 26 Feb. 1869, Germany. Emigrated to US 1885
Father: Sebastian Amstein, b. Germany; d. age 73
Mother: Fredericka Bartholmaes, b. Germany, now age 85
Siblings: The following all in Germany: Aurelia (d.), Mathilde, Pauline, Florine, Henrich, Christiana, Johann and Rosine. Reinhold (Ida Co., IA)
Spouse: GRUNKE, Sophia; b. 27 Aug 1867, Waterloo, Wisc.
Marriage: 15 April 1891
Children: Elsie (b. May 1892); Erwin E. ( b. 14 Apr. 1894); Herbert C. ( b. 25 Dec 1897); Helen M.( b. 16 June 1898); Adele M. (b. 30 Sept 1900, d. 6 Jan 1901); Edgar T. ( b. 27 March 1902); Lorena E. (b. 12 Sept 1904); Ruth M. (b. 9 Nov 1906)
Spouse Parents: Friederich Grunke (d. 1885) and Augusta Bagganz (living age 85); both b. Germany
Spouse Siblings: Alvina (Wisc.), Emma (Minn.), Huldah (d.), Elizabeth (d.), Helen (d.), Ida (d.)
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: General Store
Birth: 17 April 1877, Sweden. Emigrated to US with parents in 1889
Father: Lars Anderson
Mother: Anna
Siblings: Andrew, Maggie (m. to Oscar Johnson, Crawford Co.)
Name: ANDERSON, Charles J.
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 12 Feb 1852, Sweden
Father: Gustav Anderson
Mother: Caroline Danielson
Siblings: August (d.), Anna (m. Charles Peterson, Sweden), Frederick (d.), Matilda (d.), August (Crawford Co.), William (Sioux City), Hilma (m. A. Linden, Sac Co., IA), Clara (d. infant)
Spouse: ELSTROM, Augusta.
Marriage: 18 Dec 1880
Children: Hattie (m. J. B. Johnson), Matilda, Emma Christina, Seth, David, Elizabeth, Levi, Mildred, Irene
Spouse Parents: John Elstrom and Johanna Gripwall
Spouse Siblings: Carl (deceased), August (Sweden), Ferdinand (Sweden), Reinhold, Matilda, Anna, Emma
Name: ANDERSON, Edwin W.
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 21 Oct 1840, Sweden
Death 12 Mar 1908
Father: Andrew Anderson
Mother: Christina
Spouse: WEBERG, Christina.
Marriage: 25 May 1876
Children: Anna, Naomi (m. W. R. Torbert; Denver), Leroy, Lillian (d.)
Spouse Parents: Peter Weberg and Bertha Johnson
Name: ANDRESEN, Bernard Siegfried
Residence: Schleswig. Emigrated to US 1888
Occupation: Cashier, German Bank of Schleswig
Birth: 29 Oct 1868, Ahrenschoeft, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Emigrated to US 1888
Father: Carsten Andresen
Mother: Margarethe Petersen
Spouse: NIEWOEHNER, Adelheid. b. Annapolis, Maryland
Marriage: 23 Sep 1908, Denison
Children: Bernard (b. 18 Nov 1909)
Name: ATZEN, Peter
Residence: Denison.
Occupation: Retired farmer
Birth: 14 Dec 1837 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Emigrated to US 26 April 1873
Father: Broder Atzen, b. Germany; d. 1897, Crawford Co., age 69. Emigrated to US 1875.
Mother: Josina Jessen, b. Germany; d. 1908 age 81
Paternal Grandparents: Christian Atzen and Christiana Jessen. Children: Broder, Christina, Martha
Siblings: Minnie (d., m. Erich Matsen, Chicago), Henry(Maquoketa, IA), Josina (m. Fred Walk, Chicago), Carl (Omaha), John (d.)
Spouse: CHRISTIANSEN, Justina. b. 1 Apr 1865, Risum, North Schleswig, Germany
Marriage: 1 Jan 1883
Children: George (m. Emma Foss; son Raymond, Washington Twp.), Fred (m. Bertha Foss; daughter Lillian), Carl, Minnie (m. Meinhard Thompson; son Henry, Goodrich Twp.), Henry (d. age 4), Hannah, Josina, Hilda, Walter, Bernhard
Spouse Parents: M. F. Christiansen (age 77) and Hannah Petersen (age 74). Emigrated to US 1872
Spouse Paternal grandfather: Sibbern Christiansen. Married twice. Children of 2nd marriage: Christian, Anna
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Hans Petersen. Children: Hannah, Bertha, Lena, Niss, Christ
Spouse Siblings: Anna Christina (m. Gust Rusing), Sibbern, Julius, Amelia (m. Henry Kolls), Hanna (m. John Jacobson)
Name: BAAK, Herman
Residence: Soldier Twp, Ricketts
Occupation: Farmer, Garage & Auto business
Birth: 29 Feb 1872, Chicago, Illinois
Father: August Baak, b. Germany; emigrate to US 1868; d. June 1907, Crawford Co.. Second marriage in 1886: Sophia Wickmann with children William, Richard, Ernest, all in Crawford Co.. Second marriage of Sophia Wickmann was to Fred Meyer.
Mother: Sophia Koch, b. Germany; emigrate to US 1868; d. 1881, Chicago
Siblings: August (d. child), Emma (m. Gustave Kroll, Monona Co., IA), Louis (d., age 4), Otto (Chicago)
Spouse: SCHELM, Minnie. b. 13 Aug 1874, Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1896
Children: Martha S. (b. 28 Aug 1898), Edna F. (b. 26 Nov 1899)
Spouse Parents: Carl Schelm (d. 1897) and Minnie Surtroh (d. 1886) both born in Germany. Second marriage for Carl Schelm: 1888 to Freda Fermeling (b. Germany) with children Gustave (d. at age 10 months), George.
Spouse Siblings: Doretta (m. Fred Hemmyers), William, Albert, all in Nebraska
Name: BAAK, Otto C.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 12 Sept 1885, Soldier Twp.
Father: Carl Baak, b. Germany; m. Germany; emigrated to US 1884
Mother: Frederika Wittkopf, b. Germany. Emigrate to US 1884
Father's Siblings: August (d. US), William (d. US), Sophia (Detroit, Mich.), 2 others living in Germany
Siblings: August (Ricketts, IA), William (S. Dak.), Herman (S. Dak.), Adolphine ( m. to Herman Wieschoff; Terril, IA)
Spouse: MAAS, Augusta. b. 10 Apr 1883, Charter Oak Twp.
Marriage: 14 Dec 1904
Children: Meta A. A. (b. 27 Oct 1905), Julius H. M. E. (b. 18 July 1907)
Spouse Parents: Carl Maas and Christina Krueger. Both born in Germany and emigrated to US in 1870
Spouse Siblings: William (Crawford Co.), Martha (m. Fred Kuhlmann, Crawford Co.), Elisabeth (Crawford Co.), Emma (m. Edward Meyer, Crawford Co.), Alvina (m. Henry Rhode), Herman (Monona Co., IA), Max, Carl (d.), Bertha (d.), Louisa (d.), 2 others (d. infant)
Name: BAAK, Richard
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 13 Sept 1887, Soldier Twp.
Father: August Baak (see Herman Baak biography)
Mother: Sophia Wickman (see Herman Baak biography)
Spouse: RICKERT, Ida. b. 9 May 1888, Hanover Twp.
Marriage: 23 June 1909
Spouse Parents: Joachim Rickert (d. 1905) and Anna Huencke (age 68); both born in Germany; m. in US
Spouse Siblings: Herman, William, Edward, all in Monona Co., IA
Name: BAAK, William F.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 17 Nov 1883, Soldier Twp.
Father: August Baak (see Herman Baak biography)
Mother: Sophia Wickman (see Herman Baak biography)
Spouse: WENDT, Clara. b. 4 Oct 1888, Morgan Twp.
Marriage: 4 March 1908
Children: Leonard E. R. E. (b. 20 May 1909), Clarence E. A. H. (b. 21 Dec 1910)
Spouse Parents: Adolph Wendt (b. Germany) and Elizabeth Mahnke (b. Chicago, Illinois) married in Charter Oak Twp.
Spouse Siblings: Elsie, Lillie, Willie, Carl (d.), Catherine (d.)
Name: BAER, Richard G.
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 26 April 1866, Clinton Co., Iowa
Father: Andrew J. Baer, b. Westmoreland Co., PA.; d. 1886, Crawford Co.
Mother: Jane Kelly, b. Westmoreland Co., PA
Siblings: Elias Henry (Portland, Ore.), Frank M. (Denison), Martha (m. Francis Murdoch, Denison Twp.), Emma (m. Jesse Rank, Denison), Susie (d., m. E. S. Miles; Dunlap, IA), George C. (Vergin, Sasketchewan, Canada), 3 others (d.)
Spouse: RIDDLE, Alice. b. Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1890
Children: Lillian, Jetta, Laura, Florence, Robert, Pearl, Vernie, Paul, Elsie, Evelyn, Theodore
Name: BAETH, Hans D.
Residence: Otter Creek Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, County Supervisor
Birth: 12 Feb 1855, Germany
Father: Reimer Baeth, age 79, emigrated to US 1872
Mother: Weibke Hansen, d. 1903, age 68
Spouse 1: PETERSON, Catherine
Children: Henry (Montana), George (Montana), Amanda (m. Ernest Johnson; Montana), Hans (Montana), William (d.), Niena (m. Charles Miller, Crawford Co.), Catherine (m. Henry Nichelson, Cook Co., ILL)
Spouse 2: WHETHOLM, Mary
Children: Emma, John, Charles, Robert, Helen, Louis, Peter, Harvey
Spouse 2 Parents: John and Jung Whetholm, both d. of Germany
Name: BANDOW, Albert
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 23 June 1875, Canal St., Chicago
Father: Christ Bandow, b. Germany; d. 1900, Washington Twp.; emigrated to US 1870
Mother: Frederica Witenberg
Siblings: Mary (m. William Jensen; Arcadia, IA), Lena (m. George Kellen; Garden, Mich.), Sophia (m. Henry Precht; Jennings, Louisiana), Anna (m. Charles Segbert, East Boyer Twp.), Bertha (m. Nels Bredahl; Adair Co., IA), Emma (m. Hans Bredahl; Adair Co., IA), Amelia (d.), with the following in East Boyer Twp.: Lewis, Julius, Charles
Spouse: JAGER, Frieda. b. 16 May 1881, Clayton Co., Iowa
Marriage: 8 Sept 1899
Children: Lewis, Carl, Herbert
Spouse Parents: Lewis Jager (d. 24 March 1898, emigrated to US 1867) and Minnie Lapel ( d. Nov 7 1900)
Spouse Siblings: Herman (d.), Lewis (d.), Adella (m. Lewis Bandow; East Boyer Twp.), Ella (d.)
Name: BARBER, A. A.
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 13 Aug 1857, Warren Co., Ohio
Father: Rockley Barber, b. England; m. 1850, Penn.; d. 1903, Nishnabotny Twp.
Mother: Sarah Anne Tomlinson, b. England, d. 1907
Siblings: E. W. (Manilla, IA); Carrie (m. F. A. Brown; Manilla, IA), Mary (m. Isaac Hird; Manilla, IA), G. E. (Ogden, Utah)
Spouse: FLINT, Addie
Marriage: 1888
Children: Maybel Myrtle
Spouse Father: William Flint
Name: BELL, Thomas W.
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 Sept 1862, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Father: Samuel Bell. b. Scotland; m. in Lawrence, MA; d. May 1892, Crawford Co.; emigrated to US 1854; buried in Vail cemetery
Mother: Jennie Allen, b. Scotland; d. 1901; buried in Vail cemetery
Siblings: Mary (m. C. N. Baker; Bridgeport, Wash.), Lizzie (m. George Lyon; Denison), David (East Boyer Twp.), Robert (Lyman Co., S. Dak.), Jennie (m. George Albert; Nevada, Missouri)
Spouse: BAKER, Addie. b. Cedar Co., Iowa
Marriage: 26 Jan 1889
Children: Myron, Clarence, Queen
Spouse Parents: William Baker and Jane Stone. Both b. PA; living in Manilla, IA
Spouse Siblings: Henry (Scranton, IA), Libby (Los Angeles), Clayton (Manila, IA), Emma (d.), Louise (m. Cass Wood; Olin, IA)
Name: BENNIGSDORF, William
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 16 Nov 1874, Germany, emigrated to US 1892
Father: Henry Bennigsdorf, b. Germany; emigrated to US 1907. Second spouse of Henry: Louisa Butterbred (b. Germany; d. 1906, Germany). Children of second marriage: August (d. age 12), one other (d. infant)
Mother: Anna Meyer, b. Germany, d. 1877
Siblings: Louisa (m. Henry Haverling; Howard Co., IA), Minnie (m. Henry Meyers; Denison), Fritz (Calif.), Henry (d. Germany), Lena (d., m. Emiel Specht; Charter Oak, IA)
Spouse: WAMSER, Dora V., b. 4 March 1872, Germany
Marriage: 2 March 1898
Children: Harry H. (b. 12 Jan 1900), Arthur (b. 16 Feb 1905), Herbert R. (b. 3 Jan 1907), Alvina (d.), Clara I. (d.)
Spouse Parents: Hans P. Wamser (b. Germany; d. Abt. 1910, Germany) and Margaret Knuth (b. Germany; d. 1903, Germany)
Spouse Siblings: Anna (m. Peter Ketelsen; Crawford Co., IA) and the following in Germany: Maria, Katrina, Magdelena, Christina, Margaret.
Name: BERG, A. Peter
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 July 1850, Sweden
Father: Olef Berg, b. Sweden; d. 1884, Crawford Co.; emigrated to US 1870
Mother: Katherine, b. Sweden, age 90
Siblings: Anna and Christina (twins), Maggie
Name: BERTRAM, William
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 20 Oct 1858, Oldenburg, Germany
Father: John Bertram, b. Oldenburg, Germany; d. 1869, Oldenburg, Germany
Mother: Sophia Thompson, b. Oldenburg, Germany, d. Bef. 1869
Siblings: Antoinette (Germany), Johanna (d. 1909), John (d.), Hendrica (Germany), Wilhelmina (New York City), George (d. 1908), Sophia (Germany)
Spouse: KUNZ, Maria Louisa. b. 31 Oct 1866, Abenrade, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Marriage: 1 March 1889
Children: Augusta (m. William Barkhoff; Logan, IA), Emma (Okla.), William, John, Sophia, Bertha, Minnie, George, Henry, Mary
Spouse Parents: Andreas Kunz (d. 28 April 1907, Denison, age 78) and Augusta Lorenzen (age 76 ). Emigrated to US 1881.
Spouse Siblings: Amelia (m. William Schiernbeck; Davenport, IA), Nicolina (m. William Vondohlen; Denison), Augusta (m. John Schnoor; Denison), Andreas (Granite, Okla.)
Name: BIDLACK, George Washington
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 15 March 1884, Luzerne Co., PA
Father: Samuel Jimpson Bidlack, b. PA, d. 1872, Carroll Co., Indiana
Mother: Hanna Thompson
Paternal Grandparents: John J. Bidlack, b. Connecticut, and Martha Hicks
Siblings: Alice (Manilla, IA), Evan T. (d.), Mary (m. W. S. Roderick), Maria (d.), Benjamin H. (Nishnabotny Twp.), Joseph (Rockford, IA), Sarah (d.), William (d.)
Spouse: CAMPBELL, Frances M., b. Illinois
Marriage: 1870
Children: Grace (Sac City, IA), Martha, Laura (m. to W. G. Merriam; Garrison, N. Dak.), Ellen (m. to J. A. McCutcheon; Garrison, N. Dak.)
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Farmer, retired
Birth: 20 March 1840, Holstein, Germany. Emigrated to US 1861
Father: Hans Bielenberg
Mother: Dora Rusch
Siblings: Amelia (m. Fred Jahde; Germany), Margaret (m. J. Fredricks; Brooklyn, NY), John (d.), Jacob (d.), Peter (d.), Herman (last heard of in CA), Henry (d. in NY), Rheina (Germany)
Spouse: STUBBE, Margaret
Marriage: 1 March 1864
Children: The following live in the Schleswig area: Henry, Fred, Rosa (m. Fred Fredrickson), Dora (m. Fred Rienking), Adolph, Claudius. Also, Martha (m. Carl Wellendoph; Ida Co., IA), Julius (Nebraska)
Spouse Parents: John Stubbe and Margret Plaht
Spouse Siblings: Martin (d.), Sophie (m. Claus Warner; Davenport, IA), Lena (m. Peter Hahmann; Schleswig), John (d.)
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 4 Nov 1879, Ida Co., Iowa
Father: Jacob Bielenberg
Mother: Emma Meyer
Siblings: Lena (m. Fred Peterson; Crawford Co.), William (Crawford Co.), Dora (m. John Bendixen; Crawford Co.), Fred (d.), Minnie (m. William Aldog; Ida Co., IA), August (d.)
Spouse: PETERSEN, Maggie
Marriage: 25 June 1903
Spouse Parents: J. C. and Anne Petersen, Schleswig
Name: BIELFELDT, Claus H.
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 8 March 1869, Germany, emigrated to US 1893
Father: Juergen Bielfeldt, d. 23 March 1906, Germany
Mother: Christina Frahm, d. 2 May 1889, Germany
Siblings: The following came to the US: Katrina, Anna (d.), Mary, Ingal, Henry. The following were in Germany: Casslen (d.), Juergen, Peter, Fredrick, Henne, Wiebke, Matilda, Christina
Spouse: JOENS, Catharina. b. 3 Sept 1873, Germany
Marriage: 1894
Children: Christine (b. 24 Nov 1894), Juergen (d. age 5 mo.), John (b. 28 June 1897), Elva (b. 7 Oct 1901), Minnie (b. 20 Nov 1905)
Spouse Parents: Hans Joens (age 63) and Eva Frahm (age 58). Both in Germany
Spouse Siblings: Peter (Crawford Co.), Hans (S. Dak.). The following were in Germany: Cecelia (d.), Carl (d.), Juergen, Margaret, Anna, Johannes, Claus, Fritz, Eva, Christine
Name: BLUME brothers
  BLUME, F. G., b. 14 Dec 1869, Livingston, Illinois
  BLUME, W. A., b. 12 Aug 1871, Livingston, Illinois
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmers
Father: Charles T. Blume, b. Saxony, Germany; m. Illinois; d. 1910, Hanover Twp.; buried Morgan Twp. Cemetery.
Blue Folder Photo
Mother: Amelia Girard, b. Germany
Siblings: Theodore (Hanover Twp.), Caroline (m. J. L. Adams; Maywood, ILL), Clara (m. Ferdinand Hartman; Klamath Falls, Ore.), Otto H (Albany, Ore.)., Edward (d. infant), Rosie (d. infant)
Name: BOECK, George H.
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 April 1881, Davenport, IA
Father: Henry Boeck, see his Biography
Mother: Catherina Kahler
Siblings: see Henry Boeck biography
Spouse: REIMERS, Ella.
Marriage: 11 March 1903
Children: Mildren Evelyn
Spouse Parents: P. A. and Catherine Reimers of Davenport
Name: BOECK, Henry
Residence: Retired and living in Davenport
Occupation: Owner of 1100 acres farmland in Crawford Co.
Note: Father of William F., George H., and Herman W. Boeck, all of whom have biographies on this page.
Birth: 24 Jan 1839, Holstein, Germany, emigrated to US 1858 or 1859
Spouse1 : PETERSON, Elizabeth, b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, d. 1873
Children: William F. (see Biography), Elizabeth (m. Fred Brandenberg; East Boyer Twp.), Laura (widow, m. Otto Teegan; Davenport, IA)
Spouse 2: KAHLER, Catherina, b. Germany
Children: Herman W. (see Biography), George H. (see Biography), Ferdinand (Davenport, IA), August H. (Davenport, IA), Louisa (m. August Schnoor; Nishnabotny Twp.)
Name: BOECK, Herman W.
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 Oct 1875, Davenport, IA
Father: Henry Boeck, see his Biography
Mother: Catherina Kahler
Siblings: see Henry Boeck biography
Spouse: BLUNK, Minnie, b. Germany
Marriage: 1897
Children: Oliver C., Benton H., Alfred R.
Name: BOECK, Peter
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1 April 1850, Germany; emigrated to US March 1881
Father: Peter Boeck, b. Germany; d. 1875, Germany
Mother: Margaret Reimel, b. Germany; d. 1881, Germany
Siblings: Thomas, Henry are both in Germany. Annie (m. John Ericksen)
Spouse: KROEGER, Louisa. Widow of Peter Klinker (d. 15 Sept 1897). Children of Peter Klinker and Louisa Kroeger: Meta (b. 19 Oct 1884, m. Peter Boeck, Charter Oak Twp.), George (b. 28 May 1887, Monona Co., IA), Mary (d. age 6 mo.), William (b. 19 Aug 1894), Bernhardt (b. 15 Jan 1897)
Children: Charley H. (b. 4 Nov 1900)
Spouse Parents: Juergen Kroeger (b. Germany; d. Nov 1890;) and Elizabeth Goss (b. Germany; d. Aug 1886). Emigrated to US 1882,
Spouse Siblings: Elizabeth (d., m. Henry Vosgrau, Crawford Co.), Minnie(d., m. Marcus Wilefang), John (Germany), Peter (Plymouth Co., IA), Mary (m. Brother Christiansen; Denison), Dora (m. Hans Petersen; Germany), Adolph (Cherokee, IA)
Name: BOECK, William F.
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 Sept 1867, Davenport, IA
Father: Henry Boeck, see his Biography
Mother: Elizabeth Peterson
Siblings: see Henry Boeck biography
Spouse: GOSCH, Anna
Marriage: 1893
Children: Viola Augusta, Henry Theodore, Harry, William, Howard Herman, Veronica Bertha, Hugo Fred
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: b. 18 Dec 1850, Cook Co., ILL
Father: John G. Bohlander, b. Germany, d. 1861, emigrated US 1832
Mother: Catherine Gloss, b. Germany, d. 1852, Brookfield, Missouri
Siblings: John G. (Hinsdale, ILL), Peter (Hinsdale, ILL), Mary (m. Rudolph Pfister; Brookfield, Missouri), Margaret (d.), Phillip, Henry (d.)
Spouse: NIEMAN, Dora A.
Marriage: 1874, DuPage Co., ILL
Children: Alfred (Norfolk, Neb.), Lewis (Nishnabotny Twp.), Frank (Nishnabotny Twp.), Bertha (m. Gustave Lapel; Manilla, IA), Emma
Name: BOHM, C. Henry
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 16 Dec 1856, Oldenburg
Father: Henry Bohm
Mother: Sophia
Siblings: Lizzie (Germany), Doris (m. Krueger; Hanover Twp.), Augusta (m. August Miller; Goodrich Twp.), Antone (Germany)
Spouse 1: MOSS, Christina, b. Germany, d. 1894
Marriage: 1885
Children: William and 4 others (all d.)
Spouse 2: GRAMMERSTROF, Lena
Marriage: 1895
Children: Emil, Carl, Eddie, Augusta
Residence: Iowa Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 19 Aug 1864, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Father: William Bohnsack, d. 1905, Manning, IA; emigrated to US 1881
Mother: Minnie Lingfeldt
Siblings: Dora (m. John G. Clausen; Chicago)
Spouse: MASON, Anna
Marriage: 1887
Children: William, Henry, Dora, Augusta, Louis, Emma, John
Name: BOND, Albert F.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Mason, farmer, and various enterprises.
Note: First mayor of Denison
Birth: 12 March 1836, Worster, Mass.
Father: Eli B. Bond (see biography of A. J. Bond for details and some inconsistencies in biographical data)
Mother: Celia Scott Seagrave
Siblings: A. J. Bond (see Biography)
Spouse: KING, Emma
Marriage: 9 Feb 1861
Children: Lina, 3 others (d. infancy)
Name: BOND, A. J. ("Juddy")
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Morturary, Piano and Organ merchant
Note: See also biography of Albert F. Bond
Birth: 15 Oct 1846, Springfield, Mass.
Father: Eli Daniel Bond, b. MA; d. 1861, Petersburgh, Mich., age 53
Mother: Selah Seagrave, b. MA, d. March 1863, age 48
Paternal Grandparents: b. Mass. Children: Elias, Daniel, Benjamin, Edwin
Siblings: Albert F., Selina J. (widow, m. E. S. Plimpton), Edwin E. (d. age 13), George W. S. (Eureka, Calif.)
Spouse: HARRIS, Lucy G., b. 16 Nov 1849, Monroe Co., Mich.
Marriage: 18 Apr 1872
Children: Elva Dell (Denison), Edward H. (d. 27 May 1906, age 32)
Spouse Parents: Henry Harris (b. New York; d. 1871, age 80) and Betsy B. Dedient (b. New York; d. age 76)
Name: BOND, L. Lafayette
Residence: Denison
Occupation: M. D., Physician and Surgeon
Birth: 14 Aug 1841, Harrison Co., West Virginia
Father: Richard C. Bond, b. W.V., d. 20 Jan 1910, Milton Junction, Rock Co., Wisc., age 97
Mother: Eliza A. Grant, b. W.V., d. 1896, age 76
Paternal Grandparent: Abel Bond (b. Virginia) and Sarah Powers. Children: Polly, Richard C., Levi, Hannah, Thomas, Elnathan, Augusta, Sarah, Samuel, Louis
Siblings: Arthur G. (d.), Mary M. (d., m. John W. Meyers [d.]), Louisa (d. infant)
Spouse 1: HAMILTON, Elnora E., b. Alfred Center, N.Y.; d. 1893, age 46; buried Milton, Wisc.
Marriage: 20 Nov 1868
Children: Lulu E. (d. age 9), Frederic H. (d. 28 Nov 1908, m. Ada Hawkins of Fonda, IA)
Spouse 1 Parents: Edward Hamilton, Melissa Burdick
Spouse 2: HUTSON, Fannie, d. 1906; widow of William Harrison; daughter of John Hutson
Name: BORNHOFT, John Sr.
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 11 July, 1855, Germany
Father: John Bornhoft, b. Germany; d. 8 Feb 1895; emigrated to US 1883 with family
Mother: Anna Strollendorf, b. Germany; d. abt. 1898
Spouse 1: JOENSDOTTER, Bertha, b. Sweden; d. 31 March 1901
Marriage: 1878
Children: John, August, Ann (m. Henry Schoessler), Henry, Gustav, Clara, Walter, Edna, Ella
Spouse 1 Parents: Bens Bengksten and Christina
Spouse 2: BLOCKER, Alvina, b. 25 Jan 1859, Scott Co., IA. Widow of (Unknown) Burmeister with children Emma, Richard, Anna, Dora
Marriage: Feb 1902
Spouse 2 Parents: Nicholas Blocker (d.) and Dora
Name: BOSS, Andrew A.
Residence: Iowa Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 12 Jan 1865, Guttenberg, IA
Father: John Boss, b. Germany; m. Guttenberg, IA; d. 1893, Guttenberg, IA. Emigrated from Lichtenstein to US 1848
Mother: Agatha Veonberell , b. Germany; d. 1895; died and buried in Pottawattamie Co. IA
Siblings: John (Casey, IA), Matthias (d.), Sophia (m. Martin Peterson; Carroll Co., IA)
Spouse: SANDERS, Helen
Marriage: 1895
Children: Alfred, George, William, Edna
Name: BRAASE, John
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 2 March 1862, Germany
Father: Henry O. Braase, b. Germany; m. Germany; d. 1898; emigrated US to 1883 with family
Mother: Sophia Petersen, b. Germany, age 78 in Schleswig, IA
Siblings: August (Crawford Co.), Dora (m. Fred Berendes; S. Dak.), Fred, one other (d. infant, Germany)
Spouse: HANSEN, Dora, b. 20 Sept 1872, Scott Co., Ia
Marriage: 8 Jan 1890
Children: Henry (b. 26 Oct 1893), John (b. June 1896), Herbert (b. 16 Aug 1899), Emma (b. 10 Aug 1908)
Spouse Parents: Peter Hansen and Theresa Struve, both born in Germany, m. in US
Spouse Siblings: Louisa (d., m. Johannes Lorenzen; Morgan Twp.), Emma (d. age 18), Adolph (Schleswig, IA), Henry (Morgan Twp.), John (Morgan Twp.), Theresa (m. Henry Rickett; Schleswig, IA), Helmina (m. Ernest Boock; Schleswig, IA)
Name: BRASEL, Samuel
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 Nov 1862, Morgan Co., ILL
Father: David Brasel, b. Tenn, age 91
Mother: Mary Anna Lang, b. Morgan Co., ILL, d. 1909
Siblings: Following in Cass Co., ILL: William, Edward, Frank, Smith, and Howard. George (Amboy, ILL), Clarke (Beardstown, ILL), Charles (Ashland, ILL)
Spouse: ANDERSON, Lavinia
Marriage: 1889
Children: Luther, Edith, Elmer, Leslie, Edna, Zella, Nellie, Earl, May, Samuel
Spouse Parents: Lee W. Anderson (d. 1910) and Diana Lefeldt Coundiff, both b. ILL
Spouse Siblings: George William (Herbig, ILL), Frances (m. Charles Redshaw; Schuyler Co., ILL), Charles M., Gilbert, Laura and Henry who also are in Schuyler Co., ILL.. Lucy, 2 others (d.)
Name: BRETTHAUER, William
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 May 1865, Clinton Co., IA
Father: Christian Bretthauer, b. Germany; d. Aug 1873; m. Germany; emigrated to US 1851
Mother: Mina Plough, b. Germany, age 71
Siblings: August (d.), Henry (Monona Co., IA), Emma (m. Julia(?) Brodersen; Huron, S. Dak.), Anna (d. age 3), Herman (Clinton Co., IA), Minnie (m. Martin Petersen; Preston, IA), Louis (Clinton Co., IA), Charley (d. age 27)
Spouse: FEHRMERLING, Emma, b. 23 Feb 1868, Germany
Marriage: 1890
Children: Lulu (b. 11 Oct 1891), Edna (b. 28 Oct 1893), Carl (b. 15 July 1895), Martin (b. 13 Sept 1896), Anna (b. 29 July 1900), Ruth (b. 14 Mar 1904), Mildred (b. 14 Apr 1907)
Spouse Parents: Gottlieb Fehrmerling (d. 1901, Hanover Twp.) and Sophia Kramer (d. Nov 1906). They emigrated to US 1884
Spouse Siblings: Freda (widow, m. Charles Schelm; Denison), Gottlieb (Neb.), The following are deceased: Dorothea, Johanna, Gustave, Wilhelm, Louise, Charles, Henry, Augusta
Name: BRINK, Christ H.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 Feb 1855, Schleswig-Holstein, emigrated to US 1871
Father: Hans Brink, b. Germany
Mother: Christina Lorensen, b. Germany
Siblings: Kate (Germany), Louise (Germany), Anna
Spouse: HARGENS, Margaret, b. Germany
Marriage: 1882
Children: Hans (Willow Twp.), Louise (m. Thomas Hartwick; Charter Oak), Christ, John, George, Anna
Name: BROGAN, John
Residence: Jackson Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 24 June 1824, Ireland, emigrated to US 1845
Father: William Brogan
Mother: Ann Coiel
Siblings: Bridget (d.), Francis (d. Kansas)
Spouse: McCLOSKY, Jane
Marriage: 9 Feb 1849
Children: Andrew (Crawford Co.), Thomas (Crawford Co.), Edward (Sac Co., IA), William (Neb.), Frank, James, Mary, Lizzie, Rosanna (d.), Sarah (d.), Unnamed (d.)
Spouse Parents: John McClosky and Ann McLaughlin, both spent entire lives in Ireland
Name: BROTHERSON, George
Residence: Jackson Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 19 June 1884, Jackson Twp.
Father: Detlief Brotherson, b. Germany, emigrated to US abt 1870
Mother: Adelia Nissen, b. Germany
Siblings: Thomas (S. Dak.), Lena (d.), Dora (m. George Sheldorf; S. Dak.), Emma (m. Loge Sherwood; S. Dak.), Christ (at home), Arthur (Crawford Co.), Gertrude (m. William Pfancuch, Crawford Co.)
Spouse: WEARS, Jessie, b. 25 Feb 1886, Crawford Co.
Marriage: March 1909
Children: Harold, b. 4 Oct 1910
Spouse Parents: George M. Wears and Jennie Duncan (d. 10 Feb 1910); both born in Germany; emigrated to US 1879
Name: BROWN, Frank Arthur
Residence: Manilla
Occupation: Mayor of Manilla, farmer, milling and grain business
Birth: 20 Feb 1869, Argyle, Wisc.
Father: Thomas Henry Brown, b. Hartford, Conn.
Mother: Mary Ann Penniston, b. Nottingham, England
Siblings: Eliza Catharine (m. E. C. Baker; Manilla), Abbie Caroline (m. Arthur Brink; Galva, IA), Fred Neroy (Manilla), Celia Ann (d., m. Leslie Anthony), Emma Jane (m. William J. Kehr; Wessington Springs, S. Dak.)
Paternal Grandfather: (Unknown) Brown , d. age 70, Lafayette Co., Wisc. Children: Thomas Henry, Alexander, Joseph, Mollie, Jane
Maternal Grandfather: Daniel Penniston, b. England. Emigrated to US abt. 1855. Children: Mary Ann, Charles
Spouse: BARBER, Carrie T.
Marriage: May 1900
Spouse Parents: Rockley Barber and Sarah A. Tomlinson
Name: BROWN, Thomas
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: Retired farmer
Birth: 25 Aug 1818, Pinchbeck Fen, Lincolnshire, England. Emigrated to US 1832
Father: Thomas Brown, b. Lincolnshire. At age 21, joined English service, fought with France in 1812; was wounded in the battle of the Isle of Wight. Came from Liverpool to NY in 1832
Mother: Anne Bauchenburg, b. Lincolnshire
Siblings: Susan (d. England), Mary (d.), Unknown (d. infancy), Elizabeth (Troy, N.Y.), Anne (d.), Jeremiah (d.), Sallie (d.), 4 others (d. infancy)
Spouse: ILER, Lizzie, b. Germany
Marriage: 1856
Children: Seraphina (d.), 2 others (d. infancy), Thomas P. [SEE FOLLOWING ENTRY FOR Thomas P.]
Note: Church of the Holy Cross in England. Republican.
Name: BROWN, Thomas P.
Birth: 29 Apr 1860, Troy, N.Y.
Father: Thomas Brown - SEE his biography
Mother: ILER, Lizzie
Spouse: HUGHES, Margaret, b. New York City, daughter of Edward Hughes and Jane Newton, both born Ireland
Children: Jane E., Thomas M., Margaret A., Edward John (d.), Mary P., William Francis, Catharine Anna, Emma Cecelia
Name: BRUHN, Peter T.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 4 Nov 1866, Germany, emigrated to US 1883
Father: Peter C. D. Bruhn, b. Germany, d. abt. 1897, Germany
Mother: Anna M. Jacobs, b. Germany, d. 1888, Germany
Siblings: William (Germany), Katrina (d. 1892, m. Ivor Neilsen; Crawford Co.), Herman (d. Germany), Frederica (m. H. P. Jensen; Crawford Co.), August (d.)
Spouse: FICK, Mary, b. 20 Aug 1871, Germany
Marriage: 21 Nov 1891
Children: Minnie (b. 30 May 1892), Bertha L. (b. 23 July 1894), Rudolph H. (b. 19 Sept 1895), Herbert O. (b. 30 July 1897), Leo A. (b. 3 Nov 1899), Walter A. (b. 2 Feb 1902), Louis H. (b. 9 Oct 1904), Hilda C. (b. 3 Mar 1907), Erwin H. (b. 16 May 1909), Raymond J. (b. 2 Feb 1911)
Spouse Parents: Carl Fick (d. 1892, Germany) and Louisa Borchard (emigrated to US 1895)
Spouse Siblings: Herman (Germany), Otto (Monona Co., IA), Adelina (m. Emil Schmidt; Monona Co., IA), Carl (S. Dak.), Annie (m. John Nemitz; S. Dak.), Frederick (Crawford Co.), and 5 others unnamed deceased
Name: BUENGER, Friedrich
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 11 Oct 1843, Germany. Emigrated to US (Crawford Co.) in 1887
Father: d. Germany
Mother: age 84; Germany
Siblings: William (Germany)
Spouse: WITTECOPF, Wilhelmina, b. 14 Dec 1857, Germany
Marriage: 8 Nov 1880
Children: Freda (b. 21 Dec. 1881, m. Louie Kroll - SEE Biography of Louie Kroll), Ernest (b. 8 May 1886), Alma (b. 4 Aug. 1889), Bernhard (b. 14 April 1895), Martin (b. 11 June 1898), 5 others (d.)
Spouse Parents: Carl Wittecopf (b. Germany; d. 1902, Soldier Twp.; emigrated to US 1887) and Minnie Braase (d. Germany)
Spouse Siblings: Frederica (m. Carl Bank; Crawford Co.), Gritta (d., m. Carl Hopp; Crawford Co.), Marie (m. Johann Kleinser; Germany), Sophia (m. Fred Bellman; Germany), Carl (Germany), Caroline (m. August Schoff; Germany)
Church Affiliation: German Lutheran Church
Name: BULLER, Henry
Residence: Stockholm, Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 Dec 1856, Sweden
Father: Hans Buller, age 85, emigrated to US 1866 with family
Mother: Martha Henderson, d. 1886
Siblings: Peter (Sac Co., IA), Hans (Montana), Martha (d.), William (d.), 2 others (d. infancy)
Spouse: HULNBERG, Anna
Marriage: 14 Feb 1887
Children: Walter, Reuben, Viola, Randolph, Mattie
Spouse Parents: Erick and Erika Hulnberg
Name: BULLOCK, Charles
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Various businesses
Birth: 8 Mar 1838, Macomb, ILL
Father: Thomas Bullock (b. County Down, Ireland; d. 1881, age 87; emigrated to US 1818
Mother: Agnes McCabe, b. Dauphine Co., Penn.; d. 1881, age 87 (same as husband)
Siblings: Thomas, Rachel (m. S. R. Lowry), Anna (m. S. L. Fisher),
Paternal Grandfather: Ezekiel Bullock, b. County Down, Ireland; d. age 94. Children: Thomas, Boyd, Ezekiel, James, Margaret
Maternal Grandparents: John McCabe (b. Ireland) and Nancy Wallace. Children: Nancy McElrath, Agnes, John
Spouse: HILL, Eliza W., b. Kentucky
Marriage: 17 Apr 1865
Children: Two d. infancy
Spouse Parents: Fleming Hill (b. Shelbyville, Kentucky) and Marian Duval (b. New Castle, Kentucky)
Spouse Siblings: Molly, Roland, Sarah, John, Lucy
Name: BURKE, P. F.
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: County Galway, Ireland
Father: Martin Burke, b. County Galway, Ireland; m. County Galway, Ireland; living in Denison
Mother: Margret Grady, b. County Galway, Ireland; d. 1905
Siblings: Ed., Martin, and M. J., all in Denison
Spouse: FAULKNER, Margaret, b. Greene Co., IA
Marriage: 1900
Children: Joseph, Edward (d.), Leonard
Name: BUSS, Charles F.
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 12 May 1833, Prussia. Emigrated to US abt. 1850
Father: Gottlieb Buss, d. Germany
Mother: (Unknown) Homenberg, d. abt. 1835
Note: Charles adopted by an aunt after his mother's death
Spouse 1: HOUSE, Eudosia
Marriage: 1857, no children
Spouse 2: AGENS, Maria
Marriage: June 1863
Children: Lydia (m. Lewis Vora: Union Twp.), William (Union Twp.), Clara (m. Fred Parker; Mich.), Fred (at home), and 4 others (d.)

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