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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1893

Source: Biographical History of Crawford, Ida and Sac Counties, Iowa. 1893. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago

Surnames Starting With T, U, V, W, Y

Name: TALBOT, George F.
Residence: Milford Twp.
Occupation: Farmer (120 acres)
Birth: 27 August 1848, Winnebago Co., IL
Father: D. F. Talbot, b. 24 August 1819 Onondaga Co., NY; m. NY; Jasper Co. Farmer
Mother: Caroline Munger (b. Massachusetts; resides Jasper Co., IA; age 76 years)
Paternal Grandfather: James Talbot (English descent)
Siblings: Edwin J. (Jasper Co., IA); Hiram M.; Sarah Alice Dearmger (Jasper Co., IA); Eugene (Auburn, IA); Warren (Jasper Co., IA)
Spouse: EARP, Eveline E. (b. near Monmouth, Warren Co., IL)
Marriage: 6 December 1876
Children: Cora A. (b. 1 January 1879)
Spouse Parents: Lorenzo Dow Earp and Serena Iler (both residents of Jasper Co., IA)
Notes: Methodist Episcopal. Republican.
Name TALCOTT, Mrs. Maggie Wilson
Residence Dow City
Occupation Agricultural pursuits & stock-raising
Birth Renfrewshire, Scotland, near Glasgow
Father James Wilson, of Scotland; d. 1843, Scotland
Mother Margaret Wallace, of Scotland; d. 1881, US; emigrated to US 1858
Spouse TALCOTT, Benjamin West, b. 10 February 1847, Madison Co OH; d. 02 May 1877. To Crawford Co, age 19. Democrat. Master of the Grange.
Marriage 04 November 1868, in Denison
Children James Wilson (b. abt 1872), George Marion (b. abt 1874), Benjamin West (b. abt 1877), Sybil (d. age 6)
Spouse Parents Martin Talcott (b. New England) and Sybil Cutter (b. NY)
Notes: Methodist Episcopal.
Name: TEMPLE, W. R.
Note: He took the surname of his mother rather than that of his father according to the biography
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Lumber Merchant (Stone & Temple)
Birth: 28 August 1844 Durham Co., England. Emigrated to US 1869
Father: Nicholas Scott
Mother: Sarah Temple
Spouse: MILL, Mary J. (b. Wisconsin; English heritage)
Marriage: 1870
Children: Nicholas (d.); Sarah; Elizabeth; Minnie (d.); Grace (d.); Henry (d.); Grace; William W.; 4 others (d. infancy).
Notes: Partner with E. A. Stone. Formerly worked in lead mines in Jo Daviess Co., IL and La Fayette Co., WI. Farmed in Wisconsin and Otoe Co., NE. Republican. I. O. G. T. and L. of H. Methodist Episcopal.
Name: TERRY, W. E.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Merchant (W. E. Terry & Co.)
Birth: 15 August 1869, Boonesborough, Boone Co., IA
Father: Charles Terry (d.)
Mother: Melissa Richards (Second marriage to Charles Reiher, Dunlap)
Spouse: BECK, Frances (b. 1872 Camanche, IA)
Marriage: 1 June 1891
Children: 1 Son
Spouse Father: F. Beck
Notes: Partnered with R. W. Bamford, W. W. Cushman, then Terry & Rethlefren & Co., and C. M. Leaming of Mapleton. Democrat. I. O. O. F., No. 105 and Charter Oak encampment No. 142.
Name: THEOBALD, George
Residence: Astor
Occupation: Reliance Mills Proprietor and Contractor
Birth: 12 Aug. 1853, Iowa Co., Wisc.
Father: Fred Theobald, b. Derbyshire, England; m. Prince Edward Island; to Wisconsin 1847
Mother: Mary Goldsmith, b. England
Siblings: 3 brothers and 5 sisters including Frances Robinson (Crawford Co.), Elizabeth Fuller (Crawford Co.), Eliza Ivey (Schelby Co., IA)
Paternal Grandfather: John Theobald
Spouse: SCOTT, Isabelle, b. Wisc.
Marriage: Mazo Manie, Dane Co., Wisconsin, at age 22
Children: Charlotte Louisa, Mina Alethia, Mary Belle, Mark (d. age 6 mo.), Harvey (d. age 4 mo.), Scott (d. 2 1/2 yr), Morrison (d. 6 mo.)
Spouse Parents: Lemuel Scott and Isabelle of Mazo Manie, Dane Co., Wisconsin
Note: Republican Party
Name: THEOBALD, Robert
Residence: Astor
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 Apr. 1819, Norfolk, England; to Crawford Co. 1871
Father: John Theobald, b. Suffolk, England; d. Iowa Co., WI; to Prince Edward Island 1831; to Iowa Co., WI 1847
Mother: Phillis Palmer, b. Suffolk, England; d. Iowa Co., WI
Siblings: 7 brothers, 4 sisters
Paternal Grandfather: John Theobald, Sr.
Spouse 1: GOLDSMITH, Miss, b. England, d. Prince Edward Island
Marriage: Prince Edward Island at age 23
Children: William, d. age 5 mo., Prince Edward Island
Spouse 2: BERNARD, Isabelle, b. Prince Edward Island, d. 1885
Marriage: Iowa Co., WI
Children: Charles (d. age 19 mo.); Mary J. Penniston (Shelby Co., IA). The following all living in Nishnabotany Twp: William, Sophia Slagg, Phillis Morgan, Adelia Dyson, Edward
Spouse 2 Parents: James Bernard and Jenny McCloud
Spouse 3: HOLMES, Anna, b. England
Marriage: 1866
Children: Robert, John
Spouse 3 Parent: Thomas Holmes, Shelby Co., IA
Note: Republican Party and Methodist Episcopal Church
Name: THEW, S. M.
Residence: Buck Grove
Occupation: Proprietor, Thew's Cheese Factory
Birth: 1 Feb. 1851, Clinton Co., NY
Father: Erastus Thew, b. NY
Mother: Melissa Parrott, b. NY; d.
Siblings: J. D., Capitola (m. O. M. Bicknell; Buck Grove), Percival (d. age 15 yrs)
Spouse: MULLIS, Sarah, b. McHenry Co., Ill.
Marriage: 1876, Des Moines, Iowa
Children: Ivian S., b. 1879, d. 9 July 1889
Spouse Parents: Joseph Mullis and Mary Prouse. Both born England; reside Denison Twp.
Note: People's Party and Methodist Episcopal Church
Name: TURNER, Rev. James T.
Residence: Deloit
Occupation: Pastor
Birth: 9 Oct. 1840 Scotland Co., MO
Father: Alexander Turner, b. Shenandoah Co., VA; d. abt 1854 or 1855
Mother: Elizabeth Anderson, b. Sangamon Co., IL; resides Wyconda, MO, age 65
Siblings: Mary, John, Nancy, Martha (d.), Richard (d.)
Spouse: CHILDRESS, Sarah, b. Clark Co., MO
Marriage: 1861 Fairmont, Clark Co., MO
Children: Viola (m. Green Stovall; Marion Co., Kan.), Edwin (Marion Co., Kan.), Addie Raymond (Marion Co, Kan.), Winnie (m. Stanley Brown; Deloit), Grace McMillan (Sac Co., IA), James, Katy, Milliard, baby boy (d.), Mand (d.)
Spouse Parents: John M. Childress and Nancy
Note: Democrat and Pastor of Reorganized Church of Latter-Day Saints
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1840, Holmes Co., OH
Father: Arnold Underhill, b. NY; m. NY; d. 1886 Boyer Twp.
Mother: Sarah Chase, b. MA; d. 1879 Holmes Co., OH
Siblings: 3 deceased
Spouse: GLEASON, Eliza Ann, b. Licking Co., OH
Marriage: 1859, Holmes Co., OH
Children: Ira (Dundee, IL), Ohio M. (Boyer Twp), Charley (Arion, IA)
Spouse Parents: Alonzo Gleason, d. 1891 Richland Co., OH
Note: Republican Party
Name: VAN VLECK, W. W.
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Restaurant owner, "Wallace House of Vail"
Birth: 26 Oct 1859, Milledgeville, Carroll Co., IL
Father: B. W. Van Vleck, b. NY; Holland descent; Crawford Co., IA
Mother: A. A. Knapp, b. NY
Spouse: BECK, Julia F.
Marriage: 4 May 1882
Children: Earl; Wayne
Spouse Father: W. F. Beck; Vail, IA
Notes: I.O.O.F.; Charter member, K. of P., DeSota Lodge
Name: VORE, Reuben
Residence: Union Township
Occupation: General farming and stock-raising. 737 acres.
Birth: 16 Jan 1831, Athens Co., OH; to Crawford Co. 1855
Father: Pierson Vore, b. and m. Guernsey Co., OH; d. age 83 Harrison Co., IA; to Harrison Co., IA 1855
Mother: Cynthia Joy, b. Guernsey Co., OH; d. age 76, Harrison Co., IA
Siblings: 6 brothers; 3 sisters
Spouse: WHALEY, Ann E., b. Athens Co., OH
Marriage: August, 1855, Nelsonville, Athens, OH
Children: Ellen (m. Albert Lymon; Boyer Twp.; 4 sons); Lewis A. (m. Lydia Buss; Union Twp.; 1 son, 3 daughters); Charles (d. age 14); Pearl (m. Mary Higley; Union Twp.; 1 daughter); Fred (m. Mary Lymon; Union Twp.; 1 son)
Spouse Parents: John Whaley (d. OH) and Lucy Hill (age 76; Athens Co., OH)
Spouse Siblings: John J. (OH); Charles B. (d. Crawford Co., IA); 2 other brothers; 5 sisters
Name: WAITLEY, C. H.
Residence: Boyer Township
Occupation: Farmer and fruit-grower. 240 acres. (Former miller, Justice of the Peace and editor of The Dunlap Reporter)
Birth: 1829, MA; to Ashtabula Co., OH abt 1835; to Noble, IN 1859; to Harrison Co., IA 1878; to Crawford Co. 1884
Father: John S. Waitley, m. MA; d. 1868, Knox Co., OH, at age 96; minister, Free-Will Baptist Church; to Ashtabula Co., OH abt 1835;
Mother: Lydia Bartlett, b. MA; d. 1858, Knox Co., OH
Maternal Grandfather: Josiah Bartlett (Officer, Revolutionary War; signer, Declaration of Independence
Spouse: MACKENZIE, Rosalia, b. Knox Co., OH
Marriage: 1855, Knox Co., OH
Children: Flora (m. W. L. Hoff; Carroll Co., IA); Edwin B. (photographer, Dunlap, IA); Charlie (lawyer, Logan, Harrison Co., IA; d. 19 Jun 1892, age 31); Eva (m. Dr. Spaulding; Battle Creek, IA; see bio of Dr. L. Q. Spaulding); Ida (Boyer Twp.)
Spouse Parents: Moses Mackenzie (b. MD; m. OH; d. 1841, Knox Co., OH) and Hester Sapp (b. KY; d. 1882, St. Elmo, IL)
Name: WALKER, Henry
Residence: Manilla
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 24 Sept 1826, Darlington, England. Emigrated 1865 with family to US, Mazo Manie, Dane Co., WI; to Crawford Co. 1871
Father: Johan Walker, b. Richmond, England; d. Middlebury, Iowa Co., WI, age 57.
Mother: Hannah Harland, b. North Allerton, England; d. 16 July 1881, Crawford Co., age 71
Spouse: WATSON, Ann, b. Richmond, Yorkshire, England
Marriage: 15 Sept 1849, Stockton, Durham Co., England
Children: John Henry, Abraham Coulson, Hanna Elizabeth (m. John Bayles)
Spouse Parents: Johan Watson and Elizabeth Dalton, both d. England
Name: WAY, John
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 18 May 1836, Dorsetshire, England. Emigrated to US and Crawford Co. 1872 via Liverpool
Father: William Way, d. England
Mother: Mary, d. England
Spouse: PIDGEON, Mary, b. Somersetshire, England
Marriage: England at age 22
Children: Amelia, Thomas, Sarah Riddle, Charles, Fred, Edmund, Eleazer (d. age 28, Denison), Alice (d. age 15, Denison), 2 others (d. early childhood, Crawford Co.)
Spouse Parents: James Pidgeon and Amelia Carter, both d. England
Note: Baptist Church
Name: WENZEL, Charles
Residence: Nishnabotany Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1 March 1849, Germany. Emigrated to US via Hamburg, Germany, 1869, arrived NY Aug 20; to Crawford Co. 1873
Father: Phillip Wenzel, b. Germany, d. 1884, Iowa Twp.
Mother: Christena Hoeppner, b. Germany, age 70, resides Manilla, IA
Siblings: Agusta Bahles (Iowa Twp), Fred (Iowa Twp), Bertha Schwieso (Manilla, IA), William (d.), Ludwig (d.)
Spouse: SCHWARTZ, Wilhelmine; b. Germany
Marriage: 24 May 1873, Clinton Co., IA
Children: Siegfried, Reinhard, Hellmuth, Bernhard (twin), Maria, Mathilde, Martha, Emma, Rosa, Amalia (twin)
Spouse Parents: Frederick Schwartz and Maria, both d.
Note: Lutheran, Crawford Co. Supervisor
Name: WEED, Charles H.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 22 Dec 1842, Oswego Co., NY. To Crawford Co. 1869
Father: Silas Weed
Mother: Polly A. Hyatt
Spouse: GARBERSON, Jemima A.; b. 25 Sept 1840, Holmes Co., OH
Marriage: 14 Mar 1868, Story Co., IA
Children: Clara L. (m. Charles Simms; Omaha, NE), Hattie M. (m. 24 Nov 1892 Warren C. Johnson of Marion, IA; reside Charter Oak, IA), Edward H., Eugene B., Samuel R., Rolland R., Nell Verne
Spouse Parents: Joseph Garberson and Hanna Hough
Name: WHEELER, Norman J.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: City weighmaster and Supt. City Waterworks
Birth: 14 Sept 1841, Union Co., Ohio
Father: Horatio Wheeler, b. Vermont; d. Crawford Co.; came to Crawford Co. 1863
Mother: Eunice Tucker, resides Denison
Siblings: Orville M. (Sheldon, IA), Nelson H. (Corvallis, OR), Emma J. (m. Z. T. Hawk; Denison)
Spouse: WATSON, Annette, b. NY
Marriage: Nov 1861
Children: Orr Watson, Eunice Emma
Spouse Parents: James Watson and Sarah Bull
Note: Came to Denison 3 Nov 1866. Wheeler family from Wales. Aaron Wheeler successive head of family for 3 generations. The original Wheeler settled in New England and was member of Boston Tea Party.
Residence: Iowa Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 13 Dec 1849, Holland, Erie Co., NY
Father: Chauncey Whitcher; resides Holland, NY
Mother: Eliza Jane Reed, b. Toronto, Canada; resides Holland, NY
Siblings: Charles F. (Buffalo, NY); Idella (NY)
Paternal Grandfather: Obadiah Whitcher, soldier War of 1812
Paternal Great Grandfather: Obadiah Whitcher Sr., Revolutinary War soldier
Maternal Grandfather: William Reed
Spouse: MOON, Alice A., b. Augusta, Des Moines Co, IA
Marriage: Santa Cruz Co., CA
Children: Emma I., Mary, Flora N., Edna, Willie, Gracie, John L., Ruby
Spouse Parents: William Moon and Nancy
Note: Came to Crawford Co. 1880. Army of Potomac. Apache Wars in Arizona under Gen. Crook. Discharged Skulls Valley, AZ.
Name: WICKS, B. F.
Residence: Deloit
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 14 Dec 1825, Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., NY
Father: John Wicks, b. Genesee, NY, d. Bureau Co., Ill. Methodist
Mother: Abigail Hartwell, b. NY, d. Bureau Co., Ill
Paternal Grandfather: John Wicks, Revolutionary War soldier
Maternal Grandfather: Daniel Hartwell
Spouse: KLOCK, Christina, b. Chautauqua Co., NY
Marriage: 1853, Chautauqua Co., NY
Children: Anna (d. age 16); Carrie (m. William McKim; Decatur Co., IA. Children: Roy, Edna, Bernice, Bertie, Ava, Arthur)
Spouse Parents: John B. Klock and Margaret. Methodist. Both d. Bureau Co., Ill
Note: Reorganized LDS Church. Came to Crawford Co. 1854. First County Treasurer. Crawford Co. Supervisor. Came to Deloit 1884.
Name: WICKWIRE, James
Residence: Crawford Co., arrived 1880
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 7 Dec 1853, Clinton Co., IA
Father: Charles Wickwire, b. Madison Co., NY
Mother: Christina Fulck. Her first marriage to E. Wright.
Spouse: NUTTER, Allethea, b. Ohio
Marriage: 2 Jan 1878
Children: Effie, Albert, Florence, Burrell, Mabel
Spouse Parents: Franklin Nutter and Elizabeth. See his biography.
Note: Methodist Church
Name: WIEMER, H. R.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Grower and dealer in stock and feed.
Birth: 28 Feb 1851, near Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA
Father: Henry Wiemer, settled in Burlington, Des Moines Co., in 1834. Resides in Burlington
Mother: Mary Jones
Spouse: LAMBACH, I. L., b. Davenport, IA
Marriage: 1880
Children: Fred, Frank, Henry
Spouse Father: Fred Lambach, Davenport, IA
Note: Came to Crawford Co. 1880. Traveled throughout western states previous to 1880.
Name: WIGGENS, B. H.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Blacksmith
Birth: 13 July 1840, Holmes Co., Ohio
Father: Amos Wiggens
Mother: Miranda Johnston
Spouse: ORGAN, Elizabeth
Marriage: 2 Feb 1868, Wheatland, Clinton Co., IA
Children: Miranda (m. George W. Brake), Frances Matilda, Jessie, Maude, Decoration, Harriet
Note: Methodist Episcopal Church. Enlisted 13 July 1861, Company A, Fifth Illinois Vol. Infantry. Resided Denison 1869 to 1877.
Name: WILEY, J. F.
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 2 May 1851, Logan Co., Ohio
Father: James Wiley, b. Ohio; d. 1869, Springdale, Cedar Co., IA; farmer; Quaker religion
Mother: Ellen Slater, b. Penn.; remarried to Benjamin Hardy, resides in Crawford Co.
Siblings: Mary, Elisabeth, John (may be J.F.), Henrietta, Samantha, Susan, Hattie, Ellen, Dora
Spouse: THOMPSON, Elizabeth
Marriage: 28 June 1874
Children: Frank, Josie, Fred, Nettie, Bert, Lida, Altha
Spouse Parents: T. B. Thomson (b. Virginia; resides Washington Twp.), Eliza Grace (b. Penn.)
Note: United Brethren Church
Name: WILKINSON, A. D.; Dr.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Physician; Missouri Medical College of St. Louis, 1882
Birth: 3 Oct 1857, West Lebanon, PA
Father: William C. Wilkinson
Mother: Mary H. Cooper
Spouse: SANFORD, Lola; b. Vermont; previously married to a Mr. Fountain
Marriage: 27 Sept 1883, Washington, IA
Spouse Parents: Stephen B. Sanford, parents reside in Lincoln, Neb.
Note: Presbyterian
Name: WILLIS, Alvin H.
Residence: Manilla, IA
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 14 Nov 1861, Camanche, Clinton Co., IA
Father: George Willis, b. Lincolnshire, England; d. Feb 1886; emigrated to US as young man; plasterer, brickmason, mechanic
Mother: Martha Allvin, b. Hull, England, resides Camanche, IA
Siblings: Anna, Mattie, Die, Frank, Joseph
Paternal Grandparents: Joseph Willis (b. England, d. Lyons, IA age 78 ) and Dinah Thomlinson (d.); emigrated to US 1854
Spouse: WILLITS, Mattie, b. Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio
Marriage: 6 Feb 1884, Clinton Co., IA
Children: Lula F., George Martin
Spouse Parents: Martin Willits, contractor Omaha
Name: WILSON, John N.
Note: See the biography of his brother Joshua Wilson for discrepancy in parentage data, specifically regarding Julia Ann Bartels, given as mother of John N.
Residence: Willow Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 13 April 1851, Fulton Co., IL; to Crawford Co. 1888
Father: K. H. Wilson, b. near Cincinnati, OH; resides Wheeler Grove, Pottawattamie Co., IA
Mother: Julia Ann Bartels, b. Fulton Co., IL
Paternal Grandfather: John M. Wilson
Maternal Grandfather: Frederick Bartels, b. IL
Spouse: BRIMMER, Anna I., b. Oshkosh, WI
Marriage: 24 March 1877, Council Bluffs, IA
Children: Marion Arthur, William George, John Ernest, Henry Allen
Note: Free Methodist Church
Name: WILSON, Joshua
Note: See the biography of his brother John N. Wilson for discrepancy in parentage data, specifically regarding Julia Ann Bartels, given as grandmother of Joshua.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 13 June 1856, Cass Co., IA
Father: K. H. Wilson, b. near Cincinnati, Ohio; resides Pottawattamie, IA
Paternal Grandparents: John Wilson and Julia Ann Bartels
Siblings: 13 siblings; twin sister Mary Isabella
Spouse: McMILLEN, Flora B., b. Stark Co., Illinois
Marriage: 17 Jan 1878, Mills Co., IA
Children: Myrtie Alice; Clyde Allen; Florence Edna; Edgar; Jessie Pearl; Charlie (d. age 2); Cora A. (d. age 5 months); infant (d.)
Spouse Parents: Thomas McMillen (b. Ohio, resides Dow City, IA), Elizabeth Tilley (b. Illinois, d.)
Name: WILSON, William G.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 May 1858, Cass Co., IA; came to Crawford Co. 1883
Father: K. H. Wilson, b. Ohio; resides Wheelers Grove, Potts Co., IA; age 66; farmer & Merchant
Mother: Julia Ann Bartels, b. Fulton Co. Illinois
Maternal Grandfather: Frederick Bartels, b. Illinois (German Ancestry)
Paternal Grandfather: John Wilson (Scotch Ancestry)
Siblings: 13, Minerva; John; Henry; Albert (d. age 35); Joe & Mary (twins) William G., Julia Tilda, George, Walter, Jane, Mary, Casper
Spouse: OVERLANDER, Fanny Mrs., b. near Yates City, Knox Co. ILL.; Widow of William La May
Marriage: 30 Oct. 1884, Denison, IA
Stepchildren: Son of William LaMay: Arthur
Siblings: Mary, Laura, Almeda
Spouse Parents: Jacob Overlander (Mr. Ayr, Ringgold Co., IA) and Abigail Case (d.)
Affiliations: Methodist Church
Name: WINANS, Clark
Note: See biography of his brother George Winans
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 12 Sept 1859, Mason's Grove, Crawford Co.
Father: Clark Winans (b. 1814, Trumbull Co., OH; m. OH, d. 24 Sept 1887, probably at Mason's Grove
Mother: Catherine Shiveley, b. Beaver Co., PA; lives at Mason's Grove farm, age 76
Siblings: Samantha (d. age 8); Henry (Vail, IA); Elizabeth; Sarah (d., m. Sol Slater); George (Milford Twp); Mary (m. Sol Slater); Josiah (Milford Twp); Julia L. (m. Taylor Pierce)
Spouse: JOSLIN, Mary E., b. Johnson Co., IA
Marriage: 24 Apr 1883
Children: boy (d. age 11); Edna Alice (b. 22 Oct 1887)
Spouse Parents: William Joslin (d. Red River, Arkansas, while in military service, 28th IA Infantry. Unnamed mother remarried to Bacy Day, resides Goodrich Twp.
Notes: Methodist
Name: WINANS, George
Note: See biography of his brother Clark Winans
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 18 Feb 1848, Sheffield, Bureau Co., ILL
Father: Clark Winans, b. Beaver Co., PA; m. Trumbull Co., OH
Mother: Catherine Shiveley, b. Beaver Co., PA
Siblings: Parents had 10 children. Lucy Dobson of Deloit, IA, a daughter by father's first marriage.
Spouse: McKIM, Sabina, b. Lancaster Co., PA
Marriage: 27 Sept 1877, Denison, IA
Children: Ray (b. 6 Aug 1878), Mabel Fay (b. 17 July 1883), Bessie Clare (b. 1 Mar 1886)
Spouse Parents: David McKim of Deloit, IA
Note: Sol L. Slater is his brother in law
Name: WINEY, David
Residence: Otter Creek Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 25 March 1835, Juniata Co., Penn.
Father: Isaac Winey, b. Penn, d. 1878, Allen's Grove, Scott Co., IA; stone mason; Winebrennerian religion
Mother: Mary Watts, b. near Richfield, Penn., d. 1891, Crawford Co.
Paternal Grandfather: Jacob Winey, b. Penn., parents born in Germany
Sibling: Thomas (d.); 5 other brothers and 4 sisters
Spouse: ALLBRIGHT, Caroline, b. near Richfield, Penn.
Marriage: 1862, Scott Co., IA
Children: Carlos Wilber; Mary A.; Nora; Maud; Catharine; Helen McNee; Margaret Jane; Olive M. (d.); Arthur Leroy; Albert David; Tabitha Caroline; Thomas Grover
Spouse Parents: Emanuel Allbright (d. Iowa), Catharine Watts (d. Ohio)
Name: WINGROVE, William
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: July 1824, Ireland, emigrated to US abt. 1826 with parents
Death: 12 July 1891
Father: John Wingrove
Spouse: GILLILAND, Anna Maria, b. 16 Aug 1831, Otsego Co., NY
Marriage: 1855, Scott Co., IA
Children: Horatio (Washington Twp.), Nelson (lives with mother on farm near Buck Grove); Daniel (Washington Twp.); Kate (m. William Devine, Union Twp.); Anna; Ella Severs (d. Avoca, IA, age 32); Frank (d. age 27); 2 others (d. infancy)
Spouse Parents: James Gilliland (d. abt 1834), Catharine Gardner (age 78); both b. Otsego Co., NY
Spouse Stepfather: John W. Jane, Johnson Co., IA; age 78
Spouse Stepbrother: Whitaker
Name: WISE, J.U.
Residence: Dow City, IA;
Occupation: Tinners' Trade; Telegraphy; Central IA and DM Valley Railroad Operator; Hardware and Tin Business; Undertaking Establishment;
Birth: 1 August 1848, Cedar Co. IA
Father Henry Wise, b. PA
Mother Sophia Kester, b. PA
Spouse: WILEY, Susie b. Ohio
Marriage: 2 January 1871
Children: Blanch W.
Note: Member M.W.A. No 1189; Republican
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Livestock farmer
Birth: 20 July 1841, Poughkeepsie, NY
Father: Milton Woolhiser, b. Greene Co., NY; age 73, Nebraska
Mother: Sarah Gripman, b. Maine; d. Madison Co., IA
Paternal Grandfather: Jacob Woolhiser, b. Germany
Maternal Grandfather: John Gripman, b. New England, soldier Revolutionary War
Marriage: 30 Jan 1868, Julian House, Dubuque, IA
Children: Ella (m. Charles Marsh [b. Ontario, Canada], South Omaha); Anna M.; Marba; Lulu; Alice; John Lynn; Elmer (d. age 18 months)
Spouse Parents: Abraham Loughbridge, Margarett Lynn, both b. Penn.
Note: Methodist
Name: WRIGHT, George L.; Colonel
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Mayor of Denison, Lawyer
Birth: 10 May 1838, Portage Co., Ohio
Father: Lyman Wright, b. NY, d. 1890 Dubuque, IA, age 81
Mother: Olive Scidmore, b. NY, d. abt. 1845, Jackson Co., IA
Spouse: DARLING, Janette
Marriage: October, 1867, Jackson Co., IA
Children: Frank (Nebraska), Winnie (m. Grant Gilbreath, Denver, Colorado), Jennie, Addie
Spouse Parents: Benjamin Darling, Cynthia Blake
Note: Lt. Col. Union Army Civil War, Democrat, G.A.R.
Name: YOUNG, F. J.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Proprietor North Star Livery Barn; Farmer
Birth: 9 May 1850, Rochester, NY; to Crawford Co. 1872
Father: Benjamin F. Young; cashier of Rochester City Bank; now resides Bath, NY
Mother: Hellen A. Johnson (d.); daughter of Judge Johnson, Rochester, NY
Spouse: KUHN, Mary; b. 1858, Baltimore, MD
Marriage: 4 March 1874
Children: Leon M., Charles D., Frank D.

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