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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1893

Source: Biographical History of Crawford, Ida and Sac Counties, Iowa. 1893. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago

Surnames Starting With O, P, R, S

Name: O'CONNOR, John
Residence: Crawford County
Occupation: Farmer, railroad,
Birth: 1820, County Kerry, Ireland; emigrated to US 1852; to Crawford Co., 1871
Father: Jeremiah O'Connor, b. County Kerry, Ireland; d. Ireland
Mother: Ellen O'Grady, b. County Kerry, Ireland; d. Ireland
Spouse: O'CONNOR, Mary; b. County Kerry, Ireland
Marriage: Cascade, Iowa
Children: Morris, (Attorney) Nelly, Thomas (Farmer), Jerry, James, Michael, Bridget, Kate (d. age 9 months), Mary (d. 7 years); John (d. age 3 yrs), Infant (d.)
Spouse Parents: Thomas O'Connor and Bridget Quirk
Affiliations: Catholic Church
Name: O'FARRELL, Rev. Edd
Residence: Crawford Co. (1890)
Occupation: Catholic Priest (1874)
Birth: 1849 Ireland; Emigrated 1875
Parents: James and Ellen O'Farrell
Notes: Blairstown, Benton Co., IA; Fairfax, IA; Jefferson; Temple Hill.
Name: OSBORN, DR. R. L.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Dentist
Birth: 4 Oct. 1868, Princeton, Iowa; located at Denison 1891
Father: John Osborn; resides Denison
Mother: Harriet Culbertson; resides Denison
Notes: Entered State University dental dept. 1887, Passed his boards 1889, Located at Audubon, IA, before coming to Denison.
Name: PAHL, Henry
Residence: Westside
Occupation: Harness Shop, Dealer of Harness, saddles, collars, blankets, nets, whips, brushes
Birth: 23 March 1855, Holstein, Germany; emigrated to US at age 17; to Westside 1885
Father: Deitrich Pahl, aged 77
Spouse: FRANZEN, Sophia; b. Germany; d. 1 April 1892, Clinton, IA
Marriage: Age 25 years
Children: Clara, Willie, Harry, Ella
Affiliations: German Lutheran Church, Member of Five Mile Shooting Club
Name: PAINE, Clinton
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 30 Apr., 1841, Coos Co., NH
Father: Henry Paine, b. Standish, Maine; d. Coos Co., NH
Mother: Eliza Parker, b. Standish, Maine; resides Berlin Falls, NH, age 83
Siblings: 5 brothers and 5 sisters
Paternal Grandfather: Stephen Paine, b. New England
Maternal Grandfather: Eliphalet Parker, b. New England
Spouse: CABLE, Sophia Jenny
Marriage: Elk Co., PA at age 29
Children: Fred (Sioux City, IA), Glennie P., Masie Maud, Claude, Blaine,
  Cad C. (d. age 6 wks, PA), Harald (d. age 2, Crawford Co.)
Spouse Parents: William Cable (b. Westmoreland Co., PA; resides Armstrong Co., PA) and Permelia Jane Weed (d. Armstrong Co., PA)
Name: PATTERSON, Isaac
Residence: Westside
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 Sept., 1837, Pittsburg, PA
Father: Thomas M. Patterson; d. 1865, Scott Co., IA
Mother: Margaret Large; age 89
Spouse: SHETLER, Sarah; b. Allegheny Co., PA; d. Aug 1876
Marriage: 1869
Josephine (d. age 7); S. L. (age 19)
Spouse Parents: Jacob Shetler and Elisa
Name: PETT, John
Residence: Union Twp., Dow City
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 27 Sept., 1824, Staffordshire, England; emigrated to US (New Orleans) 1851
Father: William Pett; b. Kent; d. England
Mother: Hannah Gaskins; b. Warwickshire; d. England
Spouse: INGRAM, Mary A.; b. Weston, Oxfordshire, England; d. 11 July 1892 at age 66
Marriage: 1845, Birmingham, England
Children: Mary Ann Shaw (Union Twp), William Ingram, Oliver J., John M., Keziah Jane (d. age 8), Samuel I., Fanny L., Ellen N. Young (Shelby Co., IA), George A., Fred A., and Serena S. Young (Grove Twp, Shelby Co., IA)
Spouse Parents: Samuel Ingram and Keziah Coggins
Note: Church of the Latter-Day Saints
Name: PIEPER, Joseph
Residence: Milford Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 2 Nov. 1849, St. Louis, Missouri
Father: Phillip Pieper; b. Prussia; m. Prussia; d. 1860
Mother: Susan Scienger; b. Prussia; resides Clinton Co., IA, age 68
Siblings: Matilda (Clinton Co., IA), William (New Mexico), Louisa (New Mexico), Flora (New Mexico), and Tracy (Colorado)
Spouse: DIXON, Hannah, b. Clinton Co., Iowa
Marriage: Dec. 1878
Children: Gertrude Ellen, William, Frank, Earl, Walter and George
Spouse Parents: John Dixon and Catherine Sullivan
Note: Democrat
Name: PORTER, W. A.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Railroad
Birth: 18 Aug., 1842, Ellington, Chautauqua Co., NY
Father: Abner Porter, b. Vermont, d. age 82
Mother: Polly Holland, d. age 62
Maternal Grandfather: Abram Holland
Siblings: 7 sisters, 3 brothers
Spouse 1: BARKER, Emily
Marriage: PA
Children: Mary, Charles, George and Rose
Spouse 2: WATKINS, Sarah, b. Wales
Marriage: 1885
Spouse 2 Parents: John Watkins and Jane
Name: POWERS, David
Residence: Manilla
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 15 July 1849, Prince Edward Island
Father: David Powers, b. Prince Edward Island; d. Iowa Co., WI, at age 75
Mother: Elizabeth Barstow, b. Prince Edward Island; resides Iowa Co., WI, age 80
Siblings: John (Iowa Co., WI), Mrs. William Flint (Crawford Co.), 5 others (d.)
Spouse: BURDICK, Gertrude
Marriage: 29 Nov. 1878, Albion, WI
Children: Harvey E. (age 11), Ruby Elizabeth (age 5)
Spouse Parents: Charles Burdick (d.) and Mary A. Wood (resides Milton Rock Co., WI)
Note: Methodist Episcopal Church
Name: POWIS, Charles
Residence: Paradise Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 2 May 1846, Herefordshire, England
Father: John Powis, b. Herefordshire, England; d. Herefordshire age 82
Mother: Mary Ann Abel, b. Herefordshire, England
Siblings: John, Mary Anna, Ann (m. James Trupp; Hardin Co, IA), Martha, Hannah Trupp, Elizabeth Powell (d. Denison), Edmund (d. age 7), George (d. age 17)
Spouse: Jessie Trupp, b. Herefordshire
Marriage: at age 30
Spouse Parents: Richard Trupp (d.) and Jane Malpas (age 73)
Note: Baptist Church
Name: PRENTICE, Franklin
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 26 July 1824, Upper Canada; to Crawford Co. 1850
Father: Hiram Prentice, b. Virginia
Mother: Eva Graham, b. Canada
Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers
Spouse 1: HERRINGTON, Julia, b. Illinois
Children: Chancey F. (Pierce Co., NE), Jacob Lewis, W. M. (d. age 2)
Spouse 2: SEAGROVE, Levina, b. Uxbridge, Worcester Co., MA
Marriage: 27 April 1871
Spouse 2 Parents: Darington Seagrove and Jerusha Scott
Name: RAE, Thomas
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer (285 acres)
Birth: 30 September 1841, County Fife, Scotland. Emigrated to US at age 22
Father: Thomas Rae, Sr.; b. and d. Scotland; Presbyterian
Mother: Janet Buck; b. and d. Scotland; Presbyterian
Spouse: ALLAN, Jeannie, b. Scotland
Spouse Parents: William Allan and Mary ; both b. Scotland
Marriage: 1865
Children: Mary B. (m. F. C. Pierce; Crawford Co.); Thomas A., William, Nettie, Allan, James.
Notes: Learned trade of Hand-loom weaving in Scotland. Republican. Has served as Township Trustee and Treasurer of Dow City Independent District. A. F. & M. Sylvan Lodge, No. 507, Denison, IA. Methodist Episcopal.
Name: RANNELLS, William C.
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer (320 acres)
Birth: 1834 Noble Co., OH
Father: David Rannells (b. 1812 PA; d. 1857, Gentry Co., MO )
Mother: Harriet Culvertson (b. Washington Co., PA; d. 1878, Gentry Co., MO )
Siblings: Louisa (d. OH); Caroline (m. Harvey White, Gentry Co., MO); Mildred (m. James W. Owens, Gentry Co., MO); Lucretia (m. Luther Knott, Kansas); Amanda (m. Lee Evans, Gentry Co., MO); Eliza Jane (m. William Duncan, MO); David V. (farmer, western Nebraska).
Spouse: LONGSTRETH, Sabilla (b. Morgan Co., OH); Methodist Episcopal.
Marriage: January 1856 Caldwell Co., MO
Children: Minnie (teacher, Des Moines, IA); Anna (teacher, Crawford Co.); Flora (teacher, Denison); Charles; William; Harriet (d. age 6 months); Edgar, Arthur, Luther.
Spouse Parents: James Longstreth (b. OH; d. MO) and Mary (b. OH; d. MO)
Notes: Republican.
Name: RICHARDSON, George A.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: County Treasurer of Crawford Co., IA; formerly in drug and lumber businesses
Birth: 27 Apr 1857, Attica, Wyoming Co., NY; to Benton Co., IA at age 10; to Crawford Co. 1880
Father: Romain Richardson
Mother: Mary F. Britton
Spouse: BRIAN, Emeline M., b. Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., IA
Marriage: 15 Jan 1879
Children: Carl B. (b. 13 Jan 1886); Gail R. (b. 26 May 1890)
Spouse Parents: James Brian and Emily
Notes: A.F.&A.M., Sylvian Lodge, No. 507, Jerusalem Chapter, No. 72, and Rose Croy Commandery, No. 38; K. of P., No. 148, Ainsworth Lodge; A.O.U.W.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer; 160 acres
Birth: 1837, Chautauqua Co., NY
Father: Nathan Richardson; d. 1875 Linn Co., IA
Mother: Aseneth Johnson; d. NY
Siblings: Nancy (m. James Barber, Lake Co., OH); Jane L. (m. Daniel Troutman, Benton Co., IA); Martha (d. Linn Co. 1880; m. Henry McKean); Reuben (d. 1887 Chautauqua, NY)
Spouse: McARTHUR, Mary, b. Linn Co., IA
Marriage: 1868
Spouse Parents: James McArthur and Mary Morton ; both d. Linn Co., IA
Notes: Company A, Twentieth Iowa Infantry, siege of Vicksburg. Taught school in Ida and Monona Counties. Republican. Served as Assessor and Township Clerk, member of the School Board. John A. Logan Post, No. 56, G. A. R. Baptist.
Name: ROBERTSON, Charles
Residence: Willow Twp., near Charter Oak
Occupation: Farmer; 480 acres; cattle and hogs
Birth: 14 December 1851 Scotland
Father: Mathew Robertson; b. Scotland; d. age 47 Polk Co., IA; emigrated to US 1852
Mother: Mary McMurdock (b. Scotland; resides rural Des Moines)
Paternal Grandfather: Charles Robertson
Siblings: Mary, Jennie, Belle, Thomas, James
Spouse: EGBERT, Sylvia, b. Ohio. Methodist Episcopalian.
Spouse Parents: James Egbert and Catherine Clemmer ; both deceased
Marriage: 2 October 1873, Des Moines, IA
Children: Nettie May, Edith M., Cora Bell, Nellie Vern
Notes: Republican. Has served as Township Trustee and Justice of the Peace. I. O. O. F. Charter Oak.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Proprietor Maple Grove farm; shorthorn cattle, horses, Poland-China swine
Birth: 17 March 1839 Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada
Father: John Robinson (b. Yorkshire, England; d. Leeds Co., Canada, age 84)
Mother: Hannah Clark (b. Yorkshire, England; d. Leeds Co., Canada, age 72)
Spouse: SNODGRASS, Allie J., b. West Virginia
Marriage: 16 August 1866, Boone, IA
Children: William H. (former teacher; farmer Emmet Co., IA); John Roy (student Cap City Commercial College, Des Moines); Joseph and Richard (twins, students at Denison High School).
Spouse Parents: Rev. J. W. Snodgrass (Methodist minister, Boone, IA) and Margaret Dudley (b. West Virginia)
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Samuel Dudley, Revolutionary War Veteran
Notes: Methodist. Served as Township Clerk, member of School Board. Odd Fellows, Boone; A. F. & A. M. Setting Sun Lodge, West Side; charter member of Diamond Lodge, A. F. & A. M. 422, Vail. Republican
Name: ROLLINS, James
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, Enlisted Company M. 1st IL Light Artillery
Birth: 13 July 1834, near Belfast, Ireland; emigrated to US 1854; to Denison, August 1865
Father: William Rollins (d. Ireland)
Mother: Jane White (d. Ireland)
Spouse: COLMAN, Emma, b. 1849 Ohio
Marriage: 7 Oct. 1869
Children: William C., Frank S., Jennie, John, Lizzie, James A., Robert E.
Affiliations: Township Trustee, School Board, Township Clerk, Presbyterian Church
Name: ROLLS, W. C.
Residence: Arion
Occupation: Manufacturer and dealer in Harness, Whips, Saddles, general supplies
Birth: 12 Oct. 1866, England
Father: John Rolls
Mother: Priscilla Benning
Note: Established business Jan. 1892
Name: ROMANS, J. B.
Note: See biography of his brother R. A. Romans
Residence: Hardware merchant
Occupation: Denison
Birth: 1845, Harrison Co., Ohio
Father: Elisha Romans (b. Chester Co., PA; d. 1858 Clinton Co., IA)
Mother: Elizabeth Knight (b. Cecil Co., MD; d. 27 Feb. 1889, Charter Oak, IA)
Siblings: Catherine (m. George F. Gaudie, Denison), Ann (m. E. F. Councilman, Le Mars, IA), Hannah (m. Charles B. Eaton , Manchester, IA), Lewis (Charter Oak, IA), Robert, Eva (d.)
Spouse: LAUB, Mary
Marriage: Age 26 at Denison
Children: Maud, Ione, Junia
Spouse Parents: Hon. Henry C. Laub. See his biography.
Affiliations: A. F. & A. M., K. of P., Methodist Episcopal Church
Note: Also owns interest in a Hardware store at Charter Oak
Name: ROMANS, R. A.
Note: See biography of his brother J. B. Romans
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Real-estate, Notary Public,
Birth: 17, June 1854, Harrison Co., Ohio
Father: Elisha Romans
Mother: Elizabeth
Spouse: FULLICK, Alice H., b. 8 April 1859, De Witt, IA
Marriage; 1879
Children: John Brown, Herold Alvin, Garnett, Robert F., Warren B., Alice
Spouse Parents: George Fullick and Elizabeth Garnett
Affiliations: A. O. U. W. , Methodist Episcopal Church
Notes; Member of the firm "Roman's Brother's & Co.," at Charter Oak, IA established 1888
Name: RUDD, A. Z.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Postmaster since April 1889 and a Notary Public
Birth: 14 March 1858, Buck Grove, IA
Father: John R. Rudd, resides Dow City. Served in the Fifteenth Iowa Infantry volunteers.
Mother: Serelda Jordan, b. IA
Spouse: HAMMOND, Sarah, b. Wisconsin
Marriage: Union twp.
Children: Jeanette Irene; Grace Anna (d. age 8 months)
Spouse Parents: John Hammond and Leticia Ann Lockwood
Notes: Democrat, Latter-Day Saints Church
Name: RULE, William H.
Residence: Paradise Twp., Post office Bell
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 8 Nov. 1851, Canada
Father: George Rule, b. 1829, Scotland; m. Canada; d. 18 Sep. 1892, Crawford Co.; emigrated to US with family at age 6; 1876 came to Dow City
Mother: Ellen A. Columbus
Paternal Grandparents: William Rule (b. Scotland; d. age 81, Clinton Co., IA) and Jean Wood (b. Scotland; d. age 76). Children: George, John, William, Jeanette (m. Captain Hall)
Maternal Grandparents: William Columbus (d. Canada; descendent of Christopher Columbus) and Nancy McCarty ( b. Ireland; d. Canada). Children: Isaac, James, Ellen M., Martha, Anna, Elisabeth
Siblings: Agnes J. Goddard (Dow City), John E. (Arizona), George C. (Omaha), Thomas J., Ellen M., Andrew L. (Charter Oak), Lincoln A. (conductor)
Spouse: BATES, Helen, b. Hampshire Co., MA (Teacher)
Marriage; 29 Nov. 1877, Big Rock, IA
Children: George Clark (b. 19 Dec 1878; Silver Creek Mills, Clinton Co., IA), James Garfield (b. 28 Nov 1880; Dow City, IA), Emma Jeannette (b. 23 Sept; Dow City, IA), William H. (b. 20 Aug 1884; Dow City, IA), Fred Andrew (b. 5 Dec 1886; Dunlap Mills, Dunlap, IA), Thomas Winthrop (b. 26 Mar 1891; Petersburg, IL)
Spouse Parents: Clark Bates (b, Hampshire Co., MA; d.) and Lucy Brewster (b. MA; d. Clinton Co., IA)
Spouse Paternal Grandfather: Henry Bates
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: Honorable E. H. Brewster and Sophrona Kingnan
Spouse Step Father: F. J. Parsons; Clinton Co., IA
Affiliations: Township Clerk, Modern Woodmen, Presbyterian Church
Name: RYAN, Thomas
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Bridge Construction
Birth: June 1834, Tipperary, Ireland. Emigrated to US 1850
Father: Martin Ryan b. Tipperary, Ireland
Mother: Bridget Ellard, b. Tipperary, Ireland
Spouse: REYNOLDS, Mary E., b. Michigan
Marriage: at age 30, Washtenaw Co., Michigan
Children: Martin (Vail, IA), Mary (m. D. O'Leary; Council Bluffs), Sarah (m. Lide Forgraves; Council Bluffs), Katy, Maggie, Emma, Thomas, Julia, John, 4 others (d.)
Spouse Parents: Robert Reynolds and Eliza of London, England
Note: Republican and Roman Catholic Church
Name: SAUNDERS, George W.
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1837, Cranbrook, Kent Co., England
Father: William Saunders, b. Cranbrook, England; d. 1868, Oneida Co., NY. Emigrated to US 1852.
Mother: Martha Huntley, b. Cranbrook, England. Resides in NY
Siblings: Alfred (Los Angeles), Henry (Topeka, Kansas), Herbert (NY), William (NY), Frances (m. Charles Austin; Oneida Co., NY)
Spouse: WALKER, Mary E., b. Yorkshire, England
Marriage: 1860, NY
Children: C.G (Council Bluffs)., Martha (m. John Swanson; Perry, IA), Henry, David P. (Missouri Valley, IA), Jennie (m. G. Farver; East Boyer Twp), Frank, Herbert, Roscoe Conklin, Thomas (d. age 7), Uriah (d. 17 mo.), Freddie (d. 17 mo)
Spouse Parents: Thomas Walker (b. Yorkshire, England) and Elizabeth Londsberthy (b. Yorkshire, England; d. 1858, Oneida Co., NY). Emigrated to US 1840
Note: Methodist Church
Residence: Crawford County
Occupation: County Clerk, Drug Store, Grain business
Birth: 23 July, 1858, Brugg, Switzerland; emigrated to US with mother at age 13; to Crawford Co. 1882
Father: Philip A. Schlumberger (d.)
Mother: Anna Rhyner (d. 1877)
Siblings: 1
Spouse: WRIGLEY, Anna A.
Children: Anna B., Gracie M., James W.
Spouse Parents: James Wrigley (d.) and May H. Haywood (resides Denison)
Affiliations: Protestant, chairman of Transportation Committee of the Pharmaceutical Society
Notes: Formed partnership with A. C. Wrigley under the firm name of Schlumberger & Wrigley
Name: SCHOUTEN, William N.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Scriver & Co.,
Birth: 30 Mar. 1864, Douglas Co., Illinois
Father: James Schouten, d. May 1892, Crawford Co.; to Crawford Co. 1875
Mother: Mary Nessle, d. 1889, Crawford Co.
Siblings: Jennie (widow of M. D. McCord; Paradise Twp), Hannah (m. J. P. Duncan, Paradise Twp)
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 13 Oct. 1839, Rhine Province, Germany. Emigrated to US 1871.
Father: Francis Schumacher b. Germany
Mother: Cathrina, b. Germany
Spouse: CRENZBERG, Cathrina, b. 1845
Marriage: 1866
Children: Anna, Caroline, Katie, Frank, Gertie, Henry, William, Bertha, Louisa
Note: Democrat and Catholic Church
Name: SCHURKE, Carl
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Harm & Schurke, General Merchandise Business
Birth: 13 Jan 1847, Prussia, Germany. Emigrated to US 1870
Father: Carl Schurke, d. 1872, Clinton Co., IA. Emigrated to US 1872
Mother: Sophia Knap, resides Crawford Co.
Siblings: 5 brothers and sisters
Spouse: PETERSEN, Caroline, b. 26 July 1847, Germany
Marriage: 13 Feb. 1870
Children: Amelia (m. J. L. Walter; Charter Oak, IA), Matilda, Amil, Alvena, Lena, William, Barney and Paul
Spouse Parents: William Petersen and Sophia Quondt
Note: Lutheran Church
Name: SCRIVER, W. J.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Scriver & Co. Mercantile
Birth: 2 Nov., 1849, St. John's Co., Quebec, Canada; to Denison 1884
Father: Edwin Scriver, b. Canada
Mother: Susan Quest, b. Canada
Spouse: FORCE, Hannah I.; b. Canada
Marriage: Feb 1884, Canada
Children: Marion Force, Stewert Alexander, and Clara
Note: Republican
Name: SEIFORD, George
Residence: Soldier Township, IA
Occupation: Farmer, 520 acres; Civil War veteran
Birth: 1837, Delaware Co., NY; to Muscatine Co., IA 1857; to Crawford Co. 1 May 1872
Father: Charles Seiford, b. Germany; m. abt 1822 Delaware Co., NY; d. 1884, NY age 84; baker
Mother: Louisa (b. Germany; d. 1858, IA)
Siblings: Charles (New York, NY); Carrie (m. Charles Morrison; New York, NY)
Spouse: BOWERS, Clarissa (b. Pittsburgh, PA)
Marriage: 1865, Muscatine Co., IA
Children: Sarah (m. N. Unrich; Charter Oak, IA); Charles (m.); Emma (m. George Minder; Muscatine Co., IA); George, Jr.; Benjamin Sherman; Ellen May; Clinton
Spouse Father: d. Muscatine Co., IA
Name: SEWALL, L. A.
Residence: Denison, IA
Occupation: Contractor, builder and architect; farmer, 200 acres; Civil War veteran
Birth: 1843, Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., NY
Father: Joseph Sewall (d.)
Mother: Sarah Honsinger (d.)
Paternal Grandfather: Joseph Sewall
Spouse: WEITING, Almina (b. Otsego Co., NY)
Marriage: August, 1872, Denison, IA
Children: John; Lewis; Ada; Allie (all in Denison)
Name: SEYMOUR, S. W.
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: General farming, stock-raising; 120 acres; Township Clerk
Birth: 4 Oct 1847, Clinton Co., IA; to Crawford County 1881
Father: William P. Seymour (b. NY; Scotch; farmer; d. March, 1872)
Mother: Sarah A. (Kansas City, MO)
Siblings: Laura (m. J. D. Draper; Marion, IA); Acenith (Jackson Co., IA); Cynthia (Kansas City, MO); Henry (Crawford Co., IA); May (Kansas City, MO)
Paternal Grandfather: Reuben Seymour
Spouse: DEPEW, Mary J. (b. 1846, Toronto, Canada)
Marriage: 14 Dec 1871
Children: Fred; Ralph; Clyde
Spouse Parents: Isaac Depew and Mary
Notes: I.O.O.F. No. 105
Name: SHAW VAN, R.
Residence: Denison, IA
Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney of Crawford County
Birth: 4 Dec 1856, Milwaukee, WI; to Crawford Co. 1877
Father: John Shaw Van (d. 13 Sep 1863, Battle of Chickamauga)
Mother: Mary Bell (Milwaukee, WI)
Siblings: John (d.); Beck (Janesville, WI); Albina (m. Andrew Metz; Chicago, IL); Kerrellio (attorney; Milwaukee, WI); Oscar (Belvidere, IL); Douglas (Milwaukee, WI)
Spouse: WAGONER, Mattie (b. 20 Apr 1861, Ida Co., IA)
Marriage: 1880
Children: John; Mary
Spouse Parents: W. J. Wagoner and Sallie Van Orsdal
Notes: Episcopal Church
Name: SHERWOOD, Sidney
Residence: Crawford County, IA
Occupation: Wagonmaker; Civil War Veteran; war-disabled
Birth: August, 1827, Delaware Co., OH; to Clinton Co., IA 1856; to Crawford Co. 1873
Father: Lewis Sherwood (farmer; d. age 91)
Mother: Lockey Adams (b. New England; d. age 65)
Siblings: LaFayette (Council Bluffs, IA); 4 other brothers, 1 sister
Paternal Grandfather: John Sherwood
Spouse: DAVIS, Elizabeth (b. VT)
Marriage: November 1856, Clinton Co., IA
Children: Lockey; Roxana; Logan; Milton (m. 23 Jan 1892, Julia Higgins of Boone, IA, daughter of David Higgins and Ellen Scanlan )
Spouse Father: Thomas T. Davis (b. Canada; Irish; d. Clinton Co., IA, age 52)
Spouse Mother: Lydia Haines (b. VT; English; d. Clinton Co., IA, age 73)
Spouse Siblings: 5 brothers; 1 sister
Name SHIVES, William
Residence Stockholm Twp, since 12 September 1873. Moved to Montgomery Co IL 1859.
Occupation Farming, stock-raising
Birth 30 March 1850, Iredell Co NC.
Father Charles Alexander Shives, b. NC; m. NC. Resides Montgomery Co IL
Mother Eliza Coffin, b. NC; d. 1873 Montgomery Co IL. Member of Friends Church.
Siblings Mary Moore (Roseville CA). One brother (Crawford Co.)
Spouse WHITE, Mary Eliza, b. Montgomery Co IL
Marriage September 1876
Children Ora Edwin, Clara, Alice, Maud Belle, William John Thomas, Oliver Clyde, Barney Lee, Jennie May, Howard Seymour, & Charles Orson
Spouse Parents Henry White (d.) and Eliza Common (d.). Both of English descent
Notes: Republican. Methodist Episcopal.
Name: SHORT, JohnBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Proprietor of flour mill and grain elevator
Birth: 1827, near Edinburgh, Scotland; emigrated to Canada 1851; to US abt 1868
Father: Adam Short, b. Scotland
Mother: Elizabeth Scott, b. Scotland
Spouse: MATHER, Margaret, of Edinburgh, Scotland
Marriage: 1851, Scotland
Children: Adam (Vail), Ellen (m. John Thomson; Vail), Agnes (m. W. W. White; Vail), Elizabeth (m. F. P. Lewis; South Omaha, NE), Margaret (at home), James (Vail)
Note: Presbyterian
Name SIGLIN, Isaiah
Residence Crawford Co since 1879. Abt 1865 moved to Genoa IL.
Occupation Farmer
Birth 01 December 1847, Monroe Co PA
Father Jacob Siglin, b. abt 1810, New Hampshire; m. 1833, PA.. To Sycamore, DeKalb Co IL 1853; lived there 39 years. Republican. Methodist.
Mother Hannah Zetzer, b. Vermont
Paternal Grandfather Henry Siglin, fought in War of 1812
Maternal Grandfather John Zetzer, b. Europe
Siblings 4 brothers, 5 sisters. 2 brothers in Civil War: Jacob (13th IL Inf); Joshua (17th IL Cavalry).
Spouse SCOTT, Sarah J.
Marriage Abt 1871
Children Wesley, Jennie, Hattie, Willie
Spouse Parents William & Harriett Scott, of Genoa IL
Notes: 04 June 1864 joined 17th IL Cavalry; discharged 18 December 1865; wounded and lost sight in one eye. Republican. Methodist. Clerk & Trustee of his twp. Member of School Board, G.A.R., Mason, I.O.O.F.
Name SLAGG, Joseph
Residence Manilla, IA, since 1876. Emigrated from Liverpool to Albion, Dane Co WI, with family in 1849
Occupation Farmer
Birth 27 March 1839, Derbyshire, England
Father Henry Slagg, b. England; d. age 83; buried Albion (WI) Prairie Cemetery. Farmer in Dane Co WI; Methodist Episcopal. Republican
Mother Elizabeth Parker, b. England; d. age 56; buried Albion (WI) Prairie Cemetery. Methodist Episcopal
Siblings 8 brothers, 2 sisters. Alexander & Joseph fought in Civil War. Alexander d. at Milliken's Bend, LA, 1863, age 26. He was with the 23rd Wisconsin Inf Volunteers;
Spouse THEOBALD, Sophia
Marriage 27 March 1876
Children William R., Alexander N., Earnest Elmer, Inez Mildred, Earl Winfield, Leo Warren.
Spouse Father: Robert Theobald. See his biography.
Notes:: 15 August 1862, enlisted in Twenty-third Wisconsin Inf Volunteers, Co D, Col J.J. Guppey & Capt Joseph E. Green. Honorable discharge 04 July 1865. Suffered injury to eyes; he never recovered. Republican. Member of G.A.R. & School Board.
Name SLATER, F. J.
Residence Manilla; from WI to Iowa Co WI, age 17; to Crawford Co 1872. Also lived in Perry, IA.
Occupation Manager of McConnell & Sons, grain dealers, Manilla IA
Birth 05 June 1854, Albion, Dane Co WI
Father John Slater, b. Sheffield, England; mechanic; emigrated from England to Wisconsin with wife. Resides Manilla IA
Mother Harriet Slagg, b. England
Notes: Republican. I.O.O.F.
Name: SLATER, Solomon W.
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, former Twp. director, trustee and clerk
Birth: b. 15 Sept., 1839, Ulster Co, NY
Father: James Slater, (b. Ulster Co, NY, d. Crawford Co, IA, age 72 yrs.)
Mother: unnamed, d. abt 1851
Paternal Grandfather: Walter Slater
Siblings: James (d.); Maria, (d. Crawford Co, IA); Anna, (d. NY)
Spouse 1: WINANS, Sarah, (b. Bureau Co, IL, d. Dec, 1865)
Marriage: Crawford Co, IA, at age 27
Children: Henry
Spouse 2: WINANS, Mary (sister of Sarah)
Marriage: abt 1868
Children: George; Katie; Grace; Frank
Spouse Parents: Clark Winans
Note: Came to Crawford Co. at age 16 with father; Clark Winans was an early Crawford Co. pioneer
Name: SLEEPER, Azro A.
Residence: Hanover Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1838, Caledonia Co., Vermont; to Crawford Co. 1875
Father: Lauren M. Sleeper, b. New Hampshire; d. 1882, Paradise Twp.; to Crawford County 1876
Mother: Hannah Collis, b. New Hampshire; resides Michigan
Siblings: Alvah (New Hampshire), Russell T. (Michigan); Norwood, Ellen (widow of George McWhirter; Mass..), Alma (Michigan), Lauren Jr. (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Spouse: GOODELL, Ellen b. Caledonia Co., Vermont
Marriage: 1863, Caledonia Co., Vermont
Children: Guy Albert
Spouse's Parents: Nathan Goodell, b. Vermont
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Brewer
Birth: 2 Feb. 1846, Bohemia, Europe , immigrated 1866, came to Vail 1873
Father: A. Smutney, b. Bohemia; d. age 33 yrs in Bohemia
Mother: Frances Rott, b. Bohemia; age 80 years
Spouse: KITZBERGER, Theresa b. Bohemia
Marriage: 21 Feb. 1871, Johnson Co., IA
Spouse's Parents: Antone Kitzberger (age 73) and Theresa Vrauck (d.)
Children: Anna, Charley, Rosa, Jeffery (d. age 12), Lewis (d. 11 months), Jenny (d. 7 weeks), Benjamin (d. 7 months)
Affiliations: Catholic Church
Notes: Built the Vail Brewery south of town
Name: STALLER, S. B.
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, Blacksmith
Birth: 25 Feb.1832, Pine's Church, near Carlisle, Cumberland Valley, Dickinson Twp., PA; to Crawford Co. 1875
Father: Henry Staller, b. PA; d. Carlisle, PA
Mother: Becky Linen, b. PA.; d. Carlisle, PA
Siblings: Mary, William
Spouse: MARTIN, Catherine; Widow of Francis Rose ( b. Rock Island; d. 1862, Warren Co.)
Marriage: 16 Feb. 1863
Children: 5 sons, 5 daughters, an adopted son, William age 23
Stepchildren; Lewis P., Mary Sisley, Sarah
Spouses Parents: Unnamed father Mr. Martin (d. IL, age 71) and Rebecca Moore (d. age 84)
Notes: 1861 enlisted 11th IL Cav., Co.K., 1863 enlisted 16th PA Cav. Co., L. Taken Prisoner of War at Lexington, Tennessee
Name: STEPANEK, Adolph
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Harness Shop
Birth: 14 Aug. 1863, Maquoketa, Jackson Co., IA
Father: Joseph Stepanek; resides Ward, Arkansas
Mother: Josephine; resides Ward, Arkansas
Spouse: MATEJKA, Francis, b. Iowa
Marriage: 2 Nov. 1885
Children: Julia, Lillian, Frank L., Charles W.
Notes: Started the first harness shop in Charter Oak
Name: STOECKS, Mr.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Merchant (Mrs. Stoecks is the owner and operator of the business)
Birth: 25 April 1825, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; emigrated to US 1852
Father: Erasmus Stoecks
Birth: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (came to America 1868)
Spouse: SCHMUTSCH, Caroline, b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; emigrated to US 1868
Marriage: Davenport, Iowa. He was previously married with 2 children now residents of Monmouth, IL
Children: Harry, Matilda
Spouse Father: Frederick Schmutsch
Affiliations: Lutheran Church
Name: SWASEY, Edward H.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Attorney at Law
Birth: Chicago, IL
Father: Samuel Swasey (d. 1887 Belvidere, IL)
Mother: Edith A. Holmes (d. 1887 Belvidere, IL)
Siblings: Franklin (d.); Charles J. (Ft. Worth, TX); Katie (d.); Samuel (d.); Edith (m. A. H. Keeler, Belvidere, IL).
Paternal Grandparents: Obediah Swasey (Salem, MA family since 1668) and Nancy Merrell. Children: Mary Ann, Hannah, Mehitable, Nancy, Jane, Sarah, Louise, Benjamin, Samuel, John, Nathaniel, Franklin (first), Franklin (second)
Paternal Greatgrandparents: Moses Swasey. Spouse 1: Eunice Mouchard (d. Oct 1760), m. 25 Sept 1755, with children: Eunice, Samuel, Elizabeth. Spouse 2: unnamed m. 1761 with children Saxe, Mickage, Appelton, Moses, Sarah, Stephen, Obediah, Honah, Mehitable
Notes: Graduated Chicago Law School 1884. Member of K. of P. Dowdall Lodge, No. 94; M. W. A, Vice V. C. of No. 1183 Mineral Springs Camp, Dow City. Democrat.

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