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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1893

Source: Biographical History of Crawford, Ida and Sac Counties, Iowa. 1893. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago

Surnames Starting With C, D, E, F

Name: CAMPBELL, James Madison
Residence: Goodrich Twp. (formerly of Beaver Dam, WI 1858-1878)
Occupation: Farmer; 160 acres. ( Grain, stock, raises broom-corn and manufactures brooms. Poland-China hogs.)
Birth: 3 April 1825 (Jefferson County, NY)
Father: James Campbell (b. Scotland; d. abt 1853, San Francisco, CA)
Mother: Phoebe Faster (English parentage; b. NY, d. 3 February 1866, Jefferson County, NY)
Siblings: Marilda (d.); Lucy (OH); Phoebe (d.); Abagail (Beaver Dam, WI); Wilferd (MI); Judson (NY); Emily (OH); Maryette (Tacoma, WA)
Spouse 1: HAZELWOOD, Elizabeth (b. England; d. 24 April 1855 Buffalo, NY)
Marriage: 24 February 1848 (Jefferson Co., NY)
Children: James S. (b. 9 May 1850; Osceola Co.,IA); Adelaide Elizabeth (b. 17 January 1852; m. George Calips, Milwaukee, WI.)
Spouse 2: HAZELWOOD, Mary Maria (sister of Elizabeth)
Marriage: 2 November 2 1856
Children: Walter Joseph (b. 16 November 1857; Nishnabotany Twp.); Charles Ambert (b. 10 July 1859; Goodrich Twp); Louisa Adeline (b. 18 August 1861; teacher, at home); Martha Ione (b. 29 December 1870; at home); Ugene (b. 2 June 1874); Albert Gilbert (b. 21 January 1877); Wilber and Bert (at home).
Notes: Republican; served as Justice of the Peace and County Treasurer, Member of Republican Central Committee; Delegate 1890 and 1892 to State Republican Convention. Methodist Episcopal.
Name: CARR, Dr. Charles W.
Residence: Dow City (1890)
Occupation: Physician; Officer Dow City Sanitorium and Tracy Institute
Birth: 5 September 1865, Decatur, IL
Father: Dr. Robert F. Carr (b. NY); resides Argenta, IL
Mother: Emily A. Smick (b. Kentucky)
Siblings: Edgar D. (student Berlin University); May (m. G. W. Spear; Aurora, IL); Robert F. Jr. (student of Champaign University ); George and Irene (at home).
Notes: Graduated Rush Medical College 1889. Specializes eye, ear, surgery. Democrat. Member of I.O.O.F. and M. W. of A.
Name: CASEY, M. J.
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Merchant, postmaster 1885 served three and half years
Birth: 30 Jan. 1851, Boston, Massachusetts
Father: Francis Casey, d. Dewitt, IA; Mechanic and Wagon-maker
Mother: Julia Long, Vail, IA
Spouse: BURNS, Mary J., b. New York City
Marriage: DeWitt, IA
Children: Lizzie (age 11)
Spouse Parents: John Burns and Bridget
Affiliations: City Council, Ancient Order of Hibernians
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Drug store proprietor (in partnership 1886, sole proprietor 1892); previously W. A. McHenry Bank 1885. Local building interests.
Birth: 6 February 1842, south of Quincy, IL
Father: J. W. Cassaday (b. Kentucky; d.; prominent physician KY, MO, ILL, deceased).
Mother: Nancy A. Wasson (b. Kentucky)
Paternal Grandfather: Methodist minister who lived to be over 100 years.
Spouse: McHENRY Hellen M. (b. NY)
Marriage: 3 February 1868, Denison
Children: Leon M. (graduate of Des Moines College 1892); Ralph S. (at home); one daughter (d.).
Spouse Parents: J. V. McHenry
Notes: Interested in the erection of several buildings in Denison. Worked for John V. Farwell & Co., Chicago, for seven years. First councilman in Denison; School Board member. A. O. U. W. and M. W. of A. Democrat.
Name: CHAPMAN, A. S.
Residence: Boyer Township, Crawford County
Occupation: Farmer (80 acres)
Birth: 1852, DuPage County, IL
Father: Thomas Chapman (b. Chautauqua Co., NY; m. NY; d. 1876, Boyer Twp, Crawford Co)
Mother: Mary E. Rogers (b. Chautauqua Co., NY; d. DuPage Co., IL)
Siblings: Edward (22nd ILL Infantry, killed in service); De Ett (m. C. D. Nash; Boyer Twp.); Lo Ret (m. R. J. Burwell, Dunlap); Martha (m. J. D. Nelson, Crawford Co.); Effie (m. Frank Schlessig, Monroe Co., IA).
Spouse: SEMPLE, Martha (b. Indiana)
Marriage: March 1876 (Harrison Co., IA)
Children: Henry, Floy, Thomas, Leonard, Veruy, Amy, May, Roland.
Spouse Parents: Elon Semple (b. IN, mason and farmer); Jane Alexander (b. IN); reside in Harrison Co.
Notes: People's party; President of the Farmers' Alliance; member of Industrial Union. Has served on the School Board.
Name: CHAPMAN, TracyBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Milford Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, Stockmen, Justice of Peace, County Board
Birth: 4 Feb 1834, Sodns Bay, New York, came to county 1856
Father: Harlow Chapman (b. Conn.; d.), manufacturer
Mother: Catherine Van Loon (b. New York; d. abt 1839)
Siblings: 3 sisters (d.), William H. (Michigan)
Spouse: RICHARDSON, Celinda; (b. New Haven, New York). Widow of John A. Dunham (b. Illinois, d. 31 Oct. 1854, son of Cornelius Dunham)
Marriage: 1856
Children: Phoebe (m. Willis Mason, Washington Co., Kansas ); Huldah (m. James Martin, Omaha, NE); Harlow (Milford Twp); Delia (m. Frank Dickey); Celinda ( m. James North, Milford Twp); Rhoda J.; Tracy H.; Louis (d. age 18 yr) and Jennie (d. age 7 1/2 months)
Step Children: Children of John A. Dunham: Sylvanus C. (Dunlap, IA); Elsie L. (m. Giles A. Brink, Beatrice, NE.); Alice (d. age 18 years)
Spouse Parents: Rufus Richardson( b. Vermont; d.) and Marilda Smith (d.)
Name: CHASE, Charles
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, taught music, musician
Birth: 10 Apr. 1853, Dekalb, Illinois; came to county 1880
Father: Jacob Chase (b. Ogdensburg, New York; m. 1845, Rochester, NY; d. 1877), Saw Mill
Mother: Nancy Babock, b. Rochester, New York
Siblings: Four brothers and four sisters- one brother Jacob (d. Civil War)
Spouse: SCHAIRER, Carrie; b. Naperville, Illinois
Children: Lewis, Myrtle, Elva, Henry, Sally, Nina Pearl, Earl and Daniel
Spouse Parents: George Schairer
Affiliations: Masonic Fraternity, Dunlap Lodge, No. 244
Name: CHATTIN John F.
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, Carpenter, built first building in Charter Oak, IA, millwright, enlisted Aug. 1862 in Company A. 24th IA Inf.
Birth: 1836, Clarke County, Ohio
Father: James Chattin (b. New Jersey; d. 1871, Linn Co., IA), Millwright
Mother: Mary Foster (b. Ohio); Oregon
Siblings: Three ( d.) Henry (MO); James Webster (d. siege of Vicksburg); William R. (Oregon); Charles (Oregon), Sarah (Oregon)
Spouse: NAUMAN, Mary b. Germany
Marriage: 1867
Children: Allan B. (attending School, Ames, IA); Augusta, Grace, one daughter died at age 19, 1890
Spouse Parents: Melchor Nauman (d.) and Christina Hoffman (d. Marion, IA), Came to Linn CO. 1850
Spouse Siblings: Edward (d. Kansas); John (Marshall Co., Kansas); Bernard (Marshall Co., Kansas); Ernestine (m. E. P. Taylor, Marion IA); Augustus (Marshall Co., Kansas)
Affiliations: Justice of Peace, Assessor, School Board, Masonic Fraternity, Linn Co.
Note: See biography of brother R. H. Childress
Residence: Crawford Co., as of 1874, orginally near Vail
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 16 June 1850, Clark Co., MO
Father: J. M. Childress Sr., b. Licking River, KY; m. Waterloo, Clark Co., MO; d. April, 1866, Canton, MO. Soldier for South during Civil War, taken prisoner near Union Mills. All property confiscated.
Mother: Martha Conyers; d. abt 1860
Siblings: Newton (Canton, MO), Eda, Kate, Robert, Anna, J. F., Clay, Victoria (d. age 7)
Grandfather: John Childress of Virginia family
Spouse: BOTTS, Charlotte E., b. Lewis Co., MO
Marriage: Lewis Co., MO
Children: Charlie Tilden, Mattie Conyers, Amy Blanch, Harry Milton, Elsie Mabel, Rob Harvey, Josephine, Charlotte Lois
Spouse Parents: Ben Botts (b. VA, d. age 79) and Martha Lincoln (b. Maryland, resides Canton, MO)
Note: See biography of brother J. M. Childress
Residence: Crawford County
Occupation: Farmer, (sawmill, Mills Co.IA)
Birth: 2 September 1846; reared in Clark and Lewis counties, Missouri; came to county 1878
Father: J. M. Childress Sr.
Spouse: BOTTS Sarah L., b. Lewis Co., MO
Marriage: Vail, Iowa
Spouse Parents: Beu Botts
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, worked in Mill
Birth: 1834, Canada, came to county 1872
Father: William Christie (b. Aberdeen, Scotland; d. killed by falling tree 1842)
Mother: Rachel Grant, (b. Canada; d. 1875)
Siblings: Lewis (Farmington, MN); Daniel ( Manitoba, Canada); Thomas (Canada)
Maternal Grandparents: Lewis Grant (b. Scotland ; Surveyor, erected a mill) and unnamed Gansey (b. Vermont)
Spouse: ROSE, Sarah Agnes; b. Canada
Marriage: 1861, Canada
Children: Ella (m. Wheeler Robbins, Monona Co.); Aurilla (m. Lewis Bassett, Harrison Co.); Charley, Rolla (Harrison Co.); Ed; Minnie (teacher Monona Co); Ethol
Spouse Parents: Charles Rose (b. Canada, d. 1886) and Aurilla Rosseter ( b. Canada), moved to Iowa 1871
Affiliations: Road Supervisor
Name: COLEMAN, William
Residence: Crawford Co.; formerly Jackson Co., IA (1870-1880)
Occupation: Farmer (160 acres)
Birth: 1 October, 1848, Oxfordshire, England
Father: John Coleman, b. & d. England
Mother: Dinah Savage, b.England; living
Spouse: COOK, Mary E., b. Jackson Co., IA; Methodist
Marriage: 1882
Spouse Parents: William Cook (b. England, d.) and Elizabeth Fox (resides Jackson Co., IA)
Children: One child, deceased.
Notes: Democrat. Emigrated 1869 to Quebec, Canada.
Name: COLLAMORE, Captain I. W.
Residence: Manilla; formerly Carroll Co.(1870-1881).
Occupation: Dry Goods and Groceries; formerly of Collamore & Campbell of Manilla, IA; seaman for 23 years, Captain.
Birth: 26 December 1825, Knox Co., ME
Father: Lebbeus Collamore, b. near Plymouth, MA; d. age 87 years, MA; Scotch descent; War of 1812.
Mother: Eliza Wincehenback, b. Tuttenat Colony, ME; d. age 74 years, MA.
Paternal G-Grandmother: Daughter of unnamed Wadsworth, prominent Massachusetts Family.
Spouse: JORDAN, Sarah, b. Androscoggin Co., ME
Marriage: Abt. 1847
Children: I. W., Jr. (Council Bluffs, IA); Rose (m. John Scheaer, NE); Nelly (m. William Crawford, Chicago).
Spouse Father: D. Jordan
Notes: Civil War, 21st Maine Inf., Co. G. I. O. O. F., Manilla Lodge No. 312; former Commander G.A.R. Post.
Name: CONNOR, James
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer and stock-raiser (160 acres)
Birth: 1842 Bathurst, Canada. To Crawford Co. 1875
Father: Peter Connor, b. Ireland; m. Canada; resides southwestern Kansas, age 76
Mother: Catherine Cain, b. Ireland; d. May 1874
Siblings: Three brothers; four sisters. 1 brother named Michael (d. age21)
Spouse: FLYNN, Mary A., b. Pike Co., PA
Marriage: DeWitt, Clinton Co., IA
Children: Mary E.; Katy F.(Crawford Co. teacher); Anna; Emma (Vail High School); Tazy; Maggie; Susan; Mabel; Chessie; Gertie; James Lee. Frances O. (d.infancy.)
Spouse Parents: John Flynn (d. 1885 Denver, CO) and Mary A. Dooly (resides Denver, CO)
Notes: Specializes in hogs and high-grade draft horses of English shire and Norman breed. Democrat.
Name: CONNER, J. C.
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, stock raising, Bill Clerk, check Clerk (Idaho)
Birth: 22 March 1860, Schuylkill Co. PA; came to Crawford Co. 1877
Father: James Conner, b. Ireland; m. PA; resides Vail, IA
Mother: Mary Gorry, b. Ireland
Spouse: JONES, Mary A, b. Clinton Co., IA
Marriage: Oct. 1884 , Denison
Children: Maud Julia, Emma May, Charles (d. Idaho, age 5 years); Morris (d. 1892 age 5 years)
Spouse Parents: Father (d. Clinton Co.), Mother lives Denison
Name: CONNER, J. P.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Practice of law, District Attorney of 10th Judicial District of Iowa, District Judge
Birth: 27 Jan. 1851, Delaware Co., Indiana
Father: William Conner, b. North Carolina; d. abt 1854; Physician
Mother: Unnamed, b. PA
Spouse: COWDERY , Allie M.
Marriage: 12 Oct. 1875
Spouses Parents: Henry A. Cowdery, of Mazo Manie, WI
Affiliations: Methodist Episcopal Church
Note: Graduated from law school in Iowa City June, 1873
Name: COOK, Archibald
Residence: Willow Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 18 Jan. 1844, Tioga Co., PA; to Crawford Co. 1879
Father: James Cook, b. Syracuse, NY; m. 18 Jan 1832, Tioga Co., PA
Mother: Rachel Hazlett, b. New England
Paternal Grandfather: William Cook (Blacksmith)
Siblings: 4 brother, 4 sisters
Spouse: SHURTLEFF, Sarah P.
Marriage: De Kalb Co., IL
Children: Wilford H., Harry J. (d. age 5), George B., Mary R., Archie J., Jessie E.
Spouses Parents: George Shurtleff and Sarah Perkins (d.)
Spouses Siblings: Hiram (Genoa, IL)
Spouse Stepmother: Louisa Cole
Spouse Stepbrothers: Charles ( Banker, Stratton NE) Edwin (Harvey, IL)
Notes: Oct. 27, 1861, enlisted 2nd PA. Cav. Co., L; G.A.R., Shields Post, No. 83 of Dunlap, I.O.O.F., No. 105 of Charter Oak
Name: COOK, Henry A.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Owner The Denison Bulletin; formerly Linn Co. Farmer; merchandising, hotel keeping, real estate.
Birth: abt 1851, Cedar Rapids, IA
Father: b. Niagra Co., NY; (deceased)
Mother: b. Western Reserve in Ohio; (deceased)
Siblings: A twin (deceased)
Spouse: NEWMAN, Nettie P.
Marriage: 1873
Children: 2 daughters, age 16 and 10 years
Spouse Father: Hon. Thomas G. Newman, publisher of the American Bee Journal of Chicago.
Notes: Served as Union recruit; regular army Indian campaign in NE, CO, MT. Formerly editor of the Cedar Rapids Daily Republican; founder of the Center Point, Iowa Courier Journal; part owner and editor of the Cedar Rapids Standard; editor and owner of the Eureka Springs, Arkansas Daily and Weekly Times, and of the Benton County Arkansas Democrat. Politically a Democrat.
Name: COOK, Samuel
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer. 13 Aug. 1862, enlisted Co. F, Twenty-sixth IA Inf.
Birth: 8 September 1842, Yorkshire, England, Came to county 1875
Father: David Cook b. England; d. at age 76. Emigrated 1852 to Clinton Co., IA
Mother: Mary Stone b. Yorkshire, England (d. at age 58)
Paternal Grandfather: Jeremiah Cook b. Yorkshire, England
Maternal Grandfather: John Stone b. England
Siblings: 7, 3 d. England, 3 d. Clinton Co. IA
Spouse: HAMILTON, Sarah b. New York
Marriage: 1867, Clinton County, IA
Children: Emma S., Henry S., Hattie May, Mary Belle, William E. (d. age 3 months)
Spouse Parents: Henry Hamilton (b. Ireland; d.) and Mary Allen (b. Ireland; De Witt, IA)
Affiliations: G. A. R. Kilpatrick Post, Westside, Presbyterian Church, Ass. Sup. Union Sabbath School, Jackson Twp.
Name: COOK, William
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer, sawmill, general merchandise, hardware business, butcher business, fruit business , restaurant
Birth: 12 January 1843, Middlesex, Canada. Came to MN then Wis.;to Dunlap 4 Nov. 1873;to Dow City, 22 March, 1874
Parents: William Cook, b. near Manchester, England, d. Canada
Mother: Sarah, b. near London, England; age 74 years, Canada
Siblings: None
Spouse: SAYWELL, Jane; b. Canada; d. 10 Sep.1874 age 39
Marriage: 30 Dec. 1863
Children: Charles (Danbury, IA); Herman (Danbury, IA); 3 others (d.)
Spouse 2: WOOD, Clara; b. Illinois
Marriage: 1875
Children: Sarah S., Edith, Lula, William
Affiliations: Marshall, Dow City, M. W. A., No. 1189, Council, Danbury, IA
Name: COON, J. W.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Proprietor livery, feed and sale stable, Dow City; Farmer (40 acres Harrison Co.)
Birth: 16 December 1848 (Coberg, Canada). To Crawford Co. 1868.
Father: Benjamin Coon (b. Canada; deceased)
Mother: Hannah Sinclair (b. Canada; deceased)
Spouse: Isabelle Davis (b. 1851 Livingston Co., IL)
Spouse Parents: J. T. and Hannah Davis. Settled in Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1873
Children: J. W. (died in infancy)
Notes: Democrat
Name: COON, W. W.
Residence: Paradise Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 December 1835, Milan, Huron Co., Ohio. To Crawford Co. June 1875
Father: Paul M. Coon; b. Rensselaer Co., NY; d. 1881 Huntington, Indiana, age 77
Mother: Theresa Cole; b. NY; d. Crawford Co.
Paternal Grandfather: Stephen Coon, Rhode Island
Spouse: McHENRY, Mary E., b. 1 Oct. 1834, Allegany Co., NY
Marriage: 18 February 1860
Children: Hellen L. (b. 8 Sep. 1861, d. 14 Dec 1877); Louis M. (b. 20 Aug 1865, m. 1 Jan 1889 to Ella Clark [b. 4 Oct 1866, Ann Arbor, MI]) Jesse( b. 26 July 1869)
Affiliations; School Director, School Trustee, First Baptist Church, Dow City
Note: 1891 sold 35 acres to town site of Arion
Name: CORNWELL, Loren
Residence: Denison, IA
Occupation: Mill owner; land speculation; Vice-President Crawford Co. State Bank
Birth: 1838, Fulton County, NY
Parents: Timothy Cornwell and Betsey Kenyon, descendants of English ancestors
Spouse: DENNIS, Lydia J. (b. Fulton County, NY)
Marriage: November 1881 in NY
Notes: 1868 built Boyer Valley Mill; 1873 elected County Treasurer; two terms County Supervisor. Democrat.
Name: COSTELLO, Thomas
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer, brick and stone mason,
Birth: 1832, Bearful, County Clare, Ireland. To Crawford Co. 1875 from Scott Co. IA
Father: Michael Costello, b. County Clare, Ireland; d. 1861 Ireland
Mother: Bridget Hare, b. County Clare, Ireland; d. Davenport, IA age 70 )
Spouse: O'DONNELL, Mary, b. County Clare, Ireland
Marriage: Davenport, IA at age 31
Children: Michael, Thomas, Francis, John, Margaret, Johanna, Mary Ann
Spouse Parents: Barney O'Donnell and Johanna Dows (both b. County Clare, Ireland)
Name: CRAKES, William
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer, 1864 enlisted Company M. 3rd Michigan Cav.
Birth: 1825, Yorkshire, England. 1887 to Crawford County )
Father: Francis Crakes, b. Yorkshire, England; d. 1838 Huntington Co., IN. Emigrated Hull, England to Quebec 1831, later to Huntington Co., IN
Mother: Martha Watson b. Yorkshire, England; d. 1885, St. Joseph Co., IN)
Siblings: Francis (Van Buren Co., Michigan); Thomas (St. Joseph Co., IN); George (IN)
Spouse: WELCH, Phoebe, b. New York
Marriage: 1859, Van Buren Co., Mich.
Children: 12, Cassius (Oregon); Thomas (Dakota); Dora (m. William Hamer); Ella (m. Echelas Tillet; Washington Twp.); Phoebe M., William, Robert, Arminda, Emma, 3 others( d. infancy)
Spouse Parents: Moses Welch and Melvina Bennett (both b. Michigan)
Affiliations: Township Trustee, School Board, Methodist Church, J. R. Slack Post, G. A. R. Irwin, IA
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Clothing store proprietor, farmer
Birth: 10 Jan 1847, Blair Co., PA; to Crawford Co. 1887
Father: Benjamin Criswell
Mother: Catharine
Spouse: MOORE, Eldora T., b. 9 Nov 1853, Galena, IL
Marriage: Spring 1875
Children: Benjamin B., Hazel M., 3 others (d.)
Religion: Presbyterian
Residence: Charter Oak Twp
Occupation: Farmer & stockman (Durham cattle, Poland-China hogs), real estate, loan and insurance
Birth: 2 Feb, 1851,Blair Co., PA
Father: Benjamin Criswell, (b. PA, now residing in Scott Co., IA)
Mother: Catherine Edelblute, (b. PA, deceased)
Spouse: HART, Flora B. (b. Clinton, IA)
Marriage: 19 Mar, 1872
Spouse's Parents: Hiram A. Hart (deceased) & Mary J. McGuire (now living in Crawford Co., IA)
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Note: Came to Crawford Co. in 1873
Name: CROUCH, Frank L.
Residence: Crawford Co.; formerly Linn Co.
Occupation: Farmer and businessman
Birth: 19 July 1844; Brimfield, MA
Father: William Crouch b. MA, d. age 78; pioneer settler Ogle Co., IL; blacksmith; Republican; Methodist
Mother: Sarah Wedges, b. Brimfield, MA, d. age 52 years
Grandfather: William Crouch Sr., b. MA
Siblings: Sarah Shove (Crawford Co.); Alexander (Westside); Madison M. (Emmett Co., IA)
Spouse: SMITH, Matilda M.; b. NY
Marriage: abt. 1870, Valley Farm, Linn Co., IA
Children: Pearl Frances, b. 14 September 1886
Spouse Father: Harry A. Smith, deceased
Spouse Mother: Elizabeth Hotchkiss (resides Buffalo Co., NE)
Notes: 92nd ILL Inf., Co. K; Republican; Presbyterian.
Name: CUE, Joseph
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, formerly clerk, constable, justice of the peace
Birth: June, 1834, Wiltshire, England. Emigrated to US at age 18
Father: Thomas Cue, b. Wiltshire, England
Mother: Elizabeth Pope, b. Wiltshire, England
Spouse: ARROWSMITH, Susan; (b. Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY)
Marriage: 1864 in IL
Spouse's Parents: Thomas Arrowsmith, (b. England; d. Nov, 1886 at age 73) and Ann Hall (b. England; d. 1 Jun, 1886 at age 78)
Spouse's Siblings: 5 sisters, 1 brother
Children: Alfred M., (Willow Twp); Marion A.; Augusta; Elizabeth; Ralph J.; Arthur (d. age 18 months); Eliza (d. age 10); Frank E. (d. age 15); Oscar (d. age 5)
Note: From Feb, 1862 - July, 1865, a member of the Union Army: served in 65th Illinois Infantry Company C; participated in the Shenandoah Valley campaign; Harper's Ferry, VA; one of the men surrendered by Colonel Wilds; participated in the Burnside campaign; a member of the 23rd Army Corps at Nashville; a member of the 4th Army Corps against General Hood and A. J. Smith; at Fort Fisher; marched to Goldsboro, NC to confront General Johnston's troops. Mr. & Mrs. Arrowsmith were Methodists
Name: CUMMINGS, I. A. "Dell"
Residence: Westside
Occupation: Editor, publisher & founder, West Side Journal since 15 Oct 1892
Birth: 18 July, 1868, De Kalb, IL
Father: father, Methodist minister
Name: CUNARD, Aaron
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Boyer Twp. trustee and landowner
Birth: b. 1830, Bedford Co, PA
Father: Jacob Cunard, (b. & d. Bedford Co, PA), farmer
Mother: Susanah Means, (b. Bedford Co, PA; d.)
Siblings: 4, all deceased
Spouse: KELLY, Mary Catherine, (b. PA)
Marriage: 1855, Lee Co, IL
Spouse's Parents: William Kelly, (b. PA; d.Lee Co., IL) and Mary Jacoby, (b. PA, d. 1891)
Children: Francis Marion, (Boyer Twp.); Sarah A., (m. J. Sullivan, South Omaha); Elizabeth Ellen, (at home); William Edward, (Harrison Co, IA); Myra (m. Ed Emerson, Harrison Co., IA); Mary, (m. R. Sweet, Harrison Co., IA, deceased); Roy, (d., age 2, Cass Co., IA)
Religion: Mrs. Cunard, a member of Methodist Episcopal Church in Dunlap
Name: CUSHMAN, William W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Recorder, Crawford Co., previously Dow City & Charter Oak mercantile store owner, Charter Oak postmaster & trustee, Cleveland Twp. treasurer
Birth: 24 Dec, 1855, Franklin Co, NY
Father: Albon Cushman, (b. Franklin Co, NY)
Mother: Martha Stearns, (b. Franklin Co, NY)
Spouse: RIDDLE, Martha J., (b. Michigan)
Spouse's Parents: Robert Riddle (b. NY) and Jane(b. NY)
Marriage: 1 Jan, 1880
Children: Mable A.; Nellie L.; William S.; Edwin A.
Note: Came to Crawford Co. in 1877; descendant of Robert Cushman of "Mayflower fame"
Name: DARLING, Edd
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Postmaster, physician, surgeon
Birth: 18 Mar, 1838, St. Albans, VT
Father: Benjamin F. Darling, b. 25 Jan, 1812, NH; d. 8 Nov 1867
Mother: Cynthia Blake, b. 10 Jul, 1819, Franklin Co VT; d. 4 Dec, 1848, Jackson Co, IA
Maternal Grandfather: Samuel Blake, of Franklin Co, VT
Siblings: 4 siblings, 1 brother, 3 sisters
Spouse: STEPHENS, Addie, b. Carroll Co, OH
Marriage: Jan, 1867, Jackson Co, IA
Spouse Father: John Stephens
Religion: Methodist (Mrs. Darling)
Note: Came to IA in 1848 with family. Joined the 9th Iowa Infantry at the outbreak of the Civil War & served as hospital steward, member of 15th Army Corps, 1st Div and Gen John Logan's command. With Gen. Sherman on march to the sea. Came to (Deloit) Crawford Co. in 1870.
Name: DAVIE, William A.
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer (200 acres); feedstock; Poland-China hogs
Birth: October 1855 Livingston Co., IL
Father: John T. Davie (b. England, d. Harrison Co., IA). Emigrated to USA 1846
Mother: Hannah Hoskins (b. NY, resides Harrison Co.)
Siblings: Ellen Rogers (widow of John Rogers, Second Husband: Frank Roberts) ; Isabelle (m. John Coon); Emma; Ida(m. L. Hunt, Lincoln Twp., Harrison Co., IA); Nellie (m. Charley Hunt; Harrison Co., IA); Frank; Minnie; Stella (d. 1881 Harrison Co., IA)
Spouse: FULLERTON, Mary E.
Marriage: 1876 in Boyer Twp.
Children: Edith, Maud, Raymond, Mabel, Harry
Spouse Parents: Christian Fullerton (b. Pennsylvania, d. 1887 California) and Mary Spotswood (b. Pennsylvania, resides with children)
Notes: Democrat. Represented Fifty-Sixth District in State Legislature. Former member of Board of Supervisors. Dunlap Lodge, A. F. & A. M.
Name: DAVIS, W. H.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Photographer
Birth: 1865 Clinton County, IA
Parents Daniel Davis and Angelica Fletcher
Spouse: JORDON, Gertrude (of Harrison County, IA)
Marriage: September 1888
Children: Fred
Notes: Methodist Episcopal. Republican
Name: DAY, William N.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Agent, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad, Kenwood IA. Enlisted 23 July 1861 Company C. 6th Wisconsin
Birth: 18 January 1865, Grant Co. Wisconsin
Father: William Day, machinist, Stuart, IA
Mother: Mary Miles, d. 1882, age 41
Siblings: Chauncey (Yankton, S. D.); Alfred (New York); George (student Des Moines); Mattie (Johnstown, MO)
Spouse: BELL, Effie, b. 27 March 1869, Brownsville, MO
Marriage: 1 September 1886, Manning, IA
Children: Bonnie, Mable
Spouse Parents: Harvey Bell and Asenith Benton, residents of eastern Missouri
Affiliations: Maxwell Post, No. 14, G. A. R., K. P. Silver Lodge, No. 224, Ute, IA
Name: DeWOLF, Clement H.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison, IA
Occupation: General merchant
Birth: 11 July 1830, Bradford Co. PA
Father: Giles Meigs DeWolf, b. 1782; d. 21 Dec. 1865,Carroll Co. IL
Mother: Anna Spaulding, b. 22 April 1786; d. 1871 Crawford Co.
Siblings: 12, Eliza (m. Ingham Stone, Pocahontas Co. IA); Calvin (Lawyer, Chicago) Fanny (d., m. David Brink [d.]); James, (d.); Charles (d. 1851 Illinois); Luther (Gage Co. NE); Betsey (m. John Barnes, Pocahontas Co., IA); Ellen (d., m. Dr. George W. Northup, NY); Clement H.
Spouse: BEECHER, Frances C., b. Connecticut
Marriage: 1854
Children: Lew W. (Wellington, Kansas); Emma F. (at home); Adelaide S. ( m. C. K. Dukes, West Union, Fayette Co. IA); George S. (Iowa Park, TX); Willis H., Alouzo M., Lucy C. (all at home)
Spouse Parents: Lewis Beecher age 84, and Caroline Steele (both b. Conn.)
Affiliations: Methodist Episcopal Church, Reared a Congregationalist
Name: DICKEY, Frank H.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer; Norman horses, cattle, Poland-China swine
Birth: 11 August 1859, Rock Co., WI near Janesville
Father: Cyrus F. Dickey (b. Vermont; resides Broadhead, Green Co., WI)
Mother: Mary Jane Currier (b. Vermont; d. 19 September 1869)
Spouse: CHAPMAN, Delia, b. Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1882
Spouse Father: Tracy Chapman, Crawford Co.
Notes: Methodist. Republican. Served as township Trustee; Census Enumerator.
Name: DICKSON, Thomas
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, factory work,
Birth: 1840, Penobscot Co., Maine, 1875 bought farm Crawford Co.
Father: Robert Dickson, b. England, d. Abt. 1882
Mother: Margaret Bancroft, b. Massachusetts, d. Abt. 1872 Crawford Co.
Siblings: Mary ( m. Amos Hamlin, Moline IL); Edward (Clinton, IA); Robert (Council Bluffs); William (d. killed in Chicago); Arthur; Albert; Martha (Crawford Co.); Margaret (m. Hugh Cass, Clinton, IA); Alexander (Council Bluffs); Frank (d.)
Spouse: CHARLES, Jane , b. Cookstown, England
Marriage: 1873, Benton Co., IA
Children: Andrew, William, Thomas, Chester
Spouse Parents: Samuel Charles (b. England; d. England), and Mary Charles (b. England, resides England)
Affiliations: School Board
Name: DIETER, J. A.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Stock-Feeder
Birth: 24 Dec. 1858, Canton, Ohio. To Crawford Co. 1881
Father: George Dieter, b. Germany; Vail, IA
Mother: Ellen McKim, b. New York City.; d. age 36
Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters
Spouse: POUND, Tillie, b. Sea voyage from Switzerland to United States
Marriage: 30 October, 1883
Children: Grace Agnes, Jesse Thomas, George Ernett, John Raymond
Spouse Parents: James Pound and Caroline Myers (both b. Switzerland; reside Madison Co. NE
Affiliations: Roman Catholic
Name: DIETER, R. J.
Residence: Westside
Occupation: owner of Westside Livery, Sale and Feed Barn
Birth: 3 May 1857 ; Canton, OH
Father: George Dieter, lives in Vail, IA
Mother: Ellen McKinn, d. in Ohio abt 1867
Siblings: R. J. was the oldest of ten children
Spouse: SHULL, Lizzie; b. Toledo, OH
Marriage: 1885, Toledo, OH
Children: Olive Gertrude
Notes: K.&P. Ainsworth Lodge, No. 148; came to Crawford Co in 1885
Name: DILIVAN, Walter
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 March 1829, Trumbull Co., Ohio
Father: Nicholas Dilivan, b. Delaware Co. New York, d. 1855 Clarion Co. PA
Mother: Elizabeth Jane, d. abt 1835; Mohawk Dutch descent
Siblings: 1 brother, 7 sisters
Spouse 1: KELLEY, Martha Jane, b. Butler Co. PA, d. 27 Nov. 1862
Marriage: He at age 25
Children: Eliza Jane, Aaron M., Sarah A. Margaret A., Samuel (d. age 27)
Spouse 1 Parents: Andrew Kelley and Jane
Spouse 2: OCHAMPAUGH, Sarah, widow of Joseph H. Ford (d. 1862; m. Carroll Co., IA).
Marriage: March 1864
Stepchildren: Children of Joseph Ford: Melissa E., William H., Mary I.
Children: Harriett E., Minnie I. ( m. R, C, Richmond); Lucy, Walter Clark, Wallis (d.age 16 months)
Affiliations: Reorganized LDS Church
Name DRAKE, Theodore
Residence Charter Oak IA & Denison. (Moved from NJ to Dodge Co WI at age 10. To Denison, spring 1876.)
Occupation Farmer. Marble business. Soldier. Stock business. Fruit-growing and gardening. Creamery business at Denison 1881-82. Lumber business with C.P. Stocking and Scriver & Co.
Birth 29 Aug 1844, Warren Co NJ
Father Martin Drake of NJ (Scotch & English extraction); d. Dodge Co WI
Mother Sophia S. McGinley of NJ (Scotch & English extraction); d. Dodge Co WI
Spouse McQUIVEY, Jennie M. (b. 19 Jan 1852, Jefferson Co WI); of Scotch descent
Marriage 28 May 1872 Waukegan IL
Children Frances M., Nellie M., Carrie L., Charlie P.
Spouse parents F. C. And M. J. McQuivey (Jennie was eldest daughter)
Notes: 04 Oct 1864 enlisted in Company B, Third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, mustered out 25 July 1865 at Louisville KY; contracted disease while on duty. Theodore & Jennie were reared on adjoining farms in Clyman Twp, Dodge Co WI. Baptist. Republican. Member of the School Board of Charter Oak. John A. Logan Post, G.A.R., Denison. I.O.O.F. No. 105. K. of P. No. 221.
Name DUNCAN, Joseph P.
Residence Crawford Co; moved here from TN at age 7. Lived in Paradise Creek, Paradise Twp.
Occupation Farming & stock-raising
Birth 03 Oct 1846, Blount Co TN
Father Joseph Duncan, of Blount Co TN (Scotch descent) d. 1863
Mother Susan Norwood, of Blount Co TN (Scotch descent); moved to Arcola, Douglas Co IL after 1863.
Spouse SCHOUTEN, Hannah M., b. 17 May 1852, Saratoga Co NY. Came to Moline IL at age 5 w/parents.
Marriage 05 Oct 1870
Children Anna (m. Bernard Vollertsen of Kenwood IA; Child: Garnett J.), J. Henry, Edward P., Susie M., Hattie M., Eugene N., and Jennie C.
Spouse parents James Schouten and Mary A. Nessle (both d. Crawford Co)
Notes: Enlisted in the One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Illinois Infantry 02 March 1864, was a member of Co. H. Republican. G.A.R.
Name EVANS, Warren B., MD
Residence Dow City IA, since 1877
Occupation Physician/surgeon; previously taught school
Birth 13 March 1844, Saratoga Co, NY
Father Elijah Evans, b. Vermont, d. 1872 (Welsh & Scotch extraction); mechanic.
Mother Sylvia Bourne, b. Connecticut, d. Feb 1892 (Welsh & Scotch extraction)
Spouse BUTLER, Mary A.
Marriage 31 March 1880
Children Frank B., Sylvia C., Burton W., Raymond G.
Spouse parents Judge Butler and Margaret
NOTES: Graduated from Iowa State Univ 1873. Was Justice of the Peace for 14 yrs. Was member of the School Board. Was first physician employed by the county. Republican. Baptist. A.F.&.A.M. I.O.O.F. M.W.A. N.W. Medical Society.
Residence: Paradise Twp., Post office Kenwood
Occupation: Farmer, enlisted Aug. 1862 Company K. One Hundred Fourth Ill. Inf. Vol.
Birth: 1841, Prussia, Germany; emigrated age 12 with family to Peru, LaSalle Co. Illinois; 1879 Carroll Co.; 1881 Crawford Co.
Father: John Fienhold, b. Prussia, Germany
Mother: Mary, b. Prussia, Germany
Spouse: ZEPP, Eva b. Wurttemberg, Germany, (teacher)
Marriage: Pontiac, Illinois at age 27
Children: Eda, Seth W., William Oscar
Spouse Parents: Unknown (first located in Ohio, then moved Pontiac, Illinois)
Affiliations: Township Trustee, G. A. R., Bud Smith Post, No 464, Dow City
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Physician, surgeon, drug store; enlisted in Twenty-Third Illinois Inf.
Birth: 4 July 1844, State St., Chicago; came to Crawford Co. 1877
Father: Thomas Fitzgerald, b. Ireland; d. Chicago; came to Chicago 1838
Mother: Catherine Spencer, b. Ireland; d. Chicago
Spouse: O'CONNELL, Ellen, b. Madison, Indiana
Marriage: April 1881, Toronto, Clinton Co. IA
Children: James, Catherine M., Mary A.
Spouse Parents: James O'Connell and Bridget Barrett; Vail, IA
Affiliations: Catholic Church, G. A. R., John Logan Post, Denison; Masonic Order, K.of P.
Note : Post Medical College (Chicago) graduated 1873 with honors
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Livery, sale & feed barn
Birth: 1864, Rock Island Co., Illinois; came to Vail 1882
Father: John Fitzgibbbons, d. Rock Island Co., ILL
Mother: Mary Jane Butler, d. Rock Island Co., ILL
Spouse: McDONNELL, Katie, b. Clinton Co. IA
Children: Myrtle May
Name: FLACK, D. W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Merchant, farmer, livery stable (Sac City), Steam mill ( Colorado), lumber & Flour Mill (MO) enlisted Company M. Sixth New York Heavy Cav.
Birth: 16 Mar. 1844, St. Lawrence Co., New York (came to Iowa 1872) Denison 1890
Father: Thomas Flack (d., New York)
Mother: Mary Wallace (d. Iowa)
Siblings: 11, N. B. (Boone, IA), P. B. (Early, IA), S. W. (Waddington, NY), Amanda A. (m. N. H. Reynolds, Lisbon, NY); others (d.)
Spouse: HALL Mary A., b. 26 March 1859, Davenport, IA
Marriage: 29 July 1882
Children: Dotty
Spouse Parents: John Hall and Mary
Affiliations: A. F. & A, N, Mt. Zion Lodge, Darius Chapter No. 78, Sac City, Rose Croix Commandery , No. 58
Note : Attended College at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1865 Commercial College in Chicago, Deputy Register of Deeds, cashier bank Odebolt, IA
Name: FLEMING, William
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer (interest in county since 1873)
Birth: 31 Sep. 1850, Scotland
Father: Rev. James Fleming; Presbyterian divine
Mother: Isabelle McClellan
Spouse: CURRIE Mary, b. Argyle, Scotland
Marriage: 1883, Sac City, IA
Children: James, John, Mary, Grace, Jessie
Spouse Parents: Duncan Currie (d.) and Mary Smith (lives with daughter), both b. Scotland
Affiliations: School Board, road Supervisor, Presbyterian Church in Vail
Note : Shepard in New Zealand, Voyaged around the world, returned to Scotland, came to America
Name: FRAHM, John M.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Merchant, Carpenter
Birth: Sep 1854, Schleswig, Germany, came to America 1871; Crawford Co. 1878
Father: Peter Frahm (d.)
Mother: Elisiba, age 79
Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister
Spouse: THEIDE Mary, b. Palsewalk, Prussia
Marriage: 30 October 1885
Children: Allie, Willie, Hildah
Spouse Parents: William Thiede (came to America 1885)
Affiliations: K.of P. No. 221, Lutheran Church
Note : 1887-1889 engaged in furniture business at Denison

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