1916 Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday May 3, 1916

Lee Stankee, lately of Mechanicsville, formerly Clinton a barber

W. C. Holle, our local electrician

Birth-April 27-boy John Schneider

Birth-twin boys Sunday- Phil Wulf

Birth-boy last Wednesday-A. Deverweraere

Death-James Riedesel, died Wednesday in Elgin, Ill, son of Geo near Big Rock about 23 yrs old funeral Red Rock

Obit-David Pingel (Max D.)

Toronto Tidings Ed Cavey to Clinton to deliver his assessor books

Joe Welty, Jr. to Zwringle, Ia-in charge os schoold this term

Ida Goodall, Camanche, visited brothers Frank Y John & families

Ed Hart, Jr, married St. Joseph’s DeWitt-Nell Wolfe

Death-Wm. Stuff

Wednesday May 10, 1916

Mrs. Henry Fiche & son James visited DeWitt

Miss La Maine Russell, Wyoming, visited father & brother here

Mrs. J. H.Schmitz & son A. H., rock Island, visited daughter & sister-Mrs. J. S. Dean

Leon Gueren at the Mission House, Plymouth, Wis writes

Wm Boyles, landscape photographer of Cedar Rapids, visited

Toronto Tidings

June Goodall-Davenport doing som farming

Wednesday May 17, 1916

Prof. Hausch visited at Carroll, Ia

Married-(D. M. Reg & Leader May 7) W. C. Fifield-Edna Travis-daughter of Stephen Wesley Travis of St. Thomas, N. D.

Wednesday May 24, 1916

Raymond Brennan, Cedar Rapids home from banquet

Mrs. Austin Briggs & children Calamus visit

Dr. J. S. Dean-son Donald graduated, DeWitt school

Death-funeral Kinsley, Ia.-cousin Fred Meier of Fred & Frank Witte

Toronto Tidings

S. L. Murphy creamery at Oxford Jct

M. B. Cavey, Delmar here looking after his farm

Edw L. Durre accompanied Reimer Schutt to Charlotte=Reimer will make his home with Stewart John Rowan-good home

Wednesday May 31, 1916

Clara Werden visited Clinton with sisters, Mabel & Agnes

Alice Curtis prinicipal at Ramchester, Wyoming

Prof. L. H. Ozios, moved to Grimes, Ia

Toronto Tidings

Mr. Gorman, Davenport visiting-looking after graves of relatives

R. D. Curttright, field reprorter-Clinton Advertiser

Birth-boy-Monday-M. B. Cavey

Death-Albert Lietz-died at home 2 1/2 mil SW of town Sunday, burial Lowden- obit next week




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