1916 Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday March 1, 1916

August Luehl, Charles Lange, John Buhlman families left Bif Rock Wednesday for Alexandra, Minn

Peter C. Jensen, mgr Iowa Electric Light Co-?????DeWitt-boyhood here

Toronto Tidings

Birth-Mon-Boy-Herbert Shutt

Forest Adams & family to Lyons to live

R. M. Gable & Louis Christensen, Lost Nation here

John P. Akermann ill at age 87

Mrs. H. Godall & family shipped goods to Davenport to future home

Death-Christie (Pederson) Pritze-letter from Mrs E. J. Fuller last Thursday-(& her couple hours old dau)-daughter S. M. graduated Wheatland- to Heron Lake, Minn with parents-married there couple of years ago.

Wednesday march 8, 1916

Brithday-9th-Margaret Leffingwell

Fred Homrighausen-alcoholic-to Clinton then Knoxville for treatment

Toronto Tidings

M. B. Cavey Sr., of Delmar visiting

W. B. McGarry from Davenport visiting

Forest Adams moved to Tipton not Lyons

Lee De Smith, Moline moved to farm here

New families-Julius Muhl, Wm. Fisher, N. Nordorft & A. H. Burner, Jr.

Marries-Chris W. Mattor-28th-Maquoketa

Wedding Anniversayr-August Jeppe-February 28th-Toronto

Emma Riedesel, daughter Mrs. Florence of near Big Rock & Louis Strackbein-married Wednesday at English Reformed parsonage, Tipton-living in Big Rock

Wednesday March 15, 1916

Ed Clark, Calamus-carriage maker

Chas Mordhorst & family to new home in Pierce, Neb.

Death-charles Schmidt Sr., father of Mrs. W. Lange, Toronto-died 13th funeral in Lowden tomorrow-resident of Lowden many years.

O. J. Felton of Cedar Rapids, former resident ((Anamosa-Eureka) of the county, selling all Falton land-had owned since 1853

Grand Mound get electricity

Toronto Tidings

Mr. & Mrs. Dolan, Davenport, arrived this week and will work for Wolfe Bros. on the farm this summer.

Birthday-”Grandma” Voss-80th home Mr & Mrs. H. F. Blocker

Wednesday March 22, 1916

Mrs. J. H. Brennan has daughter Lillian visiting relatives at Burdois & Princeton, Ill.

Birthday-Anna Winkler

Birthday Mrs. C. P. Dulton-86-daughter Mrs. J. F. Murray also son Jack ?, N. Y. City

Jake Henrichsen to McIntyre, Ia

Louis Strackbein-80th on the 18th

A. M. Hall, Jr. bought billard & pool hall-Davenport-Brady St.

Birthday-Mrs. Celinda P. Dutton-March 18, 1916-86th birthday (good write ip-taught school)

Fred Hansen, county auditor resigned-Mr. Lohberg-deputy takes over

Fred from West End-will live in Clinton, Jake Warneke new deputy

Toronto Tidings

June Goodall, Davenport rented pasture land to Endorf & Mowry

Death-Henry Klahn-killed by bull this a.m.-farmer & stockman living 3 miles NW of Toronto, brother Mrs. Henry Shutt, Toronto

Obit-Miss Dora Buse

Death-Henry Klahn-farmer living N of Massillon=by bull-obit late

Married-March 15, 1916, Tipton-Emil G. Kelting & Dora A. Gubelstein by J.P.-son of Hans-bride lived near Blue Grass

Married-March 16, 1916-Ernest P. Lafrenz & Louisa S. Esbaum, both of Wheatland, living at home of groom Beinfait, Sashtchewan farming

Wednesday March 29, 1916

Sam Gavell, Cedar Rapdis visiting

Death-John F. Ackermann-funeral at Toronto yesterday

Wedding Anniversary-Sunday Frank Smith

Hugh Ficke, Long Grove visiting

Delmar-first consolidated school in Clinton County

Toronto Tidings

Joe Welty-excused from jury

Birth-girl-18th-Frank Goodall

Alex Conway, Davenport is visiting

Death-Mrs. Matt Beuthien died Saturday at home, SW of Wheatland-funeral today and burial at Inland

Obit-J. F. Ackerman-Toronto




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