1916 Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday July 5, 1916

Marie Sievers, Dennison, visited sister, Mrs. F. E. Grill

Death-Daniel Chaffee-23-Canada-brother of Mrs. A. Fleig

Mrs. Thede, Dixon, visited daughter Mrs. J. Edw. Witte

Wm. Donovan, Grand Mound, visited-no ball playing now

Marriage, Winfield Clark Fifield, son of J. C., Sr. of Wheatland to Edna Travis, daughter os Stephen Wesley Travis at St. Thomas, M. Dakota-June 28-lives in Des Moines.

Herman Witte, Bettendorf & John Witte, Tipton played on Wheatland team

Birth-girl-July 2-Wm. Bicknese

Death-Wm. Campbell, Jr., Oxford Jct, son of Wm. died at Perry, Kansas Tuesday

A. M. Hall, Jr. Davenport, his son Purl of Davenport-sister Melva, Big Rock

Death-Henry Burmeister resident since 1870-lived with Herman Tebbe near Bog Rock died last week born 1837-funeral Big Rock Thursday

Will Ferren back from Emmet County, help Calamus clean from firemans tournament

Wednesday July 12, 1916

Joe Steiner & Mrs. Charlotte visited relatives

Mr. O. C. Hayes, Maquoketa, her daughter Mrs. R. P. Thomas , Omaha & Gerhardt Monahan, Charlotte visited Jos. Steiners

Death-Wm. Campbell, Jr.-funeral at Sigourney

Birth-girl-8th-Albert Beckman-Lanesboro

Donald Dean-electric course at Davenport, join U. S. Navy

Mrs. Fredericka Schroeder, moving to Boone-live with son Henry Thormalen-she is 87

Obit-Louisa E. Witte-daughter of Henry

July 19, 1916

Toronto Tidings

Mrs. Benson & children of Clinton visited parents Joe Welty

Ida & Anna Goodall visited

Raymond Creger, 3rd oldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Creger to Clinton & then to hospital for insane

Obit-Mrs. Emily Bollman, wife Rev. Wm.

July 19, 1916

Obit-Mrs. Katherine Key nee Struve-daughter Judge, DeWitt. Jeppe, Colorado, Kelting, McCausland Perkins-Vermillion. S. D.

J. C. Robertson, Cedar Rapids, now barber in Ehlers shop

Mr. & Mrs. J. G. McGroth & son Clinton visiting

Birth-girl-13th W. C. Holle

Frank Cummingham, Chicago visits aunt & uncle Fleig

Birth-boy-Sunday-John T. Thompson

Wednesday July 28, 1916

Birth-boy-Sunday-Wm. Meyer

Birthday-A. Van DeBogert-88yrs Tuesday

Charles Arlen & son Walter-Clinton Bottling Co.

Mrs. Lou Bottsford nee Sutton, Lincoln, Neb visiting Dutton

Burth-boy-18th henry Geu, Big Rock

Birthday-D. Beckmann-63 Monday

birth-Monday-dau-Frank Alexander

Geo. Jeppe, Stratton, Colorado-funeral Mrs. Kay

Wheatland Colony at Pierce, Nebraska

Married-Rev. Wm. Beckmann-Wednesday-Only, Ill-to Verna May Schilt, daughter of Fred-resident at Dundos, Ill.

Toronto Tidings

Hazel & Lucille Flick, Davenport visitied S. A. Turner’s

Reimer Schutt & E. D. Lurre, Charlotte, visited John Rowan

Leurs Klise, Stuart, Ia, visited P. H. Cavey-lived here 32 yrs ago




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