1916 Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday December 6, 1916

John Miller & wife near Calamus visiting

Death- Henry Horstmann-funeral Monday in Toronto

John Roth & family visited Otto Struck (Mrs. Roth’s father)

Birth-girl-Monday-Dr. & Mrs. Cress

John Paulsen to Charles City-Harr Perr Tractor Co

Death-Mrs. Fredericka Dieckmann died Saturday at Buffalo, New York-grandmother of Clara Bollmann

Death-mother of A. E. Bonta, DeWitt-at Manschester, Ia.-died at home on November 26, funeral last week

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Conway-old resident living with son Alex in Davenport

Obit-Mrs. Henry Schubert nee Struve

Death-Mrs. A. I Willey, daughter-in-law of Ira Willey died Wednesday near Baldwin buried at Buckhorn

E. L. Durre, Charlotte spent Sunday with family

W. H. Lang, moved here from Big Rock

James Hughes, Mrs. P. J. McDonnell, Miss Elizabeth O’Brien to Mayos

Death-Mrs. O’Donnell, Lost Nation buried Here Catholic Cemetery age 46

D. C. Rogers family released from quarantine

Obit-Henry Horstmann, Toronto, pioneer

Wednesday December 13, 1916

Sale-A. H. Cruson estate

Birth-daughter-December 11-R. E. Long

Frank H. Schneider & sister Eliz, moved into town

Wedding anniversary-Silver-25 yrs, December 9-John F. Homrighausen & Minnie Puetsch

Will-Henry Horstmann, Sr.

Toronto Tidings

Feliz Roach, Charlotte, visiting

Death-Fred Ihns, Massillon-funeral Tuesday there

R. C. Wolfe, DeWitt, moved here-old homestead-gone for 20 years


Married-Wedding at Grand Mound-thanksgiving a.m. -Mabel E. Quinn & Earl Reihmann

Wednesday Dec 20, 1916

Battery A. back in Clinton yesterday 6 months on Mexican border

Marriage-Louise Groth, Wheatland & Carl F. Swanson of Davenport, December 7-daughter (youngest) of Peter

Senator John L. Wilson- new address from Almont to Clinton, He & wife

Toronto Tidings

Geo. Green. Massillon visiting

Lee Keller, Davenport, visited sister Mr. W. Lange, Jr.

Esther Devitt-home, Senior at Our Lady of Angels

Death-Mr. Starbuck, Marion-husband of Mary Cosgrove (Marten Welch left Monday evening for funeral

M. B. Hart, moved good to Big Rock but will live in Lowden

Charline Reed, Cedar County Recorder

Marriage-December 20, Melvin Mowry & Elsie Stiffens, son of Henry W. Tipton and daughter of Geo. of Lowden (Lowden News)




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