1916 Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday August 2, 1916

Birth-daughter Sunday-John Strackbein

Mrs. Austna Conwell, Oxford Jct, visited parents Ira Willey

Grace Curtis teaching, Ia. Success business call0Ottumwa

Birth-boy Saturday-Stoecker

Theo, Geo. Amelia & Mrs. C. F. Jeppe (mother) to Charlotte visit sister Mrs. Claussen

Death-Mathias Bippus, Toledo, Ohio Monday-brother in law J. R. Heckard

Death-Henry Webble, Wheaton

Death=Ernest son of Wm. Meyers died July 20, aged four mos. buried in German Cemetery

Married-Henry G. Kramer & Clara E. Werder-son of Herman-daughter of August, reside in Clinton-4th Ave.-teller City National Bank in Clinton

Toronto Tidings

O”Connell Bros bought a ford

Obit-Henry Webble

Fred W. Mitchell, editor DeWitt Observer bought Excelsior Spring, Mo., paper-write more

Death-Mr. & Mrs. Ira Miller, daughter Lois & hired man-Clarence Finkley dead-Paul & Ruth Miller turns in hospital Sunday-accident-RR crossing at Stanwood

Wednesday August 9, 1916

Mrs. Chas Beenk, Davenport visited relatives in Charlotte ?

Birth-girl-Monday-Erwin Martens

Obit-Mrs. Caroline Homrighausen-Wednesday August 2 nee Keller

Death-Charles Spence-Rochester, Minn-lived New Mexico-wife Louise Lahann, daughter of Joachum

Hoe Hicks farm, Grand Mound 5 miles NW of had poisoned 24 cattle -dead-prank

Toronto Tidings

County Recorder-John Strohm

Mrs. Nordrup & twin girls, Oxford Jct. visiting

R. C. Meier, barber-considering to move to Albia, Ia

Marriage-Frederick Bernbarot, Denver, Colo & Genevieve Hoff, Chicago, August 1-Wheatland

Wednesday August 16, 1916

Supplement-Marriage August 3, 1916 Maquoketa-Mrs. Lillie Olmsted to Joseph Keith of Calamus-he editor of Kamotte Bews

Mrs. Mary Jacques, Waterloo visited mother Mrs. Frank Klahn

Mrs. Louise Schodt-birthday age 65

Death-H. A. Arp, died Wednesday Wilton Jct-father of Mrs. Claus Lorenzen

Thos. Ficke of Josephh Gamble ranch near Canyon, Texas visited Arnold Fox-barber

Birth-boy-first born-yesterday Emil Witte

Donald Dean-farewell party enlisted U. S. Navy

Grand Mound tribune gone!

Toronto Tidings

Death-McLaughlin funeral Alex Conway, daughter & Mrs. Coughlin came from Davenport, Mrs. McLauglin, Chicago, buried family lot-Saturday-Catholic Cemetery

Wednesday August 23, 1916

Howard Cook family moved to Clinton

Mrs. Herman Grell, daughter Orilla, Denison visited Mr & Mrs. Fred Grell

Josie & Celia Keane-to dance at Toronto

Married-August 17 at Clinton, Henry Puetsch & Mrs. Beulah Finch Gagnon-farmer-Wheatland

Mrs. F. B. Curtis & mother Mrs. J. Skinner visited Downer families, nephews of former at Rochelle & Lee, Ill. years ago (42 yrs ago?) they came from England & lived Elgin & Marengo,. Ill

Wednesday August 30, 1916

Mrs. M. Keane & Mrs. Henry Knable visited Miss McGuire at DeWitt

Birth-girl-21st Glen Organ

Editor A. W. Gault, Charlotte visiting

Mrs. Chas Syas-Redondo Beach, Calif

Marriage-Henry Path Stender & Elsa Mohr at Lost Nation last Wednesday

Death-Henry Mueller, Sr., Calamus-estate to be sold

Atty. C. L. Magrwer, Oxford Jct. in Wheatland, each Friday

Fred Michele, editor of DeWitt Observer

John O’Neill democratic for County Recorder, visits

Married at Cedar Rapids August 19-Milton Ruggeberg, Lost Nation & Norma Endorf, Wheatland, daughter Wm. Fr.-farm near Lost Nation

Death-Geo. W. Randall of Big Rock, Clinton County pioneer, Fort Mission, Texas, T.B. date not known t.b. body shipped back

Toronto Tidings

Anna Goodall, Davenport, visiting

Sarah Rowan, Davenport visited brother Pat.

C. E. Anderson-barber shop “Slim”

Death-Albert Lietz farm-sold by Administrator of estate

Married-Martha Sievers & H. W. Holdorf both of Toronto, St. Paul Church in Wheatland, Friday-farm south of town

Emil Webbles-big re advancement in banking-(born 1878 in Wheatland) now at Muscatine

Newspaper Unknown

19 Aug 1916 

Toronto had a hot fire Saturday night when the big dance hall burned to the ground, while their dance was in progress.  Our Toronto correspondent has a complete account of it in another column.  There were a number of cars went from here when the call came for help, but the quick work of the crowd at the dance and Toronto citizens saved other building threatened.  The loss of their dance hall is a hard blow to Toronto, but we know the enterprise of that burg will enough to know that they won't be long without a new one.

TORONTO TIDINGS. (Wheatland Gazette)


Toronto, Iowa, August 21, 1916 


            The Toronto dance hall and opera house owned by J. H. Bielenberg and leased to Gable & Christensen burned to the ground Saturday evening at 11 o’clock.  Loss $4000 with only $1500.00 insurance.  This is quite a loss to Mr. Bielenberg, Gable & Christensen financially, and to the town of Toronto in particular as it was one of the most popular dance halls in the country.  The fire started about 11o’clock when the dancers, about 140 couples, were enjoying themselves, and the alarm of fire of fire nearly caused a panic but all escaped without injury, as the fire occurred while the band and dancers were eating supper, and part of the large crowd were out of the hall.  The dance hall had a floor space of 40 by 90 feet, with a large annex dining room and stage, and was valued at $4,000.  The dance followed the bog king shoot in the day time and was given by the ladies of the park association, and everything was progressing nicely until the fire.  The cause of the fire was escaping gas from the Pres-light tank, which ignited, and the entire structure was all on fire instantly, burning to the ground in 35 minutes.  The fire came so sudden and spread so rapidly that it was impossible to save anything in the building.  The band boys lost most of their instruments; the dancers all of their wraps, etc, in the check room, and the ladies the entire receipts of the day.  By heroic work of the citizens, the dancers, help from the count and the volunteer fire department of Wheatland, saved all the buildings near the hall and the remaining portion of the town.  This is appreciated by all our business men and citizens.  Mr. Bielenberg has not decided yet if he will rebuild or not, but all hope he will as it was the only amusement place in town, and the most popular dance hall in the country.  All are taking their losses good natured and feel that it was certainly lucky that the large crown of men, women and children escaped alive and uninjured.  It is estimated that at least 1500 visitors from neighboring towns visited the scene of the fire Sunday.

            The business men appreciate the work done by the fire fighters Saturday night in saving the town from destruction.  Wheatland’s fire team responded quickly to the call for help and brought their chemicals and ladders, as we have no waterworks to use the hose on.  There was some heroic work done which saved other places from going.  Mr. Bielenberg’s new house, the water tank, chicken house, and Herbert Schutt’s house and shop caught on fire several times.  This should insure a full vote for electric lights the 9th.





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