1915 Wheatland Gazette

January 6, 1915

Death-S. R. Shambaugh, Clinton, funeral was Wednesday-John Gamble of Canyon, Texas attended

Mrs. Frank Grouell & son, Beryl of Davenport visiting

Henry Ficke-silver stick pine, time of Napoleon

Wednesday January 13, 1915

Laura Turney visited home at DeWitt

Louisa Groth, Davenport, visited home

Mrs. Peter J. Martens, living in West Side , Iowa

Miss Cecelia Keane returned to Mt. St. Claire in Clinton, she is student

Death-C. J. Shunter-died previous Tuesday age the age 53, with funeral in Grand Mound

Louis Penningroth former Wheatland resident 6 years ago moved to Black Hill, S. D. claiming near Buffalo Gap

Obit-Mrs. Margaret H. Boyles nee Butter

Obit-Anna Martha Louisa Koch nee Schneider

Death-Wm. Stuhr died last week Tuesday at home south of Lowden at the age 56+, funeral was Saturday, Had lived in Wheatland

Toronto Tidings

June Goodall visited Oxford Jct, a dentist

Esther Pinter visited sister in Melrose

Mrs. Fey, a teacher

E. W. Evers of Minnesota, visiting

Marriage License-Fred Holtz & Lydia Schroeder

Accessor-W. H. Holdorf & Edw. Cavey

Dr. Jerry Wolfe, veterinary of Grand Mound

Wednesday January 20, 1915

Mrs. Arnold Lahann, Calamus visited our dentist, Dr. Cress

Birth-boy-January 11-N. Overgaard

Death-Mrs. Louisa Chevich, later of Oxford Mills, brought here by nephew, Frank Lathrop for burial at English Cem., daughter of Elder James Noble

Gravestone-new gravestone for Eli Bakkard & Has, Syas, old soldiers buried in English Cem., many years (GAR)

Toronto Tidings

Mrs. A. Willert & Miss Mary Welch ill

Married-M. Stoecker & Miss Jorgensen to Clinton married Saturday

Married-Carl Schroeder & Alvina Lietz, to Clinton married Saturday

Married-Stephen Hart, Toronto & Miss McAndrews of Lost Nation, will be Tuesday

Married Fred Holtz & Lydia Schroeder will be Wednesday

Wednesday January 27, 1915

A. M. Hall, Jr. business in Clinton

Birth-boy-last Wednesday Mrs. Blaine St. John, Calamus (grandson of Mrs. L. D. Riedesel)

Frank DuBois, N of Calamus moving to Dakota-farm

Death-Mrs. Chris Henrichsen, funeral last Friday died January 19 in Clinton

Delmar Journal for sale-Floyd Sunderlin

Farewell for Lydia Beckmann to Olney, Ill?-keep house for brother Wm. Poster

Land sold for taxes-Clara Heritage of Clinton

Married-Margaret Meyerhofer & Edw. Moldenschardt, Jr.January 20th in German Lutheran Church, groom is farmer near Long Grove

Toronto Tidings

Earle Hicks, Berlin Twp, visited on business

Mrs. M. Goodall went shopping in Davenport

Letter from D. O. Kidd of Valparasso, Ind.

Mr. Knick of Clinton is an insurance man

Death-Martine Barrett, Dunlap, uncle of Ed Hart, Jr, died Saturday

Marriage McAndrew & Stephen A. Hart, Toronto (good write up)

Marriage-Jan 20th of Lydia Schroeder & Fred Holts in Lutheran Church (good write up)




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