January 1914 Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday January 7, 1914

Ernest Janse, Charlotte, visited brother Fred

Death-Mrs. Yost, sister of Mrs. McConough, died in Lost Nation on Sunday

Toronto Tidings

Bessie Lenahan visited friend, Anna Goodall

Esther Devitt & Anna Goodall went to Lyons, sreume school work

Wm. Hefferon, farmer N. of town, back to switching-Marion

Frank Cunningham to Iowa City, visited mother, Mrs. Selkirk

Death-Mrs. Emma (Blanchard) Porter-died recently in Colona, Ill-former resident-wife of Professor-principal of high school here then-sister of Mrs. Churchill-left Wheatland in 1884

Wednesday January 21, 1914

Henry Heuer & bride visited his folks

Henry Kramer, employed City National Bank in Clinton

Jas. Poston-new barber in Lowden

Edw. Leffingwell, Oxford Jct-visited George

Mrs. A. E. Bonta & Mr-moving to DeWitt

Electric Lights soon at Miles, then Charlotte, maybe then Wheatland, Lost Nation Press-by A. A. Bowman

Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday January 14, 1914

Raymond Brennan of Cedar Rapids visited

J. Edw. Witte, returned from his work at Chicago

Frank Kearney-Chairman Board of Supervisors

John Smith, Elvira is new supervisor-took place of Geo. McClintock -past supervisor

Ed Arlen, ????Arlen & Ingwerson Bottling, Clinton, business here

Ella Gruner, deputy to County clerk Edens

Obit-William Webb Hazen

Death-Edward Klumb died January 4, 1914 at home of parents in Kaukauma, Wis., scarlet fever and tonsilitis.

Death-Fred Klumb died 4 of January 1912-dynamite

Toronto Tidings

F. M. Pieper, Rock Island, visited

Birth-boy-January 3rd-Wm. Holtz

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Trege, moving to Sherrard, Ill.

Married-Herbert Schuett, Toronto & Alma Van Roden, Lowden, January 1, 1914 at Lyons-father is Fred-owner & operator of blacksmith shop in Toronto

Wheatland Gazette 1914

Wednesday January 21

Toronto Tidings

Mrs. F. A. Goodall & Miss Frances Goodall shopping in Davenport

Birth-boy-15th -W. D. Glenn

June Goodall-accident-he was thrown off load of hay

Birth-girl Saturday-Henry Knoche Wednesday January 28

Birth-girl-Peter Jenny, Lincoln Neb.

Frances Goodall- to teachers Institute, Clinton

Birth-girl-23rd-Wm. Licht




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