December 1914 Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday December 1. 1914

Luella Tierney, teacher at Dickle school to to DeWitt

Vera Flynn teacher at Muhl school, home to Clinton

Birth-boy Sunday-Earl Miller of Clinton and grandson of Mrs. P. Soenksen

Mrs. Ella Fitch nee Burns of Chicago formerly of Big Rock

Death-father of Mr. Chas. Caldwell(he Chicago) died November 22 at Lowden-Mrs. Schroeder, mother of Mrs. Caldwell

Death-Pauline Riedesel-daughter of L. D. died Thursday McL. Hosp, St. Paul Cem.

Toronto Tidings

Mrs Goodall-entertained 4 of her children for Thanksgiving-Ida of Tama, Anna of DeWitt, James & Gerome of Davenport

Wednesday December 9, 1914

Ray Brennan visited home of his father

Ronald Potter moving to Elwood

Mrs. Chas. Schneider returned home to Re Root, Montana

Alfred Meier from Stanwood moving here

Birth-son yesterday to Herman Peutsch

John Heckard to Grand Mound visited GAR fried, John Quinn U Daniel Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Boysen & son & Mrs. Bertha Luther of Charlotte & Mrs. Martha Petersen near DeWitt, relatives Jeppe family

Fred Witte, Sr. Monday his birthday

John Witte, of Hartley employed in livery

Kanzmeier’s cigar factory is busy

I Kimberling, of Stanwood, opened a jewelry store here & watch work

Obit-Pauline Riedesel

Lowden News

Lowden well represented at funeral of “Grandma Striech (see obit) at Wheatland Tuesday

Laurence Richey-auto repairman at Wheatland.

Wheatland Gazette

Wednesday December 16, 1914

Frank Grouell & Son up from Davenport

Death-Mrs. Edith Gaines, died this a.m.-sister of Dr. A. U Cook, she from East St. Louis(?) or he there?

Birth-boy-H. Guenther Baumgart, Davenport, Wednesday, father C. A.

Death-Samuel Smith, old soldier & resident of DeWitt died Saturday

Heiress-Mrs. Blanche Walraven nee Blanch Butterfield, DeWitt, heir to Jesse W. Snyder, Frazer, Ia-(Blanche she had moved to farm in Bozeman, Mont from farm in Missola, Mont) is daughter of Captain D. G. Butterfield, DeWitt

Obit-Edith Cook, Gaine’s

Birthday, Anniversary & reunion-Mrs. Sherman nee Margaret D. Timpe

Will-George heinrich Homrighausen

Wednesday December 23, 1914

Hazel Peters & Ella Ehrke, home from Cornell College

Mrs. Maud Willey home, has been in Calamus to care for Mrs. McMahon

Death-brother of Mrs. Sobren, Adolph in Sutherland, Friday

Wheatland Early Days

Obit-Henry Banderob

Wednesday December 30, 1913

Miss Vera Flynn to Clinton -home

Luella Turney to DeWitt-home

Death- Louis Damon at home near Calamus. Sund.

Chas Ewalt, Minneapolis visits father S. H. at Youngtown, Ohio age 85

Obit-Mrs. J. J. Wier nee Mollie Marks

Toronto Tidings

Frank Curtis-Missillon, here today

Student at home for holidays-James & Jerome Goodall

Anna Goodall, Esther Devitt, Edith Edwards, Rosa Moury

Married-Sidney Sennett & Hedwig Meier-J .????? he, Toronto by birth, but moved to Missouri years ago, returned. she from Lowden, but making home with brother in Toronto (possibly)

Death-S. R. Shambaugh, farmer & stockman, died in Clinton home Monday

Obit-Heirs-Albert Ristine-Denver, Colorado




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