January, February, March 1910 Wheatland Gazette

January 5th

Mrs. Emma Brandrup died Am. Falls, Idaho last Thursday (obit card)

Albert Rothbart & Anna Mahlsteadt married at Maquoketa (no date)

January 12th

Mrs. John Steiner, Clinton, last Wednesday

Mrs. Emma Brandup nee Jeppe (obit card)

Christian Schuringdorf (obit card)

January 19th

Mayme McDermott, DeWitt, teacher, resigned

Louis Wiese, DeWitt, died

January 12 Wheatland-Edward Laschanzky & Bertha Knoche, both near here, son of John-near Big Rock-daughter of Louis

Henry M. Lorevsen, Garwin & Rosa Bartling, Wheatland, yesterday at Clinton-Daughter of Wm.

“Grandpa” Riedesel-Glidden, funeral yesterday

Esther Serena Christiansen, daughter of H. P., & John Siever-she Wheatland, He Toronto-January 12, 1910

W. H. Fritcher (obit card)

Ludwig Riedesel (picture) (obit card)

January 26th

“Kim” Page-died at home at Salem, Oregon about 2 weeks ago (Lowden News)

Mrs. Dorathea Meier died yesterday-of Lowden, burial Lutheran Cem.

February 2nd

Frank Dalton died Friday Agatha Hospital, Clinton-(acc at Calamus, Ia)

George Mescher, veteran of Civil War-died at home Sunday-few miles NE of Wheatland-funeral yesterday at Calamus, Ia

Louis M. Kreinbring & Isabelle Lillis, both of Lowden, married Wednesday at Cedar Rapids-son of Wm.

E. M. Tucker (obit card)

February 23

Ella Smith, daughter of D. B. & Clark Mowry-Februarry 16-M. E. Church

(Bennett Opinion)

March 2nd

Freburary Frieda S. Bentrott & August Schroeder at Wheatland, son of John W.

Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Ehlers, Arcadia, on wedding trip

March 9th

Coming marriage-Ida Pearl Montz, daughter of P. M. of near Bennett to Emil Penningroth-March 16th

Mrs. Rasp, Omaha, age 70, formerly of Big Rock, buried Catholic Cem., Toronto - Tuesday

March 16th

Son of Herbert Pingle, age 20 months, died last Wednesday at Lost Nation, buried Low German Cem.

Mrs. Geo. H. Dean, Rushton, Mich, died Wednesday, funeral at Ruston, burial Ann Harbor, Mich.

March 23rd

Mrs. Fed F. Ehrke, died Mercy Hospital in Davenport Sunday

Edw. Hart, Sr. to Charlotte Thursday to Monahan funeral

Emil E. Penningroth & Ida Montz, March 16 bear Bennett-daughter of Philip M.

March 30th

Freda Schneider & Wm. Hamdorf-Lowden, last Wednesday

Will of Mary Rasp


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