Births from Dec 1882 as reported by the Daily Herald 04 Jan 1883

Father's Name


Robt. Bacchus Clinton
Chas. Bickel Sharon
Geo. S. Buck Camanche
John Carlson Sharon
Robt. J. Coolman Clinton
Geo. P. Dell Liberty
Anthony Early Clinton
John Fisher Clinton
Thos. D. Flanagan Clinton
Fred C. Frehse Welton
August Hanson Clinton
Michael Hanson Bryant
John Harmsbierchs Clinton
Donenick Hill Clinton
Hiram Hiuken Clinton
Jens Jurgensen Clinton
Michael Kinney Waterford
Thos. Kleppine Clinton
John Lawler Clinton
Chas. E. Lindsay Clinton
Geo. Loveder Clinton
Wm. D. Murphy Clinton
Peter Nelson DeWitt
Jens Olesen Clinton
Tieman Paul Clinton
Jens Paulsen Liberty
Stephen A. Redden Spring Rock
Louis Reidesel Bryant
Henry Sparr Clinton
W. E. Talboys Clinton
Chas. Turner DeWitt
Wm. Vetter Clinton
C. L. Wild Clinton



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