Clinton Patrons

Abstract & Title Guaranty Co. Only complete Abstract Record in county. (Weston Block)
Age Publishing Co. Publisher of the "Age." Job Printing, Blank Books, 135 Sixth Avenue.
Allen, Thos. J. Real Estate and Insurance, Davis Block. Also Proprietor North Clinton Livery and Boarding Stables, 512 No. 2d St.
Allen, L. P. Job Printing, 5th Ave.
Andresen, Julius Proprietor Clinton Brewery, Ravine and Bluff Roads.
Baldwin, Isaac Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public, 215 5th Ave.
Ballar, J. C. Manager Clinton Implement Co. Dealers in Agricultural Implements, Wagons, Carriages, Buggies, Seeds, etc., 110 5th Ave.
Barker, J. W. Jeweler and Optician, corner 4th St and 8th Ave.
Barker, A. P. Attorney-at-Law, P. O. Block.
Bloodgood, Chas. Physician and Surgeon. Eye, Throat, and Nose a specialty. Glasses fitted, 239 5th Ave.
Blunt, A. W. Physician and Surgeon, 323 5th Ave.
Bollman, Geo. H. Practical Plumber and Gasfitter; full stock of fixtures.
Brooks, Dr. J. L. Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist (Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Canada). Diseases and Injuries of Domestic Animals treated. Office, Hughes' Livery, 116 5th Ave.
Brumer Bros. Jewelers, 202 5th Ave.
Burg, Chas. L. Plumber and Gasfitter, 212 2d Ave.
Champlin Bros. Proprietors Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable, and dealers in Horses, 112 6th Ave.
Chase, C. W. Attorney-at-Law, 211 5th Ave.
Churcher, J. H. Real Estate and Insurance, 211 5th Ave.
City Nat. Bank General Banking, 6th and 21st Sts.
Clark, J. L. Proprietor Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable, 117 4th Ave.
Clinton Bridge Works Manufacturers of Steel, Iron, and Combination Bridges, Trestles, Viaducts, and Turn Tables, Roof Trusses, and Structural Ironwork, 101 2d St. and 1st Ave.
Clinton Daily Bugle Co. Daily and Weekly, 5th Ave.
Clinton Herald Pub. Co. Publishers of "Daily Herald," 118 6th Ave.
Clough, D. C. Dealer in Pumps, Windmills, and Well-drilling. Residence, 810 North 2d St.
Crawford, J. B. Insurance, Real Estate, and Claim Agent, 234 5th Ave.
Curtis Bros. & Co. Manufacturers Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, etc., 1200 2d St.
Dean, Geo. A. Electrician and dealer in Electrical supplies, 215 5th Ave.
Dingwell, A. Dentist, Hale method for painless filling, and Hayes Areated Hypnotic for Painless extraction. Work done by latest methods and in satisfactory manner, 200 5th Ave.
Dunham & Barker Real Estate, Fire and Insurance Investments made for non-Residents. Money loaned, Rents and Collections made, 5th Ave., P.O. Block
Ellis, L. A. Attorney-at-Law, P. O. Block.
Eskelsen, B. L. Photographer, 210 5th Ave.
Everhart, Dr. R. E. Physician and Surgeon, 404 5th Ave.
Eyer, G. P. Dealer in Pianos, Organs, Musical Merchandise, Sheet Music, and Optical Goods, 241 5th Ave.
Farr, Eugene Real Estate and Insurance, representing standard companies only, 230 5th Ave.
Fay Bros. Publishers Clinton County "Advertiser," Toll Block
Fegan, J. D. Real Estate and Insurance, P.O. Block
Fenlon, C. C. (Resident) was connected with train service on C. & N. W. Ry. For twenty-two years, 1014 5th St.
Frahm, J. H. Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour, Feed, Crockery, and Queensware, 222 and 224 2d St.
Freund & Witzigman Dealers in Boots and Shoes, 506 2d St.
George, C. H. Attorney-at-Law, 230 5th Ave.
G. I. Le Veille Construction Co. General Contractors and Builders, 209 5th Ave.
Gobble, T. M. & Co. Wholesale Grocers, 119 5th Ave.
Grusendorf, John Proprietor Sample Room -- Fine Wines and Liquors, choice Cigars, etc., 314 2d St.
Hancock, J. N. Proprietor "Restaurant." Dealer in Fruits and Confectionery; a choice line of Cigars and Tobacco, 237 5th Ave.
Haring, W. G. & Son Contractors and Builders. Estimates furnished on all classes of work.
Hayes & Schuyler Attorneys-at-Law, Lamb Block
Hayner, R. C. Attorney-at-Law, Real Estate, and Insurance, Corbin Block
Haywood, G, & Son Real Estate and Banking, 914 4th St.
Highlands, S. M. Superintendent Gas Works, 236 5th Ave.
Hinrichs, August Watchmaker and Jeweler, 102 North 2d St.
Hoyt, S. Police Justice. Residence, 521 5th Ave.
Hoyt, Wm. F. Real Estate and Insurance. Special Agent for Hawkeye of Des Moines, 913 Camanche Ave.
Hughes, A. E. Proprietor Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable, 114 to 118 5th Ave.
Ingwersen, Martin of Arlen & Ingwersen, Clinton Bottling House Also dealers in Coal and Wood, cor. 1st St. and 6th Ave.
James, E. S. Attorney-at-Law, P. O. Block.
Jefferies, J. Q. & Co. Real Estate and Ins., Loans and Collection Agts, 218 5th Ave.
Jordan, W. B. Dealer in Pianos, Organs, and Musical Merchandise, 282 5th Ave.
Koetter, C. J., & Sons Importers and wholesale dealers in Liquors. Kentucky Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys a specialty. 2171 1st Ave.
Kerr, W. S. Solicitor and Promoter Mariposa Park.
Lamb, C., & Sons Manufacturers and Jobbers in Lumber. Office, 1100 2d St.
Langan, Dr.s D. & J. C. Physicians and Surgeons, Toll Block
Lietz, John Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, 132 4th Ave.
McCormick, Dr. H. G. Physician and Surgeon, Corbin Block
McCullough Bros. Dealers in Dry Goods and Notions, Ladies' and Children's Furnishing Goods, 236 5th Ave.
Merchants' Nat. Bank General Banking. Capital $100,000. 514 2d St.
Merchants & Manufacturer's Fire Insurance D. L. Ryder, Secretary. Insure against fire, lightening, and tornadoes, Toll Block.
McGinn, Frank P. Attorney-at-Law, Real Estate and Collections, People's Trust and Savings Bank.
Miller Bros. Proprietors of Clinton Steam Laundry. First-class work always. 613 2d St.
Nickelsen, Carsten C. Dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars. Sample Room in connection.
Nissen & Jacobsen Cash Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, 100 North 2d St.
Offe, Jurgen Retired. Residence, Bluff Road and 19th St.
Olney & McDaid Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Paints, Oils, etc., 115 5th Ave.
Paddock & Williams Real Estate and Insurance, 227 5th Ave.
Pascal, Armentrout & Milligan Attorneys-at-Law. Commercial and Chancery Law a specialty. P.O. Block
Patterson, Nathan D. Real Estate and Insurance, Toll Block
Pearce, W. H. Real Estate and Insurance. Bargains in all parts of the City. City and Country property sold or exchanged.
Peck, F. R. Real Estate, Insurance and Broker, Notary Public, cor. 8th Ave. and 3d St.
Peetz, Wm. Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, 414 2d St.
People's Trust & Savings Bank Capital $300,000. Interest paid on time deposits. 216 5th Ave.
Petersen, T. S. Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour, Feed, etc., cor. 1st Ave and 4th St.
Phelps, Geo. B. Attorney-at-Law, P. O. Block.
Pillsbury, Geo. F. Contractor and Builder. Estimates furnished. Res., 116 3d Ave.
Pool, Marvin B. Importer and Jobber of Crockery, Lamps, and Glassware, 212 5th Ave.
Rice, J. L. Architect. Correspondence solicited. 213 5th Ave.
Ries, L. L. Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Crockery, and Queensware. Agent for all first-class steamship lines. 208 7th Ave.
Rizer, M. S. Supt. C. & N. W. Ry., Iowa Division. Residence, 61 10th Ave.
Scheef & Winkelhaus Merchant Tailors. All orders promptly attended to. 241 5th Ave.
Schmitz, J. H. Manufacturer, Wholesale and Retailer Dealer in Horse Collars, Harness, Nets, Robes, Blankets, Saddles, etc., 127 5th Ave.
Seamen, H. W. Attorney-at-Law, Clinton Nat. Bank Building
Shoecraft, S. Dealer in Coal, Flour, and Building Materials, cor. 1st St. and 5th Ave.
Smith, Dr. G. A. Physician and Surgeon, 505 3d St.
Smith and Rife Contractors and Builders. General job work. 208 5th Ave.
Sugg, Dr. J. F. H. Physician and Surgeon, 311 5th Ave.
Temple, Gilbert Photographer, 307 5th Ave.
Thomas, W. H. H. Real Estate and Insurance. Dealer in Nursery Stock. 908 4th St.
Thornburg, Frank Real Estate and Insurance, Weston Block
Towle & Spreter Co. Dealers in Dry Goods, Carpets, and Millinery, 502 and 504 2d St.; 205-207 5th Ave.
Tracy, Tracy A. Real Estate and Insurance, Mariposa Park
Tussing, Con. Proprietor Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable, 37 4th Ave.
Van Allen & Abbott Dealers in Dry Goods and Cloaks, 214 5th Ave.
Wadleigh, E. A. Storage, Forwarding, and Commission Warehouse.  Wholesale Dealers in Grain, hay, Salt, Hides, Tallow, Wood-roofing and Tiling, 607 1st St.
Walliker Bros. Attorneys-at-Law, Toll Block
Walsh Bros. Attorneys, Real Estate, and Insurance, Davis Block
Wollenberg, Miller & Co. Real Estate and Insurance, 4th St.
Warneke, Jos. Dealer in fine Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, "Block 8 1/2"
Webbles, Henry S. Tinner, 4th St.
Wingert, D. H. Publisher "Merry War," 226 5th Ave.
Wulf, P. C. Dealer in hardware, Tinware, Stoves, and Cutlery, 106 4th St.
Young, W. J., & Co. Manufs. And Jobbers in Lumber.  Office, cor. 2d St. and 10th Ave.
Young & Young Attorneys-at-Law, 6th Ave.