Allen's Clinton City Directory

1901-1902, Including A Numerical Street Directory, Business, and Street and Society Directory.

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from the book:


Another edition of the CLINTON CITY DIRECTORY is presented with thanks to patrons for their liberality.

Effort has been made to not only keep up the standard and accuracy of our former editions, but we have sought to add to the completeness of the work.

We call attention to the new feature of this edition, that of giving the NAME OF THE WIFE, which follows the name of the husband.

The conditions as regards the numbering of the buildings in the North End are a disgrace to the City and a source of great annoyance and perplexity to the Directory maker. We hope our City Council may some time see the necessity of taking up this matter.

The number of names that appear in the Alphabetical List, (not counting the name of the wife), is 11,620. The number that appeared in the preceding edition, just two years ago, was 11, 174. Taking as the factor 2 1/2 (the smallest factor used by any Directory publisher,) the population indicated in 1899 was 27,935. The same factor indicates our present population as 29,050.

But, perhaps, a better indication of the comparative conditions is found in the statement following: In the Street Directory of the 1899 edition, in the old City of Clinton there were 255 vacant dwellings noted and 31 vacant business buildings. In the present issue there are only 159 vacant dwellings noted and 19 vacant business buildings.

In the North End, there were in 1899, 89 dwellings and 29 business buildings vacant; in this issue we not 87 dwellings and 30 business buildings vacant.

We congratulate our citizens upon the present healthy conditions and the prosperity that now exists in our growing city.

Hoping, and believing, that this edition of our Directory will be approved it is respectfully submitted.

July 1901. L. P. Allen.



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