1887 Directory of Clinton, Lyons and Chancy

1887.txt 1887 Directory of Clinton, Lyons and Chancy
1887a.txt 1887 Directory listing A-E
1887f.txt 1887 Directory listing F-L
1887m.txt 1887 Directory listing M-R
1887s.txt 1887 Directory listing S-Z

1887 Directory Cover Page1887 Directory of Clinton, Lyons and Chancy: L. P. Allen, Printer and Binder. June , 1887.  Available at the Clinton County Historical Museum Genealogy Library.  To the left is a copy of the cover page for you to print for your records should you  want one. 



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1887 Directory of Clinton, Lyons and Chancy

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We can use more directories - especially from the other towns in Clinton Co. - along with Farm Directories. And I would Love to get the 1956 one finished. If you have anything you would like to donate - contact me!! I'm sure I can find a way to get the info online.




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