Church Records

Fran, at the Clinton Library, got the wonderful idea to write to the churches of Clinton County and ask what they have available regarding records they keep that can be searched by genealogists.  She is also compiling brief histories and other info for the churches.

Here is a list of churches in CC.  The first ones listed are the ones that have returned Fran's questionnaire and the info they sent her.  As more send in info, I will continue to add stuff here.

Many also noted that they have directories and/or history books available.  


Anyone requesting information from any religious institution--church, archives, etc., --should keep in mind that the purpose of these institutions is not to find your ancestors for you.  It is common courtesy to send some donation to defray the cost of any research, regardless of the size of the request. Typically, there is only one archivist, receptionist, priest, or whatever to do the work, and his or her priority must be to look after the day-to-day business matters that keep that institution open.

Also, the person doing the research typically has to search through old un-indexed records, sometimes in barely legible handwriting. Because most diocese and other religious archives are given fairly small budgets, they have to depend on the donations to keep these records in the first place.  Because many of these originals records are not microfilmed or otherwise duplicated or preserved, just turning pages is causing some to deteriorate, and some record keepers are reluctant to handle them at all. Most of all, researchers must realize that because of the booming interest in family history research, archivists everywhere are often overwhelmed with requests. If we expect to have these institutions continue to help us, we need to be considerate of their needs and give a little back.

Here is a list of Churches in Iowa:

Catholic Churches The five traditional parishes of Clinton were merged a number of years ago and now the only administrative office is: 
Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace Parish
505 9th Avenue South
Clinton, Iowa 52732
(563) 242-3311
First Baptist Church 2020 N. 3rd St., Clinton, IA 52732 Jan 1857 Baptism and/or membership dates: 1857
Deaths: 1857
First United Methodist  621 S. 3rd St., Clinton IA 52732 Jan 1888 Baptism: Jan 1888
Marriage: Nov 1887
First Congressional, UCC 700 N. Bluff Blvd., Clinton, IA 52732 1866 Baptism: 1921
Marriage: 1973
Death: 1914
Grace Episcopal 2100 N. 2nd, PO Box 3052, Clinton, IA 52732 1855 Baptism:  26 Dec 1860
Marriage: 31 Oct 1860
Death: 30 Mar 1861

They also have communicants, confirmations, etc.

St. John's Episcopal 238 4th Ave. S., Clinton IA 52732 23 Dec 1855 Baptism: 1923
Marriage: 1923
Death: 1923
Jesus Christ Prince of Peace Parish 505 9th Ave. S., Clinton, IA 52732 Jul 1990 Baptism, Marriage, Death

They have the records of St. Patrick's (see below)

Sacred Heart 316 S. 4th St., Clinton, IA 52732   Baptism, Marriage, Death: Nov 1902-July 1990
St. Boniface 2500 N. Pershing Blvd., Clinton, IA 52732 1862 Baptism: Jan 1862
Marriage: Feb 1863
Death: Jan 1866
St. Irenaeus 2811 N. 2nd St., Clinton, IA 52732 1851 Baptism, Marriage: 1851
Death: 1933

Plus 1st Communion & confirmations

St. Patrick's Closed: was at 240 4th Ave., N., Clinton 1889 Baptism, Marriage, Death

Records are at Prince of Peace

St. Mary's 520 9th Ave S., Clinton, IA 52732 1867 Baptism, Marriage: 1867
Death: 1933
First Congregational UCC 520 E. 11th St., DeWitt, IA 52742 1842 Baptism, Marriage, Death: 1842
Grace Lutheran 415 10th St., DeWitt, IA 52742 1925 Baptism: 1925
Marriage: 1924
Death: 1924

They have an historical room and an Historical Circle with quite a bit of info.

St. Joseph's 417 6th Ave., DeWitt, IA 52742 1860 Baptism, Marriage, Death: 1860
Sacred Heart 301 Hwy 136, PO Box 127, Lost Nation, IA 52254 1895 Baptism: 1913
Marriage: 1914
Death: 1914
St. James (Toronto) PO Box 127, Lost Nation, IA 52254 1853 Baptism: 1870
Marriage: 1871
Death: 1918
Christian Free Lutheran 407 N. Main St., Wheatland, IA 52777 1988 Baptism, Marriage, Death: 1988



Clinton IA 52732

Bethel African American Episcopal, 303 S. 3rd St.
New Life Assembly of God, 214 N. 4th St.
Second Baptist, 438 4th Ave. N.
Gateway Baptist, 722 S. 16th St.
Calvary Baptist, 1619 2nd Ave. S.
Bible Missionary Church, 2121 Iowa Ave.
First Church of Christ Scientist, 562 5th Ave S.
Clinton Church of Christ, 210 N. 13th St.
Northside Church of God, 2035 N. 5th St.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1825 NW 16th St.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, 2409 13th Ave. N.
Evangelical Free, 1010 13th Ave., N.
Foursquare Gospel-Church of the Open Door, 816 13th Ave. N.
Jehovah's Witnesses, 3704 N. 3rd St.
Elvira Zion Lutheran, 2207 380th Ave.
Chancy Lutheran, 2315 Wallace St.
Immanuel Lutheran, 819 S 5th St.
Lutheran of the Atonement, 1500 2nd Ave S.
St. Paul Lutheran, 715 S. 3rd St.
St. Stephen's Lutheran, 401 N. 4th St.
Zion Ev Lutheran, 439 3rd Ave. S.
St. John's Lutheran, 416 Main Ave.
Trinity Lutheran, 656 5th Ave. S.
Lyons United Methodist, 2118 N. 2nd St.
Trinity United Methodist, 1605 13th Ave. N.
First Church of the Nazarene, 2416 Stockwell Ln. W.
Apostolic Temple of Victory, 413 4th Ave. N.
Life Tabernacle United Pentecostal, 311 S. 3rd St.
First United Presbyterian, 400 5th Ave. S.
Riverside Presbyterian, 1405 S. 5th St., PO Box 1433
Community Reformed, 747 N. 12th St.
Salvation Army The Citadel, 219 1st Ave.
Seventh Day Adventist, 532 8th Ave. S.
First Spiritualist, 541 6th Ave. S.
Sunflower Spiritualist, 65 Mt. Pleasant Park (You can get more info on the Spiritualist churches at )
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 309 30th Ave. N.
Community Congregational UCC, 2300 Pershing Blvd.

Camanche IA 52730

Church of the Visitation, 1032 Middle Rd.
Lighthouse Christian, 512 N. 18th St.
Immanuel Lutheran, 1519 S. Washington Blvd.
St. Mark's United Methodist, 808 3rd St.

DeWitt IA 52742

DeWitt Evangelical Free, 1921 Elmwood Rd.
DeWitt Foursquare, 712 6th Ave.
Jehovah's Witnesses, 116 E. 4th St.
DeWitt Lutheran Fellowship, 1811 Elmwood Rd.
United Methodist Church of DeWitt, 222 12th St.
First Congregational UCC, 520 E. 11th St.


St's. Mary & Joseph, 147 Broadway, Charlotte IA 52731
Assumption-St. Patrick's, 147 Broadway St., Charlotte IA 52731

SS Philip & James, 606 Fulton St., Grand Mound IA 52751
Immanuel Lutheran, 702 Smith St., Grand Mound IA 52751
St. Paul's United Methodist, 911 Clinton St., Grand Mound IA 52751
God's Family Baptist, 612 Clinton St., Grand Mound IA 52751

Low Moor United Methodist, 315 3rd Ave., Low Moor IA 52757