[Published in " Blossoms on the Thistle: An Account of the Lives and Christian Ministry of the Rev. and Mrs. Charles H. Riedesel 1871 to 1960 ", p. 14. Written by Gerhard A. Riedesel, a son of the Rev. Riedesel. See editor's notes. ]


5-27-1896  John Franz Reinhold Mussig Wheatland
6-17-1896 Leonhard Johann Zogg


7-19-1896 Martha Maria Burrichter Smithtown
9-13-1896 Ida Ernestine Dickmann


10-18-1896 Arthur Ludwig Heinrich Riedesel Big Rock


Harry Wilhelm Ludwig Riedesel



Edna Emma Riedesel 



Lucy Maria Katharicia Riedesel


10-30-1896 Ludwig Wilhelm Heinrich Jung Wheatland
11-19-1896  Harry Orlando Witte


11-22-1896 Johann Ludwig Mohr Smithtown 
4-11-1897  Johan Heinrich Brandt


5-30-1897  Rose May Mowry Wheatland
10-10-1897 Alma Louise Ott Smithtown
  Emil George Busch



  Friedrich Dickmann Smithtown
  Dora Tinnefelt



6-10-1896 Rudolph George Steen & Caroline Bloss Calamus
12-16-1896 Jess T. Kimball & Anna Nissen Wheatland
12-17-1896  Henry Ott & Louise Lydia Riedesel Wheatland
12-30-1896  Louis G. Schneider & Lena Schneider Wheatland


6-11-1895  Mrs. Blumer  Wheatland
10-10-1896  William Pieper "
11- 4-1896 Rosa Mayer "
11-17-1896 Emil Jahan "
11-27-1896 Mrs. H. Gill "
12- 9-1896  Louis Johann "
1-24-1897 H. Tebbe  "
2- 7-1897 Anna Jahn "
3- 2-1897 Mrs. M. Kolb Smithtown

Editor's notes : Charles H. Riedesel (1871-1960) was the youngest child of the Wheatland pioneers, L. Henry and Elisabeth (Schumacher) Riedesel. Charles was born in Wheatland, educated at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio, entered the German Reformed ministry, and was hired in 1896 as assistant pastor of St. Paul's Church in Wheatland. The charge included the now-defunct Smithtown German Reformed Church near Lost Nation. He also preached regularly at nearby Big Rock. In 1897, he left to lead a church in North Carolina. In the spring of that year, Charles had married Elise Marie Zipf, the daughter of the senior pastor at St. Paul's.

The four Riedesel children baptized on 10/18/1896 were the offspring of Friedrich and Christina (Horstmann) Riedesel.

Louise Lydia Riedesel who was married in 1896 was the daughter of George and Elisabeth (Gerhart) Riedesel of Wheatland. The Otts were also early Wheatland settlers.

See   for more extensive genealogical information.

Paul Riedesel



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