Vernon Prairie - West Prairie CemeteryVernon Prairie - West Prairie Cemetery

Goose Lake, Elk River Twp., Clinton Co., IA

West Prairie Cemetery is in section 2, about 5 miles northeast of Goose Lake. This information is a combination of efforts of the work done by Ann Soenksen in the 1980's and new information gathered by The Friends of Clinton County Family History.

Special recognition is given to the Friends of Clinton County Family History for compiling the info and the Clinton County Historical Society for sharing it with us. When available, the names are linked to the Gravestone Photo Project photo for that person. I DID NOT link to Family Monuments or if there was more than one photo of a tombstone.




Bacon, Elisabeth   02/1856
Bates, Alwilda G.   11/17/1864
Bates, Anna C.   12/22/1860
Bates, Charles L.   12/26/1873
Bates, Fannie M.   2/6/1907
Bates, Gertrude   1893
Bates, Infant   08/25/1888
Bates, Matilda   9/2/1901
Bates, Unknown
Bates, Wm.   05/10/1899
Bush, Catharine   08/18/1868
Bush, Eliza   10/31/1893
Bush, Henry   2/25/1902
Carstensen, Henriette J. N.   7/9/1907
Chase, Sabrina D.   09/16/1865
Clark, Emily L.   01/27/1861
Cook, Ara S.   05/31/1883
Cook, Benjamin T. 06/05/1811 01/07/1891
Cook, C. W.   2/8/1912
Cook, David   11/05/1867
Cook, Dexter   9/5/1910
Cook, Lucy   08/26/1856
Cook, Margaretta C.   06/05/1885
Cook, Mary E.   1942
Cook, Matilda   09/20/1884
Cook, Mina I.   1/15/1907
Cook, Nathan E.   1908
Cook, Polena Ann   04/10/1886
Cook, Unknown
Cook, Unknown
Crinklay, Belle   1903
Crinklay, William   11/17/1887
Croshaw, Alice M. 09/21/1849 12/26/1908
Croshaw, Sarah A.   03/18/1895
Davis, Frank S. 07/25/1855 10/07/1889
Davis, George   09/11/1879
Davis, George W.   07/06/1863
Davis, J. W.   05/04/1883
Davis, John Roscoe   03/26/1880
Davis, Josiah S.   03/03/1895
Davis, Mary Belle   06/15/1872
Davis, Sarah A.   09/29/1893
De Pue, A. V.   03/21/1891
De Pue, Adah S.   07/14/1898
De Pue, Eliza J.   12/14/1900
De Pue, Olive E.   08/17/1891
De Pue, Rebecca M.   09/23/1870
De Pue, Unknown   03/22/1887
De Pue,   11/19/1867
Doane, Cynthia   03/31/1858
Drury, Frankie   03/15/1881
Drury, Sarah A.   06/05/1895
Drury, Thos. G.   10/28/1862
Dunn, Edward Clyde   1880
Dunn, Emma   08/05/1874
Dunn, Mary J.   01/22/1881
Dunn, P. Henry   8/16/1912
Dunn, Unknown
Elliott, Louise Naomi   07/05/1894
Ellis, Nathan L.   12/27/1878
Finch, B. T.   08/27/1894
Finch, Ransom A.   07/22/1885
Finch, Unknown
Flory, Charley   05/18/1898
Flory, Mckinley Hobart   05/18/1898
Flory, Nettie   05/18/1898
Flory, Wayne   05/18/1898
Fowler, Al   03/05/1873
Fowler, Sarah L.   12/26/1868
Garland, E. B.   1915
Garland, Emma J.   07/21/1883
Glasner, Tillie   11/26/1883
Heather, James   12/04/1884
Heather, James   02/16/1866
Heather, Sarah A.   04/06/1891
Hicks, Chas. W.   01/06/1866
Hopper, Rebecca   06/15/1874
Howard, Harriet   8/30/1921
Howard, Sebra N.   1/27/1912
Huebner, John N.   1925
Huebner, Mary   1884
Huebner, Sophia   1896
Jargo, Helen   06/02/1881
Kitchen, Charlotte   10/31/1859
Kitchen, Thomas1   06/18/1877
Kitchen, Walter J.   05/03/1872
Kuhn, Eliza J.   03/16/1875
Kuhn, Georgie S.   08/20/1874
Kuhn, Maggie   04/02/1874
Long, James   09/16/1861
Lowry, Edgar   08/13/1864
Lowry, Edward   09/12/1862
Lowry, Frank   10/01/1862
Lowry, James   06/09/1870
Lowry, John W.   08/24/1864
Lowry, Joseph   08/24/1856
Mc Carroll, Ann Jane   1906
Mc Carroll, Anna   03/31/1896
Mc Carroll, David   11/20/1904
Mc Intyre, Isabelle   1944
Mc Lellan,   07/15/1861
Mc Lellan,   05/27/1860
Millhaem, Mary Jane   04/03/1864
Millhaem Orinda P.   04/08/1889
Morgan, Mary   06/05/1872
Ransom, Mary   11/17/1886
Ransom, S. P.   04/08/1890
Ross, Lorenzo   01/24/1859
Shutts, Ann M.   02/09/1889
Shutts, C. R.   01/30/1899
Smith, Adaline J.   09/17/1868
Smith, Emma   04/21/1895
Smith, John   03/06/1896
Toedt, Caroline   01/05/1880
Toedt, Christina D.   12/15/1858
Toedt, John N.   10/17/1885
Watson, L. J.   01/23/1899
Wilcke, Adam   09/11/1891
Wilcke, Isabella   3/14/1911
Williamson, Edith   12/08/1864
Williamson, Edward A.
Williamson, Elizabeth   02/28/1877
Williamson, Wm   04/09/1872
Williamson, Wm.   11/30/1865
Wilson, Caroline C.   03/08/1896
Wilson, David   07/08/1872
Wilson, J. C.   04/02/1887
Wilson, James   09/24/1895
Wilson, Jane   04/14/1896
Wilson, Mable   12/26/1878
Wilson, Unknown   02/09/1889
Wilson, Unknown
Wilson, William   06/01/1865

1. Charles KITCHEN, died 4 May 1873, 6 yrs old.(This name is missing from your listing for this cemetery). Both his name and the name of his brother, Walter who died 3 May 1872(11 mos old), are on the back of the Tombstone for Thos KITCHEN. I have visited this cemetery and seen the names there. They are listed as children of Thos and S.A. KITCHEN(Sarah).

Could this be the CHAS KITCHEN you have listed as unknown burial in Elk River Township? Phyllis Dearborn

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