Cherrywood - Malone - Pelham CemeteryCherrywood Cemetery

Eden Twp., Clinton Co., Iowa

The Pelham Cemetery is about 120 feet wide and 215 feet long, and is located in Clinton County, Eden Township, Section 18, 1/4 mile north of highway 30, 6 miles east of DeWitt, Iowa. The Cemetery was originally named Cherry Wood Cemetery, after a small creek about a mile to the north. This is a Pioneer Cemetery.

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ADAMSON, Lavina 1855 1905
CHAPMAN, Sarah (w/of John) 79y 21d 19 Dec 1875
CROSS, Bailey J. 83y 7m 14d 28 Apr 1898
Cross, Sabrina (Jackson) (w/o Bailey J.) 60y 7m 27 Dec 1873
DAWSON, William 46y 08 May 1875
LAYBOURN, Sarah E. (w/o C. E) 23y 3m 22 Jan 1879
MYERS, Susan (Covert) 13 Oct 1832 1898
PELHAM, Claude (s/o W. & A.M.)
PELHAM, Cyrenus 17 May 1806 02 Feb 1890
PELHAM, Eliza A. (Draper) (w/o W.) 26y 1m 26d 17 Dec 1872
PELHAM, Eunice Malinda (Stratton) (w/o C.) 65y 5m 20 Sep 1875
PELHAM, Mary (Yerby) (2w/o C.) 1821 1908
PELHAM, Noble (s/o W. & A. M.)
PELHAM, Raymond (s/o W. & A. M.) 1y 4m 18 Mar 1878
POOLER, Betsey (w/o Truman ) 73y 3m 13d 02 Jan 1893
POOLER, Truman 66y 7m 10d 26 Dec 1883
SHOCKEY, Georgia E. (Pooler) (w/o Robert P.) 06 Oct 1862 20 Mar 1882
WHEELER, Edward 51y 2m 17 Sep 1872
WHEELER, Laura Emeretta (Chapman) 21 Feb 1830 1907


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