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Decoration Services: 1878

This was in the Lyons Mirror Saturday, June 1, 1878.  It was a very long article which I have edited.

Procession--Music--Flowers--Oration, Reminiscences and Eulogies

The ceremonies attendant upon the decoration of the graves of the patriot dead, Thursday, in the Cemeteries of Lyons, were conducted in an imposing and impressive manner.  The weather, so unfavorable the day previous, was most prosperous, the temperature comfortable, and the walking generally good.  Added to these outward circumstances was witnessed by many with emotions which found no utterance.

From the list made out by Mr. Root, we give the names of the soldiers resting in the three Cemeteries, and their commands so far as ascertained:


War of 1812
Frederick Kaylor, John Crosby, Joseph Scott & John Brigham

War of the Rebellion
Wm. Potts, 1st Iowa Cavalry
Wm. Thompson, Co. A, 18th Iowa Infantry
John Wanichek, bugler 1st Iowa Cavalry
Bunker B. Bell, bugler rebel army
L. A. Curtis, 26th Iowa Infantry
Elliott H. Callender, 140th Illinois Infantry
Wm. Baker, Iowa Infantry
Richard Roberts,72nd Illinois Infantry
George Tutton, 26th Iowa Infantry
Albert E.Winchell,2d IowaInfantry - first soldier from Clinton county killed
Wm.H. Blakeley, 26th Iowa Infantry
J. P. Douglas, 26th Iowa Infantry
Geo. Wisner, 14th Illinois Cavalry - an Andersonville prisoner
Samuel Haskell, drummer, 26th Iowa Infantry
James T.Scofield, 14th Brooklyn Infantry
Charles Scott, 2d Iowa Infantry
Col. N. B. Howard, 2d Iowa Infantry
John Wilson, 26th Iowa Infantry
J. B. Dunn, 1st Iowa Cavalry
Nelson Bradstream, 26th Iowa Infantry
Horace Mason, 65th Illinois Infantry
John Jansen, 8th Iowa Infantry
Philip Rummell, 26th Iowa Infantry
Fernando Rupert, 2d Iowa Infantry
A. J. Cribbs, 26th Iowa Infantry - died in camp at Clinton
C. G. Spatz, 34th Illinois Infantry
August Thomas, 1st Iowa Cavalry
D. M. Cooper, 26th Iowa Infantry
Chas. H. Leffingwell, 1st Iowa Cavalry
Louis Caille, Illinois Volunteers
Valentine Feist, Illinois Volunteers
Wm.Martin, Co. H, 16th Iowa Infantry
Two on soldiers' lot unknown


Alex. Gabroski
August Detterman


John Cooty, Co. G. 26th Iowa Infantry
Chas. Beatty, Co. G 26th Iowa Infantry
Michael Galvin, Co. G 26th Iowa Infantry
Patrick Carlin, Co. F 16th Iowa Infantry
Jas. McDermott, Co G 26th Iowa Infantry
Patrick Cahill, Co. G 26th Iowa Infantry
Thos Cooty, Co. G 26th Iowa Infantry
--- Hagerty, Iowa Volunteers

The memorial reminiscences, by Mr. J. C. Root, occupied considerable time, but the moments were well spent.