Cemeteries of Clinton Co., IA

Also see the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project for Clinton County for a Surname Index of all cemeteries.

Miscellaneous Cemetery Information: This is info submitted by some of our visitors. If you have any additional information or corrections on burials listed here, please contact me. I would like to put directions and any history regarding these cemeteries online. If you have any info, please send it to us.

See also Erfde - Schleswig - Holstein

The Map link will take you to a map of where the cemetery is with a link to Google for directions.
* denotes Pioneer Cemetery


Name of Cemetery



74 Alger Olive Twp. Map
66* Allison-Harrington Orange Twp. Map
3 Andover Elk River Twp. Map
9 Assumption Catholic Waterford Twp. Map
65* Barber Orange Twp. Map
16* Bloomfield Memorial Gardens - Brook's - Old Welton Bloomfield Twp. Map
38* Bloore - White Washington Twp. Map
56* Bower-Dannatt-Hill Eden Twp. Map
75* Boyd Olive Twp. Map
21 Busch Sharon Twp. Map
67 Calvary Orange Twp., Grand Mound Map
40 Center Grove - Ingwersen Center Twp. Map
58* Cherrygrove - Malone - Pelham Eden Twp. Map
50 Clinton Lawn Clinton Map
35* County Home Washington Twp. Map
55* Cousins - Smith Eden Twp. Map
7* Deep Creek - Valley Deep Creek Twp. Map
42 Dierks - Hampshire Prairie Hampshire Twp. Map
77* Dubois Olive Twp. Map
69 Dutton
Olive Twp.
61 Elmwood DeWitt Map
39 Elvira Center Twp., Elvira Map
19 Elwood Brookfield Twp. Map
80* English Spring Rock Twp., Wheatland Map
14 Evergreen Bloomfield Twp., Delmar Map
68 Evergreen Orange Twp., Grand Mound Map
8 Glahn Deep Creek Twp. Map
  Hauntown Elk Creek Map
* Hatfield DeWitt  
47* Hess Clinton Map
10* Hickory Hill - Gohlmann Waterford Twp. Map
41* Holy Cross - Mill Creek Hampshire Twp. Map
* Homrighausen Spring Rock Twp. Map
12 Immaculate Conception - Petersville Waterford Twp. Map
71 Immanuel Lutheran - Buena Vista Olive Twp. Map
76 Kuebler Olive Twp. Map
27 Lost Nation Sharon Twp., Lost Nation Map
11* McClure Waterford Twp. Map
2 Miller Elk River Twp.  
73* Mowder - Lone St. John - Kohnert - Union Olive Twp. Map
  Mt. St. Clare Clinton Map
45 Oakland Clinton Map
33 Oakview Welton Twp. Map
62 Old Town DeWitt  
72 Our Savior's American Lutheran - Kvindherred Olive Twp. Map
48 Pine Grove Clinton Map
32 Pine Hill Grant Twp. Map
82 Pine Hill Spring Rock Twp. Map
51* Pleasant Hill Hampshire Twp. Map
57 Prairie Union Eden Twp. Map
52 Rose Hill Camanche Map
28 Rosehill Liberty Twp., Toronto Map
78 Rosehill Olive Twp., Calamus Map
36 Rossiter Washington Twp. Map
22 Rustic Park Sharon Twp. Map
26 Sacred Heart Sharon Twp., Lost Nation Map
34 Seventh Day Baptist Welton Twp.  
54 Shaffton Camanche Map
64* Smith Orange Twp. Map
1 Smith - Almont Elk River Twp. Map
25 Smithtown Sharon Twp. Map
46 Springdale Clinton Map
43 St. Boniface Clinton Map
31* St. Columbkille - Hughes Settlement Grant Twp. Map
44 St. Irenaneus Calvary Clinton Map
29 St. James Liberty Twp., Toronto Map
63 St. Joseph's DeWitt Map
13 St. Joseph's Waterford Twp., Sugar Creek Map
5 St. Mary's Deep Creek Twp., Bryant Map
49 St. Mary's Catholic Clinton Map
15 St. Patrick's Bloomfield Twp. Map
81 St. Paul's Spring Rock Twp., Wheatland Map
4 Teed's Grove Elk River Twp. Map
18 Union Brookfield Twp. Map
  Unknown place of burial Deep Creek Twp.  
  Unknown place of burial Elk River Twp.  
  Unknown place of burial Washington Twp.  
20 Unnamed Brookfield Twp.  
53 Unnamed Camanche  
59 Unnamed DeWitt  
60 Unnamed DeWitt  
30 Unnamed Liberty Twp.  
70 Unnamed OliveTwp.  
24 Unnamed Sharon Twp.  
6* Vernon Prairie - West Prairie Deep Creek Twp. Map
37 Villa Nova Washington Twp.  
23* Washington - Dickman Sharon Twp. Map

To make additions or corrections to this cemetery please contact the Clinton Co. IAGenWeb County Coordinator.

The cemetery lists were compiled using a variety of information:

Please note: An error has been identified where the year has been mistakenly listed as 1905, we are trying to identify them from Iowagravestone photos.

I am trying to correct the dates and add new info. I am matching what we have with the GPP, FindAGrave and the CCHS. I plan to visit each cemetery at some point and do walk throughs to fully check all the info but that is a future job.


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