Boyd Cemetery, Olive Twp., Clinton Co., IA

The Boyd Cemetery is about 2 miles south of Calamus in Olive Township. This is a Pioneer Cemetery.

Boyd Cemetery

Special recognition is given to the Friends of Clinton County Family History for compiling the info and the Clinton County Historical Society for sharing it with us. Please check the Gravestone Photo Project for tombstone photos.

There are 5 identical markers in a row with the following initials:
E. B.
E. E. B
E. B.
E. J. B.
J. A. B.

There is also a small marker with the initials A. G. B. on it.




BOMAN, Elias   1958 May 12
BOMAN, Elizabeth   1874 Mar 20
BOMAN, Ellis E.   1863 Feb 11
BOMAN, John C. 1812 1893
BOMAN, William P.   1869 Jan 19
BOYD, Bessie   1888 Apr 09
BOYD, Elizabeth J. (Boyer) 18 Jun 1810 1897 Apr 20
BOYD, John A. 12 Feb 1810 1872 Aug 16
BUNCE, A. C. (Goodwill)
BUNCE, Thos P.   1863 Feb 26

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