The Weltonian - Welton High School - 1947

This is like a type-written booklet.

Welton Board of Education

President: Frank Grindrod; Secretary: Ralph Hilbert; Treasurer: Gladys Jaeger
Mart Crowley, Walter Berst, Joe Carber, Leo Gannon

The Faculty

Mr. Harold J. Blanchard, Superintendent - Literature, Agriculture, History, Sociology, and Boys' and Girls' Basketball.

Mrs. Hazel Sample - Algebra, General Science, and English 10

Mrs. Gladys Knox - Typing, Shorthand and Bookkeeping

Mr. Harry Lewis - Ind. Arts, World History, American History, English 9

Miss Marie Kettelsen - Primary and First Grades

Mrs. Marjorie Soppe - 2 & 3rd Grades

Mrs. Portia Hansen - 4, 5th Grades

Mrs. Mareta Gardner - Grades 6, 7 & 8th


Allan Andresen, Pres Darlene Bauer, Treas
Marjorie Glaeys, Sec Leon Boyer, Vice Pres
Roy Templeton Mary Kaczinski
Jo Ann Cornish Margaret Schrader
Norma Jean Hinke Oralee Randolph
Gloria Cornish Eleanor Sperfslage

The "Class History" states that none of the Seniors 'not one has completed his entire school career in the Welton Consolidated School.  The various members have joined either in the grades or in high school and those, here in the beginning, have dropped out or moved away.  Members of the class at that time were:

?erry Baitey, Jimmy Crowley, Richard Fuglsang, Jerome Grandick, Billy Hainstock, Keith Ketelsen, Mary Therese McClimon, and Beverly McCoy, Glenn Franck, Ralph Franck, Shirley Mae Remrey.

They started high school with 14 Freshman and started the Sophomore year with those same 14 and Allan Andresen and Norma Dingman joined them that year.  As Juniors Pat Hughes left and Tim Sweeney joined the armed forces.  Mary Kaczinski joined them that year. During the year Anna Mae Ohlerich and Norma Dingman left.  The Senior year started with 13 students.  Ruby Singlemann and Delbert Wulf had not enrolled and then Bevery McCoy left the class.


Lillian Burkle LeRoy Mundy
Lorraine Block Geraldine Haas
Mabel Singlemann Lois Galloway
Kenneth Thomas Jo Ann Mattke
Clara Gruenwald James Crowley
Luella Burkle Kenneth Springer
Louella Randolph Louis Ingerson
Donald Kinrade Hobart Carstensen
Marcella Kaczinski  

Sophomore & Freshmen

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There are also class pictures of the grade school students.

Primary and First Grades

Jimmy Schrader, Francis Schmidt, Tommy Gar??n, Janice McCoy, ?ill Carber, Judith Ruggeberg, Elvers Sch??n, John Soppe, ??en Edwards, Daniel Passig, Michael Ryan, Glenn Mohr, Gary Back, Orville Randolph, Tommy Crowley, Mary McNabb, Gary Templeton, Carol Jaegar, Miss Ketelsen, Marlan Braet, Wayne Banowetz, Dorthy Collins, John Schrader, Freddy Mohr, Carol Block, William McCoy and Ronald Menneke.

Second and Third Grades

Marvin Mohr, Ronald Claeys, Millicent Peters, Donald Johnson, Ptsy Ryan, Carol Jean Scheckel, Betty Lou Britt, Kenneth Schrader, Harold Mohr, Evelyn ??rshaw, Grant Andersen, Mrs. Soppe, Ruth Marie Lewis, Travis Edwards, Brian Randolph, Bobby Story, Eugene Holst and Sonia Sue Berst.

Fourth and Fifth Grades

Bobby Barker, Rodney Passig, Howard Mohr, Varilyn Schekel, Gordon Berst, Russell McNabb, Merwyn Scheckel, Dickie Kurtz, Dale Peters, Carol Ann Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Joyce Scheckel, Floyd Thomas, Mrs. Portis Hanson, Richard Bennis, Billy Schrader, James Randolph, Jimmy Kurtz, Carol Ann Hand, Sadie Sue Schrader, Phyllis Ann Hinke, Carol Ann Ruggeberg, Joe Blanchard, Raymond Carstensen, Gene Templeton, Johnny McCoy, John Lewis, Sylvia Passig, and Beverly Bauer.

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades

Larry Peek, Donald Mueller, Donald Cousins, Charles Scheckel, Jackie Miles, Myron Ha??, Gerald Gisel, Robert Schunter, Shirley Carber, Carol Bennis, Madonna Schrader, Hazel Mohr, Virginia Holst, Aler? Templeton, Madonna Fuglsang, Mary Ann Lewis, Benjamin Thomas, David Lewis, Laverne Sagers, Daniel Randolph, Mrs. Gardener, Lois Kellerman, Donna Carber, Marisue McCoy, Audrey Claeys, Joan McClimon, Judy Niels, Richard Gannon, Jerry Springer and Billy Bauer.