Report of Poor Farm Committee: 1870

SOURCE: The Clinton Weekly Herald, Feb. 12, 1870

Supervisor Saddoris of DeWitt township, and Supervisor Carpenter of Camanche township, being appointed by the Board as a committee to co-operate with the Director of the Poor, R. Hogle, Esq., in examing the Poor Farm and appurtenances thereunto belonging, and report thereon, have discharged that duty and present to the citizens the following report of personal property, to-wit:

350 bushels of good wheat 800 bushels good oats 600 bushels corn
20 tons of hay 50 bushels of potatoes 4 hogs weighing 1,200 lbs
100 pounds of corned beef 26 gallons of molasses 50 pounds of tallow
2 double wagons 2 plows 1 Stafford sulkey plow
1 double shovel plow 1 cultivator harrow 1 square harrow
1 Wood's reaper about worn out 1 revolving rake 2 extra hay racks
1 fanning mill 1 corn sheller 4 pitchforks
1 scoop shovel 1 Beaver Dam Seeder 1 Shanghai cultivator
2 shovels 1 spade 2 hoes
1 potato digger 3 sets double harness 1 two horse sleigh
2 axes 2 log chains 5 inferior work horses
1 yearling colt 2 spring colts 7 extra cows from 2-9 years old
4 extra fine yearlings 4 spring calves 1 yearling calf
33 extra fine stock hogs 20 chickens 1 grind stone
one Stewart cooking stove 1 old cooking stove 2 parlor stoves
1 box stove 7 poor mattresses with poor bedding 22 chairs
1 sewing machine    

The following article was printed next. I have no further information other that what was printed in this article.  SOURCE: The Clinton Weekly Herald, Feb. 12, 1870.

Director Hogle's Monthly Report

We are indebted to R. Hogle, Esq., Director of the Poor, for his last monthly report.  The great satisfaction is being expressed with the efficient manner in which the wants of the needy have been relieved by the Ex-Sheriff, as well, also, for the economical manner of discharging the arduous duties of his office.  These monthly reports are given to the people of the county that they may be informed as to the distitution in their county and the prompt relief extended; also to suggest the duties of the fortunate toward the unfortunate and destitute.

Below will be found my report for the month of January, 1870, of the amount given to the poor outside of the County House:

Wm. Watts, Negro, wood $2.75
Wm. Bowell, English, wood 2.75
Mr. Hawk, German, wood 8.75
Mrs. Han, Irish, goods $5.00
Mrs. Gallagher, Irish, goods 6.00
Mrs. O'Connor, Irish, goods 8.00
Mrs. Harrican, Irish, goods 8.00
Mrs. Connors, Irish, goods 3.00
Mrs. Smith, English, goods 8.00
Mr. Snyder, American, goods 8.20
Mr. Lalone, French, goods 8.35
Three Orphan Soldier Boys kept at Hotel over night 3.00
Thomas Watts, kept at Hotel over night 1.00
Hatty Taylor, sent to the County House from Mr. Tracey's, cash paid out 4.00
Mrs. Conole, Irish, goods $8.20
John Farr, Iowa soldier, sick, goods and wood 20.50
Dr. Waggoner, bill as handed to me 19.75
Mrs. Dunn, Irish, goods 8.00
Mrs. Mason, American, goods $8.00
Mrs. Lacock, American, goods 4.00
Mrs. Robeson, American, goods 5.40
Mr. Deforest, French, goods 8.00
Sent Arthur Smith to the County House, cash paid out for the same 4.00
Mr. Lenard and Family, sick, goods 7.97
Cash advanced to send said Lenard to his brother at Rchell, Ill. 12.97

Robert Hogle, Director of Poor in and for Clinton Co., Iowa.