St. Paul's Church

From Paul Riedesel ( : This was published in the 1911 Denkschrift zum Fünfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Deutschen Ref. St. Pauls Gemeinde. (i.e. Memorial Booklet for the 50th  Anniversary of St. Paul's German Reformed Church). The book is mostly in  German and set in the old Fraktur type. 

The photo shows the founding members of the congregation who were still  alive. Those in cameo photos at the top presumably lived elsewhere at the time. They were (left to right):

Catharine Holmes, Susie Riedesel (single, eventually returned to Wheatland and is buried there as "Aunt Susie Riedesel"), Wilhemine Keller, Flora Riedesel (wife of Henry Riedesel, then of Lanesboro), Heinrich Hainer 

Standing in the middle row were: Philip Schneider, Mrs. Penningroth, Maria Strackbein, Louis Schneider 

Seated in front were: Mrs. Philip Schneider, Florentine Schneider, Elisabeth Riedesel (wife of John Riedesel) 

All the names but Holmes, Hainer and Penningroth came from Wunderthausen.

The identifications were written in by my great-great aunt Emma Wetter Hobbs in the 1940s or earlier.

It includes identifications below the picture, but I will list them again here: 

Leadership of St. Paul's German Reformed Church, Wheatland, 1911

Front row (Trustees): George Ott, Frank Riedesel, Theodor Riedesel

Middle row (Elders): August Kramer, George Homrighausen, John Hoker, P.A. Schneider

Back row: Henry Riedesel (Deacon), Pastor Gatermann, Ferdinand Schneider (Deacon), Edward Riedesel (Treasurer)