Sharon Township

(Established 1851)



28 Sep 1854 - 31 Jan 1889

P.O. for Smithtown

Lost Nation

20 Nov 1871 - Current

Smithtown   Location of Burgess Post Office


21 Busch
22 Rustic Park
23 Washington
24 Unnamed
25 Smithtown
26 Sacred Heart
27 Lost Nation

Biography of Sharon Twp. from the 1879 History of  Clinton   County  by  L. P.  Allen.

Biographies from the  1879  History of Clinton County by   L. P. Allen can be found on the Clinton County message boards

Biography of  Sharon Twp. from 1911 History of Clinton by  Mr. Wolfe.

1925 Atlas of Clinton County Sharon Twp. Farmer's Directory

Lost Nation Independent School District


There are quite a few farms in the area that have lasted over 100 years.  See the Century Farms page.

1939 Farmer's Directory