DeWitt Township

(Probably one of the original six townships)


Crystal Lake


Summer resort on old millpond

De Witt

17 Apr 1844 - Current

1844 Population: 14 families. County seat 1841-1869.

Independence Grove


Near milldam on Silver Creek at Crystal Lake


15 Aug 1857 - 19 Nov 1858

Renamed Malone, moved to Eden Township

Round Grove


Heavy timber NE of DeWitt


09 Jun 1842 - 14 Apr 1844

Renamed DeWitt


59 Unnamed
60 Unnamed
61 Elmwood
62 Old Town
63 St. Joseph's

Early History of St. Joseph's Parish in DeWitt

1935 High School Class


Bredstadt, Germany is a sister city of DeWitt.

DeWitt also recently dedicated its "Hausbarn", a building built in 1727 that originally had a barn on one end and a house on the other.
It was taken apart, shipped to DeWitt and reconstructed there.