Deep Creek Township

Deep Creek Township

Biography of Deep Creek

(Probably one of the original six townships.)


Boone Springs

13 Dec 1853 - 08 Dec 1871

Renamed Goose Lake. 


16 Mar 1871 - Current


Goose Lake

09 Dec 1871 - Current




Renamed Ten Mile.



Railway Stn in Goose Lake.

Ten Mile

25 Aug 1870 - 15 Mar 1871

Moved and renamed Bryant.


05 St. Mary's
06 West Prairie
07 Valley
08 Glahn

1925 Atlas of Clinton County Deep Creek Twp. Farmer's Directory

The following people have biographies in Deep Creek Township section of the 1879 History of Clinton County by L. P. Allen, beginning on page 784

  • Samuel ALBRIGHT
  • John S. BASCOM
  • Daniel CONRAD
  • John DICKEY
  • Robert C. DICKEY
  • N. P. FARLEY
  • G. W. FIELD
  • Herman GLAHN
  • Jacob HICKS
  • Christian HAAS
  • Alpheus HUNTER
  • Sylvester HUNTER
  • John E. and Nicholas A. JURGENSEN
  • Peter KRUSE
  • James H. McLAUGHLIN
  • Charles R. SHULTZ
  • Thomas WATTS
  • M. E. WILCOX
  • James WILSON
  • Perry G. WRIGHT

There are several others who moved from Deep Creek to other townships.  

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These are from Lynda Paxton

1906Glahn.jpg (35227 bytes)This must be abt 1906.  Merina Bielenberg was born in Oct 1900 and she is the little girl in the light dress, front row, left end.  Looks like her first year.

Glahnschool.jpg (19267 bytes)This is Glahn School, taken on the back door stoop, probably abt 1915.  The only one I know is Martin Bielenberg (b. 1904) sitting in the front row on the left end seat.

country1_1_small.jpg (39059 bytes)This is the Glahn School which was taken in 1911, probably around the time school started in the fall. I say fall because there are a few fallen leaves on the ground. My gramma (Merina Bielenberg) is the 6th girl standing from the right in a dark dress and a BIG bow in her hair. Next to her in the light dress is her future sister-in-law (Merina Gril).  Merina B. would eventually marry Arnold Meyer and Merina G. would eventually marry his brother Louis.  (Lynda has a better copy of this photo for those who might be interested.)

Ford_Garage_-_sm_1.jpg (22302 bytes)My grampa, Arnold H. Meyer, had a Ford Garage, Sales & Service in Goose Lake for 46 years.  He was born and raised in Goose Lake. He died in July, 1963. I don't know the date of the photo, but someone can probably guess by the age of the "new" 20 millionth Ford car to roll off the assembly line in Detroit that stands in front of his garage.  My understanding is that he sold the 20 millionth Ford and was taking delivery of the vehicle, but I could be wrong.

The two guys on the right in the suits are from Ford. The guy on the far left is H.C. Jepsen, banker, and next to him, A.H. Meyer, owner.


There are quite a few farms in the area that have lasted over 100 years.  See the Century Farms page.

1952 Goose Lake High School

Hello Nettie Mae;
    In the transcription you have done for the 1850 census of Deep Creek twp. under the surname of HUNTER, you have one name you are not sure of and used ? in place of a letter.  I can tell you the correct spelling for this person's name is:  Oziel.  Oziel is the s/o Robert and Eliza (Jones) HUNTER who are listed on line 2 & 3 of residence #300 on pg# 203B. 
    In the history of Goose Lake.....Philo Hunter listed as the first postmaster, is also the s/o Robert and Eliza (Jones) HUNTER.
    I don't know why you chose to start with Deep Creep twp., but I sure am glad you did! :)
    Robert's brother and several family members are buried in the  HUNTER CEMETERY (not in Clinton Co.) that my husband and I started a restoration project of last year. 
    I started searching Clinton County for my husband's JUDGE ancestors, never realizing I would find all this valuable info on the HUNTERs!  Keep up the good work.....we appreciate you!

Mikki Judge