Goose Lake History

This is from Wolfe's History of Clinton Co., 1911

The first postoffice in the township was established at Boone's Springs, in section 5, in 1850, with Philo Hunter as postmaster.  He was succeeded by John Evans, the office being on the weekly Bellevue and De Witt horseback route.  In 1872 the postoffice was removed to Goose Lake, and John Dickey appointed postmaster.  He has been succeeded by P. A. Gohlmann, C. H. Buech, and Charles Buech, who has held the position sixteen years.  One rural route was started from Goose Lake in October, 1906, the first carrier which was Oswell Farrell.

During the first year or two of the existence of the railroad there was no station at Goose Lake, but the farmers co-operated and bought ground and put up a station, which was known as O'Brian's, from Mr. O'Brian, who built the first house within the present limits of the town.  The next station and postoffice east was Bryant, and the confusion of mail was such that the name of the postoffice was changed to Goose Lake.  The town grew up naturally about the station.

Mr. Carstensen lies now in the first house, built by Mr. O'Brian.  The first merchant was Charles Curtis.  Other merchants here have been Jorgensen Brothers, A. Gohlmann, and Schroeder, while C. H. Buech & Son, proprietors of a very thriving store here now have been here for many years.

The town of Goose Lake was platted on a part of section 28, township 83, range 5, January 5, 1880, by Paul Ahrens, Joseph Husen, P. L. Petersen, John Dickey, L. Harhsen, Peter Kruse, Christ Eggert, Henry Vogt, John H. Schroeder and their wives and John Lander.

Doctors Foster and Knipper have resided in the town and practiced here.  Goose Lake was incorporated December, 1908.  The first mayor was Charles Buech, who was succeeded by Herman Thiessen, the present incumbent.  The other present officers are: Clerk, H. J. Webster; treasurer, W. F. Schroeder; assessor, Martin Boothby; council, Charles Buech, Jens Carstensen, John Farrell, Paul Harksen, Peter Harksen.  The town has been lighted by electric lights since January 1, 1909, supplied by the L. E. Keiner Company.  Cement sidewalks and crossings have been put in.  The population is about one hundred twenty-five.  

The following persons were in business in 1910: General store, C. H. Buech & Son; agricultural implements, grain coal and hotel, L. E. Keiner; agricultural implements and coal, F. G. Hanssen; Goose Lake Savings Bank; lumber and cement, Paul Harksen; meat market, R. G. Brodersen; harness, B. Clemenz.

A. J. Voss keeps a general store at the Ten-Mile house on the Maquoketa road, between Bryant and Goose Lake.

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Goose Lake Consolidated School Graduates: 1932

Source: Clinton Herald, Saturday, May 14, 1932

  • Kermit Kruse (Valadictorian)
  • Marvin Petersen (Salutatorian)

Goose Lake Bank

Goose Lake Bank

Goose Lake Bank sent to us
by Lynda Paxton