Spring Valley Township

Spring Valley Township was originally the upper portion of what is now Clinton Township. This information is from the original, hand written books and are available at the Clinton County Historical Society Museum. Following is the 1902 Assessor's Book records. I will be adding other years as well.

The first part of the book is a list of Persons to do Military Duty. The list includes the Name, Age, Post Office, Nationality and Occupation. All the men had POs of Lyons or Clinton and I did not include that column. Names are in the order they were written, not alphabetical.

The next pages were space for "Enumeration of Soldier's Orphan's" which would list the Soldier, Company, Regiment and Child but those pages are all blank.

Assessor's List

The final pages list the Owner's Name, Polls, Under 45, Over 45, Name or Number of School District, Number of Road District, New Buildings, Horses, Mules, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Dogs, Vehicles, Money in the Bank, Credit, Value of Other Personal Property, Total Actual Value of All Personal Property and Total Taxable along with the PO Address which were mostly Lyons. I just listed each name.

List of Persons to do Military Duty

Gaffney, D P 44 Iowa Farmer
Aikman, F E 43 Iowa Farmer
Hardensen, Peter 23 Illinois Milkman
Clausen, Claus 33 Germany Farmer
Clausen, Henry 22 Iowa Farmer
Remery, Charles 40 Belgium Laborer
Capion, Louis 20 Iowa Farmer
Buelow, Emil 32 Germany Farmer
Larsen, Edward 36 Denmark Milk Dealer
Martenson, Andrew 37 Germany Milk Man
Eckart, William 40 Germany Farmhand
Heath, Charles 33 Iowa Farmhand
Schmit, Ignatius 26 Iowa Farmhand
Lenz, Henry 33 Illinois Farmer
Meyerman, George 26 Iowa Farmer
Marvin, Figan 25 Pennsylvania Farmhand
Wiedman, Oscar 25 Iowa Farmer
Ennesch, Nic 40 Germany Farmer
Hartz, Christ 36 Germany Farmer
Ladehoff, Herman 27 Germany Farmer
Ruser, William 36 Germany Farmer
Schroer, William 31 Iowa Laborer
Roeh, John D 39 Iowa Farmer
Harring, Robert 26 Pennsylvania Blacksmith
Lord, Charles 36 Maine Carpenter
Rixen, Otto 32 Iowa Farmer
Vaughn, A W 29 Iowa Farmer
Grave, John 20 Iowa Farmer
Baker, Ben 20 Iowa Farmer
Cossman, Jake 27 Iowa Farmer
Cossman, Frank 21 Iowa Farmer
Haring, Joseph 30 Pennsylvania Machinist
Weiderstein, Phillipp 35 Germany Farmer
Harm, Henry 19 Germany Laborer
Roeh, Frank 22 Iowa Operator
Hansen, Henry 27 Iowa Farmer
Piersen, Edward 24 Iowa Milkman
Johnson, Charles 24 Iowa Farmhand
Au, Charles 42 Ken La Farmer
Tetens, August 39 Germany Farmer
Correzel, John 38 Germany Farmer
Schmidt, George 27 Germany Farmhand
Wenzel, August 31 Iowa Farmer
Rixon, Alva 34 Iowa Farmer
Lyons, Thomas 37 Iowa Farmer
Cossman, Joseph 34 Iowa Farmer
Robinson, J L 34 England Farmer
McClintock, Marshall 36 Iowa Farmer
Schwartz, Nicholes 27 Iowa Farmer
Toedtz, John 22 Iowa Farmhand
Vollbehr, Fred 44 Germany Farmer
Krogman, John 24 Iowa Farmhand
Muxfeldt, Charles 32 Germany Farmer
Krebs, Jno H 42 Iowa Farmer
Fanger, Henry Jr 22 Iowa Farmer
Fleming, Frank 21 Iowa Farmhand

Assessor's List

Au, Charles Aikman EM & FE Baker, Minnie Briggs, Stephen
Boe, Claus Berg, Iver Buelow, Emil Byer, Oder
Briggs, Arthur Blair, Robert Capion, Charles Crapser, Albert
Clausen, H J Cossman, John Est Cross, Chas E Clark, Minetta
Clausen, Henry Cossman & Hersam Caviezel, John Clausen, Claus
Cossman, Jake Cossman, Frank Dohrman, Fr Dalchow, R
Dieckman, Henry Dempsey, John Ennesch, Nic Eilkart, Wm
Fanger, Henry Fanger, Henry Jr Fanger, Herman Fellows, Frank
Fuller, Geo W Flemming, Peter Fowler, Frederick Sr Fleming, Frank
Fegan, Frank Greve, C W Gaffney, D P Greve, John Sr
Hansen, Peter Hansen, Henry Heath, Clinton Harlock, Wm Jr
Haring, Wm Haring, Robert Haring, Joseph Hansen, John
Heath, Chas Heuer, John Harm, Otto Hopson, C B
Hartz, Christ Hardensen, P Ingwersen, N E Jones, John S
Johnson, Claus Kraus, J B Krebs, John H Krogman, John
Lord, Hosia Lord, Chas Lenz, Henry Lyons, Thomas
Ladenhoff, Herman Larsen, Edward McClintock, Marshal Maxfeldt, Chas
Marx, Joseph Meyerman, Geo Martensen, Andrews Pelton, Allen
Piersen, Edward Quinn, Austin Roeh, John D Roeh, John
Roeh, Frank Ruser, William Robinsen, J L Rixon, Otto
Rixon, Alva Reed, Chas Remery, Chas Schmit, Gerhardt
Schmit, Ignatius Schmidt, Christ Schmidt, Geo Lorensen, Jens
Schwartz, Nic Schrover, Wm Totdz, Fred Totdz, John
Tetens, August Thiesen, C W Vollbehr, Fred Van Delden, John
Volkman, Catherine Vaughn, A W Waldorf, Nic Walters, S H
Wenzel, Fred Wenzel, August Weasman, Robert Est Weldman, Christ
Weidman, Oscar Weiderstein, Phillip