Bible with Photo

UnknownThere is a bible at the Clinton Co. Historical Society.  They got it from the estate of Gerda Neill.  The photo  was inside the bible but we don't know if she is one of the people listed or not.  The bible seems very old, but I could find no date.  The spine says "Holy Bible Oxford Concordance, Teacher's Edition.  Oxford".   Following is info that was handwritten inside the front and back covers.  To me, it looks like at least two different people wrote the info.


Lorena Ella Rook Lego
b. 16 Sep 1885 Princeton, IA
d. 19 Sep 1961 Princeton, IA

Jess Lego
b. 16 Mar 1886
d. 20 Oct 1949

Cecil Leroy Lego
b. 22 Jan 1909 Lyons, IA
d. 05 Apr 1958

Genevieve Lucille Lego
b. 27 Aug 1910 Lyons, IA

Magdeline Ebert Born
b. 20 Jan 1855, Cincanetti [sic]

John Rook Born
b. 13 Sep 1848 Princeton, IA

Hewitt C. Kellen
b. 23 Oct 1913 Elmore, MN

If you have any info on these people, we'd love to have it.