Samuel Miller Family Outline

This info was sent to us by Kristen J. Ingram

1 Samuel Miller 

Birth:         1798-1803, Green Co OH

Death:         1 Jun 1838, Lyon, Clinton Co., Iowa

Father:        James Miller (1755-1829)

Mother:        Mary Martin (1756-) 

He built a mill and he was hauling mill burrs that slipped and crushed him to death.  This place is now called Clinton, Iowa. 

Margaretta ScottSpouse:        Margaretta Scott

Birth:         25 Mar 1809, Oberlin Lorain Co Ohio

Death:         25 Sep 1878, Durham, Boyer Twp, Crawford Co Iowa

Father:        James Dennison Scott (~1783-1839)

Mother:        Elizabeth Price (~1787-)

Marr:          1 Jun 1826, Union Co Indiana 


Jane (1829-1896)
John (1826-)
James Scott (1830-)
Elizabeth (1832-)
Mary Jane (1834-)

1.1 Jane Miller 

Birth:         16 Jan 1829, Wilmington, Clinton, Ohio

Death:         19 Jun 1896, Williams Co. Ohio

Burial:        Liggett Cemetery in Florence Township Williams Co Ohio 

Her tombstone says she died 19 June 1896 at the age of 67 years, 5 months, and 3 days.  Bd should be January 16? 

Spouse:        Eli Knapp

Birth:         Sep 1827, Otsego Co New York

Death:         15 Jan 1894, Williams Co. Ohio

Father:        Jacob C. Knapp (~1784-1861)

Mother:        Martha Benson (1788-1861) 


Laura (1847-)
Martha (1849-)
William Henry (1851-1911)
Margaretta Amelia (1853-1933)
Artemus (1856-)
Delancy "Lance" (1857-1940)
Mary (1862-)
Eli Ellsworth (1866-1929)
Martin (1871-1871)

1.1.1 Laura Knapp 

Birth:         1847 

Spouse:        Martin Wells

Birth:         1843 


Ida (1865-)
Edwin (1867-) Hallie Wells 

Spouse:        Tonge Ida Wells 

Birth:         1865 Edwin Wells 

Birth:         1867 

1.1.2 Martha Knapp 

Birth:         1849 

Spouse:        Henry Dorm

Birth:         1855 


Albert Barton (1871-)
Curtis (1875-)
Maud (1876-)
Margaret M. (1879-)
Orville (~1879-)
Daisy (1872-)
unnamed (1882-)
Belva (1890-) Charles Dorm 

Spouse:        Lena Bertha Dorm Minnie Dorm 

Spouse:        Ernest Lutz Albert Barton Dorm 

Birth:         1871 Curtis Dorm 

Birth:         1875 Maud Dorm 

Birth:         1876 Margaret M. Dorm 

Birth:         1879 Orville Dorm 

Birth:         abt 1879 Daisy Dorm 

Birth:         1872 

Spouse:        Meadow unnamed Dorm 

Birth:         1882 Belva Dorm 

Birth:         1890 

Spouse:        Russon 

1.1.3 William Henry Knapp 

Birth:         1851

Death:         1911 

Spouse:        Louisa Jane Shoup

Birth:         1850

Marr:          28 Dec 1871 


Elizabeth (1872-)
Orlando (1874-1947)
Nettie (1877-)
Bell (1886-1906)
Della (1882-)
Elsie (1887-)
Etta (1889-)
Laura (1893-1969) Elizabeth Knapp 

Birth:         2 Feb 1872, Williams Co OH 

Spouse:        Samuel Knight Orlando Knapp 

Birth:         1874

Death:         1947 

Spouse:        Verna Haight Nettie Knapp 

Birth:         1877, 1974 Ella Knapp* 

Spouse:        Frank Walters 

Other Spouses Boye Ella Knapp* (See above) 

Spouse:        Boye 

Other Spouses Frank Walters Bell Knapp 

Birth:         1886

Death:         1906 Della Knapp 

Birth:         1882 

Spouse:        Harry Hawker Elsie Knapp 

Birth:         1887 Etta Knapp* 

Birth:         1889 

Spouse:        Finley McCalla 

Other Spouses Harold Kemp Etta Knapp* (See above) 

Spouse:        Harold Kemp 

Other Spouses Finley McCalla Laura Knapp 

Birth:         1893

Death:         1969 

1.1.4 Margaretta Amelia Knapp 

Birth:         1853, Indiana?

Death:         1933, Steuben Co Indiana 

Spouse:        George Klum Johnson

Birth:         16 Jan 1848, Grant County Indiana

Death:         3 May 1925, Fremont, Steuben, Indiana

Father:        Major John M. Johnson (1812-1888)

Mother:        Mary Ann Shuster (1825-1897)

Marr:          26 Aug 1871, Branch County MI 


John H. (1872-)
Frank E. (1874-1931)
Elwood (1876-)
Harvey (1878-) Bessie Johnson   

Spouse:        A.L. Reichert Clyde Johnson John H. Johnson 

Birth:         1872 Frank E. Johnson 

Birth:         1874, Crawford County, IN

Death:         10 Dec 1931, Prescott AZ

Reli:          Swedish Evangelical Free Church 

Spouse:        Jessie Lorraine McJunkin

Birth:         1882, Eldorado, Butler Co Kansas

Death:         Nov 1951, Temple City C A

Father:        Robert Henry McJunkin (1841-1928)

Mother:        Rebecca Catherine Roberts (1852-1911)

Marr:          1901, Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico 


Frank E. II (1902-1976)
Robert Marius (1907-1979) Frank E. II Johnson 

Birth:         4 Aug 1902, Farmington NM

Death:         4 Feb 1976, San Marcos CA

Occ:           engineer, artist, sculptor 

Frank was 4 years old and living with his parents in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake. 

Spouse:        Daisy Alma Metcalfe

Birth:         14 Nov 1907, Adamsville AL

Death:         24 Oct 1994, Springfield OR

Father:        Robert Leonard Metcalfe (1881-1949)

Mother:        Elizabeth Blanche Stephens (1884-1959)

Marr:          1 Jan 1927, Gallup NM 

Children:      Kristen (1931-) Kristen Johnson Robert Marius Johnson 

Birth:         30 Sep 1907, San Francisco CA

Death:         1979, Hemet CA 

Spouse:        Eunice Yarborough

Marr:          11 Feb 1928 Frances Marie Johnson Robert Marius II Johnson Elwood Johnson 

Birth:         1876 Reverend Edward Johnson* 

Occ:           pastor

Reli:          Evangelical Free Church 

Spouse:        Cora Humphreys 

Other Spouses Millie de Pew Reverend Edward Johnson* (See above) 

Spouse:        Millie de Pew 

Other Spouses Cora Humphreys Harvey Johnson 

Birth:         1878 

Spouse:        Emma J. Lack 

1.1.5 Artemus Knapp 

Birth:         1856

Occ:           Violin maker 

Moved to Butler, Ohio and lived there until his death.  He made violins and worked in a basket factory. 

Spouse:        Nancy Easterday 


Fred Lola Knapp Fred Knapp 

1.1.6a Delancy "Lance" Knapp* 

Birth:         1857

Death:         1940 

Spouse:        Eva Brown

Birth:         1866

Death:         1886 

Other Spouses Maud Gloar 

1.1.6b Delancy "Lance" Knapp* (See above) 

Spouse:        Maud Gloar

Birth:         1874

Death:         1938

Marr:          bef 1891 


Arthur (1891-)
Nellie (1895-)
Burl (1896-1985)

Other Spouses Eva Brown 

1.1.6b.1 Arthur Knapp 

Birth:         1891 

1.1.6b.2 Nellie Knapp 

Birth:         1895 

1.1.6b.3 Burl Knapp 

Birth:         1896

Death:         1985 

1.1.7 Mary Knapp 

Birth:         1862 

Spouse:        Jacob Livensparger

Marr:          3 Jul 1880, Williams Co OH 


Otis (1881-1924)
Homer (1183-1946) Martha Livensparger Otis Livensparger 

Birth:         1881

Death:         1924 Homer Livensparger 

Birth:         1183

Death:         1946 

1.1.8 Eli Ellsworth Knapp 

Birth:         18 Jul 1866

Death:         13 Feb 1929, Williams Co OH 

Spouse:        Orda Ann Keller

Birth:         1873

Death:         1948, Williams Co OH

Marr:          26 Nov 1894 

Children:      Harold Jacob (1904-1972) Harold Jacob Knapp 

Birth:         1904

Death:         1972 

1.1.9 Martin Knapp 

Birth:         1871

Death:         10 Dec 1871 

died in infancy 

1.2 John Miller 

Birth:         1826 

1.3 James Scott Miller 

Birth:         24 Jan 1830 

James Scott Miller was the first settler in Miller Township in Iowa.  The Township and a Creek was named after him.  !Military History, Oto, Iowa. !The death certificate says he was 81 years old (wrong age 79) and a farmer, died of Vascular insufficiency (gluerol dropsy) Oto, Iowa, Woodbury Co.(Lorena Foster Bobb has copy of Death Certificate) 

In 1854 they moved to Harrison County located. at Dunlap.  He bought a piece of land and he sold it to a man named Dow.  There was a city built up and it was named after him-Dow City.  Sam Day told him about some land where Oto, Iowa is now.  He came to Woodbury County in 1855 and settled on the land paying the Federal Goverment $1.25 an acre. Gradually acquiring more land, his quarter section grew until he owned 750 acres. 

The nearest Post Office was at Council Bluffs where all his supplies were hauled.  

They endured many hardships of which two Indian uprisings occurred.  One of the Indian uprisings was the Spirit Lake Iowa massacre.  This is in Iowa history books.  James Miller fed and was a friend to the Indians when they were friendly but defended his home and family when they were hostile. 

He had brown hair and a beard.  He wasn't a very tall man.  He was club footed. 

Ellen Collins Miller was a tall woman.  The girls were red headed. 

James Miller was a farmer for 54 years.  Fifteen children were born to this union.  Olive was Born in Harrison City, Iowa and the rest in Miller Township, Iowa.

Spouse:        Ellen Collins

Children:      Mary Jane

1.3.1 Mary Jane Miller

1.4 Elizabeth Miller

Birth:         22 Feb 1832

1.5 Mary Jane Miller

Birth:         14 Mar 1834

Spouse:        Vinson Jones Wrotten Cooper


William Wyley
Vinson Dimmick
Mary Elzira
Francis Marion
Martha Ann
Samuel Miller
Margaretta Mary

  1.5.1 William Wyley Cooper
1.5.2 Timothy Cooper
1.5.3 Agrippa Cooper
1.5.4 Vinson Dimmick Cooper
1.5.5 Mary Elzira Cooper
1.5.6 Francis Marion Cooper

1.5.7 Martha Ann Cooper
1.5.8 Samuel Miller Cooper
1.5.9 Margaretta Mary Cooper

1.6 George Miller

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