Lake Family History

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Henry Lake (1752, Holsworthy, Devonshire, Wales, England - 1828, Trelleck, Monmouthshire, Wales) married (M/T) Sarah Lewis (1761, Trelleck-1826 Trelleck), daughter (dau.) of Thomas and Mary, on Sept. 10, 1788, in Trelleck. Henry was the manager of his father-in-law’s farm in Trelleck. They had ten children: William (came to the US in 1818 and settled in Lettro, PA; M/T Ann McClosky), John (M/T Flora Pontifex), Elizabeth, James (M/T Ann Watkins), Thomas, Henry (M/T Elizabeth Morgan), Mary (M/T James Reynolds), George (M/T Susannah Jarnay), Thomas, and Elizabeth (M/T John Hodges Winsloe). Henry Jr. was a British soldier who fought under General Sir John Ross in the War of 1812. He fought at the battles of Blandenburg and Sparrow’s Point and was involved in the capture and burning of the White House. He was also on a British warship that bombarded Fort McHenry on Sept. 13, 1814, and where nearby Frances Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner.

John Lake (Jul. 3, 1795, Trelleck - Jan. 1856, Trelleck) . M/T Flora Margaret Pontifex (Nov. 17, 1802, Clerkenwell, London, England - 1869, Trelleck), dau. of Daniel Henry and Harriet, nee Bland, on Jun. 19, 1825 in Newland, Gloucestershire, Wales. Flora’s Jewish family came from Italy earlier and her father was a first cousin to Benjamin D’Israeli (Earl of Beaconsville), twice Prime Minister under Queen Victoria of England. John was in the grocery business and farmed. They were the parents of Flora Margaret (M/T Robert Price Pontifex), Fredrick (M/T Anna Jenkins), and William (M/T Elizabeth Meredith).

William Lake (Jul. 30, 1826, Trelleck- Oct. 11, 1918, Clinton, IA ), M/T Elizabeth Meredith (Mar. 27, 1824, Llangattock, Vibon Avel, Monmouthshire- July 2, 1897, Clinton, IA.) daughter of James and Eleanor, nee Powell, on Oct. 7, 1847 in Trelleck. They arrived with their son, William Jr., on Castle Island, NY., on May 24, 1849, on the passenger ship, Andrew Foster, from Liverpool, England. Six of their children were born in America; only Eleanor and William survived into adulthood: Harriet Pontifex , John Fredrick, Flora Margaret , James and Henry (twins) and Eleanor Elizabeth ( M/T Clayton Olney).

The family first settled in Elgin, IL. where Wm. engaged in farming and operating the ferry boat, “Galena.” The family moved to Clinton, IA. on Mar. 9, 1857, where Wm. found work with the Chicago-Northwestern Railroad. He then (1858-1859) went to Memphis, TN., and did surveys for military fortifications before the onset of the Civil War. When he returned to Clinton he became a partner in a flour mill. From 1863 to 1864, he was the Chief Engineer for restoring the locomotive, “The General”, which was capture from the rebels near Memphis, TN. by General Sherman’s troops. From 1864 to 1871, he was a mechanic for the Chicago-Northwestern Railroad. For the next seven years he practiced law in Clinton. In 1878, he started a business in the stock and grain futures market. In 1880, he was a Representative to the Iowa 18th Assembly.

Wm. Lake Jr. (Jan. 2, 1849, Skenfirth, Monmouthshire - 19, Elgin, IL) M/T Marie Luise Hendricks (Oct. 15, 1853, Tolleben, Saschen, Prussia- July 3, 1898, Elgin, IL), dau. of Johann and Marie, nee Leich, on Dec. 27, 1881, in Chicago, IL. Wm. worked his entire life as an engineer with the Chicago-Northwestern Railroad in Elgin, IL. They were the parents of five children: Jennie (M/T Louis Higby), Charles William (M/T Jeanette Sprague), Louise (M/T John Christiansen), John Fredrick, Sebastian (named after his Aunt Johanna Hendrick’s husband, Sebastian Greenway).

Sebastian Greenway Lake, Dec. 5, 1889, Clinton, IA.- Feb. 12, 1946, Storm Lake, IA. He graduated from Clinton’s high school (1909) and then worked for a year in a sash and window factory. He then attended Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO. His BA in Education (1915) was earned from Iowa Teachers College, Ames, IA. He worked toward his MA in Education at the University of Chicago, IL.

Sebastian began his teaching in Sac City in the fall of 1915. He taught Biology, Botany, Industrial Arts, Agriculture, baseball, and basketball. In 1917, he was appointed Superintendent of Schools, a position he held for eight years. He started the school’s Hot Lunch Program in Jan, 1922. He also was involved in the west addition of the Elementary School and swimming pool. On Jan. 16, 1916, in Sac City, he married Margaret Currie (Mar. 22, 1888, Clinton Township, Sac County, IA.- Jan. 15, 1990, Newell, IA.). Margaret also attended Iowa State Teachers College in Ames. .

Margaret’s father, John, was born Oct. 20, 1846, in Argyleshire, Scotland, to Duncan and Mary, nee Smith. He arrived in Quebec, Canada, on May 1, 1870, and made his way to Whiteside Co, IL., and then to Clinton Co., IA., in the same year. On Mar. 2, 1873, Clinton, Co., he married Jeannette McGeachy, dau. of Alexander and Isabelle, nee McQuistan, formerly of Saddell, Scotland. In that year they came to Clinton Twp. and bought 80 acres of land for $448.00. Besides Margaret, they had ten other children: Alex (M/T Catherine Bieser) , Malcolm, Duncan (M/T Mary Stephen-McCollogh), Mary (M/T Smith), Dugel, John (M/T Nellie Smith), James Donald (M/T Mary McGeachy), Jessie (M/T Harry Houchins), Neil (M/T Alice Smith), Jean (M/T John Carlson).

Margaret’s brother, Malcolm, was the first white child born in Clinton Twp. in 1875. He graduated (1901) from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA, and then earned a law degree (1905) from the Univ. of Missouri, Columbia. He returned to Sac City where he was elected to two terms as County Sheriff (1906-1911). He then was elected County Attorney. He married Clara Austin on Nov. 18, 1908, in Pittsburgh, PA. Their son, Robert, was an attorney in Sac City for many years.

In 1925, the Lakes bought the Sac City Greenhouse (NE corner of Main and 13th Street) from H. C. Hollied. Sebastian and Margaret were very active in the Presbyterian Church. He taught Sunday School and was its Superintendent for many years. He was a much sought after speaker in Sac City and surrounding cities. After Sebastian died, the greenhouse was dismantled and the office rented to the Sac City Hatchery and then to the Sac City Farm Store. In Jan. 1968, Dr. D. D. Bettor used it as a small and large animal veterinary shop. He was joined by Dr. C. W. Pollock in 1971. Right west of it on the corner of Main and 13 Street was the Mobil gas station for many years. It is now owned by the Farber & Otteman Co.

Margaret sold tickets for many years at the Chieftain Theater and then at the Sac Theater. She also worked at Home Variety Store, owned by Jack and Emma Parr, located west of Greenlee Grocery in Bingville. Sebastian and Margaret were the parents of four children, all born in Sac City:

1. Jeanette “Janet” Louise, May 1, 1917 - May 31, 1982, Olewein, IA. She played the violin in band during high school. During the summer months she worked in the local canning factory where she developed a lifelong taste for sweet corn. Janet helped in the greenhouse until she moved away after high school in 1937. She attended IA. State Teacher’s College (now ISU) for two years (1935-’36) studying hotel and restaurant management. She then moved to Des Moines and attended the American Institute of Business (1936-’37) .She then accepted a watressing job with the Blue Willow Cafe and eventually became its manager.. The cafe was located across from Drake University and was frequent by college students and faculty. She learned to play golf that became her lifelong passion. (In fact, she suffered a heart attack while playing golf on the day she died).

She married Edward John Langenfeld (Jan. 14, 1917, Vermilion, MN- April 15,1998, Cape Coral, FL), son of Nicolas and Helena (nee Wiederholt) on Oct. 30, 1948, Des Moines, IA. Ed attended St. John’s University in St. Cloud, MN., for two years. He served in WW II in the Army Air Force and was stationed n England. Ed was a salesman for Archer Oil when he married Janet and in 1954 went to work for Green Colonial Furnace Co., which later was bought by the Singer Corp. They then lived in Sioux Falls and Madison, SD. They moved to Olewein, IA., in 1961. They were the parents of two children.

Margaret Ann, Jan. 24 , 1950, Des Moines, IA. She graduated in 1968 from Sacred Heart High School in Olewein, IA., and then attended ISU (‘69 - ‘72) where she earned a BS and a MS in home economics. She taught at the Univ. of Delaware and Oklahoma State Univ. before returning to school at the Univ. of Kansas where she completed all of the degree requirements except thesis for a master’s degree in journalism. She was then employed as a magazine writer/editor in Indianapolis, IN. Ann married Patrick Quinn Mooney (b. May 28, 1955, Lockney, TX), son of Charles Lafayette and Moodye Evelyn (nee Aten) on Oct. 20, 1984. Ann is currently employed as an administrative assistant for the Avon-Washington Township Public Library, Avon, IN. Patrick is an associate regulatory consultant for Eli Lilly & Co. in Indianapolis, IN. They are the parents of Samuel Sebastian and Theresa Currie.

Thomas Edward, Sep. 8, 1953, Des Moines, IA. Tom graduated from Olewein High School in 1971, and was active in football, track and baseball. He attended ISU where he graduated in 1975 with a degree in history. He then taught high school in Storm Lake. He earned his MA from the Univ. of IA in 1984, and a Ph.D. in 1995, from the Univ. of Florida. He married Ann Delores Mueggenburg, dau. of Merlin and Delores, on Nov. 22, 1986, in Storm Lake, IA.. He’s currently working in Iowa City for American College Testing as a project manager. Their children are Kathryn Louise and Hanna Elizabeth.

2. Elizabeth Jean, Oct. 19. 1918- Nov. 25, 1987, Missouri Valley, IA. Jean graduated in 1937 and was in drama and an honor student throughout her high school years. She then worked in the family’s greenhouse until 1940. She married Walter Roy Fethkenher of Storm Lake on Oct. 11, 1940. They died in Nov. 1987, and are buried alongside of Jean’s parents and niece, Mary. They were the parents of six sons. (See Fethkenher Family History)

3. William John, Jul. 1, 1921. At the age of four, he moved with his family from 10th Street to 1210 Main. In his earlier years, he loved to play in the dirt bins and with their beloved cat, Mike. He too worked in the greenhouse and helped attend the family’s 12-acre garden. Bill participated in track, football, the Glee Club and Drama and graduated in 1939. He then moved to Burbank, CA., where his first job was setting up pins in a bowling alley. He then went to work with Lockheed and took college math courses at night. He entered the Army on September 29, 1942, and was a Cryptograph Technician (coding messages) and drilled troops. He was discharge as a Corporal on January 14, 1946 at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. His tour of duty found him in Texas, Idaho, Hawaii, Palau Islands, Okinawa, and the Philippines. He returned to Sac City and worked for the City, then Williams Mill and the packing house in Storm Lake. From Aug. 18, 1953 to his retirement on Dec. 3, 1985, he worked for the Iowa DOT.

In May, 1946, he met Anna Jean Houdeshell (Jan.25, 1929, Varina, IA), dau. of Lee Roy and Alverta Grace, nee Barton, of Varina IA. They married in Carroll, IA. on Feb. 20, 1947, and lived with his mother for a while. They later moved to 108 N. 13th Street where they have lived ever since. Bill has attended many athletic events over the years and has raised the flag at local football games for the past 52 years. In his retirement, Bill has worked out at the Rec. Center, going on 1, 2, or 3 mile runs and along with Anna Jean visiting with friends at Hutch’s Cafe. Anna Jean has taught Sunday School and done other work at the Presbyterian Church. She has done craft work for many years, worked at the Sampler (a craft’s store) and has had her own craft store (Anna Jean’s Gift and Yarn Shop, 1975-1987) in her home. They raised three children.

Mary Louise, Sept. 25, 1947 - October 9, 1970, Williamsburg, IA.. While she was in school she was active in FHA., FTA, GRA and the Pep Club and graduated in 1965. She then attended the Univ. of Northern Iowa, IA., where she earned her BA degree in Mathematics Education (1968). She married James Leroy Johnson, son of Clarence and Dores, in June, 1968, in Williamsburg. She was a loving Mother to her stepson, James Leroy Jr. An automobile accident took her life at an early age. She is buried in the Lake Family Plot in the Sac City Cemetery.

Mark William, Aug. 2, 1949. In high school Mark was active in football, drama, music and ASC Job. He graduated in 1967 and then attended the Univ. of Northern IA., where he earned a BA in Arts Education in1971. On Dec. 27, 1969, he married Beverly Jean Stone (Sept. 11, 1949, Rockwell City, IA), dau. of Truman and Dorothy, nee Spoo, of Sac City. He served in the Army Reserve in Pocahontas from 1971 to 1977. From 19721 to 1976, he taught art in Rockwell City. He graduated from the Univ. of Dubuque Theological Seminary (Presbyterian) in 1980. During this time, he was a Student Pastor at Wheatland, IA. From 1980 -1983, he was Associate Pastor at the Presbyterian Church in Storm Lake, IA. He was Pastor of the United Church of Two Harbors, MN. from 1983 -1989. He then went to the Nederland (CO) Community Presbyterian Church (1989-1994). He then started a pottery business that continues to this day. In 2000 they moved to Tocumcari, NM., They are the parents of three children: Chad Wm. (M/T Julie Wirtjes), Molly Louise (M/T John Hartung) and Joshua Gene.

William John, Jr., Mar. 21, 1954. In high school, he was involved in band and choir. After high school he attended IA. Central Comm. Coll. and graduated in 1974. He attended UNI and earned a BA in Music (1976). He married (May 27, 1974, Audubon, IA) Susan Bylund (Dec. 8, 1953, Audubon, IA), dau of Milo and Shirley. They then moved to Des Moines where Bill worked for Reaman’s Music. He also played a guitar and sung in a band, Expressions. They are the parents of Nicolas Wm. (M/T Cystal Ann Fredericksen), Joseph John (M/T Melissa Kay Graffney), James Milo and Abigail Victoria. They currently reside in Independence, IA., where Bill is a Financial Planner.

4. Donald Sebastian, Jan. 17, 1923 - Nov. 27, 1944, Barr, France. Don was active in football (Captain of the Sac team and Captain of the IA. All-State Football Conference), Jazz Band, track (pole vault), basketball and drama. He graduated in 1941. After high school, he worked in the family’s greenhouse. He was a Sergeant with the 94th. Recon Squadron, 4th. Armored Division, U.S. Army. He was killed in a battle engagement with the Nazi Army near Barr, France, in the Vosges Mountains. He is buried in the Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, Vosges, France.

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