John (Johannes) Hass Family Outline

This is from Ken Haas (Hass). Ken would like to know if anyone can add to or correct any of the following information.  He also notes that Holstein was part of Denmark until 1864.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN (OR JOHANNES)1 HASS was born in Germany, probably Holstein (then Denmark), and died Abt. 1890 in Probably Clinton, IA. He married ANNA TROE 1856 in Germany or Denmark. Anna was born 08 Nov 1837 in Germany or Denmark.  She died 28 Aug 1921 at Lake Park, Dickinson Co., IA and is buried there.  Neither parents of John nor Anna are known.

Most of these children lived at Clinton, IA before 1900 and in Dickinson Co., IA after that.  Henry moved to O'Brien Co., IA and Ernest later moved to Texas.

Children of JOHN HASS and ANNA TROE are:

i. HENRY GEORGE2 HASS, b. 08 Aug 1858.  He married 02 Mar 1885 Emma Untiedt.  Henry died 11 Nov 1943 at Rock Rapids, IA.  Henry was born in Holstein, Germany and moved to Altona, Germany when he was age eight (ca 1866).  Children born after this date may not have been born in Holstein, although Frank's obituary claims he was.

ii. MARGARITA HASS, b. Abt. 1866 in Germany.  She married Henry Otto.  Margarita died before 1944.

iii. FRANK DITRICK HASS, b. 17 Jul 1868 at Altona, Germany.  He married in 1890 at Jackson Co., IA Minnie Neinkirk.  Frank died 31 Oct 1856 at Lake Park, IA.

iv. ERNEST (ERNST) HASS, b. Abt. 1873 at Altona, Germany.  He was married late in life.  Ernest died after 1943 at Honey Grove, TX.

v. MATILDA "TILLIE" HASS, b. Abt. 1877 at Altona, Germany.  She married Edward C. Wyckoff.  Matilda died sometime between 1920 and 1944.  

vi. FREDERICK O. HASS, b. Aug 1862 at Holstein, Germany.  He married Anna.  Frederick died at Harris, IA.  

vii. EMMA HASS was born in Germany.  She married Max Moss.  Emma died after 1943.

viii. PETER HASS, b. Abt. 1867 at Altona, Germany.  He was never married.  Peter died after 1943 at Harris, IA.  Peter served in the German army about 1885.

ix. EMIL J. HASS, b. 07 May 1880 at Altona, Germany.  He was married 15 Oct 1913 to Carrie Fry.  Emil died 03 Jun 1972 in Dickinson Co., IA.

x. There was also a son who died in Germany at the age of seven.


1900 Clinton Co.

1045 Camanche Ave., City of Clinton
Edward C. Wyckoff born Mar 184 in Iowa
Matilda Wyckoff (wife) born May 1876 in Germany
Anna Hass, age 63, (mother of Matilda) born Nov 1837 in Germany, naturalized
Ernst Hass, age 28, born March 1872 in Germany (boarder)
one servant
twelve boarders

1900 Clinton County, Center Township

Frederick H. Haas (actually Hass) born February 1868, age 31, born in Germany, naturalized
Dora H., age 23, born August 1876
Annie C. born Feb 1897
Elsie M. born Oct 1898
Clara born Mar 1900.  (all spelled "Haas" by mistake).
This Frederick was a son of Jochim and Anna Hass

1900 Jackson County, Iowa, Van Buren Township

Fred O. Haaas (three "a") (actually Hass) age 37, born August 1862 in Germany, naturalized
Anna M., age 36, born Oct 1863 in Iowa (wife)
Frederick, 18
Earnest J., 13
Bertha M., 12
Freddie (another), 8
Anna M., 5
Frank A., 3
John P., 1
Peter Henry, 34, born May 1866 in Germany (brother)
This Fred and Peter were the sons of Johann and Anna Hass (Johann deceased ca 1890)

1920 City of Clinton, Clinton Township, 10__ S. 2nd St.

"Petter" (Peter) Hass born June 1870 in Germany living with John Nissen, brother-in-law
(This Peter Hass is Not the son of Anna Hass above)

1920 Dickinson County, Iowa

Frank Hass, 51, born Ger.
Minnie, 53, born Illinois
Louis (?) A., 4, born Iowa
Julius H., 17, born Iowa
Post office: Montgomery, Iowa

1920 Dickinson County, Iowa

Emil Hass, 39, born Ger.
Carrie, 31, born Iowa
Post office: Lake Park, Iowa

Pete Hass, 39, born Ger. Living alone in Montgomery, Iowa.

1920 Osceola County, Iowa

Fred Hass, 57, born Ger.
Christ H., 18, born Iowa
Clarence E., 15, born Iowa
Doris S., 13, born Iowa
Harold H., 12, born Iowa
Harriett, 12, born Iowa
Post office: Harris, Iowa

1920 Clinton County, Iowa

Ernest Hass, 47, born Ger.
living with James H. Cole or Cale

Edward Wyckoff, 56, born Iowa
Matilda, 43, born Ger.
Anna Hass, 82, born Ger. (mother-in-law)

1920 Lyon County, Iowa

Henry G. Hass, 61, born Ger.
Emma, 57, born Ger.
Belenda, 21, born Iowa
Elmer, 19, born Iowa
Albert, 29, born Iowa
Post office: Rock Rapids, Iowa

1920 O'Brien County, Iowa

Henry A. Otto, 66, born Ger.
Margarite (Hass), 59, born Ger.
Martha, 19, born Iowa

1880 Clinton County, Iowa

Jochem Hass, 40, born Holstein (possibly the brother of Johann Hass)
Anna, 42, born Schleswig
John, 10, born Schleswig

1880 Clinton County, Iowa

Marc (Marx?) Hass, 44 (possibly another brother)
Christina, 31
Margaret, 11
Peter, 9
Anna, 7
Johnnes, 5
Albert, 3
Alfred, 1

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