John M Cook Family Outline

Generation No. 1


The cute little photo above has "Melancholy" written on it.  Looks like the Cook girls were enjoying a beautiful summer day in Clinton <grin!>

1. JOHN M.2 COOK (SAMUEL L.1) was born November 06, 1838 in VA, Montgomery, and died March 23, 1912 in IA, Smith Cemetery (aka Virginia Settlement Cemetery, Orange Township) Lost Nation. He married MARY CHAPMAN September 10, 1857 in VA, Rockingham County, daughter of JAMES CHAPMAN and MALINDA CARSON.

john_cook.gif (97731 bytes)Notes for JOHN M. COOK: John was reared on a farm in Roanoke County, Virginia. Soon after the marriage of John to Mary Chapman, they moved to Indiana, where they spent about a year, while John served as assistant Postmaster at Dalesville, and at the end of that time returned to the Old Dominion. In the Spring of 1859, they moved Mary's parents to Clinton County, Iowa, and for three or four years worked on the Chapman farm in Orange Township, before moving to their own farm. He was 83 years old when he died and is buried in the Smith Cemetery in Orange Township, Iowa. 

Chapman__Mary_1901.jpg (16545 bytes)Notes for MARY CHAPMAN: Mary was the oldest child born to James and Malinda Chapman. She married John Cook when she was 18 years old. She died when she was 61 and is buried at the Smith Cemetery (Virginia Settlement Cemetery) in Orange Township, Iowa. Also see the outline for James and Malinda Chapman.

Children of JOHN COOK and MARY CHAPMAN are:

2. i. JAMES L.3 COOK, b. July 23, 1858, VA, Rockingham; d. July 08, 1915.

Annetta A Cookii. ANNETTA A. COOK, (photo)  b. September 29, 1859, IA, Dewitt, Clinton County; d. February 12, 1880.

3. iii. CHARLOTTE OLIVE COOK, b. October 10, 1861, IA, Dewitt, Clinton County; d. March 05, 1946, WA, Tacoma, Pierce.

iv. JACKSON BEAUREGARD COOK, b. January 13, 1863, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; d. October 10, 1938.

v. DAVID BERRIMAN COOK, b. May 04, 1864, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; d. August 21, 1888.

vi. MARGARET VIRGINIA COOK, b. March 07, 1866, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; d. December 15, 1893; m. ROBERT D. ALLISON, December 29, 1887.

4. vii. ARMINDA FRANCIS COOK, b. April 01, 1869; d. March 15, 1950, Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.

viii. WILLIAM EDMOND COOK, b. January 11, 1872, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; d. May 31, 1940, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; m. ALTHA F. SMITH, September 20, 1905.

More About WILLIAM EDMOND COOK: Burial: Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa

ix. STELLA MAY COOK, b. August 25, 1874, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; d. December 26, 1965, Davenport, Scott, Iowa.

More About STELLA MAY COOK: Burial: Davenport, Scott, Iowa

x. GRACE MELINDA COOK, b. June 05, 1880, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; d. January 02, 1916, Smith Cemetery (aka Virginia Settlement Cemetery), Lost Nation,Perry Cook Iowa.

xi. PERRY VAN DORN COOK, b. June 29, 1882, Dewitt, Clinton County, Iowa; m. CECELIA S. NAMES, December 16, 1903.

Generation No. 2

James and Minnie wedding2. JAMES L.3 COOK (JOHN M.2, SAMUEL L.1) was born July 23, 1858 in VA, Rockingham, and died July 08, 1915. He married (1) LOISA ARMINTA "MINNIE" MCLAUGHLIN November 15, 1882, daughter of MCLAUGHLIN and UNKNOWN. (The photo on the left is their wedding photo)  He married (2) CARRIE C. SMITH February 02, 1891. He married (3) TILLIE E. JENSON December 17, 1900.


5. i. CLELLA MAE4 COOK, b. May 07, 1886, IA, DeWitt; d. June 13, 1956, MN, St. Paul.

ii. LYDIA L. COOK, b. May 05, 1888; d. September 22, 1889.

3. CHARLOTTE OLIVE3 COOK (JOHN M.2, SAMUEL L.1) was born October 10, 1861 in IA, Dewitt, Clinton County, and died March 05, 1946 in WA, Tacoma, Pierce. She married ADIN JOSEPH HORR September 27, 1882 in IA, Orange City, Sioux, son of JAMES HORR and REBECCA LIVERMORE.

More About CHARLOTTE OLIVE COOK: Burial: WA, Old Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce

More About ADIN JOSEPH HORR: Burial: WA, Old Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce

Children of CHARLOTTE COOK and ADIN HORR are:

i. LEE ADIN4 HORR, b. August 12, 1884, IA, Dewitt, Clinton County; d. April 27, 1885, IA, Dewitt, Clinton County.

6. ii. PERLEY RAYMOND HORR, b. February 02, 1886, IA, Dewitt, Clinton County; d. March 07, 1947, WA, Tacoma, Pierce.

iii. ROY CLIFFORD HORR, b. September 08, 1887, IA, Dewitt, Clinton County; d. November 09, 1962, WA, Tacoma, Pierce; m. CORA ANNA RAUH, August 18, 1915.

More About ROY CLIFFORD HORR: Burial: WA, New Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce

iv. JOHN COOK HORR, b. August 16, 1889, WA, Tacoma, Pierce; d. August 26, 1954, WA, Morton, Lewis; m. CLARA DAISY HANSEN, June 29, 1912, WA, Tacoma, Pierce.

More About JOHN COOK HORR: Burial: WA, Old Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce

Arminda Francis Cook4. ARMINDA FRANCIS3 COOK (JOHN M.2, SAMUEL L.1) was born April 01, 1869, and died March 15, 1950 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington. (See Photo.  Many of Nancy's photos bear the mark 'Smith' of DeWitt.) She married DAVID B. ALLISON March 05, 1890. 


7. i. EDNA M.4 ALLISON, b. Abt. 1891.

ii. HAROLD ALLISON, b. Abt. 1893.

Generation No. 3

5. CLELLA MAE4 COOK (JAMES L.3, JOHN M.2, SAMUEL L.1) was born May 07, 1886 in IA, DeWitt, and died June 13, 1956 in MN, St. Paul. She married THOMAS HARRY FOSTER April 26, 1911, son of JOHN FOSTER and MARTHA LIKELY.

Notes for THOMAS HARRY FOSTER: Harry and Clella settled in Orion, Illinois and are buried in the Norwood, Illinois Cemetery. 

Children of CLELLA COOK and THOMAS FOSTER are:

8. i. MARJORIE BELLE5 FOSTER, b. June 22, 1912, IA, Marathon; d. July 17, 1940, IL, Orion.

9. ii. EDITH LUCILLE FOSTER, b. January 31, 1914.

10. iii. JOHN HARRY FOSTER, b. February 28, 1919, IL, Alexis.

11. iv. GLADYS MARGUERITE FOSTER, b. March 09, 1921; d. March 12, 1984, CA, Tustin.

12. v. RUTH MAXINE FOSTER, b. October 21, 1923, Alexis, Illinois; d. November 15, 1987, Santa Barbara, California.

vi. BABY GIRL FOSTER, b. September 1924.

vii. PAULINE COOK FOSTER, b. August 22, 1926, Orion, Illinois; d. August 04, 1997, Tucson, Arizona; m. ROBERT EMMITT LARUE, JR., May 01, 1951, Illinois.

More About PAULINE COOK FOSTER: Medical Information: Had breast cancer in 1992. Ended up spreading into her lymph nodes. She gave a gallant fight before passing away in 1997.

Notes for ROBERT EMMITT LARUE, JR.: Robert LaRue, Jr. was a medical doctor in the town of Erie, Illinois. He practiced medicine out of Moline Public Hospital.

His father Rober LaRue, Sr. was also the doctor for Erie, Illinois. The LaRue family originated from Kentucky where LaRue County is named after them. Abraham Lincoln was born in a home owned by the LaRue family.

Robert and Pauline also raised Arabian Horses in Erie, Illinois, before retiring to Green Valley, Arizona.

Pauline was a Registered Nurse, and helped in the medical practice in Erie.

More About ROBERT EMMITT LARUE, JR.: Burial: Green Valley Memorial Columbarium

6. PERLEY RAYMOND4 HORR (CHARLOTTE OLIVE3 COOK, JOHN M.2, SAMUEL L.1) was born February 02, 1886 in IA, Dewitt, Clinton County, and died March 07, 1947 in WA, Tacoma, Pierce. He married MARY SIMM February 02, 1922, daughter of PETER SIMM and ISABELLA BIRCHALL.

More About PERLEY RAYMOND HORR: Burial: WA, Old Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce

More About MARY SIMM: Burial: WA, Old Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce 

Children of PERLEY HORR and MARY SIMM are:

i. RUTH MARILYN5 HORR, b. September 02, 1923, WA, Tacoma, Pierce; d. March 14, 1977, TX, Houston, Harris.

More About RUTH MARILYN HORR: Burial: March 17, 1977, WA, Old Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce

ii. JOHN (JACK) SIMM HORR, b. May 10, 1925, WA, Tacoma, Pierce; d. August 14, 1978, TX, San Antonio, Bexar.

More About JOHN (JACK) SIMM HORR: Burial: August 18, 1978, TX, Forrest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris

7. EDNA M.4 ALLISON (ARMINDA FRANCIS3 COOK, JOHN M.2, SAMUEL L.1) was born Abt. 1891. She married (MALE) SMITH

Children of EDNA ALLISON and (MALE) SMITH are:



From: Nancy Buckley  

I have been working on this side of my family tree for about a year now
(part time as I work full time and show my dogs). I don't feel as though I
have even put a dent in what I'm trying to do. I must admit, this is a
project I absolutely love doing, just wish I had more time. Hopefully by
submitting what I have found so far, someone else maybe able to help me in
my ongoing research.

There are many photos scanned into the program, I just hope you are able to
use some of them. If you require me to scan them separately from the Family
Tree Maker Program, I will gladly send them. Included are: Mary Chapman,
John M. Cook, James L. Cook, Annetta A. Cook, Arminda Francis Cook, and
Clella Mae Cook (my grandmother) among others. I have a very old photo
album with many, many photos with no identification of the people (I'm
positive they are relatives), and most were taken in the Smith Studio (De
Witt, Iowa) and Temple Studio (Clinton, Iowa).

There are also many interesting stories in the "Notes" section.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else and again, thank you for
including our family.


Nancy Buckley


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