Nixon Lacock Bible Entries



Grant LaCock born Saturday, July the 9th, 1864

John LaCock born Saturday, December the 16th, 1865

Margaret LaCock born Saturday, March the 9th, 1867

George Washington LaCock born  December the 11, 1868 (entered twice green ink)

Mary Catherine Burlington July 9, 1842 


Andrew LaCock, Jr. born July the 25th, 1859

Lincohn LaCock born July the 13th, 1860

Marion LaCock born January the 11th, 1862

Alfareta LaCock born February the 21st, 1863

Washington Nixon born October 1, 1844 


Walter Frederick Wilson born October 20th, 1884

Andrew Edgar Laycox born August 5, 1885

Margaret Laycox (Nixon) born May 22, 1834

John G. Nixon born March 11, 1831

Jane Parish born September 24, 1932 (Nixon)


(entered possibly by Margaret LaCock (Nixon)

Father Nixon died December 7, 1860 (Elias) age 62 an 17 days

Mother Nixon died January 15 age 82 (probably 1892) (Catherine Allen)

sister Martha died Sept 7, 1857 (Nixon)Brother Allen died December 23, 1855 Age  1 year (Nixon)

Alfarretta Laycox Wilson passed on April 5, 1937 age 74 at 11:45 pm


Marion LaCock depart this life April the 24th, 1864

Anrew B. LaCock departed this life October 2nd, 1868 in his 32nd year

Mrs.  Margaret LaCock departed this life February 1,1916 in her 77th year at 4:45 in this afternoon (Nixon)

Myrtle Wilson depart this life November 29, 1919 Saturday at 1:00 Buried December 1, 1919 died of heart trouble (tuberculosis)  


Andrew B. LaCock married Margaret Nixon June the 3rd, 1858

J W  Wilson married Alfaretta Laycox October 4th, 1885 at  8pm 


Andrew B. LaCock married Mattie Kettley  October 15th, 1889

Walter Wilson married October 4, 1885 McClurer Presbyterian Church Triaminster

Eliza Seymore born October 8, 1848 (Nixon)

Elias Nixon born November 4, 1848


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